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Completed Stories

Once a Universe has been marked as COMPLETED, it becomes available in the RPG Library.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » A Place to Call Home

65,431 words by 4 authors

Colyo: 41%Imehal: 38%DemiKara: 18.3%BORAKAN: 2.7%

A Society Based on the Rule of Two. Two siblings, two bonds, two everything. Recently undergoing extreme upheaval.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Knights

130,797 words by 10 authors

Nulix: 35.8%Elrith Eldwind: 14%Wing06Twilight: 12.8%PirateofPie: 10.8%Light_of_the_Fallen: 9.2%Derek Smith: 5.7%Erayu: 4.9%Seraph: 3.4%Ris: 2.4%DarKnight36: 1%

The Knights are the defenders of the Sora System, a galactic republic that has expanded and conquered throughout its history. You are the Knight Elite, the best of the best, but, with enemies around every corner, even the best can be brought down.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Assassin's Pledge

242,424 words by 9 authors

KumoriRyuu: 25.7%Machina Ex Deus: 23%dionkar336: 17.7%SarahGracie: 14.1%Zutechugan: 8.1%Kurokiku: 7.1%angelwolf123: 3.6%Jeffrey!: 0.7%CNAGamer: 0%

Balance and Corruption conflict with the turning of a new era as the Assassin once known as the Red-Eyed Demon leads a band of unlikely heroes into the yet untold future of a continent and all its people.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Echo Company: Ender's Legacy

27,204 words by 8 authors

Jag: 30.1%Cynique: 19.8%Moon/Mihael: 18.8%flying monkey child: 15.2%Tsuyoku: 8%LittleSun1: 4%prophetic_fury: 2.3%Starbuck: 1.7%

Chosen from a young age and trained for life among the stars, the cadets of Echo Company fight for pride, glory, and survival. Become a member of Echo Company and fight for the right to claim Ender's Legacy.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Shadows of the Enlightened

108,890 words by 7 authors

Blackbird26: 43.3%Mr_Doomed: 25.3%Sibrand: 19.6%LALAshesang: 6.5%xCloud9x: 4.2%RanceBlackthorn: 0.9%Mymoir: 0.2%

Two cities at war, a clan of assassins, people with unusual powers, and someone who is hunting them down. (COMPLETED RP)

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Revelation: The City in the Sky

96,917 words by 10 authors

Kurokiku: 26.9%Machina Ex Deus: 25.1%Arke: 17.5%Smith: 11%Kallas Redwater: 9.7%Anno Domini: 4.6%Lovely VonSchultz: 1.8%Rhaegon: 1.4%Ghaarme: 1.2%Averagebear: 0.9%

[Complete] The floating city of Revelation houses all that remains of the human population, drifting above a charred earth. Not all is well on the lofted landmass, however, and political upheaval threatens to overturn your very way of life.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Kingdom of Madness

17,356 words by 6 authors

Machina Ex Deus: 36.3%dionkar336: 25.7%SarahGracie: 14%KumoriRyuu: 12.1%koolkat104: 10.2%Dementedsoul20: 1.6%

The God of Madness and the Goddess of Order are at war. Pick a side.... or perish!!

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Glee

204,775 words by 6 authors

Caille: 58.6%jackrules158: 26.6%Violentious: 9.2%SolrSurfr3: 2.8%drizzle: 2.4%TheOneAndOnly: 0.3%

Finn and the others have graduated and now Will Schuester needs a new team for his glee club

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Gift: Chapter Two

206,423 words by 8 authors

Smith: 22.7%Talisman: 16.7%Kurokiku: 16.6%Machina Ex Deus: 15.5%Arke: 14.4%Aythr: 8.5%Hunter_Killer: 4.6%Ark Reahver: 0.9%

[COMPLETE] With the gods dead and dragons slowly spreading their dominion over the land, will you fight for something? Or die with nothing?

