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Competition: Coloured Sashes



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Curtana Lierre [0] [quote]Sometimes, you just have to travel the road that's not there.[/quote]
Dr. Gyakusatsu [0] Incredible scientist with an I.Q of over 1000. He is rather insane though.
Kinder [0] Under persecution in Faerun, Kinder has sought extreme means to wander a little too far from harm.
Yanni-Cai Azura [0] A strong young woman who has discarded her cloak and no longer hides from her opponents. She does not keep to herself, no, not anymore.
Vriska Serket [0] An aristocratic troll with one eye and one arm. She lost her other seven eyes and arm in an incident involving one of the ancient Doc Scratch's cue balls. Huge bitch. Thief of Light.
Avaraen [0] A curse to become a blessing. I hunt my brother, the only one I know to be left. He will let me live in peace when he's gone.
Icey [0] A young girl that only relies on her wits and running to keep her safe.
Daniel Candwell [0] Blue, but he'll try to turn your face red.

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Aerilyn slipped into the bar, a green sash tied around her head as as headband. The woman smiled brightly and headed tot he counter, playing with the end of her new sash.

Oh this was going to be so much fun! She had never been in any sort of competition before. what she would do with the prize, she simply didn't know. But it would be fun to find out!

All too happily, Aeri ordered a soda from the bartender. Soda was her way of celebrating!

Gorahk'Nak steps into the bar with a vibrant red sash running from shoulder to hip and back around. He eyed up the person with the green sash wrapped around their head, but decided they must be wearing some sort of fashionable bandana of this culture, and not at all a sash. Disheartened, he heads to the bar and sits next to Aerilyn all the same.

Aerilyn smiled up at Gorahk'Nak. Oh look! Another Sash! Red. Hm...She was going to aim for green, but she could always try!

"Wow! That's a pretty sash. Where'd you get it?" Who said the extraordinarily shy woman couldn't be cunning. She may not be a fighter, but fights couldn't start in Gambit's anyway. This was too perfect.

She played with the end of the sash, glad she had decided to wear it as a headband. This particular style of headband had been recently popular, after all. Her plan may work.

Gorahk'Nak eyes up Aerilyn cautiously. He needed this sash. "For... compet-tition," he replies rather slowly. He was very defensive about his sash, as he rather needed it, if for no other reason then to acquire more sashes!

Aerilyn smiled at him. "Oh? It must be a fierce one for them to give out such a red sash." she scrambled for things to say. flirting was not her strong suit. Plus, it might go over the Orcs head. Ah... "You must be very strong to be in the competition."

Gorahk'Nak raises an eyebrow. Were they... complimenting him? He nods. "I am an orc berserker from the west." He had no trouble saying that. "Gorahk'nak." He offers out an awkward hand, as if not used to shaking and just copying what he had seen.

Aerilyn took his hand, and shook it gently. Had she just shaken hands with an Orc? Wing City was so different than her home town. "I'm Aerilyn. You can just call me Aeri." though if he could say Gorahk'Nak, he could no doubt say Aerilyn.

she wasn't certain she could say his name though.

Gorahk'Nak nods slowly, as if steadily comprehending. "Aeri... You have heard of the game?" he asks steadily, forming each word slowly as if it wasn't his first language.

Aerilyn smiled brightly. "Oh! Like that silly one where every time someone say the game, everyone who hears it loses?" Playing dumb worked. No one expected it from someone as small an innocent seeming as Aeri. "I know that game!"

Gorahk'Nak narrows his eyes, uncertain of what she was on about. She talked awful fast this girl. He raised a hand to try and cup it over her mouth. "Can you... talk slower."

Odgerel makes her way into the tavern. A red sash tied though a belt loop, her fingers playing through the vibrant red material as she walks over to the bar. She sits down and pulls out the card that had come with the sash, an invitation to some excitement. She was looking forward to the event and whoever else might be involved. She looks around the tavern but doesn't glimpse any there with sashes similar to her own. There are some bright clothes, but she'll wait for the moment, eager to spy out the competition. She slips onto a bar stool easily, waving to a bartender and ordering some brandy, wanting a low flame to drink right now, nothing intense just yet.

Aerilyn blushed and played with the end of her headband/sash. "Yes. I'm sorry. And I'm afraid I don't know what game you're talking about." She said, speaking slower and enunciating clearly. "Forgive me."

Ehrian Gedora entered the bar, the blue sash she was wearing hanging around her her upper right arm. She felt comfortable coming to a place like this for a couple of reasons. 1. Gambit's bar was a sort of safe haven, and no one could be attacked in it by other competitors. 2. She was pretty confidant that if someone tried to attack her, even considering the rule, she would probably be able to escape or fight the attacker off anyway. Sitting close by Aerilyn, she spied the sash Aeryn carried, trying to see what colour it was.

