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3rd Brother

0 · 279 views · located in Sorcha, the Peacebringer

a character in “Concordia”, as played by FunnyGuy


Name: Taran... On Earth his name is Sean Walker
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Appearance: Image

Alliance: Brother of Sorcha.

Personality: As noble as Taran once was, the implanted memories and the corrupted world of Earth, twisted his personality. Taran is now known for his lack of compassion, his marksmanship, and the seat of power he took place in the crime world. Taran has lost trust of any breathing human being after five years of endless crime. The only life he values is his own, and sees even his most useful subordinates as expendable. Taran still retains his fearlessness, and doesn't give up despite his odds. His smile is always one of wit or cleverness. His perfectionist nature is still present from his previous life, which is own of the things that allowed him to grasp his place in power amongst the Miami Sharks.

Occupation/skills: Leader of the Sharks, a powerful gang located in Miami, Florida. Taran is well known for talent with firearms and Eastern melee weaponry.


Storm Manipulation - Taran was born with the ability to control the weather. He can control any element based on stormy weather conditions, but he cannot generate these elements himself. Though Taran's memory has been wiped, this magical ability remain present within him. He is unaware of his true capabilities, and only seems to be able to change the weather slightly with his willpower. He believes that lightning would kill him, and only works with water and wind.

Ecological Sensing/Empathy - Taran's second ability from birth allows him to sense the overall well-being and conditions of his immediate environment and natural setting stemming from his psychic sensitivity to nature.

Animal/Feral Domination - Taran inherited this ability from his deceased brother Tristan. Taran is able to command any animal. He is unable to truly communicate animals. Instead he commands them with his willpower. The creature is unable to resist the command unless strongly influenced by another. Taran is also able to use a reversed version of this power, enabling him cause ordinary humans to go into primal or feral state. This ability is usually initiated with roar

Animal Mimicry - Taran inherited this ability from his deceased brother Tristan. Taran is able to imitate the powers and traits of animals.

Werebeast Form - Taran inherited this ability from Taran. This ability allows Taran to shift into a were-creature. Neither Taran or Tristan have come to control this ability. Becoming this creature gives Taran superhuman strength, speed, senses, durability, stamina, regenerative capability, but also gives him a feral-like mind. Taran never knows when he will change, but knows that the more Tristian's other abilities are used, the more likely he will shift into this form. Taran fears his brother's abilities, and therefore never uses them.

Were Form - Image


Before being corrupted by materialistic values and his new life of crime, Taran was a calm man. Taran was a born perfectionist, never settling for average results. His father immediately scheduled sword training, but like his other brothers, he allowed Taran his own weapons training. Taran's nature soon became his absolute personality, which lead him to become a powerful knight, and soon the ruler of South Concordia. He thought with his head more than he does with his heart, making him seem rather cold. His closest family relationship was with his brother Tristan who was also calm in nature before his powers became too untamed. Taran is very laid back, and can joke around, except in intense situations. If something isn't close to being 100% perfect, Taran will make sure it is. Taran fears his brother's powers, and upon inheriting them, he chose not to use them. He can take being called a coward, but can cannot bring himself to know that he's a rampaging monster.


Usually has some kind of firearm with him. He sometimes finds it satisfying to use a blade-like weapon, and may bring a wakizashi (60cm blade that resembles a katana) on special occasions.

When Taran was the Ruler of the South of Concordia, He wore this armor into battles.

So begins...

Taran's Story