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Comrade and Torex's Creatively Titled 1x1


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#, as written by Torex

Navya came into the University and looked around for a moment, taking in the grandeur. She was here, away from her overbearing family, the rules of her culture that had held her back, no more secret relationships, not that she was ready for anything like that.....not after Wu, not yet.....but she was here for new beginnings, a new life, and her past was far behind her. She was excited to meet her new roommate. Energy coursed through her veins as she started for the dorms. It took her a while to locate hers, but with every passing door, she wondered who would be inside, and hoped she would make some fast friends. Navya was excited to explore the mysteries of her magic, and hoped that she could refine her healing so her parents would at least have something to take pride in when they looked at her.

As she drew closer to her room, she slowed slightly, and came to a stop when it was before her. She hesitated, wondering if her roomie had already arrived, and hoped that the excitement that filled her could not be read too easily on her face, but she knew that it would be, because nothing was hidden with Navya, ever. Taking a breath, she slid her key into the door, not wanting to test it first, to keep her excitement alive, and slowly turned it. The room was empty though, so she stepped inside to explore.

There was the absolute basics in the room, and not a thing more. There was a window on one side, next to a bed, and instantly she rushed to claim it! Sitting down on the bed, she took in how uncomfortable it was with a grimace, but the look faded from her face as she began to unpack, daydreaming all the while.

Dixie Harper

Dixie swayed into the University, her eyes on her phone as she changed from song to song, not really paying attention to anyone or anything else, that is until her favorite song played through her earphones, "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker, she began to hum along with a smile on her face as she looked for her room. She wondered what her new room mate would be like, all she knew about the girl as that she was mute, and the reason they had been paired together was more or less, she was the only person who could sign, and her magic let her tap into the minds of others.

Dixie wondered if this would be more like a job than an actual friendship, but hey, maybe she could get paid! Though that was unlikely.

Idly she slipped her key into its slot as she reached her dorm, and with a turn, she was in. Dixie had been the first to arrive, so she set her bags at the edge of one of the two beds and flopped onto it just in time to sing along with the chorus.

"So rock me momma like a wagon wheel
Rock me momma any way you feel
Hey momma rock me
Rock me momma like the wind and the rain
Rock me momma like a south bound train
Hey momma rock me"

Closing her eyes she lay there for a moment and listened to the rest of the song, and when it was finished, she turned the music off and sat up to begin putting her things into place.


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Another day. Another quarter. Another dorm room. Another roommate. Another hassle.

Wu stifled a yawn as she trudged along toward her designated dorm room with all the visible enthusiasm of a particularly lethargic boulder. She appeared to be more luggage than person; bags containing all her worldly possessions clung to just about every available portion of her body, some slung by a strap over her shoulders, others carried in either of her powerful arms. Of course, just about all of them were packed to the seams with her CDs-- one probably had a couple shirts stuffed into it, and that was about it. No other materiel possessions had she seen fit to burden herself with. I'm sure my roommate should appreciate that, she mused idly, with so little sincerity and actual concern she might as well not have spared such a contemplation any thought to begin with.

Beneath the aegis of ever-present shades, Wu's forest green eyes swept from side to side lackadaisically, not so much a motion of vigilance as much as of a lack of will to bother focusing on anything in particular. There wasn't anything worth looking at anyway; just a stone's throw from here, there was much to revel in-- woodlands, streams, trees to climb, a little lake where you could go out in the crawling hours of night, unable to sleep or perhaps unwilling, and lie back by the lakeside gazing up at the sky and the stars and thinking of nothing. But here, there was no such pleasure-- no such beauty that was worth fixing one's gaze upon. It was simply buildings, and concrete, and people-- none of those things were worth looking at. Hell, most of them weren't worth anything at all. Had everything in the world-- all the buildings, all the cars, all the roads and sidewalks, every last wandering mite of a human being-- been drowned away in a single global flood that left Wu alone with the world as it was in its natural state, she would have been little inclined to complain.

But unfortunately, global floods didn't happen, this was still university, and she was still going to have to play the usual game. Hopefully the people I encounter will make it worthwhile. People could be moderately interesting, after all-- really, what were they worth that was more than just that, a fleeting object of interest?