Gorahk'Nak nods, lowering his hand. "Thank you. I am slow with your language." Displayed over the orcs back and front was a bright red sash. "If you see people with blue sash, can you point them out," he says, grabbing his own and holding it up as an example.

Aerilyn tugged on her green headband/sash and smiled up at the Orc. A leaf mysteriously blew by her ear and her smile brightened. Two reds and a blue! Already! This competition was going to be fun.

"A blue sash? Really?" She glanced around, making a show of it. Oh! How about that lady?" she pointed to Ehrian Gedora. "I think I see a red sash too. Other than yours." She said, still speaking slowly for him.

Gorahk'Nak blinks and turns around. "I see her," he says, then turns back and nods. "Thank you."

Aerilyn nodded in return. "Of course. It's not a big deal. You're kind, and the first Orc I have ever met." She smiled. "I'm glad to see the stereo types aren't as bad as I feared."

Odgerel watches the people in the bar, smiling as she spots more sashes. She nibbles her lip slightly as she debates which color to go after. She already has a red sash tied to her belt loop. "Tempting tempting tempting..." She gets her brandy and blows across it, a low flame of dull orange burns slowly there and she takes her time sipping as she examines those with the Sashes.

Gorahk'Nak scratches his head. "Thank you," he responds. In truth, he was still considered a child in his clan, and as such was trying to be humble as a child should around adults. That and he was being careful of cultures. He takes a second look around. "I count... five. Sash. Five of them." He was counting himself, of course, and not counting Aerilyn.

Dr. Gyakusatsu walked into the bar wearing a Green Sash around his Top Hat. he walked up to the bar to order a drink though his face was bandaged up and only one eye was visable

Aerilyn nodded, another leaf floating by. Or was it the same one? So hard to tell, unless you knew them all personally. "Five? Wow! You should point them out to me." She said simply.

Odgerel smiles as she spots the Orc with the red sash. She sips her brandy and inhales the flame from it through her nose as she gets up from her seat and walks over towards Gorahk'Nak. She stands a bit taller than him but he is clearly much stronger than she. She runs her fingers through the red sash at her hip wanting to collect others like it and since he has one, she wants it. She tries to approach unseen using other people in the bar for cover.

Gorahk'Nak scratches his head and blinks. He wasn't so sure now. "I do not..." He had been looking at a strangely angled window and seen himself. "I did not see anything." He falls silent, placing his elbow on the bar and leaning on it. "Will you help me?" he asks.

Aerilyn nodded eagerly. "You bet! I would love to help you Gorahk'Nak." She went particularly slow on his name, struggling with it. So Foreign! "You should hold on tight to your sash though. Did you tie it tight?"

Gorahk'Nak runs a hand over the sash then frowns. He hadn't tied it that tight... Focussing hard, he carefully tightens it, then slips one finger under to see if he can lift it up. "Mm. Thank you."

Aerilyn tightened the knot on her own sash, though it happened to be cleverly disguised as a fashionable head band. She should get a new dress, to wear it around as a belt for it. Though that wouldn't be nearly as clever, as it was a sash, and not a ribbon.

Oh well.

Gorahk'Nak raises an eyebrow. "Is your head cloth... okay?" he asks, eyes narrowing, brows furrowing and jaw frowning slightly as if uncertain.

The Doctor noticed all of the other Sashes in the bar "oh my i see the compitition already started?" he said smiling under his bandages

Aerilyn smiled up at him, ignoring the fact that a leaf landed on the green sash. "Oh yes! It needs tightened too occasionally, or it might come right off!" she fairly chirruped. "It's call a head band though." she informed him gently.

Gorahk'Nak nods slowly. "Does it keep your hair from your eyes?" he asks slowly, as if trying to make polite conversation. It was rediculous, really, an orc making small talk.

Less ridiculous than flirting with an Orc. "Yep! This way it doesn't get into anything, or in my way." The woman paused and smiled. "So what does an Orc Beserker do?"

Gorahk'Nak indicates to the axe on his back, then does a chopping motion. "We fight." It was blunt, but it was true. Being well somewhat civilised had also come about from the first few cities he had been in where humans had looked down on his barbaric behaviour, making him move quietly to a corner and struggle with a fork for several hours.

Odgerel watches the Orc, frowning at the other person there with a sash. 'No fair helping others...' she thought to herself but then smiled as it occurred to her that it wasn't against the rules. She slips out of the crowd and leans against the bar next to Aerilyn and Gorahk'Nak. Nodding to each of them and making pointed looks at their sashes. "In the competition as well? What colors are you after?" She sips the flame off her brandy slowly, keeping an eye on them while her free hand tangles lightly with her own Red Sash.

Aerilyn nodded slowly. "Well. I am glad to have you on my side, Gorahk'Nak." She said, the name flowing much smoother this time. "I imagine you must fight very well." What else could she really say? Who knew you could even make small talk with an Orc, much less that it was so hard.

