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"Really? I'll believe that when I see it."

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a character in “Conduit”, as played by Cienpher



Name: Corin
Age: 19

She is a: Guardian, albeit lacking in experience. She knew from the start that she wished to be one, to protect her dear sisters, and devoted herself to her apprenticeship. Just about a summer back, she finally achieved her dream. However, there are many others beside her, and five seasons is very little time indeed. She is still new to the trade, and she knows it. Thus, Corin is eager to improve and move onwards towards the day she can truly call herself an able Guardian. Corin is able with a sword and swift with her daggers, but her weapon of choice is the spear and nothing else. What she lacks in physical strength, she makes up for with reach, preferring to keep her opponents far from herself while she assaults them with a well-conditioned staff. She is of average height and average strength, but her speed and flexibility are things she holds pride in. Since childhood, she loved high places, loved the thrill and suspense as she crosses a narrow beam, and that continues on with her today. Fortunately for her, she has a good sense of balance. Although as a Guardian it would be best for her to be grounded and near her sisters, she sometimes can’t help but seek that higher ground. When it comes to physical endurance… let us just say that she’s working on it. Her tolerance for pain is normal for a girl of her age, but her stamina is clearly lacking. This frustrates her greatly, and she is trying to better herself. When it comes to energy, however, Corin has better control over it than most of her sisters, able to control the magnitude of her shockwaves with ease… but with this ability she does not know her limits. Often times she will overstep her boundaries and exhaust herself without realizing.

Personality: Corin is far more free spirited than some would like her to be, and is also quite opinionated, but she knows to keep her mouth shut around the elders and her sisters... However, it’s not as if they can read her mind. She is consciously hard-working, meaning that Corin is constantly fighting against her more languid nature. There have been a times where she gave in and skipped a lesson or two during her apprenticeship, but she always knew to expect a consequence later and accepted it without complaint. That still applies to her now – often times her actions, often driven by either impulse or laziness, may not be the most agreeable, but Corin is well aware of the possible consequences and will accept that. However, should the verdict clearly be too unreasonable, she will speak her mind.

Despite her seemingly open nature, she has a lot more depth to her thoughts than the simple persona she shows others. In fact, those who know her best will be the ones to realize that she is reserved about herself. It may seem rare that she is angry, but she is simply holding her tongue most of the time. She has a rather fiery temper when provoked, and is quick to resort to violence, although none of her sisters have aggravated her to this extent before. When aggravated, she may get careless and let slip a few things she didn’t plan to say, but if anything, they’re her own secrets. The secrets of others she will take to the grave… unless she deems it necessary to speak up. Even then, she is prepared for the consequences. Corin is also of an impetuous and curious nature, always needing to see things for herself before establishing her own beliefs… such as with men…

However, no matter what, her loyalties will always lie with her sisters. That is one thing she is sure will never change.

Description: Corin is just slightly above average height, standing at five foot seven. She is of a slighter build, which in her opinion is too frail-seeming for a Guardian, and she despises being deemed weak. She wishes that she had thicker, sturdier bones instead of the thin ones she was born with. Although she has yet to break a bone, thanks to her dexterity, she thinks they would snap all too easily. Perhaps this is what led her to seek a spear instead of a sword, to keep her enemies at bay rather than result in a losing power struggle. On duty, she wears the standard attire for Guardians: leather jerkin, leggings, with metal shin and wrist guards, and sandals. However, whereas most Guardians have a scabbard at their back, Corin wields a spear. Yes, travelling with it can become tedious, but it is her weapon of choice. She has figured out a way to strap it to her horse without hindering their movement, but she still wishes that someone could develop a extendable spear of sorts.

When she has the leisure of just enjoying the company of home, she wears loose-shouldered tunics of duller shades of beige or green, although brighter ones would bring out her dark green eyes, which many take to be gray before closer inspection. She is of the sort that does not tan or burn as easily as others, and thus her complexion is not as dark as it could be. It does not contrast all that much with her fair hair. She has only one ear pierced – the left, as the other one closed up over time, but she didn’t like the feeling the first time, and she doesn’t plan to go through it again. Despite her lack of apparent physical strength, it is clear that she is a well-trained young woman – she has muscles in the right places and a build suited for speed and stealth. However, when pairing her lithe form with that usual merry smile, she doesn’t quite look the part of a dangerous Guardian…

Her glare, however, is a different story.

Likes, Dislikes and personal fears: Corin loves cooler weather. Her normal body temperature is warmer than most others, so summers can become dreadfully uncomfortable for her – yes, she does not like summer at all. The heat makes her feel sluggish, and it becomes difficult to fight her truer, lazier nature. As evident in her usual demeanor, Corin also has a love for the unusual, always eager for something exhilarating or exciting. If there’s rumor of a strange sighting, she will always be one of the first to check it out. She also has a fondness for rabbits in particular – she finds them adorable. Even though she has never attempted to tame one, she sometimes enjoys the company of wild ones and cuddles in their soft fur. Corin loves the water, loving to swim in rivers and just relax in lakes, however, given the choice, she’d much rather be looking out afar from the tops of the trees.

Thoughts on men: Corin has never seen a man before, and there lies the problem. One of her most adamant rules of life is that “seeing is believing”, and the same applies to men, although she would never admit this to any of her sisters. She never comments on those stories of brutal hairy beasts of men, but if normal girls were conceived with the presence of both man and woman at the Culling, surely they couldn’t be too different?... However, she realizes that these are dangerous thoughts – ones Corin sometimes wishes she did not have. The problem is that she did, but she’s keeping her mouth shut.

So begins...

Corin's Story