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She is athletic and stands over six feet tall. Her hair hangs lose, silky black that tends to reflect blue. Her eyes are the bright blue of a welder's torch. She has two tattoos, a golden phoenix on her belly and stylized fire covering her right arm.

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a character in “Competition: Coloured Sashes”, as played by Tawanos


Odgerel is a tall woman standing over six feet tall. Her hair hangs lose, silky black that tends to reflect blue. Her eyes are the bright blue of a welder's torch, slightly slanted indicating Asian heritage. Her lips are full and soft though some might notice a soft glow behind them as she speaks.

Her body is extremely sexual, her assets always beneficially displayed. She is athletic and there is an edge to her movements that displays knowledge of dangerous skills waiting to be put into use.

Her clothes are all burned in one way or another. Her shirts are all lacking a midriff displaying a bright phoenix tattoo that shimmers as though with golden highlights tattooed into it. The tattoo curls down her left leg following the long tail feathers of the phoenix. Her right arm has an abstract flame tattoo from the back of her hand curling up to her shoulder. The arm tattoo shifts colors from crimson to royal purple.

For reasons that she keeps to herself she wears a padded bondage collar and wrist cuffs, each with a large steel ring hanging off, ready to be employed. Though a warning to any who might attempt to do so.


Odgerel is a very expressive person. She doesn't believe in hiding her emotions. When she is happy she laughs and smiles. When she is angry she snaps at people and growls. She has a bit of a temper and will lash out at people with words or fists if she gets angry enough.

She is usually laidback, ready to laugh and joke with people she knows. She is eager to make friends with people she deems worthy. However that judgement is odd and tends to shift at random. When she sees something she wants she will go after it and get it. She can be extremely determined to get what she sees to be her right to take what she wants.

While she is quite sexually active she will not just jump in bed with anyone. She would prefer that people acknowledge her mind first rather than her figure, however she has made exceptions in the past.

However determined she is the girl can be extremely fickle, changing her desires from day to day.


Doesn't carry much in the way of her own equipment. She has a bag with money and some small things along with a few changes of clothing but little else.

Her primary ability from which all her other abilities stem is her ability to draw in energy. Light, electrical, fire, radiation, and most magics are as food to her. She is able to store the energy she gathers in her bones which often glow if she absorbs too much at a time and continue glowing until the energy is fully under her command.

She has the ability to create and control fires, often from her own breath. This seems to be a natural talent for her. She has been known to make creatures out of fire when bored or weapons when in battle. No fire yet has been able to burn her, though her clothes cannot survive she most has been known to walk out of an inferno nude but untouched, though slightly irritated.

She can also create electrical fields and channel electricity through her body without harm, though she tends not to focus on that particular element.

She can form the energy around her as an aura that can be used to deflect harmful attacks. However it isn't an ever-present aura, she must concentrate to maintain it and direct it to defend her.


She woke at her birth seeing her parents depart and leaving her to fend for herself as is the way of her people. She smiled and set out.

A kind woman found a small girl she guessed to be a year old on the edge of a road, sitting in the middle of a burned patch of shrubs and scorched earth. The woman took the girl to a monastery where they took her in while searching for her parents. It quickly became clear that her parents would not be found as the girl aged rapidly. Learning language and picking up meanings daily. By the next year she had aged to the physical body of a seven year old and spoke clearly. The monks gave her education freely, but it was not enough for the girl. A hunger drove her. Another year and she appeared to be in her early teens and her abilities manifest.

Around her fires burned brighter and she gave off an inner heat that could burn when she grew angry. She could manifest fire easily and control it. To her it was a natural talent that she accepted without question and seemed even a bit disappointed that it had taken so long. However it awakened another hunger within her and she knew she had to leave the monastery. She left with a monk to go into town and while his back was turned she left without remorse. They had been kind, but she needed more.

Odgerel chose her name from one of the languages she learned while traveling. Her rapid aging slowed down to a more regular level and several years later when she appeared to be in her twenties she stopped aging altogether.

Odgerel is a voracious reader. Everything she reads is forever locked in her mind. It seems almost infinite amounts of information are stored there though she only ever uses bits of it unless it is called on. She learns incredibly quickly most things she is presented with and has proven herself several times by learning martial arts in months rather than years. It took her less than a day to learn to strip down and then reassemble her first gun blindfolded.

She continues to hunger for new information and new experiences.

She still goes back to visit the monastery now and again, and though they disapprove of her appearance and overt sexuality they welcome her as a daughter.

Odgerel has obtained a job at the space port to the north of Wing City where she is a Propulsion Engineering Specialist. Whether it is a chemical rocket or gravity drive she can analyze and fix whatever is wrong or give it a basic tune up. She is a licensed Astronagator and has a small private craft that she uses to guide travelers and explorers through the Wilds of space where the laws of physics do not always apply. Her ability to see energy patterns allows her to navigate them where instrumentation would be hopelessly scrambled.

In her down time she can often be found working part time at the tavern known as Gambits as a bartender.

So begins...

Odgerel's Story