Around Wu, other students conversed. She was accosted from all sides by the pressure of their endlessly inane chatter-- pointless talk of the asinine things they'd done in the interval between the end of the last quarter and the onset of this one, drab university drama devoid of any entertainment value whatsoever, senseless pop culture discussions. These were the popular sorts, of course, the ones who could not take a step beyond the walls of their dorms without being immediately assailed by slavish followers and friends of similarly elite disposition. Wu had never been among their number, but she still managed to have her way to her dorm impeded no less than two times, either time by someone who was not particularly interesting but with whom Wu nevertheless maintained the barest thread of an acquaintanceship for purposes of upholding the pretense. Their inanities came and went, and it seemed like an entire arduous year had passed before Wu at long last arrived at her dorm. Setting down one of the bags of CDs, she rifled briefly through the pockets of her jacket and eventually extricated from the folds a key, which she in short order jammed into the keyhole and thusly opened the door.

It had been said, with that odd, wry mixture of jest and sincerity, that Wu was too lazy to notice people when she entered rooms and therefore had to deliberately be called out if her attention was in demand. Perhaps that was the case-- or perhaps, she was simply not accustomed to taking stock of other living things-- not accustomed to noticing people. Either way, it didn't matter; Wu had crossed over to the nearest bed, and had begun setting her things down on it when a noise to the side caused her to realise her roommate had beaten her here. Indifferent but figuring it would do well to feign some pretense of interest, Wu turned her head slowly to face them.

"... oh." A soft word. Dispassionate. Almost empty.

But she wasn't. She wasn't empty-- because... it was Navya. And Navya was the only person who could make Wu feel not empty. But no, it wasn't a good thing. It wasn't good that Navya somehow managed to provoke in Wu something that... something that challenged her convictions about herself and the people around her. The sentiments of love and affection Navya had been able to stir in Wu-- or perhaps merely facsimiles of those sensations-- had disgusted and irritated Wu; now, only so long since their relationship, one which Wu had entered into as a mere illusion, had collapsed, her presence evoked irritation and a twinge of doubt.

This was bullshit.

For Lestari's part, things were looking much less bleak.

Despite the grim nature of the music currently blasting away into her ears at obscene volumes (there was only so much optimism and good cheer you could find in a song titled 'Regurgitated Guts'), a wide grin split across her features as she all but skipped along toward her allotted dorm. After all, what didn't she have to be pleased about? She'd finally left home-- no, rather, she'd left the place she'd lived at before, the place that should have been home but never was-- and had come to a place of wonder and intrigue. She had her guitar, her music, and the clothes on her back, though given the state of disrepair the latter were in, she may well have been down to just the former two soon enough. She could make friends here, find a home for herself-- hell, maybe, just maybe, she'd even fall in love! Growing up... er, where she had, with those kinds of conservative mindsets, and on top of that having a distinctly non-heterosexual orientation, such a thought had been all but preposterous. But now, it really was possible. Kinda sappy, but hey, it could be good!

Unfortunately, she wasn't exactly rocketing along toward that point with any sort of alacrity. Lestari had only been here a couple times before, for some entry tests and then later to figure out the layout of the place, whereas it seemed like everybody around her, milling about and chatting animatedly amongst themselves, knew everybody else already. She certainly couldn't just walk up and interject herself into their conversations, either; it wasn't a matter of a lack of confidence, merely a lack of... well, a lack of a voice. They were all using their voices, those wonderful tools that she alone among them lacked. What was she going to do... walk up to them and shove herself into their conversations with her stupid notepad?

Like hell. She would sooner have suffered in solitude.

But I'll have a roommate, right? It can't be all that bad! A hint of that old spring, a little diluted by that brief little delve into cynicism, returned to her step at that thought. You heard all about how in college and university your roommate was supposed to be, like, your best friend! Or your worst enemy. Lestari wasn't too worried about that, though; she tended to get along pretty good with most folks, after all. Her shit list had room for only one type of person, and admittedly, she didn't often come across people who made fun of her muteness. Maybe they really just weren't that shitty, or maybe she'd simply had the fortune of managing to avoid the shitty ones; either way, she was hoping her roommate would be of the best friend variety. Or... well, the any kind of friend at all variety.

The towering, clumsy girl, toting along her amplifier in one hand and a bag stuffed with a few clothes in the other, her guitar slung over her shoulder, waded through the throngs of eager students, and at long last arrived at the dorm areas, eventually managing to track down her own. She'd been trying to figure out just how to greet her roommate once they entered the room, only to end up having to chuck it all out the window when she was met upon approach with the sound of a voice singing from within. Beat me here, eh? she mused, grinning widely as she entered.