Gorahk'Nak shakes his head. "Not well enough. I am runt. Still a child. Have not become... adult. Failed test." His eyes shift to Tawanos as he seems to steel himself for a moment, until he realises she is not a threat. "Blue. I need magic. Go home, pass test." He was talking quicker before, making his sentences stunted and with less words. Only when he spoke slowly did he have time to think of full lines.

"Oh? Competition?" The sash around her head was merely a head band. Merely a headband....

Aerilyn was not telepathic. No matter how hard she though it at Odgerel, it would not matter. However she could certainly try. "My friend mentioned that earlier, but i'm afraid I still don't understand."

The sash was only a head band...Just a headband....

"And I think you are certainly big enough Gorahk'Nak. There is nothing runty about you." was only a headband...

Odgerel looks down a bit at Gorahk'Nak and smiles, reaching out to caress his scarf with a hand. "Well, I am looking for Red. I can always use some new tech. Something grand for my ship." She looks at him. "If I get you a blue, you'll trade for the red, yes?"

Curtana Lierre slowly entered the bar, holding on to her letter and scanning over it silently. Why? It didn't make much sense, especially after all that had happened.

Pulling up a stool, and sitting in it backwards, her green eyes scanned the bar silently for a moment. Sashes. That's all it took right?

She seemed more like the traveling type, and didn't seem to fit here at all. Her earthy red hair and green eyes almost clashed they were so forest like. Young yet ancient, something seemed odd about this woman wearing the blue sash tied around her wrist like a boxer's wrapping.

Gorahk'Nak nods slowly. "Al..right." He looks between the two. "I must go," he says quietly, standing and heading for the door. And unless stopped, he'd be very much gone.

Curtana Lierre noticed she had caught quite a bit of attention as soon as she walked in, but she bet everyone did as soon as they showed up with their colors. She had noticed quite a bit of them, in fact. However it could be other things..

Odgerel Taps Gorahk'Nak on the shoulder and points towards Curtana. "Hey, there's a Blue Sash. Best get it now before someone else swoops in to try, right?" She smiles, curious to see how it goes.

Gorahk'Nak shakes his head. "Busy," he says, and hurries out.

Icey & Shiver frowned as she rushed over to Curtana Lierre dragging Shiver in tow by the green sash he himself had. Or they. Whatever as soon as she was in range she blabbed. "Hey. I see you have a nice blue sash. Do you want to trade for green? I really want a blue and it even looks good with Shivers hair!"
Looking almost desperate as she spoke and pointed to the blue hair on Shiver's head as he himself only rolled his eyes.

Curtana Lierre bites her lip. "This bites.." She mumbles to herself, noticing no one else had blue sashes. It only meant she was a huge target right now.

And she was right. When Icy rushed over to where Curtana was sitting, she fliched as if she was expecting to be tackled. "Er.." She looked down at her arm. "N-no thanks.. I think I'll hang on to mine..." She frowned. "But hey..." She mumbles, an idea sparking. "My name is Curtana. Are you in it too?"

Odgerel Sits back against the bar sipping her brandy along with its mild flame. She keeps a look out around the tavern. Categorizing the people with Sashes in her mind. Looking to see if any newcomers are carrying her targeted red. She gets up and walks over to Curtana and Icy, nodding to each of them. "Hello. What colors are you after?"

Aerilyn tugged on the green sash headband and looked around. There had been a man in a top hat earlier. He had been wearing green also. With luck she would see him again, and be able to simply tug the hat, and the sash, right off.

Dr. Gyakusatsu appeared behind Aerilyn, a green sash wrapped around his top hat "excuse me miss but i believe you have the colored sash i am required to find" he said in a no chalant tone. His single visible sivler eye seemed to peer dircectly into the woman

Aerilyn turned around and smiled brightly at him. "What a coincidence! You have my color. I'm afraid you look sickly in green though. Have you tried a red?" She asked politely. "Though that is admittedly clever, I will say. Great minds think alike, I suppose."

Curtana Lierre noticed the one with the red sash had come up. Most likely to grab the blue one she possessed. Just her dumb luck she was the only one it seemed to have the blue one. "Icy then.." She gave a small friendly smile to the dragon as well. "Well, it would appear I'm after them all, just as you and Icy here are as well." She pointing to the green sash. "I'm also after green and red. I have a feeling you are after blue.." She looked over to Odgerel. "Seeing you weren't addressing the others before."

Anodyne, The Ripper was sitting in the back of the black Invictus van as usual, she had been there for at least an hour. The Invictus mercenaries charged with keeping their eyes on her removed the straps that kept her down. "Alright, here you go." One of them said, putting the green sash over the woman's head so that it rested on a shoulder. "Give em' hell."

