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Suraj Canda

"..." WIP

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a character in “Colourless”, as played by Chiaki Hamano


Suraj Amor Canda
Suraj: Sun; Amor: Love; Canda: Fierce, Passionate

❝My mission is to see. I watch.❞


❝The Basics❞

| Full name | "...Suraj Canda..."
Suraj Amor Canda

| Nickname | "..."
Sun; Silver; Su

| Gender | "...Male..."

| Age | "...18..."
18 years old

| Sexuality | "...Asexual..."

| Race | "...Prime..."

| Colour/Role | "...I see..."

❝On the outside.❞

Image| Eye Color | "Unknown"
Due to an incident in the past, Suraj's eyes were damaged and therefore, they don't have a certain color. The color change every time the light shines in a different angle... The most commonly seen colors are red and yellow. However, like the fact above has stated, the colors change because of the light so technically, his eyes can have two colors...if the light's in a certain direction. It is said that his eyes used to have a light, baby-blue color though no one has been able to confirm this rumor.

| Hair Color | "Short. Light brown"
Light brown

| Height | "6 feet 2"
6 feet 2

| Weight | "159lbs"

| Skin Tone | "..."
Pale white

| Distinct Markings/Tattoos | "Scars...hurt... a lot"
Suraj's back is covered in scars: small scars, large scars... These ones come in all shapes and sizes. They seem to be caused by many things. The biggest scar on Suraj's back was obviously caused by acid being poured on him. Some scars were caused by a belt while others were the results of knives. Suraj never talks about these scars or how he has got them but it is obviously a very painful experience that he doesn't want to speak of ever again.

| Physical Description | "..."
Standing at 6 feet 2 but only weigh 159lbs, Suraj has a small almost feminine frame. He is physically weak and his movements are slow. His reaction time is horrible and he is a blank person. However, even if he is slow, Suraj is very stealthy and has, more than once, sneaked passed everybody without alerting anyone. He likes to keep his hair short, silky brown hair grows naturally creating an almost 'bad boy' look on his face that just can't go along well with his strangely blank face and eyes. His face is always expressionless. He never smiles, cries, frowns, or even yawns. The most he ever shows is a subtle curl of his lips whenever his Master - Eien, praises him. His eyes, like the information stated above, have no color. His skin is pale, even paler than some of the Prime members. It create a ghostly aura surrounding him that puts people on edge. Overall, his physical appearance just screams creepy and he looks sicked, almost like he can kneel over and die at anytime. Suraj's voice is quiet and rough due to the irregular use of it. He doesn't talk and when he does, it comes out silent, rough and short, almost rude. However, if anyone pays attention to what he speaks, they will instantly realize something is wrong with him.

Suraj has a very strict code of dressing. He always wears the traditional clothes even if they're very uncomfortable. The Canda's family has the traditions of dressing boys in blood red or dark red as they believe it will bring luck to the children and the family. Therefore, Suraj's clothes are always in red, blood red to be exact. His Changshans are tight but they don't restrict his movements. They are all made out of soft silk but that doesn't make them any less comfortable, especially when it's hot... His military uniform is a dark red suit that fits him well, not leaving an inch for imagination. Suraj always carries a sword with him whenever he goes. However, no one has seen him uses it yet so the fact that Suraj can use a sword or not is just anyone's guess. Some say he can, others say he can't. Suraj has never been the one for gossiping so he doesn't care. Let people think what they want.


Image| Likes |
Praises and kindness
The other Prime members

| Dislikes |
Feeling lonely
Inability to say what he wants

| Skills |
Cooking / doing house chores in general
Stealing and Reading people's body language
Good swordsmanship

| Strengths |
Excellent observation skill
Unwavering loyalty and High intelligence
High pain tolerance

| Talents |
Photographic memory rivaling Brown's

| Hobbies |
Doodling pictures
Sitting with the other Prime members in silence
Writing stories

| Fears |
His past
Being abandoned and useless
Being trapped

| Flaws |
Low ability to speak and express feelings
Slow reaction time and physically weak
Clingy, somewhat childish and trusting

| Weaknesses |
Wanting to please every Prime member
Physical strength

❝On the inside❞

Image| Weapon(s) | "Sword..."
While he is physically weak and has slow reaction time, Suraj is very good with a sword. This isn't a talent but a skill and he has learnt it the hard way. Unfortunately for Suraj, he isn't natural with a sword but he continues to practice his skill anyway. According to Suraj, using a sword when sneaking around is much quieter than a gun.

