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Colour in my Closet

Colour in my Closet


Humankind is not alone. Amongst the stars lurk a multitude of bizarre denizens of the darkness. That much the boy could accept, but when he heard tell of eldritch horrors mankind was never meant to behold, he hadn't imagined someone like... her.

438 readers have visited Colour in my Closet since Tsukiakari created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

inspired by the works of h.p. lovecraft - especially his short story, "the colour out of space" - and by parodies of said works.


Colour in my Closet: Stuck Between Madness, Chaos, and... Well, More Madness, Actually

The Prologue

There are dark places in the universe, empty sectors of unknown void, still as death save for the wanderings of those mysterious and fabled entities which lurk beyond the edge of Human comprehension. These shadowy beings have been called by many names... gods, aliens, monstrosities... But no two Humans can ever entirely agree on what exactly exists beyond the reach of our eyes, on whether or not somewhere, out there in the deep, dark cosmos, there is life besides ourselves, and, most of all, on what that life might be. Some say that such beings are impossible, the fanciful dreams of imaginative fools with too much time on their hands. Others say that these alien civilizations might indeed exist, and that we should locate and cooperate with them. But still others say, most rightly of all, that these are not things mankind was meant to know. And so, the disputes have all ended inconclusively, with few minds changed and nothing new discovered. People have gone about their daily lives, and the Human race, as a whole, rarely considers which, if any, of these theories are true. What lies watching, waiting in the darkness of endless space goes unknown, and mankind remains blissfully ignorant of the things it was never meant to know.

That is, until now.

The unspeakable being drifted silently through an ever changing field of asteroids, its shimmering, rippling surface glistening forth like a bright jewel amongst the plain belt of stones that encircled it. It shone with a golden light that was neither golden nor light, and seemed to warp and twist with every passing instant, remaining the same despite this constant state of change. It was spherical, it was flat, it was white, it was black, it glowed, it consumed light, it moved, it remained still... It was a paradox in every sense of the word. It simply was. Its colour, shape, size, and form defied all Human comprehension, and doubtless, that unnatural, ominous it would surely have driven any mortal mind to indescribable depths of madness, were it ever beheld by the unknowing, unseeing eyes of man, who dwelt innocently like a sleeping babe on the surface of the insignificant blue planet that was the destination of that impossible being.

It smiled. Although it could not be said to be capable of such a gesture by Human standards, or to even fully grasp what such a trifling concept truly meant, there was no other word for what it did. It had little reason to do so, but did so nonetheless. After all, despite everything that had already taken place, it would surely be safe amongst those ignorant of its true nature, amongst ones who could never hope to grasp what it truly was. It had been to that small blue world known as "Earth" once before, and, although that could hardly have been said to be an intentional visit, it had nonetheless been an informative one. Simply put, it needed sanctuary, and it knew exactly where it was going to get it.

Those equally foreign beings that had searched for it an instant - or was it an eternity? - ago were now gone, leaving it free to act as it would. And so, with a great shifting and churning, it nonetheless remained still, moving toward the planet without moving at all in an unspeakable, incomprehensible manner. Oh, great and mighty as that bizarre entity might have been, it - no, she - never expected, nor could ever had predicted what events were about to unfold. And as for the jaded, solitary boy who alone occupied the great house on the edge of an equally great city, who slept now but would soon awaken, he could truly be said to have as accurate a picture of the future as that being which was already rapidly descending upon his unsuspecting life. And those pictures, those false hopes for their own particular brands of "normalcy," were about to collide, shatter, and mesh into one bizarre and indescribable tale that would carry both, different as they might have been, down that very same path: the road known as destiny.

Foreword: An Explanation, and an Introduction

Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my newest thread. Here I will provide you all with a basic summary of the plot, setting, necessary characters, power mechanics, and so on and so forth, which will hopefully allow me to clarify some of the implications behind my over-the-top, nonsensical and generally incomprehensible prologue! So please, my friends, read on.

The Plot

One night, without warning, the ordinary life of a simple high school student was suddenly and completely changed when an alien - referring to herself as a Denizen of Beyond, and claiming to have been the inspiration for the tale "Colour Out of Space" - crash landed in his backyard. Asking for his help in sheltering her from her fellow Denizens due to a massive misunderstanding, she ends up inserting her own particular brand of chaos and madness into his daily life in Tokyo while protecting the both of them from angry Denizens who want to exterminate him as a witness and her as a threat. But when other Denizens and other Humans begin to get involved, with a mysterious and powerful Denizen manipulating things from behind the scenes, events take a downward spiral into downright madness, with nobody exactly sure who they're supposed to be fighting, or, even what they're supposed to be doing, really. Physical gods and improvising in a situation and place they know nothing about really doesn't tend to end well, does it?

