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If you can kill with one strike, it avoids the inconvenience of a battle.

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a character in “Conduit”, as played by shmband



Name: Leotie
Age: 20

She is a: Guardian, with a particular penchant for 'guerilla tactics' - that is to say, remaining unseen and striking quickly from cover, before retreating into cover only to strike again. She is often selected to lead scout patrols. She carries a pole-axe as her main weapon; as ungainly as it seems it makes the perfect tool with which to deliver a surprise blow from which the target very rarely gets a chance to counter-attack. However, if she finds herself surrounded or in pitched battle, and requires something a little more weildy, she carries a shortsword with which she is competent (if not expert) in using. She has a few years experience under her belt, and is old enough to be held in esteem by younger fighters.

Personality: Leotie is a focused, intense person, to the extent that anything which isn't immediately relevant or pertinent to the matter at hand, is all but erased from her thinking. For this reason, if there's something on her mind, or if she's figuring something out, she'll quite often not hear something which is said to her, or give an assinine - even absurd - reply. She can't multitrack her thinking at all, and in that sense she's rather more like a man than she could know! Chaos and disorder cause her great stress, and if there's an argument going on involving more than two people she'll get extremely flustered and angry. Her intensity can give the impression of being humourless, but actually in one-to-one conversation she's a lot more comfortable, open, insightful and articulate. She's not unkind or emotionally retarded, but at the same time she's not really the best at offering words of solace or comfort. She is, however, a good person to speak to if you want to cut to the heart of the problem and get a pragmatic solution. She doesn't believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve, and gets uncomfortable at emotional outbursts. But for all her faults, if she's allowed to focus on something, she has perception above and beyond most of her contemporaries, and will discern and spot things that escape the notice of most people. Above all, the things she says just....make sense.

Description: She's fairly nimble and slender; not in the same way as a huntress, but she's on the slimmer end of the guardian spectrum. She has powerful arms and agile feet, and long, wavy, light brown hair, large almond eyes and soft features. She usually wears a dark leather wrap-around vest, pants and boots, and if scouting in darkness she wears the pelt of a black wolf as a large hooded cloak.

Likes, Dislikes and personal fears: Leotie likes things to be simple, straightforward, orderly and to the point. She is also a skilled clothier, and enjoys working with textiles and's something she can focus on to relax! As noted beforte she dislikes chaos, disorder and people who can't contain their emotions, especially if they allow their emotions to cause them to act impulsively and irrationally. Her biggest fear is, ironically, wolves. She fears being 'surrounded', and the pack-hunter nature of wolves means that to surround it's prey is written into their instincts. The wolf pelt she wears is of an animal she killed whilst rescuing a sister who was surrounded, but if she ever found herself in that position herself, she thinks she'd probably be paralysed with fear. On a loosely related note, she also fears motherhood. What could be more chaotic and more like being surrounded, than trying to bring up a small child??

Thoughts on men:
All encounters with men so far have been brief and non-conversational. Normally involving Leotie dropping out of a tree axe-first. Her nature and upbringing have left her with the impression that men are irrational, unreasonable and impulsive, so she views them no differently to bears; if you see one from a distance, leave it alone; if it comes too close, take it down before it gets on top of you.

So begins...

Leotie's Story