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Shadows of The Past

386,741 words by 13 authors

Blackbird26: 32.9%Mr_Doomed: 23.2%Trickster: 20.5%Seerow: 8.5%Sibrand: 6.6%Tyce: 3.9%NightyKnight: 2%Rill: 0.8%Makoto: 0.5%WhatYouDontKnow: 0.5%zath: 0.3%Jossar: 0.2%crybloodredtears: 0.1%

As war rages in the land of Valcrest, a clan of assassins struggles to survive as they are accused of killing the ruler of one of the warring cities. Will they be able to prove the truth and end the war? (COMPLETED RP)

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Insurrection

262,719 words by 13 authors

Kurokiku: 14%Talisman: 13.9%Machina Ex Deus: 11.5%Sciamancer: 10.6%Arke: 10.5%dionkar336: 8.4%GMDKENJK: 6.4%Smith: 5.8%Basta: 5.4%Aythr: 3.8%almostinsane: 3.8%A Rubber Chicken: 3.7%Fammikins: 2.2%

[Closed] In a futuristic world where megacities are run by corporations with private police forces, crime runs rampant in the streets. Superpowered humans gather together, some to fight organized crime, others to take down the enigmatic MortixCorp.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Revelation: The Cure

132,615 words by 9 authors

Kurokiku: 27.4%Machina Ex Deus: 17.7%Ezarael: 17.7%Arke: 16.5%Smith: 10.5%kokiri_kat: 3.4%A Rubber Chicken: 3.1%Kallas Redwater: 2.7%Katryn: 0.9%

[Complete] A year after the assassination of one of its most prominent politicians, the city in the sky teeters on the brink of revolution. Those with foresight will do what they can to stop it, but will anything be enough?

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Children Of Heaven and Hell

139,705 words by 13 authors

Black: 32.1%TiMMMaY!!!: 18.7%DarkRumours: 11.9%ajemokid: 11.1%Cazuki: 9%kelsiikhaos: 8.2%Prose: 3.8%Varna: 2.5%Hells13: 1.1%Lullyn: 0.8%Luna Star: 0.7%Delkura: 0.2%xXChocobeanXx: 0.1%

You died. It wasn’t necessarily your fault. But you won’t accept it. That’s why you’ve turned out the way you have. {CLOSED/COMPLETED}

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Gantz: Phase One

28,109 words by 9 authors

CherrySwirl: 23.1%Prose: 16.2%ajemokid: 14.4%Black: 14%SolrSurfr3: 12.7%ArhaHitomi888: 10.2%x_Sunny_x: 9.2%Taylor711: 0.2%BlackSh00kWave: 0%

You are dead. At're supposed to be. In this RPG you're forced to play a sick game where you make the choice to kill monstrous creatures in order to earn your freedom. (Complete)

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Van Helsing: Age of the Twins

64,705 words by 10 authors

Shi-chan: 39%: 23%: 19.8%winged1107: 9.6%Midnight's Work: 3.1%Nevermore90: 3%pooka_x: 1.7%Sneakyrio: 0.4%Alagsandra: 0.3%HalliwellSlytherin: 0%

High up in the mountains, in the blistering cold, The Van Helsing Academy lies. It is home only to a select few,

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Timeless

90,242 words by 10 authors

Spectrum: 24.8%poeticjustice8012: 19.9%Black: 16.7%Maci-Care: 13.7%Orhanuva: 5.1%EvenAngelsCry: 4.6%VampKnightObsessed: 2%Ghost: 1.4%Kveria: 0.5%

In a city lost by time, abandoned by society, falling to ruins, people still run ramped on the streets. Teens with powers gang up against each other in a world gone mad.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Hunted & Haunted: Stonetown

41 words by 1 authors

Ephemeral Rhapsody: 100%

Stonetown was a quiet town and well known to merchants and travelers. However, one day everything goes quiet when the residents all disappear at once. Few have ventured into the town to find out the truth and none have returned.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Strange Fate

19,005 words by 2 authors

Pimpette: 53.2%CherrySwirl: 46.8%

In a distant future the Earth is dying. This is because it has become a battlefield between the Human race and a mysterious alien race who wants to claim the planet and exterminate the natives. Little do they know the humans have a secret weapon.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Starship Battlefront Remix

