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a character in “Conduit”, as played by MagicalNeko



Name: Yona
Age: Nineteen

She Is A:
Yona is a Water Conduit, fairly new to her powers. She had just become a Guardian when she discovered her power over water and was moved to train under another water conduit, until she had better control. Now, she's fully independent and learns quickly about herself, though she's still a fledgling conduit and occassionally has trouble with control. Besides her influence with water, Yona is also rather skilled with a short sword and her abilities with horses are undeniably unsurpassed. She's known mainly for her trick riding and training of horses, which to say that of a conduit who should be known for her abilities may be a bit of a shame, but she doesn't mind so much.

Yona is easy-going and hard-working. She loves her sisters and is always willling to go the extra mile for them. She's not particularly skilled as a fighter, but she always tries her hardest when it comes to combat training with her Guardian mother, Neb, and her younger sister, Kelra. She's very observant and picks up new skills quickly, in theory anyway. Application of these skills isn't always flawless, and she can become rather impatient when she just can't seem to pick something up; it's typically natural, but she pushes it to levels unsurpassed β€” however, when training horses, she has a quiet patience akin to serenity as she realizes that it does take time to work on these things... it just doesn't sink in with her when she's on the ground, covered in sweat and dirt, panting with exhastion.

Yona doesn't see herself as just a fledgling conduit or just a former guardian. She's never seen any of the women this way. She calls the women as her sisters and is, as such, as friendly and familiar with everyone as she would be to Kelra. She tends to have a bit of a hard time with the Huntresses after her alleged 'betrayal' of sorts pursuing life as a Guardian like her mother. She tries to get on well with everyone, but admittedly she wouldn't be the first one to step between two feuding sisters. Let them be, and they'll sort it out themselves. There's no need getting involved in something that she has no place in. Failing that, she's not usually around whenever there are fights β€” if one can't find her, one probably hasn't checked the horse paddocks or the river. Occassionally, as the sleepy dreamer she tends to be, Yona can be found wandering off toward one of the clearings nearby to the village to sit in the sunlight and watch the clouds. Having been put on the team of conduits accompanying the caravan, Yona is a little upset that she can't just wander off, but she's excited for the adventure, the training oppertunities, and the amount of time spent on horseback.

Yona is thin, lithe, with an almost catlike figure. She stands at an average five feet six inches, but claims that she's still growing β€” Kelra is already five feet four and only twelve, therefore holding above her sister the potential to grow taller than her. Her skin is creme white, developing an even light tan in the heat of the summers, and she very rarely burns. Yona's eyes are blue-grey as mist over the lake, her hair black as night; both serve to pale her skin further than is accurately natural on her, but her full lips are a soft pink to pull out her pale eyes and brighten her face. She wears a form-fitted lilac tunic with a darker purple sash, long-sleeved, and short-bodied. It cuts off mid-thigh, shows off her straight body and slender hips. Black tights cling to her strong legs, and to finish off the look, Yona wears a pair of boots that match her sash. Alternately, for more rough work, such as training herself or horses, or sparring, she wears a form-fitted sleeveless black tunic with a red sash, black tights, and black knee-high boots. Because of her trick riding, Yona's whole body is strong and lean β€” to perform most of the stunts used in trick riding, one's body must be conditioned to lift bear the weight of their whole body, and weighing a mere 110lbs, it might not seem like a huge feat but Yona's been training for the better part of eight years to get where she is now. Her training for trick riding has made her strong and flexible, it's boosted her confidence in herself and affected the way she carries herself, and has formed between her and her horse, Quaris, a bond so strong you can feel it.

Likes, Dislikes and Personal Fears:
Yona likes to be among a group, prefers to be the center of attention only when giving lessons. Her trick riding can double as war manoevers or hunting techniques, and she's willing to teach them to anyone whose willing to learn. Her favourite horse is Quaris, a four-year-old mare who is sister another favourite of Yona's, Qualia.

Quaris is the most obvious love of her life. Almost where ever you find Yona you find Quaris as well, though after a few complaints Yona regrettably doesn't take her too far away from the paddocks anymore. Quaris (pronounced KEY-ris) is a bay tobiano to match her brother, both dark-eyed and standing 15.3hh*, with stars and snips on their faces and two black socks; Quaris and Qualia (pronounced KEEL-yah β€” pictured Quaris in foreground, Qualia behind her) are twins out of a mare that Yona learned to ride on, and are both trained by Yona herself.

Though she dislikes very little, Yona does have a sound distaste for dishonesty and cruelty toward animals. She also isn't fond of robin eggs or squirrels, but that's a long story that she's too embarressed to tell. As far as fears go, there's a long list of minor ones that she's constantly working on and slowly getting over. Nothing big, really. Just your average, mostly fearless, nineteen-year-old girl. Mostly.

Thoughts on Men:
Men. Yona had never really thought of them as anything but barbaric creatures covered from head to toe in hair, snatching naughty children from their beds if they misbehaved. She used to scare Kelra and her old playmate, Kyra, with stories that she made up of Men. On one of her little escapades into the forest to watch clouds from her favourite clearing, Yona was unlucky enough to see two of them in the woods β€” Talon's territory! One of them was older, she could tell, but the other couldn't be any older than she was and the thought intrigued her. Still, after coming out of shock, she pulled herself onto Quaris' back and was galloping off before the Men could react. She informed Talon's Elders and the Leader of the Guardians of the situation and the woods were searched throroughly. There was evidence of Man's presence, but it had appeared as though the two had fled soon after Yona had. After this, she's still a little nervous about the thought of Men, and it hasn't changed her ideas of their barbarity.

*hh: hands high. Hands are the unit of measurement used for horses, from the ground to the part of the neck closest to the back, called the withers. One hand is equal to four inches.

So begins...

Yona's Story