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Kaito Yu Hibiki

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a character in “Coming Out”, as played by Lambie


Name: Kaito Yu Hibiki
Nickname: Binks, Hibi, Yu, and Kat
Age: 18 years old
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Starting to lean more towards males though)
Cold Coffee
His Jade bracelet
Fantasy Stories
Cold Weather
Rock Music
Martial Arts

Hot Weather
Sour Foods

Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, and Martial Arts
Cherished Items: The bracelet his mom gave him for his 13 birthday
Casual Outfits

Personality: Kaito is an honest guy with a big heart. He's very loyal to his friends and he can forgive people very easily if they don't betray him to deeply. He always tries to help out his friends and gives advice the best way he can. Sometimes he can be shy and can be a little tense on the fact he likes both girls and guys. Still he's very optimistic on his preference and tries to see it as a way to try new things. Once your his friend he can be a little over protective at times and even a bit possessive so you might need to tell him to give you a bit of space.
Thoughts on situation: Feels betrayed that his family abandoned him, but looks forward to the fact he'll start a life with other like himself.
Brief History: Kaito lived with his mom, dad, and his older sister. They were a very tight knit family and he loved them very much. His mom gave him a jade necklace for his 13 birthday sort of a coming to age present. As Kaito got older he started to notice that not only he liked girls, but males as well. For him he started to feel a bit awkward that he liked guys and girls. He eventually told his sister and she was pretty understanding on it. Still Kaito didn't tell his parents and it stayed like that for four years. Then one day he couldn't take the secrets and told his mom and dad. His dad yelled at him and told him it was wrong and his mom began to cry and get angry with him later on. After his confession things dramatically changed for him and his parents it was more of strain relationship. Kaito's dad gave him looks of disgust and his mom couldn't look at him. Eventually the high tension broke when his dad kicked him out of the house.
Theme Song(s): White Balloons by Sick Puppies
Roommate:[To be edit later on]
Room Appearance:[To be edit later on]
Extra(s): None

So begins...

Kaito Yu Hibiki's Story


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#, as written by S1mon
Dean Morgan

Such a long night and busy too as the crowds multiplied ten to the dozen as Dean stood behind a long wooden counter, on top of which were full of so many delicious food, including the infamous popcorn. Many a time, Dean seemed envious of all the people eating and watching the latest movies on the big screen, but it did not bother him too much. After all, there were many benefits for working in the cinema unlike the club, there weren’t so many fights for starters. The cinema did have a bar, which is where the most action was (unless you were watching James Bond). It seemed that his job was improving, except for some guys that didn’t quite like the new guy hogging the limelight as it were, what was what tended to happen with any new job.

It however didn’t bother him, and after a hard evenings’ work, he enjoyed a peaceful sleep in the top floor of the shared accommodation he had come to. He had been there for a week now and it was nice not having the burden of having all his earnings going into the house with little for himself. Craig, the owner, had told them all that they had some more guys coming in, so Dean set his alarm ten minutes before the estimated time of arrival, got dressed and took off in the Capri. He’d let Craig do all the introduction stuff as it was his place afterall, while he went for a spin before getting breakfast for everybody down MacDonalds. Dean was king in that respect, but at the same time, he wouldn’t stress out over petty little things, which is why he got bacon, sausage and egg McMuffin, so if there was one part somebody didn’t like, they could easily take it out. It wasn’t so hard, so should at least be grateful.

Dean was pretty fed-up of tending to people too much, only to be rewarded with a smack in the face, rather than the preferred kiss or a thank you. He had been let down quite a few times and did not fancy it happening again. The first date was supposed to lift his spirits not dampen them. He could not lie that the time when he felt loved was not food as it was the sweetest thing on earth to be loved by somebody. Rejection, being used, being played, were not so sweet and as such, Dean had been unlucky to be part of. He was a caring guy but his past had hardened his shell. Despite this, he still tries to be friendly, but more open to speak, if he feels something is wrong to prevent something bad happening again.

As a result of his experiences, much has changed within Dean to prevent him breaking up again. He was Humpty Dumpty that had fell from the wall, only to be pieced together in the wrong way so he wasn’t himself. It wasn’t a total bad thing, but like all things, there were pro’s and con’s. One of which was his smoking habit which he had developed as a result. In order to get companionship, he adapted to what others do to make him look good and now all of them were gone with their love of their lives while he remained alone and rejected. However he was thankful to the online chat that he went on, and then joining the House with others like him, and as such, he was more kind towards them.

Pulling up outside, Dean pulled the bag of McMuffin’s out with one hand, while he closed the door, locked the car and let himself in with the other. Once he was inside, he looked around and noticed quite a few unfamiliar faces, but if anyone was hungry, then they were sure going to come running and be overjoyed with him. Putting the bag onto the kitchen table, he pulled out two, seeing that pulling out more would make them all squashed, and walked towards Craig as he bellowed, “Breakfast is served! Get it while it’s hot!” and passing one of the McMuffin’s to Craig with a smile. Turning slightly to await the mad rush to the bag to get their Maccies like hyenas after their prey. “This everybody?”, he asked Craig as he glanced around.