9,338 words by 2 authors

StrangeCupcake: 55%CherrySwirl: 45%

In a distant future the Earth has become a battlefield. Two individuals literally worlds apart find themselves trapped together. Was everything they were taught a lie? Who truly initiated this War? (Completed)

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Beasts of Burden

203,314 words by 14 authors

Blazezon: 25.8%QueLights: 20.1%zolzol: 10%Akantha: 9.9%SolanaNight: 9%Rispetto: 7.8%Aixulram: 5.5%Skyrawr: 4.5%Gamer_Templar: 3.3%Enexral: 1.6%inara1917: 1.4%BriBriBearx: 0.9%Lakesters: 0.1%Theunamed: 0%

(COMPLETED) Patients at OKARI mental hospitals have been used for medical experiments for decades. A new study has been conducting which infuses a human's DNA with an animal's. However the experiment took turns for the worse when the patients escaped.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Quest for the Blackstone of Lucifer

43,206 words by 3 authors

SkullsandSlippers: 54.1%WadeJackel: 44.5%TheHulkUniverse: 1.4%

[COMPLETED] An Indiana Jones Adventure: 1938. You are a member of a secret society sworn to retrieve the stone which was once a prized possession of Lucifer.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The League of Origins

24,137 words by 10 authors

wolf1992: 16.8%JokerofSpades: 14.3%AthenaUndying: 13%Varyar: 12.9%Darccannan: 10.9%blackwolt: 10.3%SasoriRinku: 7.1%Hydrall: 6%Arctic Fury: 5.3%TemplarWarden: 3.4%

In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Search for the Mystical Warrior of Erin

35,474 words by 4 authors

SkullsandSlippers: 60.9%WadeJackel: 33.9%Kimiko Sempai: 4.4%Mr. Baneling Squishy: 0.8%

[COMPLETED] ANOTHER INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE. 1944, the Nazi's are loosing the war. Their only hope is to find 4 magical items, discover the secret of their power and create an army of invincible warriors.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Hell Hath No Fury...

21,888 words by 3 authors

WadeJackel: 51.6%SkullsandSlippers: 41.4%Shyan Kalyssa: 6.9%

[COMPLETED] ...Like a woman scorned. Especially if that woman is inhuman. [3 players RPing, could use more]

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Abomasum

8,774 words by 3 authors

WadeJackel: 65.5%SlightlyInsane: 27.1%Kimiko Sempai: 7.4%

[COMPLETED] Supernatural (Lovecraft style) RPG, you are one of the family members or indiviguals connected to the house

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Love of Music

18,229 words by 9 authors

BAWADABOO: 40.7%MusicLover: 32.1%Zodia195: 9.1%twi-twi: 6.5%IceMoon96: 4.7%AmyGotScared: 3.9%Leito: 1.4%FireStorm95: 0.9%clone8642: 0.7%

Music has a lot to do with love, if you think you know the person in the music itself, show them.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Gift: Chapter Three

170,254 words by 11 authors

Smith: 22.9%Kurokiku: 21%Arke: 20.4%Talisman: 16.9%Ezarael: 10.1%Otowar: 4.4%Basta: 2.7%Anansi: 0.7%Mac the Impaler: 0.5%Shaodow: 0.3%Mike53210: 0.2%

With gods long dead, dragons razing the earth, and mortals turning on one another at every opportunity, you must help shape the destiny of this dying world.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Phantom In The Ground: Socity Of The Damned

8,797 words by 2 authors

austyn101: 52.1%kkpigs: 47.9%

Hades has decided that the queen is not meant to rule the land, so he makes a brother hood, or socity of assasin's

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » I Need You To Love Me

23,683 words by 6 authors

.euphoria.: 31.9%Calvazara: 16.6%Beach-Born-Boy: 16.3%theMoonlightTheory: 16.3%Lolkatlove: 11.8%Stilts: 7.2%

Have you ever had to make someone fall in love with you in 6 months? Well, was it one of your exes?

