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Jackal Roux

"Hey! Dont manhandle the nose, its the one that made Rudolf famous."

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a character in “Come to Cirque Du Mystic!”, as played by ChildOfNone


Jackal Roux

Stage Name:
Slap Jacks

21 years old.

Jackal is 6’5” in height and has a built body of taught and lean muscle that he uses well in his little side acts and at intervals. His skin is a bit tanned, not much, that goes well with his honey brown eyes. Though, you’d never guess they’d be that color since his wavy brown hair hangs in his eyes and stops just short of his shoulders. He has two piercings: one in the middle of his bottom lip and another on his left eyebrow. Any tattoo? Why yes, he does have one. It’s actually the Japanese symbol for “family” and it’s placed right between his shoulder blades.
Jackal is a pretty simple guy so it’s natural that he wears simple laid back clothing. His usual attire consists of faded or washed out jeans and shirt with funny or offensive messages. Also, he always wears a hat; all type of hats really, depending on his moods. His costumes vary depending on what he wants to dress up as.

Jackal is just one big ball of mixed personalities, really. Most people just put it down to him being bipolar but that’s just the way he has been since childhood. It’s like a constant sugar rush before it calms and repeats the whole process. But anyway, Jackal is and will probably always be the friendliest person anyone has ever met. He likes to help those in need and befriend every person he comes into contact with. Though many people may find him annoying he persists in gaining their friendship and trust. And with Jackal trust is a sacred thing. He’d never abuse your trust and he shall always be loyal.
Just like Jackal has his friendly side he also has a side to him that is… not so friendly. Of course, for him to come into this state someone must have done something he despises like mess with his friends, family or something of the sort. It’s in these cases that Lottie calls him “Dr. Jeckel”.
Jackal is very strong headed, very stubborn which often leads to drive his determination in doing something and sticking by the things he says he’ll do. He lives by the rule that if you’re going to be doing something you should give it your all so he’s very much a hard worker. One thing Jackal doesn’t lack in is his confidence and self-esteem. He’s just that sure of himself.

-Having Fun.
-His “Family”.
-Sunny Days.
-His Red Clown Nose.
-Awesome Cars.

-People Messing With His Friends And Family.
-Temper Tantrums.
-Mean People.
-Non Funny Jokes.
-Being Manipulated/Used.
-The Quiet.
-Men Treating Women like Meat.

Jackal is a clown; comes with the outfit and everything. He can do a few acrobatic moves to entertain his guests, juggle, do a few small magic tricks and of course, make balloon figures! He can also mimic sounds pretty well.

-Jackal cares deeply for his people so it goes to say that they are one of his weaknesses.

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(Will Edit Later)

So begins...

Jackal Roux's Story


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Dakota was to busy to hear what he had said, something about mingeling. Ha. she thought to herself. I'm a freak amongst freaks, I gross them all out, how am I supposed to mingle? Dakota sighed, looking down at the ground as she walked around, kicking stones and trying to stay out of peoples ways. As she was walking, she ran into someone.

"Oops, sorry!" Dakota looked up, smiling. She had run into one of the funniest guys she knew, a clown that she only knew as Slap Jacks. "Hey," She said, trying to come up with something better but failing as she looked at his eyes. They were gorgeous, and she blushed at the thought. "Didn't mean to be in your way," Dakota mumbled as she looked back at the ground, turning to start walking away...


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Dakota sat down, pulling her knees behind her head ad twisting herself until her hips were off the ground, her back was turned like an "s" and her hands were holding her up instead of her feet. As her joints cracked, she sighed, twisting her neck like an owl and looking up at him. He was slightly shocked, and she laughed.

"What?" She asked, amused. "Can't you bend this way?" The sarcasm was obvious, but her face looked serious. As she untwisted herself slowly and carefully, not the quick and exciting way she did on stage, her joints popped back into place as she rose to her normal, upright self.

She looked at the baloons, smiling. "So they are full of paint, and we get to pop them or something?" Dakota asked, suddenly excited. "Sweet!" Well, Dakota, you finally found a friend, didn't you? Doesn't hurt that he's super attractive either, she thought to herself, smiling brightly.


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“You know very well I can’t. If I even so much as tried I wouldn’t end up as a pretzel; I’d end up turning into a grown man crying like a baby.” He smiled at her. “But I think it’s awesome that you can do it. Heck, I think it’s pretty darn tooting amazing.”
She smiled at this, finally having found someone who didn't think she was a freak amongst freaks. It made her finally feel accepted.

Dakota giggled, pretending to curtsy. "I would love to, m'lord," She jokes, returning the wink in a playful, flirtatious way. As she picked up one of the balloons, she looked at a spot on the canvas and hurled it onto it. Bright red paint exploded everywhere, hitting the canvas lower than she had expected and getting on the floor.

"Ohmaigawd I'm so sorry!" She looked at the spots of red on the floor, her face becoming almost the same color.


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#, as written by twi-twi

Zane watched the girl as she blushed at his compliment, and the corners of his lips twitched up a bit. This amused him, that he had any impact on Lottie at all. He had only just met her, after all. And his appearance may be something memorable, but surely he wasn't that important. But he wouldn't question it. That was one way to get people angry with you, or for them to realize you're right. "It may not decrease my value to this circus, but it will to many other circuses. You see, I don't stay in one place for long. And that is a story I'll tell you later."

Zane listened to the rest of what she said, nodding his head slightly. "I am honored that you trust me so much so soon. You may hold my arm. There are no issues with that on my end." He moved so he was standing next to her and pressed his arm against hers, clenching his fist so his claws are digging into the pads of his paws again.


Darius was walking around the camp, watching what was going on as he stood tall and proud. He had set up his tent already, his trailer next to it. Suddenly, he noticed an outburst and turned his head to see Jackal and Dakota in pink, and some other boy near them, but not pink. Hm. I wonder what that is about. He decided to investigate and began trotting over there. He looked at the three of them. "Hello, all. And who is this?" He asked, motioning to the newcomer.