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Iveir has gone through changes. Changes that most are not prepared for. However, in the midst of the change, the slight chaos, foreign rule takes over the empty throne of the Water Kingdom. From there, conquering the rest of Iveir is only a matter of time

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Character Portrait: Neido Kumara

"An alpha must always be established."

Character Portrait: Harlan Pendrake

"Hey! Hey....! Hey, hey, see the ass..on that chick who just walked by?! No's a dude....dude you see the ass on the dude who just walked by?!"

Character Portrait: Shiro Yukashima

"I stand for nothing more then you, my king"

Character Portrait: Lutchka Zatari

"You think you can beat me, little mouse? Well, we'll just have to see if the cards humor you along tonight."

Character Portrait: Rhoven Shaw

"You have just made an enemy you will wish you hadn't."

Character Portrait: Renardine 'Minnow' Lunvari

"Even the smallest life matters."

Character Portrait: Lukina Aymidor

"They say revenge does the soul no good, I disagree. Revenge will settle my raging soul."

Character Portrait: Valrien Yustri

"I will see my Kingdom restored and balance kept."

Character Portrait: Kanan Thiyer

"My life belongs to my King. Only he is allowed to deem when I can die."

Character Portrait: Siya Ukomo

"I can, and I will prevail."

Character Portrait: Amon Ad-Raza

"We got this people! We've dealt with worse before, so we can contend with this as well!"