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Mortal Kombat: Portal of the chosen

11,551 words by 3 authors

Nightmaric_Angel: 48.7%austyn101: 28.5%DarknessUndying: 22.8%

Four MortalKombat player are sucked into the game and have to play Mortal Kombat to get out.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Stranded Vacationers

4,216 words by 4 authors

Jamesh45: 30.9%tonytyler: 27.3%DanielleShorty: 27.3%nekobaby100: 14.5%

4 teens stranded on an island when heading to vacation

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Skyrim: The Mentor & The Sellswords

505,475 words by 9 authors

AugustArria: 29.9%Kurokiku: 24.5%Talisman: 22.7%The Valkyrie: 22.3%Vix: 0.2%Everscale: 0.1%Vizcious: 0.1%LuckyNumber24: 0.1%Hypnosis: 0.1%

{Completed} After their Mentor disappears, a group of deeply troubled individuals working as mercenaries sets out to find him, only to be drawn into a deadly game run by forces beyond any of them.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Dragon Age: The Undoing

602,245 words by 8 authors

AugustArria: 23%Talisman: 21.9%Kurokiku: 20.2%The Valkyrie: 18.4%Yonbibuns: 13.6%AlienKhan: 2.2%Wudgeous: 0.5%IronPhoenix: 0.1%

The year is 1:95 Divine, and the second Blight has been raging for nearly a century. Pushed to desperation, the Grey Wardens assemble a team for a suicidal mission. None were prepared for what they would discover.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The City of Chains

1,114,865 words by 6 authors

AugustArria: 23.9%The Valkyrie: 21.8%Kurokiku: 20.8%Talisman: 19.9%Yonbibuns: 12.6%throne: 0.9%

{Completed} These are the stories of nine lives in the city of Kirkwall, intertwined in the midst of magic, prejudice, war, and strife.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Graced

41,304 words by 7 authors

reap: 30.9%Haas33: 29.8%MaliceInWonderland: 20.7%Shifter13: 8.4%FallenShadower: 6%Saule Brise: 2.3%Belynta: 1.9%

People are graced with abilities, certain things that make them the best at what they do. From little things to dangerous things, people are hunted down, being called "dangerous" MORE INSIDE (OPEN)

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Legend of the Kyuun, and the gods of Airl

19,283 words by 7 authors

VindicatedPurpose: 23.7%Archailist: 19.1%Imbecile: 16.5%NethanielShade: 15.8%tigerking1292: 10.5%umbra Alastor: 8.1%Arête: 6.3%

(Need more people!) The world is falling. Again. And this time, the Kyuun are more powerful, so the gods of Airl must teach 11 lucky humans the paths of the gods, in hopes to save this world again. (Not a remake or part two of any roleplay.)

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Haunting's of the Supernatural

16,607 words by 5 authors

Siryn: 47.3%AceofSpade: 22.8%Lenyx: 16%zeno3111: 11.3%Lambie: 2.6%

There's normal everyday school and students. Then there's Mist Valley. A high school with a lot of secrets. The last Senior class graduated after just barely seeing disturbances and supernatural occurances. What will this years class find?

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Reign of Dragons : Rebooted

205,217 words by 7 authors

Siryn: 44.5%AceofSpade: 29.4%Firewind: 11.6%Holy|Orders: 6.3%Byte: 3.8%Beach-Born-Boy: 3.1%The(Doctor)Horrible: 1.4%

Tensions are thick, the three powers fight amongst themselves. In the shadows a group emerges with the deadly intent to raise an old, powerful enemy. With the cities at each others throats already, it'll take someone else to stop the evil from rampaging.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Prohibition

1,103,743 words by 4 authors

Aryutsuki: 52%CharlotteV: 35.2%xRoo: 12.3%LadyValentine: 0.5%

The prohibition act has moved in, outlawing alcohol when people need it most. In a world where the law has become corrupt, murder a part of everyday life, and the rules have gone out the will you survive? [Private]