The Setting

This roleplay takes place in Tokyo, with the main male lead - and, by extension, my own character - living in a small suburb of that city, while most of the RP will take place in the city itself. Other Human characters, and any alien Denizens who might end up living with them in a similar manner, can be located anywhere in the city, although living nearby and being acquainted with the male lead is recommended for RP fluidity. And now, for some elaboration in regards to backstory.

In this RP's universe, or rather, in an alternate one, the Denizens started out as ordinary Humanoid mortal beings. However, as their scientific knowledge progressed, so did their potential for destruction. When a great war spanning the entire universe broke out, the collateral damage of the conflict was literally so great that the universe itself began to collapse. With untold casualties rising every day, a group of survivors of the initial catastrophe set to work using their scientific prowess to transcend the world around them, transforming themselves into immortal beings that existed on a multiversal scale. Once they had escaped their world, they came to ours at the dawn of time, and, using their new, almost godlike abilities, they each devoted themselves to mastering specific aspects of how the universe worked, and discovering how to harness those abilities to alter existence to aid them. Essentially, Denizens are a race of energy beings capable of shifting and regenerating their forms, warping specific, predetermined aspects of existence, and stepping between dimensions at will, so long as they have power left to expend. While their energy reserves are massive, it is technically possible for one of them to run out of power, in which case they would simply cease to exist. Aside from this, however, there is very little one can do to eradicate a Denizen besides break them apart with the powers of another Denizen, speeding up this process. Battles between Denizens are thus commonly fought - although rarely fought at all - with sheer number of attacks, rather than a single, overwhelmingly powerful technique, since it takes a great deal of strength to concentrate so much of one's power so, while it forces an opponent to scatter his or her own energy to deflect or dodge a multitude of attacks.

For an example of a specific aspect of existence a Denizen might be able to warp, my character will have control over all forms of energy, ranging from electrical to heat to atomic to life energy.

During conflicts between Denizens, they almost universally adhere to a code of partially stepping out of our reality and partially into the void of their own, allowing them to fight in an empty version of our world, where there is no need to fear for collateral damage, or for one's existence being revealed to lesser species.

On a final note, Denizens' very existence in their "True," or energy being type form, exudes knowledge, and, in some cases, is made of entirely of concepts Humankind cannot comprehend or understand. So, as a general rule, Denizens also don't show their true forms to Humans, even ones who already know about them, for fear of driving said Humans completely mad.

Essential Characters

This thread will not have very many defined "roles," save for a few basic frameworks for essential characters, listed here. Besides that, I will only give recommendations for the sorts of characters that might make this thread more interesting. The following is a list of these frameworks and recommendations, so if you intend to join, then please have a look!

The Heroes

1: Colour Out of Space

The Colour Out of Space, also known as Sygyarclairent - she prefers "Claire" - is the main character played by yours truly. As a Denizen of Beyond, she controls all forms of energy, giving her a rather versatile power set. She sets off the chain of events leading to our story by crashing into the backyard of an ordinary Japanese high school student, and later taking shelter at his house. Being an embodiment of energy, she's rather hyperactive, and ends up being a bit direct and rude - or, at times, even psychotic - due to her lack of understanding of Human culture, but deep down is a rather nice person despite all of her... quirks. Probably, if not almost definitely, will end up paired with the reluctant Human role number two, who will have to deal with all of her inane antics for my own personal amusement. See her bio for more details. TAKEN.

2: The Ordinary High School Student (PITY HIM)

Just like the name says, this guy is the everyday, ordinary person who ends up getting dragged into things quite by accident when an incomprehensible - not to mention rather crazy - entity crash-lands in his backyard and ends up staying in his house, inserting herself into every aspect of his life for the sake of understanding Human culture. Things get worse when the Denizens targeting her deem him an accomplice and no longer Human due to his association with her and her supernatural influence on him, and target him for execution as well as her. On another note, his parents will be away from home at the beginning of the story - although they might return if someone makes characters for them - for the sake of convenience. Although he tries to keep his friends out of the danger currently hounding him, some of said friends might end up involved if some of the Denizens stumble upon them as well. Again, he'll probably end up (very reluctantly) shipped with the Colour. TAKEN.

