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They all dance to my tune...

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a character in “Conduit”, as played by shmband



Name: Baccus

Age: 23

He is a: Minstrel/Warrior

Personality: From his early childhood, Baccus showed himself to be an aloof, arrogant and detached personality who viewed other humans not as people, but as puppets to be played. He had a fascination with learning how people thought, what made them tick. Not that this made him in any way an intellectual. He's not extraordinarily intelligent, he simply has a gift for reading people; what they're thinking, what they're feeling. And he loves to exercise it. He'll say something outrageous just to see how people react. He'll spread a rumour just to see what transpires. But most of all, he exercises his ability through his music. His mastery of contemporary instruments - which include a wooden pipe and a stringed instrument resembling a balalaika - is a fitting allegory for the way he sees his fellow humans. His natural talents converge during celebrations and gatherings, where he uses his music to heighten and augment people's emotions. If someone tells a story of their adventures, he'll accompany them with the perfect tune to have everyone rivetted. If someone gets a bit drunk and starts blubbing, he'll play something sad to ensure they end up a bawling wreck and provide entertainment for all. But more subtly, he'll simply use the emotive power of song to manipulate the people around him; not for any kind of practical gain, but merely to enjoy the fact that he can.

He's not easily perturbed or distressed. He considers himself immune to the kind of mutability he exploits in others, and is unmoved and unimpressed by people as a general rule. (Although he'll sometimes act impressed, and indeed use flattery, if he thinks it will yield a more entertaining response.) His arrogance is an internal thing, and outwardly he tends to appear quite benign, amiable and charismatic. He likes to find excuses to avoid hard work, and has gotten pretty good at talking his way out of it.

Like most of his group, he is combat trained, and his dexterity and agility make him one of the few men skilled enough to use a ball-and-chain; not the best weapon if you find yourself looking at the whites of your enemy's eyes, but Baccus would rather avoid getting that close to an armed opponent anyway. As to the idea of getting closer to an unarmed woman...well, that's a different matter entirely...

Description: Not the bulkiest of his kind, he's lean and wirey, with narrow, pointed features, dark brown hair and dark, disarming eyes. He tends not to wear much in the way of armour or 'trophy-wear', since it hinders his ability to play music. Instead he'll wear rawhide trousers and linen shirt with a hessian overcoat, and leather boots. If combat is an imminent risk, he'll add a leather vest. He also tends to wax his hair into a spikey arrangement. (NB: Yes I did research and hair wax was used by the ancient gauls. :] )

Likes, Dislikes and personal fears: Baccus loves music, levity, entertainment, other people being drunk (makes them easier to 'play') and food. He dislikes heavy labour, being drunk himself, and all kinds of philosophy or mysticism that suggest that there is any real meaning to life. His personal fear is that one day someone might be able to manipulate him better than he can manipulate others...and deep down, he especially fears the person might be a woman.

Thoughts on Women: It's a kind of dread fascination. He's not scared of them physically; he believes that strength and skill will triumph over their hocus-pocus "powers" any day of the week. But in truth he'd actually like to spend more time conversing with women, and learning about how to pull their strings the way he already knows how to do with his male kinsmen. It's like another side to his art that he's yet to explore. His ultimate ambition would be to charm and manipulate a woman into willingly 'giving' herself to him (if you know what I mean and I think you do). Being chosen for the Culling wouldn't count towards that at all...and in fact he's not keen on that idea since it could result in him having to bring up a son. It's not about the physical act, or even about the assertion of dominance...but rather that it would symbolise the complete mastery of his ability to make people dance to his tune.

Of course, as already noted, because it is unexplored territory, he has a fear deep down that some women might in fact have more of an effect on him than he could on them, and that he could find himself on the back foot with regards to influence and manipulation. You could say that the idea of "falling in love" (not that it's a concept which is understood by name among men) is the antithesis of his ultimate ambition, and would represent the ultimate failure. For this reason, he does not too strongly lament the infrequency with which he has occassion to encounter women.

So begins...

Baccus's Story