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative

131,824 words by 18 authors

DuBois_Scarlett: 30.5%Reaper2707: 20.7%Eddy V. Sovorov: 10.2%xfaithyx123: 8.3%ISpeakTheTruth: 4%WhatsUpWazza: 3.6%Merchant: 3.5%SolidSnacks: 3%UltraVioleta: 2.6%mjlavalleejr: 2.2%Agent: 2.1%CarliaRhian123: 1.8%akjadestar: 1.8%Mineczka: 1.6%SuperChocoMilk: 1.4%R.T.M.X.: 1.3%Slipshock: 1%allimagination: 0.3%

A new disease is sweeping across the US turning those infected into flesh craving monstrosities. They've lost all humanity and their only instinct is to feed. Now with a zombie apocalypse befalling the nation, those immune to the virus try to survive.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Scattered Dreams, Fragmented Reality

33,911 words by 10 authors

Igari: 28.1%HansenetteHeart: 22.6%Howlkin Stranger: 17.6%Binsetsu: 15.9%mrvillamor: 5.7%Fabricator: 4.7%ElvenEllis: 2.8%peachyme123: 1.2%Violet Moon: 0.7%Asher MstrImmortalis: 0.6%

To the average person, a dream is just a glimpse into an impossibility and nothing more. To those few, however, it is the place your inner self--your persona--lives, where your imagination thrives. And this connection is all that may keep you alive...

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Avalon's Dawn

235,948 words by 5 authors

Talisman: 23.4%Kurokiku: 21.5%AugustArria: 19.5%Yonbibuns: 18.5%The Valkyrie: 17.1%

<Arc One Complete> The king is a good man gone too far. The wizard has an agenda. The world could use a little saving. The members of Avalon's Dawn are nobody's noble knights in shining armor. But maybe they don't have to be.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Ultimate Organization III

535,848 words by 10 authors

Nulix: 29.2%PirateofPie: 25.9%DarKnight36: 17.7%Light_of_the_Fallen: 14.8%Kiyokojordie: 4.6%Wing06Twilight: 3.4%Elrith Eldwind: 2.6%Politicallyundead: 1.7%warthog: 0.2%Kuroe: 0%

My name is Nason Valkoven, I was a starman aboard the Sorillian vessel Turn Turtle. I thought hell would be an inferno. Now I know it is a desert. It is New Year's day and I find myself wondering: who else is buried beneath these sands?

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Princess Sorority

109,838 words by 6 authors

tezza: 55.7%hanybanany: 38.6%Kuukakulily: 3.7%DarknessToDeath23: 0.9%LittleMissGeorgia: 0.7%emotionless: 0.4%

When five girls move in together for university will their worlds collide? Or will they all be friends?

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Living in Shadows

297,903 words by 2 authors

Kaname_Takashi: 50.1%CharlotteV: 49.9%

"They may not understand it...but I own them. Each of them. They're mine...always have been and always will be. Maybe I just have to make them see that." -Alarick Kostantine [1x1 CharlotteV & Kaname_Takashi]

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Capital Wasteland Refugees

3,659 words by 4 authors

Cooper: 60.3%wheezymcgee: 23.8%VitaminHeart: 8.7%holothewisewolf: 7.3%

Rivet city is theirs. They want you to be theirs too... Fallout 3 rp.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Solatium Legacy

21,283 words by 7 authors

Dementedness: 35.9%PsychoticChrono: 17.9%NethanielShade: 15%William Brion: 13.5%Jewliet115: 10.7%Fawn-Of-Arc: 6.5%CassandraGirlNCR: 0.5%

Solatium was destroyed, and it's during the Fifteen Year War. The Rebellion is losing, and the Dark Ones plan to destroy humanity. We desperately ask for help!

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Dead Hope

113,569 words by 8 authors

ibecameinsane: 38.1%LadyLibby: 24%Deafmute: 12.4%SmilingNutella: 9.6%56589r: 9%F0XX M4NN: 3%loveanime4ever: 2.7%Skulesta: 1.2%

There is a virus that can lead to a zombie apocalypse. Is there any way to stop it? It all happened in the big city in a flash. We really need hope...

