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Dean Mars

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a character in “Confused, Addicted, Hurt”, as played by bandgeek




"They say I wouldn't last a day in the real world, I say you wouldn't last a night in mine."

Full name: Dean Mars

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Male

Birth Date: December 5th

Nationality: British

Sexual Preference: Men

Height: 5'4"

Scars: A long gash on his upper arm, which is now just a thin, pink line trailing down his bicep. Above his right eye is a small pink line caused by his drunken father, but he uses his hair to cover it.

Tattoos: Multiple. x & he has a smiley on his left knee, and another on his right, but it says "WTF" underneath it.

Piercings: Two on his lips, both on the left side. [ spider bites ] x

Appearance: Dean is short, skinny, long-limbed, and overall awkward looking. The outline of his ribs is visible without a shirt, and you can see his spine even with a shirt on when he bends. He often keeps his longish brown hair straightened, though when it gets wet it goes curly and messy again.

Personality: Dean does not feel nervous in social situations, and has a good impression of what others think of him. He likes to speak out, take charge, and direct the activities of others. He is usually the leader in group activities. He prefers dealing with either people or things rather than ideas. He regards intellectual exercises as a waste of his time. He finds helping other people genuinely rewarding and is generally willing to assist those who are in need. He also finds that doing things for others is a form of self-fulfillment rather than self-sacrifice, however he does not enjoy confrontation, but will stand up for himself or push his point if he feels it is important. He has strong will-power and is able to overcome your reluctance to begin tasks.

He is a calm person who is considered almost fearless by some. He rarely gets angry and it takes a lot to make him angry. Mostly his emotions are on an even keel and he does not get depressed easily. He does not feel nervous in social situations, and has a good impression of what others think of him. He is poised, confident, and clear-thinking when stressed.

He genuinely likes other people and will openly demonstrate positive feelings toward others. He makes friends quickly and it is easy for him to form close, intimate relationships. He finds the company of others pleasantly stimulating and rewarding, and enjoys the excitement that crowds provide. He likes to speak out, take charge, and direct the activities of others. He is usually the leader in group activities. He leads a fast-paced and busy life. He moves about quickly, energetically, and vigorously and is always involved in many activities. He loves the bright lights and hustle and bustle. He takes risks, and he seeks thrills.

He is a moderately imaginative person who enjoys a good balance between the real world and fantasy. Dean is reasonably interested in the arts, but mostly interested in just music. He has good access to and awareness of his own feelings. Always eager to try new activities, travel, and experience different things. Finding familiarity and routine boring, he will take a new route home just because it is different. Often he exhibits a readiness to challenge authority, convention, and traditional values. He also feels a certain degree of hostility toward rules and perhaps even enjoy ambiguity.

He naturally assumes that most people are fair, honest, and have good intentions. He sees no need for pretense or manipulation when dealing with others and are therefore candid, frank and sincere. People find it relatively easy to relate to him. He does not like to claim that he is better than other people, and is generally shy from talking himself up. He is tenderhearted and compassionate, feeling the pain of others vicariously and are easily moved to pity.

He believes that he has the intelligence, common sense, drive, and self-control necessary for achieving success. In general he tends to be disorganized and scattered. His sense of duty and obligation is average and although he is mostly responsible, he can sometimes be unreliable. He often says or does the first thing that comes to mind without deliberating alternatives and the probable consequences of those alternatives.

Likes: Jokes, music, his car, soccer, watching the football guys, Boy Two.

Dislikes: Seriousness, synthesized music, boy bands, Boy Two's girlfriend, cheerleaders in general, bullies, homophobics.

Goals: Coming out, growing up, telling Boy Two of his crush on him.

Fears: Coming out, telling Boy Two of his crush on him, being rejected, the dark, someone finding out his mothers death was his fault, water, storms.

Hobbies: Playing soccer and working on his car, which is one of his favorite things to do, even if it isn't broken.