| Powers | "I observe"
Suraj's power lays in the ability to manipulate his own body to the limit, especially his eyes and brain. He can see things clearer and sharper than a hawk can and if really pushes it, Suraj can also make himself stronger. The key to this power is the increase the usage of his organs to produce more or less cells. When he is fatally injured, Suraj can make himself produce blood cells faster to replace the one he has lost. Similarly, he can increase the number of photoreceptors in his eyes so that he can see better. Therefore, when the Prime says Silver's mission is to see, they mean it quite literally. Another example about Suraj's power is that he can make himself physically stronger by controlling his own muscles. His power, however, comes with a price and it isn't a cheap price, either. By using his power, Suraj literally shortens his own lifespan. The amount of time he shortens depends on the time he uses his power. For example, if he uses his power for a whole day, he will shorten his own lifespan for about twenty hours or so. Not nearly a day but close. In addition to that, whenever he stops using his power, Suraj will be exhausted and in pain. The human body isn't created to be used like how Suraj uses it so when he stops his power, the pressure will come back full force usually by uncontrollable spasms and intense pain. Another thing is that Suraj can't use his power to fix his inability to speak properly. He just can't. Suraj doesn't have an explanation to this and he doubts he ever will.

| Personality | "I am... the sound... of silence..."
Suraj is very quiet teenager - too quiet, in fact that it borderlines creepy. He never speaks out of turn, never engages in a conversation willingly except when he has to give his report and even those time, Suraj gets straight to the point. His voice is rough because of this reason, he doesn't use it. Suraj's personal record is going on for three whole months without speaking a word. Needless to say, the teenager isn't the most talkative people in the world. When he does speak, Suraj's speech is slow and somewhat childish if not inhuman. The reason for this is because of a brain damage Suraj had when he was younger that prevents him from ever developing the Broca's area of his brain. With that being said, Suraj isn't stupid. He just can't voice what he thinks. Despite speaking very slowly, Suraj has the full capability to think, act and other things. People tend to take pity on him and underestimate him just because he speaks like a little child. Therefore, it frustrates him to no end that he can't speak like how he wants to. Hence, Suraj doesn't speak at all. If he can't speak properly, why should he talk at all?

However, just because Suraj doesn't talk doesn't mean he is socially retarded. Actually, contradict to public's belief, he is a very social boy. While he can't just go out there and talk, he makes it up by being silent and listening to people's problems. Suraj is clingy to the people that he loves, mainly the other Prime members. He wants to please everyone and tries his hardest to do his job so he can receive just a praise. He likes to spend time with every single member of Prime, from the craziest to the sanest person. Despite his past and the problems that come with it, Suraj is fiercely protective of the other Prime members, going so far as to stand up to his own nightmares if it means his precious persons will be safe. He can be ruthless if he wants to. His methods of ruthlessness may even be considered extremely cruel to other normal people. However, Suraj rarely has to resort to torturing people. Therefore, if he wants to kill someone, he will give them a quick, painless death.

Suraj is, without a doubt, extremely loyal to Eien - the only person Suraj calls Master and the Father figure that he never has. He can do anything as long as Eien tells him to do it. To Suraj, Eien is God, Master, Father and Savior combine into one. He doesn't care what Eien's real purpose is, maybe it is to change the world for the better, for worse, or to rule this planet, as long as Eien still has some uses for him, Suraj will serve Eien faithfully and no amount of bribing, blackmailing, threatening or beating will make Suraj betray Eien. To the other people, Eien may be cruel but to Suraj, he is the first person ever to show him what compassion and kindness feels like and he will forever be in debt with the other male. The Prime's eyes isn't the most stable person in the world. Suraj often has flashbacks of the time when he was abused by his own father. These flashbacks are violent and leave Suraj breathless afterward. He always has nightmare after a flashback. Normally, Suraj doesn't like physical contacts. After these flashbacks and nightmares, it's impossible to even touch Suraj without making the teenager flinch in fear and panic. The other members of the Prime have already known this and will avoid physical contacts with Suraj. He usually goes back to normal after a day or two.

❝Welcome to my life❞

Image| Romantic Interest | "..."
Suraj is always in denial with his own sexuality. While he really is pansexual, he always claims to be asexual when everyone asks him. He has had crushes before and some of those crushes still remain until now but Suraj has never acted on it. He deems them too emotionally tiresome to be dealt with. Besides, due to his childhood's trauma, Suraj just isn't ready to fall in love with another person.

| Relationships | "..."