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Vampire Knight: Smoke and Mirrors

344,142 words by 4 authors

Equilibrium: 39.3%Ion: 28.2%Azazel: 25.2%Emily3456: 7.3%

{Remake} - When God first made Adam, he created Lilith. She was the first woman, a woman made from the same dirt as Adam. When Lilith refused to serve Adam, she was cast from the Garden of Eden and cursed. She became the first vampire.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Caldomaa

39,332 words by 11 authors

VivaVictoria: 21.1%Lanaya: 20.4%MaliceInWonderland: 18.9%Calvazara: 16.4%: 10.4%MarchHare: 4.8%By Starlight: 3%RubyBlue: 2.9%Tempest: 1.1%Luna Shade: 1.1%HalliwellSlytherin: 0%

Caldomaa is a beautiful Kingdom, but when the King and Queen announce a contest for one of their daughter's hand in marriage the kingdom is flooded with suitors.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Great Guild Fortune (2014)

551,046 words by 14 authors

Rann: 26.9%Iye Khara: 16.4%Nightblazer: 12%Nulix: 10.7%PirateofPie: 7.9%AtlasAtrium: 7.2%Light_of_the_Fallen: 5.7%Wing06Twilight: 3.7%TrueNarnian: 2.9%Furry Dragon: 2.3%Sabremagus: 1.6%DarKnight36: 1.4%Sneakyrio: 0.7%Rage&Pride: 0.5%

"What makes a great guild? Fortune? No. Power? No. Glory? Not necessarily. Its the friends you gain, the adventures you have together, and the memories you make along the way."

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Somewhere Between the Fallen and the Damned

107,165 words by 3 authors

Dynamite: 43.2%Nephilim: 29.9%Naga's Shadow: 26.9%

Private role play between Naga's Shadow, Nephilim, and Dynamite.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Vampire Knight: Bonds of Blood

174,049 words by 3 authors

Dynamite: 39.9%Nephilim: 30.7%Naga's Shadow: 29.4%

"You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." - Albert Einstein Private Role-play

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Vampire Knight: The Prophecy

138,293 words by 3 authors

Nephilim: 44.1%Dynamite: 32%Naga's Shadow: 23.9%

Private Role-play between Dynamite, Naga's Shadow, and Myself

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Republic City Nights

169,062 words by 2 authors

Nephilim: 51.7%Dynamite: 48.3%

[Private Roleplay] By day, Republic City is a thriving metropolis, home to a cosmopolitan population. By night, it's rife with conflict and danger, but also opportunity. Follow a team of young probenders as they are swept up in the tide of revolution.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » The Reclaimers

74,963 words by 8 authors

VindicatedPurpose: 43.8%SkullsandSlippers: 20.3%Mr. Baneling Squishy: 11.4%Redred33mer: 9.6%Dementedness: 7.3%alitura: 3.4%Kuroe: 3%Gh6st: 1.2%

A Sword and Planet Fantasy taking place on M'Sal, where the deserts are wide and the dangers are plenty.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Castillo de la Muerte

168,293 words by 11 authors

Tales of the Wraith: 33.6%stealthpanther: 16.3%MaeMae: 15.6%Stiles: 8.6%peace_of_mind7: 7.8%Ever: 6.1%Leej10100: 4.9%Emmie_Hoeller: 4%Ville.Sunfall: 1.8%Paintpoint: 1.1%Luna Delta: 0.2%

Four human maids, Four vampiric gentlemen. A lifetime contract binds the girls to work in the mansion. Will they even survive the first year?

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Apotheosis of the Condemned

180,166 words by 5 authors

Dynamite: 40.1%Nephilim: 28.7%Naga's Shadow: 13.6%Mihael: 11.7%Asilian: 5.8%

[Private] In a small American town, the veil between the worlds grows thin, and all manner of supernatural creatures attempt to pass though. The only hope of fixing the problem lies with the mysterious Solomon Brothers, Inc.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Wicked Ones

75,066 words by 15 authors

Polarisbear12: 22.7%Damioa: 22.5%Xunnamius: 15.8%XShishioX: 8.1%Setsugie: 7.3%Byte: 6.8%Fredalice: 3.2%Venom0861: 3%Renmiri: 2.9%Iye Khara: 2.9%duramon: 1.8%laxnchill20: 1.3%Artik: 1.3%Zoey26123: 0.4%mortalcreator: 0%

A group of individual's have banded together to form a group The Wicked Ones, to protect the City of Los Angeles from those who would abuse their power. Full

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Hegemony Life

20,182 words by 2 authors

Sepokku: 53.7%bizarre1: 46.3%

A life lived in Hegemony territory; Where the supernatural and preternatural meet. Based on "Working for the Devil" by Lilith Saintcrow.

