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a character in “Conduit”, as played by Just Sayin'



Name: Valkin

Age: Nineteen

He is a: Warrior

Personality: To say Valkin is warm-hearted would be rather misleading; Don't let his physical appearance fool you. Yes, he's a bit more.. "logical" than the others, but he is dreadfully greedy and a bit selfish. If there's an object he believes will sell in the local market, you better bet he'll be snagging it, taking it to the market that very next day; that's even if he has to steal the object. He's money hungry with plenty of other things to worry about besides others' thoughts, feelings, goals, and so on.
Being a younger warrior, Valkin pushes himself hard when it comes to his training. He hates failure and when he messes up, like dropping his sword during training perhaps, he becomes overly furious. Knowing he's at a disadvantage when the time for fighting arises, he does not allow himself to screw up when "preparing for battle"; Of course, a couple mess ups are a given. He does have a temper, letting small things enrage him; Like when someone enters his personal space threateningly, they're just asking for a swift punch in the stomach, possibly the cool blade of his sword lain at their gullet.

Aside from Valkin being strict, wanting all the money he can have, and seeming quiet temperamental, he does have a "mellow" side to him. If not found training he'll be seen lazing in under a shady tree, napping or simply letting his mind rest. He's constantly thinking, even seconds before he is consumed by sleep, it's nice when he can get away to himself and just.. breathe. He rarely slows down to do that!
Even though he doesn't have the warmest heart out there, he is caring to a certain extent; He would never admit it to a soul. If one in the brother hood were to be severely injured he wouldn't think twice about helping them, unless his own life was in stake.. Only then would he let one suffer to save his own hide. Valkin is extremely prideful and if a bet were to be thrown his way he would not back down; Toss in some money, and you'll have a lot to handle. If he were to be insulted, he wouldn't stop mindlessly hitting until blood was brought. It's that simple. He's described as having a hard, tortoise-shelled outer layer with a secret mashmellow center. He likes telling crazy stories to entertain others, joking around, and whittling, but a lot has changed over the last few weeks. Something seems off about him..

Description: Valkin stands at a whooping 6'2", proudly noting he is taller than some of the men that are older than him; his build strong and athletic. He's arms are lengthy and defined by nice amounts of muscle. Those arms lead into a large expansion of chest, his chest and shoulders being noticeably broad, stomach muscled. His skin is gently tanned due to being exposed to the sun most hours of the day, may it be working with his stallion or practicing his swordsmanship. That skin is grazed with multiple scars along his forearms, a few on his wide chest, and a deeper one which resides on the left side of his strong jawline. Valkin's feet are of a large size which doesn't help him any when having to move at a quick pace. As embarrassing as it is to admit, he trips when running fast.
His neck leads into soft facial features, to his disliking, but he is young after all. His jawline is the only thing that is strong and defined at the least bit. He has rounded cheekbones and full, light red coloured lips. He doesn't like the fullness of them, but deals. Valk's nose is long and round at the tip, leading up to his strangely coloured eyes. Once burning a deep golden colour, they have now dulled to a dim hazel. This was caused by a disease called Glaucoma; Of course, he knows not of the name. Valkin is a diabetic, having low blood sugar where if he doesn't eat he'll pass out, it is bad enough if he can go into a coma; He does not know it's called "diabetes," he just knows he must eat. However, a week ago his eyesight began to deteriorate. His vision is now blurry and it's hard for him to walk properly without tripping and falling at times; Imagine him trying to fight against multiple attackers at once!
Being stubborn, Valkin has told no one that something is clawing away at his eyesight and surely no one has taken notice to his milky hazel eyes, thinking they look that way from his lack of sleep.
His hair is dark brown in colour, so deep that when its wet it looks to be black. If he let that hair of his grow out longer it would be curly, this being shown by the ends that curl upward. It's usually is a messy disray due to the fact he doesn't really brush it, and when stressed he runs his massive hands through the thick strands repeatedly.
For attire Valkin wears a black leather jerkin with a hunter green long-sleeved shirt underneath, black trousers, and green soft-soul boots. Upon his back is kept his brown scabbard holding his broad-bladed sword. In his right boot having hidden a small-handled dagger.

Likes, Dislikes and personal fears: Valkin likes to train hard, likes being extremely tired from a long days work; Sweat reminding him he's actually done something. He enjoys the feel when his sword slices through an object, may it be flesh or the target dummy he created weeks ago. He doesn't preferably like the heat, dimming it annoying during the summer months when he is outside the whole day, sun up to sun down. He also does not like the condition he's going through with his eyes, not at all. But who would? He wishes of a cure, but is too thick-skulled to even ask one of his "brothers" what that cure might be.
He fears one thing, and one thing only. That is the brother hood finding out he is losing his eyesight. Valkin winces at the thought of his place as a warrior being stripped from him. Of course, he has other desires and goals he's working for, besides keeping his warrior status.

Thoughts on Women: Valkin has never laid eyes upon a Woman before, though he lies to the other men, boasting that he has. Actually, he has no idea what to except when ever faced with one. He goes off stories others have told him, which it's hard to choose who to believe what from. Some tell him Women are hideous creatures who feed off the vulnerabilities of weaker men. Others say Women are a beautiful "species" and should be treasured. Valkin has formed his own opinion on the matter. He holds slight hatred for them, for their differences, for their "ways" and "magic" he has heard so much about. However, these "Women" have also piqued the young Man's interest, his curiosity. Are they beautiful? Vile? Dangerous? Or are they simple fairy tales? Valk has no earthly idea, but feels he will be finding out soon enough. He tries not to think too much on it, only wanting the objects Women carry with them. Their jewelry, weapons, maybe even their so-called power. Whatever benefits him. Surely he and his brethren can over power these creatures, right?

So begins...

Valkin's Story