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sol convertetur in tenebras, et luna in sanguinem sol convertetur in tenebras, et luna in sanguinem sol convertetur in tenebras, et luna in sanguinem sol convertetur in tenebras, et luna in sanguin
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"It is the last hour.

It began with an eclipse, followed by a blood moon, and then the earth shook in mighty anger and parted to reveal great monoliths raging skyward and looming. And then it happened, the gates of hell broke open, right in the middle of Time’s Square, New York. All present to witness were immediately burned to ash as hell’s minions poured forth to lay their scourge. We were trying to prevent it, and succeeding, right up until the very last moment. All because one little shit got sentimental.

Ah well... what's done is done. It has begun, the end of times, the last hour, good luck." - An Angel

It's Sunday, the day of the lord's worship, and the end has begun. Most people of the modern world had no clue of the battle for humanity's soul going on in the shadows, a battle Hunters have fought for ages. Demons and all unclean creatures of the night saw an opportunity to bring about the end of times and began setting in motion the events leading to the opening of Hell's Gates. Angels were sent to earth and joined with Hunters to stop this from happening, but they failed in the end. Now it is only chaos and fire, with human after human falling victim to Hell's minions. Even those strong enough to fight this are no longer pushing back, just trying to survive day by day, hour by hour. Our characters included. Is this really humanity's end?

This is a dystopian end of the world survival roleplay. It started out as a zombie survival rp in its infancy, but evolved to include a multitude of things supernatural with an end of times plot. It’s inspired by the movie constantine, shows like supernatural, and various other myths and historical shenanigans. It’s set up so that the group chooses what happens next, where we go and what kind of choices we make that will create the storyline. There are events and certain plots that will unfold depending on our moves, as the GM I will post these announcements as we go along. The goal, ultimately, is to survive. We could; rebuild humanity, shut the gates to heaven and hell (maybe only one of them?), completely fail at any of those things, run into other people also failing at those things and try not to be eaten by them because they’ve turned to cannibalism, die, or go to disneyland! It’s up to us.

Setting-wise we're going with a modern day set-up, Trump is President in the US currently (good thing he's one of the first to die) and most people are just regular citizens trying to live their lives. There is a supernatural element here that has been kept out of the public's view. Within this rp there are classes of human available to play, I encourage you to explore all options and consider what sort of class would best inconvenience your character. Let’s all be honest with ourselves here, this is the sort of rp where we’re just going to torture the hell out of our characters. Really put them through the ringer and drag ‘em through the mud, maybe kick them in the balls, just for good measure. I’m just kidding (mostly) you don’t have to do any of that, but I do expect you to make a character that is more than just some commando here to take ass and kick names. We all love action movies, but I’m going for a more poetic cinema feel here, with some satanic bullshit thrown in the mix. I’m not saying we can’t have someone who was previously in the military and is a certified badass but if I accept and like that character, it’ll be because I think they were a well fleshed out and dynamic individual. It’s very possible that a regular human secretary can survive in this rp, especially if there are others in the group who are more physically gifted. There is after all, a guardian angel in the group, depending on how capable the group is they may help a little or a lot. Mostly they’re there to be hella annoying. I won’t let your character die unless that’s what you want, we’ll get creative. So when you create keep that in mind my dears. Please message me or ask in the ooc if you have any questions. There are some links for you to click below, happy exploring!








| Name | Age | Class | FC |

| Name | Age | Class | FC |

| Name | Age | Class | FC |

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| Name | Age | Class | FC |

| Name | Age | Class | FC |

| Name | Age | Class | FC |

| Name | Age | Class | FC |


Code: Select all
[size=300][font=garamond][center]T I T L E[/center][/font][/size]
(you need to pick a title, who is your character archetype? examples: The Devout, The Spitfire, The Profane, The Damsel)
[size=90][font=helvetica][justify]In paragraph form please list your character's; NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, CLASS, GENDER, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, FC, and COLOR CODE.[/justify][/font][/size]

[size=90][font=helvetica][justify]Personality description goes here. Keep in mind that this profile will basically illustrate to me how you are as a writer. Since I'm not asking for samples this is all I have to go on.[/justify][/font][/size]

[size=90][font=helvetica][justify]Biography goes here. Be sure to adjust the beams to whatever length you need to, it's supposed to encase the text acting as a border. Let me know if you need help with that. I've designed this sheet to be super minimalist and simple, let me know if you hate it lol.[/justify][/font][/size]