At those words, the van doors opened and Anodyne climbed out. She held a hand up and was handed her M4A1. She nodded in thanks before heading into Gambit's bar, her brown eyes searching for red and blue sashes.

Dr. Gyakusatsu smiled "i do agree however i do require money for more funding in my laboratory." he said pointing to his lab coat "so i would have to ask that you relinquish your sash missy" he said holding out his hand

Odgerel looks at the others there and turns to Curtana. "Only one prize. No reason to collect two sets of sashes when you can only get one." She runs her fingers through her Sash. "I happen to also be looking for Red." She looks around at the people, careful to not let go of her Red Sash. "I see no reason why we can't work together though." She smiles at them. "Any takers?"

Curtana Lierre smiles and nods. "Yes I know this." She Odgerel. "But as what I want.. Having the extras wouldn't hurt either, now would it?" She didn't even glance over at the sash Odgerel was dangling around the others. No, she didn't exactly need them.

Dr. Gyakusatsu rubbed his chin with his finger "i suppose there is not harm, to be honest with you i really don't need funding i just wanted to see if i could win" he said

Icey & Shiver nodded and smiled at the woman. Hoping that she wasn't hoping to grab them all as she kinda just wanted her one sash. To her if you could get one or something you won. Just won. "Alright then...You wanna work together?"

Odgerel Looks at Dr. Gyakusatsu with a smile. "No reason a few of us can't win. A proper team of three. One aiming for each color. No conflicts then, and each member can win the prize we seek." She smiles and holds up her Red Sash. "I'm going for red. I need a fellow going after Blue and one going for Green."

Anodyne, The Ripper found herself approaching Odgerel from behind, she did all in her power not to seem like she was coming to start any trouble. She wasn't sure how to convey her intentions to her or any of the others without talking. She hated talking. She grabbed her green sash, showing it to the group. She hoped they could piece together what she wanted.

Aerilyn nodded. "That's about why I want to play. So, Teammates?" She said, holding out her hand and smiling brightly. "You should be warned I come with a cadre and semi-sentient leaves."

Icey & Shiver held her hand up as she spoke to Odgerel or any one else that might listen. Biting her lip as if she was a school girl hoping to be called up on. "Can I be the one for blue? ...Just...A suggestion..."
Shiver sighed and would have slapped his face if he was still in his human for at that time.

Curtana Lierre blinks and nods. "Sure.. You wanted blue right.. I'm sure there isn't something we can work out." She gave a friendly smile to the dragon and Icy, her own fingers tracing over her own blue sash. "However, I am afraid I'm going to keep my own, as I need it to stay in the game for now. But whats to say.. If you find an extra green or happen to find a red.. And I happen to get my hands on another blue.." She noticed that Icey started talking to Odgerel. "Or.. Not.."

Shiver smiled at Curtana Lierre and laughed lightly speaking to the other in her mind softly. [Don't worry about her. She gets a little side tracked at times. I can speak to you if you wish me and her are linked in a way so its like her talking to you. Its understandable that you would want to keep yours.]

Curtana Lierre sighs. "Yeah, but if she's willing to strike up a deal with another person, its almost like a competition to see who gets the first blue. And if that other woman gets her way, she's well on her way of becoming more.. I guess ahead I suppose." She sighs. "Oh well, early bird grabs the worm in this game of cat and mouse.."

Odgerel smiles at the people around her, nodding to Icey. "You wish to join my team to gain blue? Excellent." She smiles and whispers to her new teammate. "The Orc is also going after blue. You have some competition there." She looks around at the others. "How about someone going after green? Share some information there?" She looks at Dr. Gyakusatsu. "You were going after Green, right?"

Dr. Gyakusatsu smiled and nodded to both Aerilyn and Odgerel "yes i would say we can be teammates" he smiled unter his bandages

Aerilyn smiled. "Excellent. I'm int he Woods normally. You'll know me by the giant impassable tornado." She grinned. "The name is Aerilyn. I do have to go though."

Anodyne, The Ripper groaned quietly, she had been standing near Curtana and the others for a few minutes now, still holding up her green sash for them to see.

Dr. Gyakusatsu smiled and nodded "Dr. Gyakusastu and i am here and there" he said walking out the door with Aerilyn.

Odgerel hears something and looks over at Anodyne with a smile. "Hello there. Another contestant arrives." She looks at her green sash and smiles more. At least this one wasn't also competition. "You're looking for green sashes?"

Aerilyn tweaked anodyne's sash on the way out and waved the end of her own green sash. She'd be seeing her again! Just not nearly as friendly. And with that she left.

Curtana Lierre nods. "Yeah, sure. It shouldn't be much of a problem." She then turned to Anodyne, seeing she had a similar green sash as Icey- or Shiver, since he was the one wearing it instead. "It seems so far I've been the only one with a blue one.." She mumbles disdainfully.