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a character in “Conduit”, as played by Just Sayin'



Name: Neo
Age: Seventeen summers

She is a: Fire Conduit: It was not something she planned entirely on her own. Actually, her heart was set on being a Huntress. When her powers were discovered it would be a lie if told she was thrilled. Her mother, Zayla, another fire conduit, was just that, but as for Neo, she was disappointed. She was swept under her mother's wing, well, tighter beneath her wing as the woman became, not only her parental figure, but her mentor as well. Neo is not half as good as Zayla just yet, but she's quick to learn, and is mastering her power at reasonable speed. Over the months Neo has finally accepted what she is, now viewing being a fire conduit as a honor. She has learned much from her mother, along the way being pressured far past her limits; Living with your mentor adds twice the pain.
Along with her elemental ability it's easy to say Neo does well with hand-to-hand combat, but it's not her strongest suit. However, she's mean with a pair of twin daggers, any small blade at that, but don't count her out when using a sword of larger size. She's quick on her feet, but not as fast as the other sisters, able to keep fair pace with them though. Neo's excellent with climbing, wearing many callouses upon her palms from climbing up high trees.

Personality: Stubborn and highly opinionated, Neo is one to stand her ground. She doesn't like showing her weaknesses, and tries to stay strong, all of it being for her sisters, hating to disappoint them. There is always a witty comment stuck to the end of her tongue, but she's learning to bite back those said remarks. However, her fiery spirit does not help with staying calm and in her place. Her mother once said it had to be fate, her element matching her personality like a fit glove on a slender hand.
Being one of the youngest among the sisters, Neo is highly out-spoken, something that bugs her to no end. She likes being heard and when ignored it irks her to the point were she usually separates herself from her sisters for a short period of time. Yes, Neo is easily angered, having a huge temper. An once softly glowing ember able to burst into a heated fire burning within a dense woodland forest in mere seconds. There are still moments when her tight grip of control over her element loosens. Combined that with an explosive disposition and it all screams a handful! She's one who can sit back and watch a quarrel between her sisters with an amused expression, but knows when enough is enough, able to step in once the conclusion is made.

However, once you over look her need for control over a situation, her need for having the upper-hand, you find a rather "pleasant" person. Neo is highly intelligent, able to think things up to get out of a tight situation; That is if she takes the time to think. More than likely she will simply act before doing so, being the courageous young woman she is. There are times when her feisty personality subsides and you see the extremely caring side of her. She loves her sisters greatly, as if they all shared the same blood. She's promised herself to defend them with her life, and that's what she plans on doing. Even though Neo is young, she over looks the elder sisters, just to make sure they are safe. Some of the things Neo does is unneeded, and she's scolded many times, but in all honesty her intentions are whole-hearted.

Description: Neo stands at 5'8" having a lean, slightly muscled build. Her height is mostly in her defined legs, leading up to strong hips, thighs, and a curved, slim waist. Her figure, in general, is rather feminine and curvaceous, hidden well by certain parts of her attire. Her skin, graced by the sun, is a creamy tan colour, stitched with multiple scars upon her arms, legs, and even her right hip from times of being a Hell bent child to training under her mother's steady hand. Her facial features are sharp; Jawline being smooth, neatly cut across to her chin, her nose being slightly rounded at the tip. Neo's lips are full and bow-shaped, like the inside of a pink, soft petaled rose from the colour to the feel.
There have been a few arguments when the subject goes to Neo's hair. Naturally, her hair was a deep auburn colour, glinting with red in certain light, but when her power had risen she was mockingly taunted by her sisters, even her own mother. Red hair, a fiery personality, and the ability to call upon fire? The jokes were never-ending. So, Neo made a quick fix. She dyed her hair a blonde colour, yet when it's unkempt in a haughty manner, like it is most of the time, people would consider her now a strawberry blonde; Which she's fine with.
That thick, straight hair of her's falls to the middle of her back, getting into her deep, emerald green, almond-shaped eyes; She seems to hold a predatory gaze. Those eyes are surrounded by long, black eyelashes that cast shadows upon her high cheekbones when she blinks.
As for attire Neo usually wears a dark brown tunic, underneath having on a long-sleeved, short white shirt that ruffles around the sleeves. For bottoms she's usually seen in dark green pants that end at the tops of her knees, and a pair of dark brown, strapped sandals. Then, always seen hanging loosely at both Neo's hips, are her pair of twin daggers she received two weeks ago from her mother; Always kept carefully sheathed. Sometimes she carries around a bigger sword of choice, but usually does not feel the need.

Likes, Dislikes and Personal fears: Neo has always liked the evening time, watching the sun set down behind the mass of trees. It intrigues her how it casts different colours among the clouds and sky, making her stand in awe if only for a moment. She also enjoys counting the brilliant stars at night as well, when she can sneak off to herself. She's counted to three hundred forty-five, but that's as far as it has went before she got confused and angered over the fact she's miscounted. She's also taken a new liking to training. She loves the power which is felt behind it, making her hunger for more. There are many other things that make her smile, even a faint smile at that.
She's found a few things that make her cringe and "bare her teeth," these things are as stated: Neo dislikes failure, every time she messes up when training she scolds her own self, taking the punishment her "mentor" gives her like the woman she is. She also doesn't like rain that much either, because of her element, and thunderstorms more specially. Thunder kind of creeps her out, it makes her think of the loud, eerie growls of Men; At least that's what comes to mind when the noise rumbles across the village.
Like many of her sisters, Neo has a deep seeded fear of Men, and that might just be the only fear she has, besides losing one of her sisters in the first place. Just to think about the creature makes her shudder, makes her face twist into a mask of horror. The unknown scares almost anyone, definitely when it gives full rein to their imagination.

Thoughts on men: Speaking the word "Men" leaves a sour taste in Neo's mouth, making her feel unclean, something the cool lake water cannot wash away. She's never seen this species called Man, but has a clear enough visual in her mind; The Elder sisters having drawn and burned a picture in her mind with their horrid words. She imagines them vile creatures of hulking size with hunched backs, talons as nails, fangs, covered in huge mounds of hair. Coarse, smelly hair. No, no she hasn't seen one nor wants to.. But if she does..
Neo has prepared, she's ready to slaughter them where they stand.. Or crawl. Wait, do Men have legs? Questions like these keep her up at night. Sometimes she wonders if she really wants them answered. She'd rather go back to a time when she was a youngling, when she laid safe in her bed with no idea what Man was.

So begins...

Neo's Story