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Blossom Suda

"Oh! Hello, I didn't see you there!"

0 · 138 views · located in Bloodworth Prep

a character in “Coming Undone”, as played by AmiOfTheRain


Blossom Suda

Role:The Girlfriend
Nickname: Bloom
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: Blossom has a birthmark that’s a diamond shape on her neck and has a 03 tattoo she got when she was a around ten years of age. She also has a slash on her chest from when she was seven as well.

Height: 5”3, barely taller then Leo.
Weight: 123
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Light Blue

Personality: To those she knows, Blossom is fairly sweet to them, always caring and trying to help them in any way she possibly can. She tries her best to always seem like she’s fine as well to them, never wanting them to worry about her. If your her friend, she’ll drop anything she’s doing and run and help you or even just go over and talk to you.
Though, to those who she doesn’t know, she’ll tell them right away if she doesn’t trust them, and she’ll keep it that way until she’s sure it’s okay to trust them. Though, sometimes right away she’ll trust you and be friends with you. Though it’s extremely rare to see this in Blossom, but it’s something that can randomly happen.
Yet to all, she can be bitchy and rude when you annoy her, and it comes without warning. Some people see her as two faced as a result. And to be honest, even she thinks so as well.

Snow- She loves to be the first to walk in untouched snow.
Candy- Well, she has a major sweet tooth, what else can I say?
Kittens- There majorly fluffy and she has a major love for them.
Sleeping- She’s normally tired unless she’s had her coffee, so she likes to sleep while she can.
Star gazing- She’s a bit of a star lover, no one really knows why.

Blood- She doesn't like how red it is, as creepy as it to say.
Red- She hates the color with all her heart.
Animal Abuse- She feels animals are people too.
Insults- No one would like it if they were insulted, so why would she?


Flexable- She is amazingly flexable, and she tends to show it a lot.
Cooking- She cooks insanely well due to cooking at a young age.
Ballet- She started when she was six years of age.

(I'll look up the names for them later)

History: When Blossom was six years old, she had began studing ballet. It was nothing out of the normal or strange, yet soon it all changed. Blossom soon began to be abused when she was seven. It started in spring, when Blossom's father at the time was always getting drunk and got laid off, and her mother seemed to always be mad at him. One day, Blossom had gotten a F on a math test, making her father extremely upset.

By the time Blossom had gotten home, she couldn't find her mother anywhere. So, she went to check the bedroom, only to find blood and signs of a struggle. Scaried, she called 911, yet as soon as she did, her father came though the backdoor. Blossom looked behide her to see her father with a knife, she dropped the phone as he slashed at her.

The rest for her went black after being slashed across the chest. She woke up in a hospital, and the doctor said she had gone into a coma from being slashed at and banging her head agaisnt the counter and floor. She was in a coma four months from what the doctor said as well, and that her father had commited suicide from relizing he had gone phyco and killed not only his wife, yet almost his daughter. She asked to be sent to her grandmother's, and of course her grandmother gladly let her in.

After the accident, Blossom studied harder and impressed her grandmother. One day, Blossom and her grandmother were talking about a boarding school. So, her grandmother suggested one and Blossom gladly accepted. Nothing else truely happend to Blossom at all.

Other: Her grandmother lost her husband due to a plane crash before Blossom was born.

So begins...

Blossom Suda's Story