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Fighting is too much effort. Why does "Peace" bring so much violence?

0 · 621 views · located in Sorcha, the Peacebringer

a character in “Concordia”, as played by Magix



Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Semi-Demon
Alliance: League of 12

Theme Song


Very laid back and Lazy. He doesn't believe in fighting and would much rather just relax and procrastinate as long as possible. However he's not to be taken lightly when he puts his mind to something. He can be exceedingly cruel and downright vicious if pushed that far, yet that almost never happens. He's more of a logical thinker and prefers to use his brain to get out of a difficult situation rather then force in which he may break a sweat.


The Sword in the Pic
A Gun that runs on Magical energy
Note** His Demon Arm (Right arm) is incredibly strong


Spirit's Bane: He can summon spirits and control them with the claw on his right arm. The More spirits summoned, the weaker each is, which is why he usually he only summons one spirit, named Harviel. This spirit is more of a Demon then a normal spirit and is like a long range extension of Shien himself.
Image - Shien and Harviel

Lightning Magic: He can summon Lightning to attack his enemies. the stronger it is, the greater the charge time needed.

Energy Conversion: He can convert Magic energy into concussive blasts fired by the gun. He can also do this with the lightning for combination attacks.

Grapple: He is able to launch his demon hand forward at high speeds, extending it with magic.

So begins...

Shien's Story