Well. She was... uh, wow. That was, she looked... er, she was-- very... She looked very... amiable. Lestari realised she'd stopped and stood staring at the doorway, and with a visible start she quickly scurried about to set her things down on the bed that the other woman wasn't currently sprawled across. And so, with that business done, she quickly donned a friendly smile and reached into the pocket of her ratty old hoodie, withdrawing a small notepad and a mechanical pencil.

Hello! she scrawled quickly onto the page. Nice to meet you! I'm Lestari. She held the notepad out to her, smiling encouragingly and hoping the woman would understand that she could hear her but not speak to her-- not the way she assumed she could speak to Lestari, anyway.


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#, as written by Torex
Navya Dubashi

Navya paused as she heard a key slide into the lock of her dorm room, she froze in anticipation of the person she would be spending the rest of the year with, if not the next few years. Quickly she placed the item she had been holding, one of her favorite novels, into a space on the plain white bookshelf she knew she would have to decorate when she got the chance. Her room mate took no time making their way into the room, and Navya had turned her head in interest, only to gasp, a noise that was barely audible, but it had caught her attention. It was Wu. Of all people it was Nastasya Wu.

And by the sound of it, Wu had received the same kick in the chest that she was currently experiencing. The same sharp stabbing pain that made her breath catch in her throat, her lungs burn because the oxygen had left the room, and with the sight of her, the hole that she thought had healed was torn open again. But then again, she had to remind herself that Wu never felt anything, and that she was the only one who was in pain, once again, because Wu just didn't care.

Navya had tried so hard with Wu, because she had loved the girl, went against everything her culture had asked of her, had allowed herself to fall in love with her, and no matter how much she tried, how much she cared, Wu had remained cold, stone cold, untouchable, a statue that was ever unchanging, and Navya was left wondering if all she was, and everything she had shared, how she had opened up and showed Wu her secret world, if it all had even mattered. If Wu just saw their relationship as a tedious game that she could never win, but that was what it was like when you chose to try befriending Wu, because nothing had ever changed in her eyes, and touching her life, trying to mean something to the girl, was impossible. No matter how Navya had tried, and how much Wu meant to Navya.........Navya had meant nothing to Wu.

Turning away from Wu, Navya pulled her knees into her chest and wrapped her arms around them, resting her head she looked out the window. She had never wanted to see Wu again......and now she had to spend every single day in her presence.

Dixie Harper

Dixie smiled when she seen her room mate, and was about to introduce herself, when she had pulled a notepad from her pocket and began to write on it, and within seconds it was held to her with a short introduction. Dixie could feel the excitement that poured from Lestari and couldn't help but smile even more. With a wild guess that was more on the tame side, Dixie had concluded that, while she had been told that her new roomie had been mute, nothing was said to Lestari about her signing skills, or her strain of magic, so she began, in her sweet southern drawl:

"Hey Lestari, my name's Dixie, and ya won't be needin that notepad anymore honey. See, my daddy was born deaf, and I can read sign language, as well as sign a bit myself. I'm a mage too, and while I'm here mainly for my levitation skills, I am also a telepath. That part is still hard though, and I can only do that if ya open up ya mind to me, so I ain't about to be invaidin ya thoughts or nothin, and it only goes one way for now, so I can't put nothin in ya head neither. It still takes a lot out of me to do to, it ain't easy. But listen to me talkin like the sun came up so I can crow at it."

Dixie blushed a little and shook her head.

"Why don't ya tell me a bit about you? All I knew comin into this was ya were mute, bless your heart. Maybe afterwards I can get ya somethin goin for a snack, maybe lunch? Don't know about you, but I'm about as beat as a fly on a cow's hind, all this movin."

After giving her head a second shake she looked back to Lestari and took the sight of her in. A full head of pretty dark hair shinin like dew on grass and tall as a tree, skin like cooked caramel, eyes like coffee, and a nice smile. Overall, her face came off as exotic and interesting to Dixie. The girl looked like she liked her food and that was just how Dixie liked it. A woman should look like she could eat on a dime and leave some for her too. her skin was riddled with scars though, making her wonder about her past. And she also wondered about that tattoo that was on her arm....


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Just how was one to react to this sort of situation? Generally speaking, Wu drew on her own past experiences, on observation of others, on trial-and-error experiments in human social interaction, but she had no precedent for this situation. She'd never ended up roommates with a past lover after a moderately acrimonious estrangement-- hell, she'd never had a lover at all before Navya. She'd initiated their relationship as a means of ameliorating that: if one was to understand the full scope of the human experience, after all, to neglect the immense presence of romance in that scheme would have been woefully thoughtless. Wu had figured that through the veneer of a romantic relationship with Navya, she could glean a slightly deeper comprehension of the way people worked-- because that was an intuitive knowledge she'd never had. But she'd failed. It hadn't worked out right. She hadn't been supposed to come to genuinely care about Navya.

