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Conjuring Blood Thirst

Conjuring Blood Thirst


Vampires have always killed when they fed, but some finally get sick of the ways. Can you try to overcome the difficulties of feeding without killing?

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The vampires always killed whoever the fed from, it had always been like this. Many vampires got sick of it, they began to shun the vampire ways and formed there own ways of feeding without killing the humans they feed from.

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Shrugging Byran followed after Hound, still curious as to why this Blade wanted to talk to the Vampire and not kill her. (*)And still he hasn't answered my questions.(*)

Vash felt the vibration of the crashing as she finished the chant in time to stumble back from the door even more when something crashed into it. "Fucking great!" she snarled as she looked around and groaned when she saw that it was a wide open living room turned rats nest and grimaced as her heightened smell caught the scent of decay and dry blood. "Fucking great." she growled and looked back at the girl checking over her to see if she was okay.

"Next time I tell you to stop, do it!" she stated as she moved towards the far wall her body loose but oddly tight as she listened to the breathing on the other side of the door. "If that thing followed than that means the Blade and the Hunter is right behind it. We need a way to get out of here and to vanish."

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"The last thing I want is a jerky vampire like you bossing me around! I'm outta here!" Alice growled. She turned invisible, a normal power for vampires, and kicked one of the walls in. She leapt out of the hole landing on her feet when she reached the ground. She became visible again and began to walk. She ignored the other hunters surrounding the building. "At least they're not after me." She mumbled.
((I'm going to be gone for a couple weeks))

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Vash's icy green eyes flashed red. Not the normal ordinary red, but more of a glowing eery red. "Jerky Vampire!" she snarled as she leaped out the whole she had made and hissed as she landed. "Coward!" she spat, before turning and racing away her red hair streaming behind her. "At least I'm running for a reason." she growled as she headed in the opposite direction the female had taken. "I've lived through what those guys can do." she muttered as memories she tried to forget drifted through her mind as she ran.

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Thym stood still, then turned around and walked the opposite direction. "Um, Thym..what you doing?" Blair asked watching Thym. "Getting out of from here, I don't like the feeling of that way, or the way that vampire ran, the way she ran, or much of the vampire herself." Thym muttered still walking. Quietly sighing Blair followed her "You could at least tell me what it is then right?" he mumbled to himself. Thym stopped dead in her tracks, then began to run. Surprised by Thym's sudden outburst, Blair stood there watching her run. "Blair!! Come on! Now" Thym yelled slowing down for only a second. Still not understanding what she was running for, Blair started to jog after Thym. Quickly Blair lost sight of Thym "Damn it Thym! You could have waited for me! Goddamn you! Blair shouted slowing down looking around for any traces from her. "Blair! Shut up! I don't want any unwanted attention!" Thym's voice echoed from an alley not far from Blair. "Oh, well now I feel like an idiot." Blair mumbled walking towards the alleyway where Thym's voice echoed from.

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Hoping to eradicate her scent, Vash drew up against a building that faintly smelled of incense and groaned when her acute smell picked up the incense Dragon's Blood and quickly slid into the shop shutting it behind her and moved swiftly through the shop tell she saw what she was looking for. Gathering up several of the packages and a burner along with a lighter, she headed to the counter and laid her items down before turning and looking for a few other objects, her mind fulling taking in the items in the shop as nostalgia washed over her.

"Home." she whispered softly as her icy green eyes glittered faintly with suppressed tears before clearing up and gathered several more items and moved back to the desk. All the while her senses were on high alert just encase that werewolf or the Blade and Hunter showed up. Once again she placed her items on the counter and placed them in order of how she liked. Cedarwood, Ceremonial Rain, Desert Patchouli, Dragons Blood, Honey Amber, Jasmine, Lavender/Sage, Musk Patchouli Forest, Rose, Sage and Sandalwood. And for each type of incense she grabbed she also grabbed its own holder.

Smiling her thanks to the cashier, Vash payed than slipped put the shop just as quietly as she slipped in her senses on high alert as she moved swiftly but quietly. Turning a corner she headed into a darkly ally way, her thoughts on how to combine several of the incense to hide her scent. "Though it wont work on the Blade. Not with his vampire senses!" she muttered under her breath.

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She heard the vampire yell 'Coward' but she didn't care. She wanted to stay far from that rude vampire as possible. She just kept walking the way she came and didn't bother to notice when she walked past Blair and thyme again. 'Me? A coward? Ha! I'd like to see the day when THAT happens!' She thought to herself.

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Character Portrait: Byran "The Bloody"  Warden
Byran "The Bloody" Warden

My life's delight is hunting down and killing those god forsaken blood thirsty none human bastereds. If I had it my way I'd hunt them down and slaughter them all!!

Character Portrait: Vash

"Death is the only thing I am wishing for! But I am denied. And so I am a living Vampire that can't die and suffer night and day. Am I a daywalker or just an anomaly!?"

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Thym Archers

Might want to listen to her words, they could mean something later

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Blair Archers

Just don't mess with him

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She is a vampire who follows her own rules.


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