  • Eien Amias: This is the most important person in Suraj's entire world. Eien was the one to save Suraj from dying, from going off to deep end. He was Suraj's father figure like Ashita is his Mother figure. In addition to that, Eien is also Suraj's God and Savior. No matter what Eien's real intention is, Suraj is going to faithfully follow him, not even question him for once because that is what obedient sons do. They obey their father. Therefore, Suraj is content to become Eien's eyes, reporting every single detail he can observe without faults.
  • Ashita Usagi: To Suraj, Ashita is the mother figure he has never had the chance to have. She loves him and in turn, he loves her with all his heart. Suraj is ready to die for Ashita at any moment if the situation needs so. However, due to his mental disability, Suraj has never been able to voice his thoughts or express his love for her. Therefore, despite his aloof characteristics, Suraj genuinely wants the best for Ashita. Sometimes, he even slips up and calls her his 'Ma...'
  • Effis Ausadha: Suraj has a strange relationship with Effis. Both of them are equally quiet. They don't like to talk much or they can't talk much. It doesn't matter. The point is, Suraj has never felt uncomfortable around Effis. Maybe it's the fact that he's sure she won't talk about what they discussed or maybe it's because he has finally found someone that can understand him or not feel annoyed of his silence. Whatever the reason is, when they spend time together, Effis and Suraj rarely speak. They enjoy each other's presence. They don't understand each other by talking what they think but about sharing what they don't speak.
  • Zaisuke: Zai and Suraj have an odd relationship. Zai is the social kind of guys while Suraj is just the socially awkward kid. However, somehow, they click. Zai will flirt and be nice to Suraj while the quiet teenager will try his best to get used to the physical contacts Zai gives. Zai is possessive of Suraj but that's alright, Suraj can feel Zai's love.

| History |
(Please tell how you became a Colour or Prime)"comment from character."

| Opinions |
(Of Other characters)"comment from character."

| Other |
"comment from character"

❝Theme Song❞


Sound of silence - Simon & Garfunkel
Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains
Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestone
Neath the halo of a streetlamp, I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light, split the night
And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw, ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never shared, and no one dared
To stir the sound of silence

Fool, said I, you do not know, silence, like a cancer, grows
Hear my words and I might teach you, take my arms then I might reach you
But my words, like silent raindrops fell, and echoed in the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they'd made
And the sign flashed out its warning in the words that it was forming
And the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls, and whispered in the sounds of silence


So begins...

Suraj Canda's Story


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Spinning around in a computer chair for five minutes straight could really give you a headache. Or at least it was starting to give Naomi a headache, so of course to resolve this she started spinning just as fast the opposite way. Eventually she discovered that this certain idea wasn't the best solution and stopped, standing up and drunkenly making her way towards the little fridge in the corner of the room. A headache was already starting to form, and she immediately figured water would be the best solution. Of course there was no water in the mini fridge, and she instead ended up grabbing some sort of energy drink and taking a few gulps before pulling back for air. The tech girl quickly grew bored, and with that boredom came her being hyper from the drink. Without much thought to her actions, she went towards the door to the large technology room and kicked it open with her foot, heading out into the hallway.

Since she rarely ever came out of the room, and it was even rarer for someone to visit her other than to ask her to do something, she didn't have many friends. As soon as she left the room, she was bored again. And lost. There was nowhere to go, no friends to try and find. Perhaps she could go over to the kitchen and fetch something to eat, but it could be empty in there and she would once again be bored. Finally, after about five minutes of pacing in front of the tech room, she started off down the hallway to her left- hoping to run into someone before she started doing circles around the building.


Zai enjoyed scaring people, a lot. But with a talent like his, how could you not? He could make people see things, make them experience things that weren't really happening. It was all in their mind, and he had the access to it to make things happen! One look and it sent him on a trip through there most private thoughts. One touch and he could know every single little thing about them. Unfortunately, most of the other Prime's knew about this little talent of his, and had taught themselves to keep walls up around their mind when he was nearby. Or well, considering they didn't always know when he was around and when he wasn't- he could control the shadows too, or just make them not see him -they usually just kept the walls up all the time. That didn't matter though, he could just go out and scare other people.

Currently he was searching for his best friend, Suraj. At least Zaisuke considered him his best friend, though the other boy probably didn't feel the same way. Zai had somewhat of a childlike obsession with his friend, and he happened to be rather possessive over him most of the time. Though he knew that Suraj wasn't very comfortable with Zai's usual touchiness, and there wasn't really anyone that was comfortable with his stitches or abilities, but he couldn't quite help himself either. He also had this nasty habit of trying to get into his friends brain to find new things to scare him with, though unlike what he did with the others, he often attempted to make his fears amusing... It was the only way he could show that he really cared for him. "Suraj! Silver!" He called out, skipping down the hallway.