Saige Marie McKinley

Saige is a girl of many talents with a knack for making friends and defending others.

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a character in “Concordia”, as played by SithFaced


Name: Saige Marie McKinley
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Human
Appearance: The blonde haired female stands at a small 5 feet even, and weighs only 103 pounds - she's petite in stature, and light on her feet. Her hair is blonde, as aforementioned, but its so light that it almost appears to be white in some lighting. Its long, reaching almost to her lower back, and very straight; she takes real good care of it. Her skin is light like her hair as well; the female cannot and will not tan. Her eyes are a sort of grey-blue color - they sparkle with the passion that lives inside of her, always burning.
Saige is normally found wearing clothes that she's designed and hand sewn herself. They're always something that was inspired by Victorian Era clothes, and they're almost always completely white (or a variation of a white base color, like off-white, pearl, or ivory).
Overall, the girl has a delicate, and pretty appearance - but don't let this fool you. She can go off like a firecracker if she's pushed to it, and she stands for what she believes in.
Alliance: Neutral at the beginning, and allied with Sorcha as the story progresses
Personality: Saige always makes sure to take time to listen to her friends, and she's not opposed to making new ones at all - actually, its probably one of the things she likes to do best of all. She gets attached to people very easily, which can sometimes be her downfall. But if one of her friends was to be attacked or wronged, you better believe that she'd be there in their defense in a heartbeat.
She isn't always so outspoken though. Saige has times when she just wants to be withdrawn from people - these times are usually when she's had a really rough day, or if something truly terrible has happened to someone close to her. In these times, she tries to relieve herself of whatever stress she is under with meditation - its pretty much her answer to everything...
Occupation: Saige refers to herself as a "jack of all trades"... She is the Co-Owner of a clothing store called "Make A Scene" which she started with her sister, she is a part time dance instructor, and she is also a part time voice instructor...
Skills: Saige is skilled in dance; vocal work; fashion designing; verbal arguments; and surprisingly, archery.

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