No-- it wasn't that she'd cared. It obviously wasn't that... was it, really? The thin line of her mouth drew short and taut. Navya had provoked in her something that nobody needed to see-- not Navya, not even Wu herself, nobody. Navya had provoked, simply by being there, simply by being the person she was, simply by becoming the dangerous prospect of genuine sentiment, a violence Wu had not indulged in many years. That was how it had started, and how it had ended; Wu, who believed she had done a decent job of mimicking the affection and asinine solidarity of a romantic relationship up until then, had terribly hurt Navya, physically and emotionally, and the worst part was that now, standing before Navya, seeing her again, the thought of it evoked something like remorse in Wu-- something like pain.

But it was just a lie. Nothing she needed to pay heed to now. She vehemently thrust those thoughts from her head, and forced herself to consider what sort of facade to adopt now. What was natural for a situation like this? She had no context, no prior experience, and so she had to rely on what little human intuition she had. It must be best to pretend nothing's wrong, she concluded at length. After all, other people pretended nothing was wrong all the time-- hell, even in their romantic relationships. It seemed appropriate here and now.

"Hello," Wu droned, as though she had never seen Navya before and was meeting her roommate for the first time. Her voice was still and shallow as the waters of a frozen stream-- devoid of inflection or affectation, its sole real modulation the none too subtle accent that tinged her words. "I guess we're roommates now." She stared at Navya, curled up in something almost like a foetal posture, staring resolutely away from her. As though she never wanted to see her again.

Just how badly could I have hurt her?

Things were rather less bleak in a little dorm room not far from where Nastasya Wu and Navya Dubashi met one another in a most unwelcome reunion.

Lestari couldn't deny it; she definitely gawked a bit as the other woman-- Dixie, eh?-- took off at about a thousand words a minute. But that wasn't so much to do with how swiftly-- or just how much-- Dixie spoke so much as the content of her words; Lestari had been hard-pressed to convince herself of the optimistic prospect that she might get a roommate who was well-versed in sign language. Maybe the school had deliberately paired her with such a person, in the interests of her own convenience? And a telepath, at that! Admittedly, as a non-mage, Lestari couldn't help a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to being told that the person across from her could potentially delve straight into the deepest recesses of her mind and read her every secret, emotion, hope, and hopelessness like an open book, but... well, if Dixie was being honest, she couldn't do that. And Lestari had no reason to think she was being dishonest, did she?

But she seemed really nice! Real vibrant, and open. Bit of a weird accent, which made it a little difficult for Lestari to understand her English, but she sounded sincere, and seemed genuinely interested to know about Lestari. Indeed, that was just what she'd asked-- for Lestari to talk about herself-- which set Lestari going trying to figure out just where to start. Maybe with where I'm from? No no-- I'm tryin' to leave that place behind, after all. Maybe with what I wanna study... oh! Passions! Music! Lestari's hands rose, and they began to form the intricate patterns of sign language, the swift, semi-fluid motions betraying her enthusiasm and good cheer.

Well, I love music. Love love love love love music. I play guitar, too-- she gestured briefly at the guitar on the bed and the amplifier that had been set at the foot of the bed. I'm here to study music, so I can go make a career outta that, because it's pretty much my life's passion. Oh! Also, I love eating. Eating's great. Speaking of eating, we should go have lunch!

And then, amidst the throes of her own excitement, Lestari turned around, and walked straight into the nearest wall.

... well, there's one way of making some kinda impression, I guess, the Indonesian mused, rubbing at her forehead, before turning back to Dixie with a resolutely undiminished smile.


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#, as written by Torex
Navya Dubashi

Navya sat there, her eyes on the vacant space between the building and the woods behind it trying to push everything out of her mind that would not lead to a way to get out of this situation....her mind grumbling, chastising her for choosing to keep the name of her room mate a secret....if she had just asked someone there could have been a way around this......but now everyone was already paired up and getting settled........but she could not have been the only one who was upset with her pairing.......she would just have to go to the dorm adviser......see if there was something they could do.......

She was just about to get up when Wu opened her mouth and spoke...


Typical Wu.....lifeless and emotionless.....

