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Kacey Odetta

"All I get to do is stand around and not interact...unless it involves telling the others that some guy with a gun is attacking the camp. Say what, Captain Obvious?" The sharp-tongued security guard of the Colours.

0 · 866 views · located in Seele

a character in “Colourless Virus”, as played by torinoko_angel


Kacey Rose Odetta

❝ Fitting in? That’s not my job. But it’s not to stand out, either. All I get to do is stand around and not interact...unless it involves telling the others that some guy with a gun is attacking the camp. Say what, Captain Obvious?❞


❝The Basics❞[/color]

| Kacey Rose Odetta|
"The security guard’s name means ‘vigilant’...ha. Not. Is this some cruel joke?!"

| Nickname: K.O. |
"Why? Sure, those are my initials, but it’s not like I knock people out...often...heck, just call me ‘Kace’. And, yes, I know there are hundreds of stupid nicknames you could give me, but try one, just one, and I’ll have a reason to be called ‘K.O.’."

| Gender: Female |
"If you thought anything else, then you need a therapist."

| Age: 16 |
"I’m tougher than you think for a 16-year-old."

| Sexuality: Straight |
" think I’m queer or something? You want to see queer, just go look in a mirror. That face is queer enough to be in a circus sideshow.”[i]

| Race: Colour |
[i]"Do I really have to say something about every personal fact? I’m a colour. Just don’t tell the Primes."

| Colour/Role: Blue |
(This is only for People with Roles)”Studies show that it’s the most common favourite color because it’s so calming. Hardy-har-har. Yeah, that SO fits me."

❝On the outside.❞

Image | Eye Color |
"CUT IT OUT WITH THE PICTURES!! I’m running out!”

| Hair Color: Very dark brown |
"Yes, despite what all the other pictures implied, I AM a brunette. Sort of."

| Height: 5’4” |
" Yes, I’m short. Laugh all ya want, but that doesn’t change the fact that I could totally beat you in a fistfight. If I wanted to do. Which I don’t."

| Weight: 113 |
"I’m what’s known as ‘petit’. I’m not tiny. I’m not...” *goes and sulks in a corner*

| Distinct Markings/Tattoos: A drawing of a thorny rose on her hand in permanent marker. |
"Rawr. P|-|34r t3h R0$3."

| Physical Description: A bit pale, slim, “petit”, small hands and feet. |
"I’m not going ANY further than that. It’s none of your business."


Image[color=choice of color]| Likes: |[/color]

♥ Candy
♥ Stargazing
♥ Scaring people
♥ Reading
♥ Karaoke
♥ Cosplay
♥ Doing a lone assignment

[color=choice of color]| Dislikes: |[/color]
✖ Cauliflower
✖ Haunted houses
✖ Geometry
✖ Being rushed
✖ Most foods/fools
✖ Bossy people
✖ Being forced to scour the internet for similar pictures... >:|

| Strengths: |
✔ Climbing
✔ Sneaking around
✔ Yelling at the top of her lungs
✔ Knife fights
✔ Confusing/distracting people
✔ Singing
✔ Sewing
(Those do NOT fit together...)

| Hobbies: |
✔ Making cosplay outfits
✔ Reading
✔ Carving weird stuff on trees
✔ Practicing sword-fighting with Green
✔ Giving people scary smiles until they scream and run
✔ Putting whipped cream in the beds of people who make her find lots of anime pictures that look like her

| Fears: |
✘ Zombies
✘ Being alone in a dark house (or anywhere dark, really)
✘ Large open flames
✘ Being in situations where she can't help for fear of making things worse

| Flaws: |
✘ Her sharp tongue
✘ Her slight (?) temper
✘ Her unwillingness to work with a team

| Weaknesses:|
✘ Cute boys (pathetic)
✘ Comments about her size
✘ Threats to innocent people
✘ Intense heat

❝On the inside❞[/color]

Image| Weapon(s): Her fists, two sharp short swords she uses like daggers. |]

"These weapons are BOSS, I tell you."

]| Powers: Telepathy (mind talk) and Telekinesis |
"These are the best powers EVER for scaring people. Heheh."

| Personality: She's pretty confident, but still prefers to be alone. This causes frequent talking to no one, which is, admittedly, a little concerning... Kacey also loves pranking people who tick her off using her powers, and she's a little cruel that way. But other than that she has a decent sense of humor, and loves making people laugh. When she's alone, though, she's thoughtful and quiet (except when she's having a one-sided conversation). She'll always sacrifice herself for her friends, if there's no other choice, but if there is, she'll find a way to save everyone. |
"Can i be done now? Please?"

❝Welcome to my life❞


[color=color choice]| Romantic Interest: No one in particular |[/color]
"If anything, I should have one of those t-shirts with the boxes for "single" "in a relationship" and "mentally dating an anime character", with the latter checked off."

[font=font choice][color=color choice]| Family: A little brother who's constantly getting on her nerves, a dead older sister, and a father and mother who live in Seele. |[/color]
"Wow, they must love me so much if they dumped my brother and I with a rebel group."

| History: Kacey was born in Seele. Her father was forced into the army when she was young, and for a while she lived with just her mother, younger brother, and an older sister. Kacey looked up to her sister and when she got sick with CV, Kacey stayed by her until she died, trying to make her as comfortable as possible by telling her jokes and talking to her. Unfortunately, afterwards, Kacey caught the virus as well. Her mother locked her in the basement so she wouldn't get the rest of the family sick, but after 10 hours Kacey was still alive. Her father came back from the army and, fearing she was still contagious, sent her to live with the other colors, whom he thought were other contagious children living in quarantine. Her little brother followed her, though (I might make a form for him later but for now he kind of only exists in Kacey's interactions with him). |
(Please tell how you became a Colour or Prime)"....."

| Opinions: "Eh. They're nice, and pretty dependable, but too serious. Except Antonio, he's nice...Naomi's just weird." |

| Other: Her favorite manga/anime are Ouran Host Club, Blue Exorcist, and Inuyasha. She actually has a nice voice (this seems to be a common characteristic of all my characters -_-'). |
"That's where I get my cosplay outfits, in case you were wondering. Which you probably weren't."

❝Theme Song❞



So begins...

Kacey Odetta's Story