Miscellaneous Human Roles include friends or family of the Student who somehow get dragged into things, be it either through an accidental encounter with a Denizen, or through investigating the bizarre girl who seems to have suddenly appeared and started following the Student around everywhere. Miscellaneous Denizen Roles include either Denizens sent to hunt down the "rogue" Claire who end up joining the team somehow, or other rogue Denizens who decide to pay a visit to the planet for whatever alien reason.

The Villains

3: The Mastermind

This character is a powerful and mysterious Denizen, who, for whatever reasons of his(or her) own, decided to eliminate Claire, perhaps as one of many Denizens. Pulling several strings, he framed her for going mad with power and going on a massively destructive rampage, causing her to be sealed in a Humanoid form and deposited in the Empty World, home universe of the Denizens. When she broke free and crash landed on Earth, he sent more Denizens after her, and is currently planning something, whatever that might be. TAKEN.

Miscellaneous Human Roles include people possessed by or willingly serving the more evil Denizens, or even the Mastermind himself. Think cultists, here. Miscellaneous Denizen Roles include less-than-heroic hunters - some of whom may be long-time rivals to the other Denizen characters on the heroic side - sent after Claire and the Student, or the (not-so)loyal followers and servants of the Mastermind, and so on and so forth.

The Bio Format

Human Format

Code: Select all
[left][size=160][i]Character Name Here[/i][/size]
[img]Link to anime image of character here.[/img][/left]
[i]Appearance:(Give a brief description to accompany the picture. Especially include things not shown in the image and common features such as facial expressions.)[/i]
[i]Short History:(Include where they live, and mention of whatever characters they start off knowing.)[/i]
[i]Other Information:[/i]

[url=Link to video here.]Theme Song Name - Theme Song Source (Optional. Erase if you have no theme song.)[/url]

Denizen of Beyond Format

Code: Select all
[left][size=160][i]Character Name Here(Don't make it sound too Human. Give them a Human nickname or alias to go with their true name instead.)[/i][/size]
[img]Link to anime image of character here.[/img][/left]
[i]Gender:(Subjective since they can reshape their bodies at will, but this would be the gender they most identify themselves with after their original, mortal lives in their now-destroyed home universe.)[/i]
[i]Assumed Age:(How old they look in Human form.)[/i]
[i]Assumed Appearance:(Again, give a brief description to accompany the picture, and especially include things not shown in the image and their usual expressions and demeanor, etcetera.)[/i]
[i]True Appearance:(Their true form. Feel free to defy some laws of physics or reasoning with this, and to detail exactly how it breaks the Human mind to look at. LINK, not embed, to a picture if necessary.)[/i]
[i]Domain of Control:(What aspect of existence do they control?)[/i]
[i]Likes in the Human World:[/i]
[i]Dislikes in the Human World:[/i]
[i]Hobbies in the Human World:[/i]
[i]Short History:(Include how they came to be on Earth looking for Claire, as well as any other Denizens they start off knowing.)[/i]
[i]Other Information:[/i]

[url=Link to video here.]Theme Song Name - Theme Song Source (Optional. Erase if you have no theme song.)[/url]

Toggle Rules

1: No Godmodding, autohitting, or otherwise doing something important with/to another person's character without their express permission.
2: Even if the magic-wielding characters in this rp are technically powerful enough to warrant being called lesser gods, please don't abuse your powers. I.E., nuking things and/or evaporating them on the atomic level by snapping your fingers. I'd much prefer if battles went more in standard style with ridiculous amounts of ordinary level attacks, rather than any single attack on such a massively destructive scale. Firstly, physical gods have secrecy to maintain, and secondly, that just ruins the fun for everyone else.
3: I would also prefer if angst and drama were kept to a minimum. I'm not saying you can't have a sad backstory, or anything, I'm just saying that this is first and foremost a lighthearted comedy, so drama is to be immediately interrupted/followed by epic lulz, except in certain designated "dramatic moments," I.E., final showdowns, scenes crucial to character development, etcetera.
4: Another requirement for RPing here is to be literate and skilled at RPing. I expect great things from you, not just 1 or two liners. On a similar note, use the spellchecker. It is your friend. Proofread for grammar errors if you have to, but just make sure your post is decently sized, and made up of decent English.
5: Anime pictures are a must. Also, this IS set in Japan due to the genre, so I'd also prefer Japanese names for any non-immigrants/aliens, as well as some rudimentary understanding of Japanese culture just so we can make the setting work out.
6: Alien characters and their abilities don't have to be based in the works of Lovecraft, but it would be great if they were.
7: Alien characters also do not have to be allies, nor do they have to be specifically good or evil. Add your own inter-character subplots! Be creative! =D
8: I'd like a balance in terms of character genders.
9: Please make all romance semi-realistic and appropriate. While it's understandable that the alien characters might do or feel things in a bizarre manner - having been raised on an entirely different system, and being currently rather clueless as to Human culture and standards - I don't want to see two characters falling madly in love and kissing about three posts after they meet, or something similarly ridiculous. Also, keep things in accordance with the site rules. While I'm fine with a little bit of hinted or slight adult content, I don't want to see anything graphic. If you must, please, fade to black and timeskip, okay?
10: More may come with time, so keep checking this list.