Relationship Background: Dean has never had a boyfriend or girlfriend before, the only reason that his lips aren't virgins was from a dare at a party. In seventh grade he was dared to kiss his best friend, and when he did his best friend kissed him back. The thing was, his best friend didn't even know about the dare. Of course this freaked him out, and won't admit that he's gay. Especially since he's in love with his other best friend.

Family: Samuel Mars, his father. Dean's mother, Janine, has been dead since his seventh birthday, when she died on a trip out to get eggnog because Dean demanded to have it on his birthday, and they were out.

So begins...

Dean Mars's Story


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Dean was attending these therapy sessions because of his mothers death. At least, this was what he kept telling himself. It was the only logical reason for him to be going, it certainly could not be because of the accident at the beach. The kiss between him and Alistair had been a big mistake, simply an accident that was never going to happen again. Especially since his girlfriend was sitting beside him in the passenger seat of his beloved Camaro. The car had recently gotten a lot of new additions. It was something he worked on when he had to think about something, or get his mind off that something. So of course he had been working a lot on it the last few weeks, and even Charlie was beginning to notice. His lovely black and white car now had new tires, had changed from green to the current colors, had a better radio system, and he was even working on putting a stereo into the back.

His girlfriend glanced over at him, looking worried. Hearing her ask if he was alright, Dean just nodded and started the car. "Just fine C." Everyone called her Charlie, so Dean called her C. It usually made her laugh, but this time she just looked even more worried about him. "Promise," he assured her, pulling out of the driveway and heading towards the therapy group. He wasn't entirely sure why Charlie was going, and she wasn't very willing to offer up such information. Just asked him if he would drive her there, and since he was already going he couldn't say no.

As they got closer to their destination, Dean began taking side streets. There was multiple reasons for this, to avoid traffic and such. But the most obvious one was that he was stalling.

Nine years ago her parents tried to kill her. Less than four hours ago she woke up screaming because these memories still haunted her. It was unfair, in her mind. That even though it happened so long ago, she could still be bothered so much by it. Most nights it kept her up until the early hours of the morning, and she barely got more than twenty minutes of sleep a night. The bags below her eyes got worse and worse, but anytime someone would ask about them she would dismiss their questions. In her mind, no one needed to know why she couldn't sleep. They didn't need to know why she could only take a shower, and only in a bathroom that didn't have an actual bathtub. Or that she was terrified to look in a mirror because she didn't want to see herself. And they didn't need to know that the reasons her arms were always so red-looking was because when she did sleep, she literally went insane trying to scratch the scars off.

Why was she going to this then? Because her older brother was pushing her into it. He was the one who had found her, nearly dead in a bath that was mostly her own blood. Since her parents went to jail, she had been living with him. They were very close, but like most siblings they still fought all the time. This had been a particularly bad fight, and he said that if she wouldn't go that he would kick her out as soon as she turned eighteen. He had never been so serious about something, and it frightened her enough to push her to go. When she found out her boyfriend was going too, it got a little better. Currently they were in his car, and she noticed he had begun to take side streets- probably trying to waste time

"Dean," she began, but her eyes caught someone familiar. "Hey, isn't that Alistair?" After convincing her boyfriend to pull the car over near him- he was rather reluctant to do so, which confused her very much -she rolled down the window and called out to him. "Alistair! Want a ride?"


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Alistair jumped slightly as a car pulled up, he sighed in releif to see Charlie asking him if he wanted to catch a lift to wherever he was going. He went to speak but the words left him as unreasonable amounts of unsafe thought sped into his mind about what would happen if he got into the car. Then he saw who was driving, Dean. He forced a smile and began to blink quickly as he thought of a good enough exscuse as to not get in the car. " er well...thanks but no thanks...I'd rather walk. The place I'm going to is only a few minutes up the road" he explained gesturing up the street with his hand he turned to them both and spoke again wanting to end the conversation in a somehow happy note " but Ill catch you guys later yeah?" He smiled again and waved quickly as he walked up the street.

" that was close Alistair" he mumbled to himself sticking his hands in his pocket as he walked.