Buy Hardcopy » Download PDF » Recrudescence

250,506 words by 3 authors

Aethyia: 48.7%Nemeseia: 45.8%Mihael: 5.5%

[Private RP] - They were called the Three, and long ago, they saved the world. But what if it wasn't enough?

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72,272 words by 6 authors

Polarisbear12: 40.7%Damioa: 17.3%Seveneleven: 13.9%duramon: 13.3%Mat_z6: 9%Citadel: 5.8%

After a few weeks of passing Shin'ō Academy, six individuals are now settling into their respective Squads. However that doesn't change the bonds they have formed in their time at the Academy but they will soon face the coming storm.

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23,288 words by 6 authors

Lloyd999: 40.8%Alazuli: 15.5%Maestro: 13.5%unseenshadow2: 13.2%Wei_Wuxian: 12.6%Lady Ethereal: 4.4%

When a powerful evil arose, it was banished. Millennia have passed and it is up to a new team of arcane warriors to thwart the evil, and ensure peace.

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250,148 words by 2 authors

Lyysa: 52.9%VivaVictoria: 47.1%

Morus 02, a massive space-craft constructed to house earth's infamous female criminals. But what if that criminal was actually an innocent woman that was framed for killing a political figure. (Private Roleplay VivaVictoria & Lyysa)

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886,752 words by 9 authors

Nulix: 36.5%PirateofPie: 20%Kiyokojordie: 16.3%DarKnight36: 11.7%Light_of_the_Fallen: 7.5%Wing06Twilight: 6.4%AtlasAtrium: 0.9%Elrith Eldwind: 0.3%Esseth_Light: 0.3%

This is no longer the age of heroes. This is no longer the age of Knights in shining armour. This is the age of warfare, of soldiers and mystery men lurking in the shadows. This is a new world. A cruel world. And we have no business in it.

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1,481 words by 2 authors

Sunflower: 52.9%mortuarism: 47.1%

A couple groups of friends decided to take a trip to Chernobyl, lead by an extreme tour guide. But what happens when the tour guide suddenly disappears?

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86,889 words by 3 authors

Seveneleven: 45.3%Krypt: 36.2%BlueWind_22: 18.5%

A bloody war, an insidious plot, and a group of old friends and uneasy new allies, come together to try and save their home from the forces of darkness. With the powers of the elements at your disposal, can you save Nigerius from total annihilation?

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457,574 words by 2 authors

Nemeseia: 50.7%Aethyia: 49.3%

[Complete] - Team Rocket has achieved domination of the Pokémon world. It is they who control who receives a Pokémon, who can achieve their dreams, however; even with their good intentions, there are those who would still oppose them. Even from within.

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29,275 words by 3 authors

chrian.: 38.7%Queirdo: 8.4%

[ Completed / & chrian. ]

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39,063 words by 2 authors

Lyysa: 55.1%Pandora's Melancholy: 44.9%

Five years has passed since the apocalypse took place, people has started to settle down once more but being alive isn't the only thing that matters anymore. [Private]

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1,446,499 words by 6 authors

The Valkyrie: 28.2%AugustArria: 25.5%Kurokiku: 22.8%Talisman: 13.5%Yonbibuns: 10%Wolfreader: 0%

{Completed} This is the song of those that would stand against the chaos. The song of the Inquisition.

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54,499 words by 2 authors

chrian.: 44.6%

[ Completed / & chrian. ]

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90,255 words by 2 authors 53.8%chrian.: 46.2%

[ Completed / & chrian. ]

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71,768 words by 2 authors 51.5%chrian.: 48.5%

[ Completed / & chrian. ]