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Character Portrait: Claire
Character Portrait: Niiya Teiichi


Character Portrait: Niiya Teiichi
Niiya Teiichi

Your an...... alien? I don't know about that, and if you are "madness inducing" then you should be headed straight for the mental instituion and not my back door. Now excuse me, but if you don't mind, I really would like my life back please.....

Character Portrait: Claire

"I'm Sygyarclairent, but that's a mouthful, so just call me Claire! Owooh! I am an alien! Nah, just kidding. I'm really just a madness-inducing diety on the run from other madness inducing deities. Nice to meet you!"


Character Portrait: Claire

"I'm Sygyarclairent, but that's a mouthful, so just call me Claire! Owooh! I am an alien! Nah, just kidding. I'm really just a madness-inducing diety on the run from other madness inducing deities. Nice to meet you!"

Character Portrait: Niiya Teiichi
Niiya Teiichi

Your an...... alien? I don't know about that, and if you are "madness inducing" then you should be headed straight for the mental instituion and not my back door. Now excuse me, but if you don't mind, I really would like my life back please.....

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Claire

"I'm Sygyarclairent, but that's a mouthful, so just call me Claire! Owooh! I am an alien! Nah, just kidding. I'm really just a madness-inducing diety on the run from other madness inducing deities. Nice to meet you!"

Character Portrait: Niiya Teiichi
Niiya Teiichi

Your an...... alien? I don't know about that, and if you are "madness inducing" then you should be headed straight for the mental instituion and not my back door. Now excuse me, but if you don't mind, I really would like my life back please.....

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Re: Colour in my Closet

I do love madness in all its shapeless ever moving form. Can I create a denizen? and join?

This looks like it could be one of the funnest rps i've seen in a while. I have to do some research on Love craft to get the write feel.

Re: Colour in my Closet

Ehhhh, so when are we gonna start?? :P

Re: Colour in my Closet

I submitted my WIP. I'm gonna sleep now. !(◎_◎;)

Re: Colour in my Closet

This... sounds awesome! Expect a human character from me, maybe the village idiot cool best friend of the high school student. ;D

Re: Colour in my Closet

Great! Feel free to make one, either, or both as you see fit! =D I'm glad you're interested!

Re: Colour in my Closet

Hello~~! I'd like to make a Denizen of Beyond~! I'll invite some people I know too (and I might make a human if i can be bothered) *victory music*

Re: Colour in my Closet

Sure! I'll reserve it for you. Tell your friends, by the way. We need more people interested in this RP. =D

Re: Colour in my Closet

This looks REALLY interesting.... I mean... REALLY.. lol Could I take the High school student? I've never played as this kind of perspective for a character before. Let's see how this turns out. Uhmmm... but unfortunately I probably won't have a character until Tuesday. Is that okay?

Re: Colour in my Closet

I've invited some friends, and posted advertisements on several other threads of mine. And, if it doesn't work out, I can always copy/paste to a new thread and remake it to gain more views. I put it up late at night, which was a rather bad move, since it meant few people saw it before it got kicked off the newest roleplays list.

Re: Colour in my Closet

While I am still interested in this roleplay and have started on the character, if it's just going to be us two I'm going to have to pull out unless some other people start joining.

Re: Colour in my Closet

You're more than welcome to! I'm glad to see you're interested! =D

Re: Colour in my Closet

I think I might like to take the mastermind for my greedy self, if that's okay with you.

Colour in my Closet

Welcome to my thread! Any questions you might have, feel free to ask here. I'll have my own bio up shortly, but until then, don't feel discouraged from posting one of your own! I look forward to roleplaying with all of you.