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A curse to become a blessing. I hunt my brother, the only one I know to be left. He will let me live in peace when he's gone.

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a character in “Competition: Coloured Sashes”, as played by Ikiros


ImageName: Avaraen
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 210lbs
Age: 954 yrs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Atlantean

Avaraen is a swordsman form the ancient city of Atlantis. He is the younger brother of Ikiros, even though the elder brother doesn't know this. Most of his weight is muscle built over his decades of training with a blade. As with all Atlanteans, his ears taper, though they are hidden by his hair, which reaches past his waist. He wears a sleeveless white top with a collar that covers most of his neck and a pair of leggings beneath his traditional warriors battle kilt. On his arms are a pair of bracers, the one on his right wrist substantially larger. On his feet are a pair of what many would say to be oversized boots. He wears an amulet around his neck, the symbol of his patron god. He has an accent that drifts between Italian, British, and Eastern European when he speaks english, but he speaks quietly enough to keep it hidden from more than half the people he speaks to.


Avaraen is a fairly traditional Atlantean. He feels that, because of who he is, he is more important than others and that his control over more than just himself ought to have given him higher standing in the world. He is firm in his belief of the pantheon of Atlantis and is able to instruct others in many of the rituals for honoring each god. He's a little short-tempered and gets angry a little more easily than most would, but he's able to see reason when he's given the facts about a situation. When confronted with strangers and new locations, Avaraen always checks for exit points and tactical hiding locations, places that would allow him to watch without being seen. Although he may have some temper issues, he is usually very level headed and speaks his mind about most things.


Head: n/a
Neck: amulet of deity (protects against low-mid strength magic)
Shoulders: Red sash and blue sash tied around upper right arm.
Chest: cloth shirt enchanted to stop piecing weapons from getting through. (slashes and bludgeoning effect and piercing turns into bludgeoning)
Left Arm: dark leather bracer, slightly enchanted for speed
Right Arm: dark leather bracer enchanted for speed covered in large metal plates. Enchanted to augment his magic abilities
Waist: battle kilt/leather sheath for sword
Legs: leggings enchanted to repel metal weapons and/or projectiles
Feet: boots made of the hide of an atlantean rhino, easily able to deflect high-caliber bullets and light magic/energy weapon attacks.

A sword he was given as he left Atlantis. It was blessed by the god of the hunt to be lighter and faster than any blade of the same metal. Also enchanted by the elders, as all atlantean weapons are, to never break from combat or waste away from corrosion. It was given a special enchantment when Avaraen left, making it possible for the sword to cut through shields, at the risk of weakening the wielder's mind and reflexes for a few seconds. Because it was blessed by one of the gods, it was given the name Faerusig, and combination of the words, faerui (sword) and sinsag (bless).

-fireballs, walls of flame, and the cauterization of wounds are about as far as his abilities with fire go.
-Small tornadoes, clouding the air, making air denser or less dense by moving the air to a new location, and making moderate sized storms occur are his most common abilities with wind magic.


Avaraen was born in 1056 in the city of Atlantis. Although he'd been born during the city's slow decline before it vanished, he was born into the same family as Ikiros. At age twelve, when he was first tested at age 12 to see if he could use magic, He showed a proficiency with the use of elemental wind. He was trained rigorously, and was found that he was an amazing wind mage up to a certain point. He could never use the final few techniques that master wind users could. When he went before the elders to show how he'd improved, they tested him again, to see why he might have his power blocked. They pushed him until, after more than three days of work, they finally saw him release a burst of fire from his hands, showing he was also able to control fire in small amounts. Although odd, the elders decided not to banish him as they had banished his brother. They instead sent him through training again, to see the limits of his fire magic. It was eventually shown that he was more skilled in wind than fire, but that he was proficient enough in both to be more than a warrior or a mage. He was to be a hunter, seeking out those who had dishonored Atlantis in some manner, but that had also escaped. He was tasked with finding his own brother and killing him, to make sure that only Atlanteans would know of what went on in their little utopia.

So begins...

Avaraen's Story