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Earth, 2102 AD

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         The two grew deathly quiet for a moment after Peter asked his question. Bashemath couldn't lie, this was a fact, and Xander would have to follow along with Bashemath in whatever she said next. The perky smile on the former would fade a bit, knowing this was the matter she was not innocent of. It wasn't quite legal in a number of countries.

"Well, I suppose that is the crux of the matter, isn't it?" she said, stalling her response a bit, trying to decide on just how to answer that question in the best way possible. She glanced over at Xander, in hopes he would chime in, but he was still as a statue, and equally as silent. "Well," she uttered, as she looked back at Peter. "We've been taking in the gifted, through diplomacy if allowed, if not... well, with as little injury as possible, by us or to themselves. I don't know where they go afterwards, but I've been told several times that they are better off. Our targets tend to be those that have very little in life, little to go to, or nothing at all. I would... sincerely hope, that they receive accommodations for their induction into whatever it may be."

"How did we ever let it get this bad?"

New York City

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         There was a pleased smile on Theresa's face, glad she wouldn't have to scrape around last second to get a decent guard to fill in for Alexis. Last second changes always complicated things.

"Well Miss Graves, as professionals in your field, I trust each of you to understand your strengths and needs best. If you have weapons available, then by all means use them, but we can also provide weapons if you need, at no cost to yourself. As for armor and uniforms, that's optional. Since you're not a full employee of Wyntech, you're not expected to wear any Wyntech security uniforms. However, they are available to use should you desire. Right now, we are comfortable letting the world know that we have highly skilled in-house security services at our disposal, but that we're also willing to bring in new talent, some of the best in fact. Keeps us less... Predictable."

Theresa gave a sly smile at the end before answering the rest of Alexis's other request and thoughts. "You can meet the team as soon as you like. Each team acts seperately, and yours will focus primarily on the auditorium and escort. You'll be connected through com-links to several handlers that will act as your eyes and ears around the property, providing you intel as needed. You'll learn more about that soon. That said, you can either meet the team now, or in a few hours if that's best for you. On that note, we should make our way over to the terminal." Theresa turned and gave a subtle hand gesture, indicating for Alexis to follow.

As they made their way over to the terminal, Theresa couldn't help but chuckle slightly at Alexis's other remarks. "I see you have a bit of skepticism. A healthy dose mind you, good for keeping the mind sharp." She gave a grin and courteous nod to Alexis. "And I do appreciate your commitment as well. But I should be clear, when it comes to aliens, mutants, and monsters, the big bonuses go for live captures Miss Graves." Theresa said jokingly, but with the tiniest hint of seriousness.

"Can a city that never sleeps ever be a city of dreams?"

Pacifica City

Jewel of the Ocean, Hope of the Future.