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Elias Acario Sarantakos

"I wonder if you can feel the way my heart beats out of control when you're next to me? The way my palms become sweaty from your mere touch? The way I've fallen hopelessly in love with you."

0 · 343 views · located in Columbus, Ohio

a character in “Coming Out: The Stories”, as played by ClaudiiBear



”My full name is Elias Acario Sarantakos.”
Elias tends to go by ‘Eli’ rather than Elias, not preferring the way people always mispronounce it.
”My father is Greek, hence my last name. I get my looks from my mother however, who is of Norwegian and Swedish descent.”
”I am sixteen years of age.”
Eli was born on December 12th.
”I like boys.”
Eli is openly homosexual, although he never necessarily ‘came out’ to everyone. He told his best friend first, and from there simply went with things. People eventually found out.
”I suppose you can say I’m single…the one person I want doesn’t know it and if he did I could him for good.”
Eli is not seeing anyone as of the moment, but he is interested in his best friend, although he tries to cover it up as best as he can.

Character Role? The Shy One

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∞Sunsets∞ ∞Being Late for things∞
∞Sleeping in late∞ ∞Judgmental people∞
∞Parties&Alcohol∞ ∞Anything grape flavoured∞
∞Horror films∞ ∞Doctors∞
∞Barbecue crisps∞ ∞Root beer∞


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∞Having his photography published∞ ∞Not making anything of himself∞
∞Having the one boy that contains his thoughts constantly∞ ∞Losing that same boy∞
∞Not having Girl One despise him as she does∞ ∞Fighting∞
∞Being accepted completely for who he is∞ ∞Being Cheated On Again∞

As his looks portray, Elias is nothing less of a complete sweetheart. With a smile that could melt any heart, and the sweet things that he says, you’d think he would be loved by everyone. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. For the most part, unless you make an attempt to approach Eli, he won't speak to you. It isn't because he doesn't enjoy meeting new people, it's rather he doesn't know what to say and fears of rejection, so he'd rather wait for someone to approach him first. In other words, he's more introverted when he's not with his friends. While he loves to joke around, Eli knows when to be serious and when to laugh. He has a tendency to become frustrated with the little things, but unless you know him you would never be able to tell. He isn't one to use harsh words with others, and has mastered the ability to ignore rather than approach someone when they're bothering him. He's always kind to others, and sometimes that gets mistaken for flirting, which are rarely his intentions.

Growing up, Eli was a happy, carefree boy for the most part. As he got into his teens, though, he became the reserved boy that he is today. He has slowly grown more and more into these depressing habits of putting himself down and not seeing his full worth. When he started high school, he quickly found himself looking more at the guys than the girls…this, along with the fact that he took the time to dress nice, and fix his hair, quickly became his worst enemy. He was made fun of for years, and it turned him into what he is now, shy and to himself. When he met Boy Four freshman year, he felt as though they had connected, although it may have been moreso his naivety to the situation. He began to open up more and became more comfortable with himself over the next year that they dated. When he saw him making out with that senior girl, however, he felt as though his entire world came crashing down. He didn't know what to do with himself after that and when they broke up he made it his goal to push away people for good. The only person he allowed to remain in just happened to be Alec. Alec, the boy that could keep him smiling even when he felt like dying. When they kissed at that party, he felt sparks unlike those he had ever felt before, and he knew right then that he had fallen deep.

While he puts up the front of being this care-free happy teen, deep down he is so much more. In his family, it was never okay to show your emotions, so he keeps them bottled up, therefore instantly putting up a front. When in reality, all he wants is someone to be there for him emotionally. He’s more of a shy-type, until alcohol hits his system. Then, he’ll talk to anyone and everyone. He becomes a free spirit; rather, he becomes his true self. The side of him that he’s so afraid to show.

Standing at an even 5’8”, Eli’s adorable personality runs deep through to his appearance. He has a set of pale blue eyes that compliment his light skin tone, along with platinum blonde hair that’s usually half covered in a beanie of some sort. When it isn’t, however, he wears it as is, which is normally straight with just the right amount of unkemptness to give it that laid back look. He has a sweet, childlike face, and warm smile complimented by a set of perfect pearly white teeth, a smile unseen to many.

Eli prefers to dress in warm, overly large sweaters and tightly fitting jeans. He can almost always be seen wearing his black and white Converse high tops, and scarves are a must. As said before, he loves wearing beanies and really feels rather self-conscious about his small size, so he covers it in clothing larger than necessary. Eli doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings, but he has a birth mark behind his ear that’s oddly shaped into what almost looks like a heart.

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So begins...

Elias Acario Sarantakos's Story