"I guess we're roommates now."

Navya took her eyes from the window and looked at her bookshelf, from the corner of her eye she could see Wu looking at her......making her a spectacle of observation, probably taking note of how someone was to react when an emotional scab that had almost healed gets torn open and irritated to the point where it becomes more painful than when it had first happened.......time had a funny way of doing the illusion of healing.........and now she was probably waiting for her to dignify her existence and respond, try to act like nothing happened......

Navya stood, pausing before she looked in Wu's direction, her face showing all of the anger and hurt that Wu had left her with, and reminded her of......"hopefully not for long....." With that she headed out the door.

Dixie Harper

Dixie giggled a bit at Lestari's enthusiasm and excitement as her fingers and hands set to work motioning the intricate patterns and symbols that came across as the language known as sign. Music, guitar, and eating. from the looks of it, they would get along great! Dixie was about to ask what kinda food Lestari liked when the girl had turned around and met a wall head on, and she couldn't fight it, laughter bubbled out of her like a waterfall, it was all in good nature though.

"Nail musta needed some hammerin in huh?"

Smiling back at Lestari, she stood up and made her way toward the meager kitchen that the dorms had provided to take a look around. She shook her head before continuing.

"Looks like we gotta go make groceries before i can get to whippin up a mess, how bout we go see what they got cookin down in the mess hall? Less theres somethin else that gots your wick lit?"


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Wu didn't know why she said it.

It was very obvious Navya was not happy with this turn of events-- the smooth, shapely features of her face had contorted and twisted into a mien that wore all its anguish and all its anger there for Wu to see. And the way she spoke to Wu as she coldly passed her by, heading for the door-- "Hopefully not for long". Terse. Bitter. Final. Navya truly disliked her, maybe even hated her... Even though Wu had every reason to hate Navya, even though it was Navya who had threatened Wu's tranquility, her comfort and the safety of her apathy. And it only made her hate Navya even more that Navya was able to make Wu hate at all, that she was still able to provoke in her such strong emotions as enmity and rage. And it only made her all the angrier when...


She didn't know why she said it. Why she called out to her ex-lover as she departed. It simply... simply emerged of its own volition, spat out into the thick musky air that seemed to put years and years of distance between herself and Navya. And in that single word, the stream came alive-- it ceased to be a still, motionless thing, if only for a brief moment in which that word bore actual sensation. What was it? Wu was too distanced from herself at that point, too taken aback by her own interjection, that she wasn't willing to dissect it the way she would have had it been another person. Anger, fear, remorse-- could've been all of it, could've been none of it. It didn't matter.

Wu didn't say anything more. Her face was a stone, every bit as lifeless and immobile as one; beneath the all-encompassing aegis of her sunglasses, her eyes were no less dispassionate. She turned away from Navya, and simply let her leave, choosing to distract herself from her own brief delve into asininity with unpacking her belongings.

So many... uh, uniquely regional idioms, Lestari couldn't help but muse in a bit of a baffled state as Dixie continued to speak. Now admittedly, Lestari liked to think that despite her muteness she was quite a fair hand with languages-- she'd learned to understand and write her native Bahasa Indonesia quickly and succinctly, and followed that in short order with Acehnese and Javanese, not to mention growing fluent in English over the course of a couple years of intense studying. That being said, some of these colloquialisms-- 'got your wick lit', 'nail must've needed some hammering in', 'whipping up a mess'-- were still doin' their darnedest to challenge Lestari's command of the English language. But she could figure 'em out okay-- 'whipping up a mess', given the context, musta meant cooking a meal. 'Got your wick lit'... that probably meant liking something.

'Nail must've needed some hammering in', though... yeah, that one was eluding her.

At least her little mishap evoked more amusement than awkwardness, as evidenced by her roommate's... rather winsome bout of laughter. Lestari smiled-- oh, they were gonna get along just fine, she was beginning to think, especially if Dixie continued to laugh like that. Though Lestari would probably have to find new methods of achieving that goal; she imagined Dixie would probably get kinda burned out if she kept on running face first into walls, and she was also pretty sure that would just end with her in the hospital with a concussion.

The mess hall sounds just fine, Lestari answered cheerfully with enthusiastic motions of her hands. She brushed a tress of thick black hair over her shoulder (even now, the length of it took some getting used to-- she'd grown accustomed to not having any hair at all in the way, but hey, the things we do for proper headbanging aesthetic, right?) and struck a triumphant pose. To the mess hall!

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