Aiden Foust

Aiden is not returning the same as when he left.

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”If you run you'll only die tired.”


|Character Full Name|
Aiden Tyler Foust

Ghost (but only his army buddies call him by his nickname)



Aiden enlisted as a 11 Bravo (infantryman) but shot perfectly on every marksmanship test and qualified for sniper school and eventually became a sniper.

Other Family|
Mother,Father,Brother,Sister but doesn't really talk to his siblings just his parents.

Face Claim|

|Changes in character after the war|
Aiden didn't physically change very much he put on some muscle and is leaner and more cut. The only physically altering thing that happened to him that anybody can see is he received a scar over his right eye that he got from an IED accident and a piece of shrapnel had cut his, it didn't do any damage other then a big cut that formed into a scar. Now emotionally Aiden was a different person then he left the things he saw and the things he had to do changed him, but it was adapt or die. Due to the things he had done he preferred to keep his distance from people and keep his guard up at all times. Aiden knows he had to do what he was ordered to but that didn't mean he thought it was right or could live with it. Aiden also has been diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder because he has problems dealing with anger and depression and realizing what's playful fun or serious. Once during some down time his squad mates were bored and all started wrestling and play fighting with each other and to keep the story short let's just say Aiden crossed the line and to far. He has also been diagnosed with PTSD, every noise and every situation he is put in he is always ready to defend himself,which has caused him some mild insomnia which some of the military doctors are worried may affect his family and life back state side.

Aiden did make a slight connection but is a little confused on what it is because he does have one person he considers a friend and strangely enough it's a female soldier that everyone calls Lizzie but her name plate on her chest says Dawson and that what he calls her, being against the code of conduct soldiers are not permitted to have relationships with each other which is why he considers Dawson more of a friend then anything romantically. What he is confused/ unsure of is if they would continue talking and being friends once they got stateside because even though they weren't that close Dawson was the only person Aiden lowered his guard around even if it was just slightly lowered but it was more then he did with anybody else.

He will do anything for his family members and close friends even if others think it's a bad idea.
Letting his guard down and making friends and letting people get close to him.
Not being able to let go of the past and things he has done.

|Skills|Combat certified with all pistols,assault rifles and sniper rifles.
Expert hand to hand combatant qualified for the military's most elite self defense and hand to hand combatants.


Always sleeps with his pistol under his pillow no matter where he is
Not being able to trust people he doesn't know
Has very hard time being able to separating work from life/off duty things


Target Practice
Video Games
Any type of competition


Being betrayed by someone he's close to
Not finding a significant other and living life alone.

|Likes & Dislikes|
Relaxing when he can
Sports or any type of competition
Dislikes: Disrespectful people
Being annoyed

Before joining the army Aiden was a nice sweet guy that would go out of his for anyone and always make sure his friends and family were happy before thinking about himself. Aiden has always love competing in sports mostly but he loves to copete so if theres a way to make something competitive he would always give it a try. He never had much of a back bone or much self confidence so he got used and taken advantage of for being so nice and a=just an all around good guy. Now he is completely different other then loving to compete that hasn't changed but the nice,sweet and caring guy that left is long gone. Aiden now has a lot of self confidence and worth and if anyone tries to be little him or put him down he stands up for himself and always proves he is the bigger badder person, unlike his former self he doesn't just ignore it and lie down and let people walk over him he lets them know that he will be treated as a equal or more. As for the nice and caring part of him that has went a way some to because now Aiden only looks after and cares for those close to him which is mostly just his family and some close friends back home, he doesn't trust anyone and always looks out for himself before anyone else now and lets people deal with their own problems rather then trying to help them out like he used to.

Before enlisting in the army Aiden was the small shy kid, he cared about the sports he played and competing more then anything so he didn't really have many friends and never had any relationships. He was picked on and bullied by the bigger kids until he hit high school and made the varsity football,wrestling and lacrosse team then his teammates kind of looked out for him and wouldn't let anyone push him around. Not being a very social guy his only friends were the guys he played sports with but rarely ever hung out with them outside of school practice or games because they had friends and girl friends. Now his senior year of high school was when he had his first real relationship with a girl he had had a crush on for a couple years and her name was Heather but never thought he was cool enough or anything to ask her out because she was popular and a cheerleader and if anyone know cliques like Aiden did he knew that her being with him would ruin her reputation. But senior year some of his teammates took over and started talking to her about him and unknowingly pushing them towards each other yes some lies were told and the facts were stretched a little but it was the same on both ends. Well Aiden's buddies had gotten his self esteem up and had a plan for the two. Since Aiden payed football and Heather was a cheerleader thye came up with a plan for Aiden run up to Heather after their first game was over and without saying anything kiss her and then ask her out. The plan worked and being able to do that made Aiden more confident in himself and really started to make everything better until wrestling season. Aiden had gotten offered a wrestling scholarship to a great wrestling college but in the districts right before state Aiden hurt his back in a district match and couldnt finish the match and didn't make it to state but that wasn't the worst news, that came when he went and had his back examined and x-rayed. After that he got a letter in the mail and due to his injury his scholarship had been revoked. All of this hit him really hard but he had Heather there to ease the pain for a little while until he had decided to enlist in the army, needless to say Heather didn't like the idea of him going away for months for training and then not knowing when he would be taken from her again and told him to choose a life with her or the army and he chose going off to the army and hasn't had a relationship since.

[font=centaur]|Theme Song|
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

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Aiden Foust's Story

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#, as written by girlwt

Officially, the homecoming happened a week ago, hugs and kisses, streamers and balloons. There had even been a parade for the heroes coming home to their loved ones. The bright sun shown on this Saturday morning would offer a different event. A barbeque, catered by a local and for family and friends only. The bright green grass seemed to shine that morning, gracefully swaying in the spring wind. The weather was going to be nice for that day, it might be a little hot in the afternoon. The picnic area was decorated already, in red white and blue. There seemed to be a patriotic theme running through the town this week, so if one got tired of such a thing then they would just have to deal with it.

Life itself seemed to be moving on, but who truly knows. At least for the moment there was going to be a gathering of people, who had been through many things together.

There were activities to do, just in case things got to emotional. Someone had even thrown a football in the mix.

There was a big sign painted in a stroking cursive with the words "Welcome Home" on it. Not to far from the picnic area was a children's playground, a swing set being the most prominent object in the middle. A see-saw sat on one side and a merry go round sat on the other. Monkey bars were also set in the mix as well as a bouncy horse on a spring. Off a little ways was a sandbox, fresh sand had been added and someone had decided to leave a set of toys by it. Bathrooms were also nearby as well as a water fountain.