Kevin "Proteus" Mactaggert

"These humans need to know who their ruler is."

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Chacacter: Proteus
Gender: Male
Moral Division: Evil
Theme Song:
Appearance: Image
(Or any body he possess)

Alter Ego Appearance: NONE

Personality: Proteus became self-aware in the womb of his mother, geneticist Moira Mactaggart. Moira hated her child's father, and Proteus's great psychic powers fed off this hatred even as he was developing inside her. This emotion bent his mind and turned him into a psychotic killer. He is homidical, egomaniacal, and intent on ruling the world - if he doesn't destroy it first.

Hate still rules his life: he holds no regard for human or mutant life, and will use anybody in his way to further his insane goals. He takes possession of a body, knowing full well that it will kill the victim, and then proceeds to use the body, its abilities and its memories, until the victim is used up. He feels no remorse for his actions; it is simply a matter of survival, the strong preying on the weak. He refers to a possessed body as a shell, to be used at his leisure. His first goal is always survival, at any cost. Since metal is poisonous to him, he tends to escape whenever attacked by metal-based attacks or characters, and he tries to avoid possesses them.
In times however he will break down and go insane.

Story Changes: After being murdered by Colosses, the dispersed molecules that is Proteus had come together in a city...
Likes: Murder, Fast Food, Surviving
Dislikes: Metal, The X-Men, Men, Woman, The Human Race.
Quirks: Having fun with opponents befor killing them, Eating fast food.
Anything and Everything Else:

Power: His primary abilities are to warp reality according to his will, and possession of others by psychic vampirism. His reality shaping powers allow him to reshape physical matter, including people, into anything he wants. He has been seen to affect objects as large as skyscrapers. Also, if he wills it so, it is impossible to use most types of physical powers or any type of teleportational capabilities in his vicinity. Few men can resist Proteus taking total possession of their bodies. While in possession, he has access to all their abilities and their memories.

He is also a very powerful mentalist and can read the minds of people around him, often making their greatest fears a reality. He can twists perceptions and drive normal men insane. He is also capable of turning of his psychic emanations, making it very hard to control or track him by psychic means, such as a Cerebro. Proteus reacts with the speed of though, and is a very hard opponent to face on equal terms.

Seemingly even to Proteus's surprise, he is powerful enough to eventually pull his molecules together even after total defeat. Likewise, he can just choose to disperse himself to the winds, ceasing his existence.

Weaknesses: Proteus has some vulnerabilities that can be used against him; all metal is poisonous to him, and can quite readily destroy him or bind him. Also, his powers usually burn up whatever host he is in possession of so he constantly needs to find new hosts.


Proteus is the son of Moira MacTaggart. From an early age, he developed dangerous mutant abilities and a hatred for all life, so his mother imprisoned him in a special cell in her research facility on Muir Island. she worked unsucessfully to find a way to reverse his mutations.

Eventually, Proteus escaped imprisonment when his cell was damaged during a battle between the X-Men and Magneto. He made his way off the island to Scotland, where he left a trail of drained bodies behind him. He finally possessed the body of his own father, and in this form he faced the X-Men. Colossus finally defeated him by first shattering his decaying human form, then by driving his metal fists through Proteus's energy form.

So begins...

Kevin "Proteus" Mactaggert's Story