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Come Find Me

Come Find Me


They say the first love is the sweetest, but the first cut is the deepest.

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loosely based on areosmith's what could have been love song & music video. also nickelbacks someday song and music video.


“Like an old photograph, time can make a feeling fade, but the memory of a first love never fades away."
-Tim Mcgraw

The Plot

They say the first love is the sweetest, but the first cut is the deepest.

For these two couples the statement above is in fat true. They madly in love, they were convinced they couldn’t live without each other. They were only teenagers after all and unless you a part of the lucky few “True Love” when you’re a teenager just doesn’t last. But what happens when fate brings you and your first love back together several years down the road? Will it work this time? Is fate telling you it was actually meant to be? Could you forgive and forget? Would you be willing to start over or pick up where you left off? Even if it could get you killed? Would you risk everything to be with “The One”?

Their Stories, from past to present…

Couple One

The Past
Past Theme, Collide

She was a shy, fifteen year old with an innocent heart, kept under the strict watch of her brother and father. Her father a mafia lord and her brother a member, she was a prime target. He was a seventeen year old that needed a savor. They met by accident he was looking for a friend’s house, he knocked on the door in hopes of asking directions, the second he saw her it had felt like time stopped. They started to spend time together for a whole year they were secretly together, until her brother found out. He and some other mafia members beat the shit out of him and ran him out of town; threaten that if he ever came back they would kill him. Being just a kid he was scared to death and ran, never looking back. She figured he just forgot about her, that she had done something wrong.

The Present…7 years later
Prestent Theme, What Could Have Been Love

She’s twenty-two and engaged to a Mafia approved member, he’s mean and unfaithful and she is completely unhappy, but this was how she was raised and there is nothing she can do about it. She still thinks about him, she’s never stopped thinking about him, she knows it’s pointless and that he’s never coming back. He’s Twenty-five and is far from settling down, he is a straight up womanizer, he can’t seemed to fill the void, he just wants her, that’s all he thinks about all he’s ever wanted. Will he finally decide to fight for his one and only? Or will he continue on with his life?

Girl 1/\TAKEN

Boy 1/\TAKEN

Couple Two

The Past
Past Theme, You and I

He was the sixteen year old football star who had it all. Popularity, money, looks , and a promising future. She was the fourteen year old freak that no one wanted to talk to. She had nothing, no friends, her family was poor, and she was suicidal. It started as a cruel joke, the popular jock asking the freak to homecoming and they would egg her. Somehow along the way they fell in love, it was unexpected. Everyone was shocked, it wasn’t long before they were voted cutest couple and she became the envy of every girl at school. He promised he’d never let anything happen to her, but something you just can’t help. One night they had gotten into a huge argument and she left his house upset, he had said some horrible things, her night ended in a deadly car accident…

The Present…7 years later
Prestent Theme, Someday

He had to move on, they couldn’t guarantee she’d come out of it. He went on to get a full ride scholarship to one of the best colleges in the state, he took the football scholarship and tried his best to forget her even starting new relationships, but he just couldn’t stop his thoughts going back to that night and his relationships always ended. She came out of her coma three months ago and she’s still catching up on everything that she missed. The doctors say it’s a miracle she came out of it with absolutely no brain damage. She doesn’t blame him for moving on and she thinks it would be better to leave him alone, let him live his life. Will she ever move on? What will happen when he finds out she’s awake.



Things you need to know/Rules
-Boy 1 and Boy 2 were college roommates and became best friends.
-Girl 1 and Girl 2 are cousins, were raised very close and are like sisters.
-The RP will start a few days before boy 1 is run off and girl two gets in the accident, then it will skip to the present.
-This RP is loosely based off of the music videos for Someday by Nickelback & What could have been love by Aerosmith, so depending on your couple please watch the music video to get a better feel if you have not already seen it.
-If all roles are filled and there are lots of request for this role-play I will add another story and tie it in.
-Reservations 24 hours, unless you talk to me
-post at least three times a week, talk to me if you’re going to be gone
-Be Dedicated, I want this to go all the way to the end.
-This RP will include the following: Sexual/Adult Themes, cussing, alcohol, abuse, and other dark/deep, real life issues, if you are not comfortable with these do not join

Character sheet, feel free to add but do not take away!

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[color=HEX COLOR HERE][font=CluffHmkBold]CHARACTER’S LIKES HERE/ NO LESS THEN FOUR[/font][/color]

[size=150][font=Carmine Tango]Dislikes[/font][/size]
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Tinka climbed out her second story wind and scaled down the roof until her feet landed on the ground over the past year she had become quite good at sneaking out to meet with her boyfriend. There was a small lake on the out skirts of the town and when the moon was high they always meet up there. It was private and beautiful. They had started coming here a few months after they starting seeing each other and it had just become their spot. Little did she know though tonight her brother was awake, and he had seen her dash across the backyard and out of curiosity he followed his little sister all the way across town to the old lake?

Her natural hair was tied up in a messy ponytail and she wore a black sun dress, summer was coming to end, but it was still warm enough for the dress. She paused and took a deep breath she had run most the way and she was out of breath. When she calmed her breathing she walked to the old willow tree, it’s branches touching the ground making a curtain of privacy once you stepped through the branches. A smile danced across her lips as she set her purse at the trunk of the tree and sat against the trees trunk waiting for Ethan to get there. She couldn’t wait to be wrapped in his arms again, the world seemed to stop whenever they were together and she couldn’t picture life without him, somehow she knew he was the one. If only she could convince her father and brother she thought as she waited.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Tinka Mentessi Character Portrait: Ethan Cross
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#, as written by twi-twi
Ethan had scaled down the fire escape of his crap apartment that he shared with his mother and brother, and was now on his way to meet the love of his life. As he walked through the streets, he looked around at where he knew all those old drug dealers and gambling places were. He hadn't touched any of it since Tinka came and saved him. He hadn't needed any sort of artificial rush when he had the real thing in his life. Now he mainlt scanned the streets to see if there was any danger. Living in the slums was a constant threat to your life. Even if you weren't in the shady deals, you couldn't get hit in the crossfires of one. He hurried along on his way. He had to get to Tinka. And he knew he would, just like every other time that the moon was high in the sky. Imagining her face in that moonlight... He began to walk faster.

Before he knew it, he had made it to their little spot, and was pulling apart the leaves of the old willow tree, ducking his head inside. As soon as he spotted her, a smile lit up his young face and he ran to her, falling to his knees in front of her and scooping her up into his arms, holding her tight to him. He buried his face into her neck as he held her tighter, inhaling deeply, enjoying her scent even. He gently kissed the base of her neck. "Have I told you lately that you're beautiful?" He whispered to her, keeping her in his embrace.

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Character Portrait: Tinka Mentessi


Character Portrait: Tinka Mentessi
Tinka Mentessi

I want to be free to be me...


Character Portrait: Tinka Mentessi
Tinka Mentessi

I want to be free to be me...

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Character Portrait: Tinka Mentessi
Tinka Mentessi

I want to be free to be me...

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