Toggle Rules


  • No drama, no godmodding, no being rude, please be respectful of other players, include everyone, be open to plotting, and communicate concerns or leaves of absence to me. Simple stuff pretty much required in every rp. We're all here to have fun, so let's create an environment where we can do that comfortably.
  • Multiple characters are welcome! Encouraged even! Keep in mind that later on at some point our characters will run into another group where there will be an opportunity to create more characters from that group. So try to leave room for desert so to speak.
  • Let's try to keep the ages of the characters up there if we can, let's not have a bunch of teenagers running around in the rp. I mean I can understand one or two, but really I want the majority of characters to be in their 30's to 40's. At least try to shoot for 25+. I mean I won't shoot you down for it, by any means, especially if you give me a really great character. This is just something to keep in mind.
  • You can go on hiatus if you need to. If you drop off of the face of the earth though, we'll be killing your character off sorry :/
  • Major plot points like pregnancy, major injuries, facing major monsters, or messing with an event plot needs to be cleared with me first. I love plotting and want to make your ideas work, I just need to keep track and make sure everything is running smoothly while we do it.
  • This is a literate rp, and I expect you to write decent responses at least once a week. I understand everyone has a life, but we need to keep things rolling. After a week of silence I will check in with you and if I don't get a response see above for what happens to your character.

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  • Human: A regular human with nothing special going on, so very breakable. While other were given gifts divine and magical to protect themselves, you were given nothing. Perhaps that makes your survival all the more incredible? You are vulnerable to possession by both angels and demons, a vampire's thrall, and infection from the undead.

  • Hunter: Since there has been monsters there has also been those who have fought them. You are marked on your dominant hand with the symbol of the hunter. It was a mark given to you from birth, or perhaps the end of times has seen fit to grant you a mark. Either way, you possess heightened hearing and sight, greater strength, and more speed than any average human. You also possess an affinity for melee weaponry and aim. You heal at double the rate of normal humans, have greater stamina, and can take more damage than any other human can survive. You're a brute, so to speak. But you are vulnerable to possession by both angels and demons, resistant to a vampire's thrall, and still vulnerable to infection from the undead.

  • Witch: Much like hunters, witches have existed for centuries. They are imbued with magic passed down through their family line, though it takes practice and ritual to fully master it. Some have fought against the supernatural, some have helped it gain a foothold on earth. Schools of magic include: black magic, white magic, blood magic, elemental magic, enchantment, necromancy, alchemy and voodoo. Witches are all capable of basic telekinesis without need of any sort of ritual, it is often the first thing they learn to master. All witches are at risk for possession, and substantially higher than anyone else, they are vulnerable to a vampire's thrall, and infection from the undead. Witches can not cast spells to heal their body or anyone else's

  • Damned: The Damned are humans who’ve found themselves heavily influenced by the release of demonic energy. Their souls are slowly becoming corrupted, becoming closer to demons themselves every day. While it grants them new capabilities, all power comes at a price. aster and stronger than humans, they are capable of taking a lot more damage before being weakened. Abilities can manifest as either darkness manipulation, pain inducement and suppression, or telekinesis. The energy manifests itself as what resembles black tattoos underneath the skin, generally starting on the chest and working outwards. As damnation progresses, they maybe become subject to some of the same weaknesses as a red-eyed demon. Driven more and more by emotion, they are more prone to outbursts of anger or aggression. As their corruption worsens, they are more and more likely to take pleasure in sadistic acts, bloodshed, and violence. Not initially immune to demonic possession, but they become so once their soul has been fully corrupted and they are completely demonic. Immune to angelic possession. Immunity against a vampire’s thrall and infection of the undead. Damnation is permanent, and while it maybe slowed, there is no reversing or curing the soul’s corruption.

  • Blessed: Much like the damned, the blessed are humans who have instead found themselves heavily influenced by angelic energy. Their souls are becoming more divine, granting them abilities and capabilities granted to the holiest of beings. God's servants are often sent out to do his bloodiest bidding, this is not as much of a blessing as one might initially think. ossess the ability to exorcise and destroy demons. While prayer can help focus this energy, the act of ritual is more habit than necessity. Capable of minor healing, though it may gain in strength and potency as they progress towards divine ascendance. Capable of manipulating cleansing fire, capable of destroying the unclean by burning them from the inside out, destroying infection in a similar manner, or cleansing the mind of a vampire’s thrall. Cleansing fire only affects the demonically unclean, and has little effect on humans. Manifests itself as what resembles ornate, white tattoos under the skin, including markings that resemble wings on their backs. Not initially immune to angelic possession, but they become so once their soul has been fully transitioned and they are completely divine. Immune to demonic possession. Immunity against a vampire’s thrall and infection. Blessings are permanent, and while the effects maybe slowed, the soul’s alteration cannot be stopped or cured.


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