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"We got this people! We've dealt with worse before, so we can contend with this as well!"

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32 || Heterosexual || King of Air

Standing at about five feet, five inches, Amon is a young, athletically built individual. His brown hair reaches down to the base of his neck and is left rather unruly; his matching brown eyes shine with constant optimism and enthusiasm. He is in very good shape, tone with lean muscles due to his daily workouts and martial arts training, along with a light tan from being outside as much as he is. He tends to wear light, loose clothing with only a few decorations as he prefers to be unencumbered, the only heavy thing he carries with him is the red and gold staff that he uses for training purposes.



Most obvious is Amon's ability to utilize his element of air, however he tends to use it in a much more subtle fashion. While he is more than capable of creating very powerful gusts of wind and could even create massive storms if he wanted to, he detests using his power in such a blatant manner because of how draining it is on him physically. He has two primary techniques that he uses his magic for, the first is utilizing it for offence by firing off quick, powerful bursts of air at his opponents. He uses this to strike from afar if need be, but he primarily uses it to augment his strikes. When punching, kicking, and striking in general he will add to their impact by firing off these bursts of air, even using them to increase their reach if need be. The other use is much more defensive, again using the wind to help augment his normal capabilities. He rarely ever creates barriers of air, only doing so to deflect ranged attacks; rather he uses the wind to help him parry, deflect, and block attacks from his opponents. He uses the wind to help push and guide his opponents attacks away from his body, combining the winds with his martial training to help defend himself.

He has other uses for the magic which are far less subtle, from being able to run at high speeds by eliminating the drag of the air around him to being able to fly by using continuous gusts of air to keep him aloft. He is also fairly clever when it comes to using his control over the air, devising different solutions to problems by utilizing the air around him or sometimes even the air located within something if need be.

His other notable skill is his skill in the martial arts, something that he practices every day to keep sharp and focused. His style of fighting is around keeping in tight to his opponent and utilizing quick, rapid strikes. He also makes heavy use of counter-attacks, defending himself and attacking his opponent at the same time. He is well versed in grappling as well, which he uses to trap limbs to expose weak points, as well as using throws, trips and sweeps; he also uses his magic to help him when it comes to throwing or knocking his opponent off balance, using the wind to help guide his opponent where he needs them to fall. His style is focused on conservation of energy, as in conserving one's own energy so as not to tire themselves out. It is about out lasting your opponent so that they begin to make mistakes from exhaustion that can be exploited. Despite the fact that he carries a heavy, metal staff around he never actually uses it for combat. For him it's simply just an exercising tool that he carries around.



As disciplined as he is in his training, he is anything but a hard worker when it comes to administration work and running the kingdom. To him it is dull, time consuming, and since he has other people he can have do the work for him (many of whom are better at it than he is) he chooses to have a council to run the kingdom. These are people he appoints, and though he still has the last say in all decisions, his lack of interest in the material and the process just means that he smiles and nods during most council meetings. He'd rather spend his time outside, training or even just enjoying whatever the weather may be at the time.

He is also guilty of being somewhat idealistic, always training to perfect his techniques, but most important for him is to help everyone he can and to see that they all live equally and happily. Laws and decisions on such matters are the only ones he genuinely gives any attention to. He will do whatever he can as a person to help others, even placing himself at risk if it means protecting those who cannot protect themselves. This idealism also means that he's willing to give any and all a chance to prove themselves a good person, even if he knows that there is little to no chance of it. Sometimes it takes a serious scolding to convince him that someone is beyond being helped.

Lastly, despite his martial training and love of sparring, he is anything but a killer. In fact, he genuinely despises getting into a real fight; choosing to try and talk a person out of violence if need be. If attacked, he will take a very defensive stance, using his magic and training to simply protect himself. He may trip the opponent or throw them to the side, hoping they will eventually quit out of frustration or that he can talk them out of fighting; he will only resort to physically attacking them if he believes there is no other option. Killing someone is something that he abhors doing, only doing so as a very last resort. Even when he does feel he was justified in killing a person, all the cheer and enthusiasm he is known for will be replaced by sorrow as he laments the action.


Most people know of Amon's obsessive training, if one is not sure where he is most know to simply find either the training grounds of the local place or somewhere quiet and peaceful. He never actually uses the staff for combat, rather it is just a heavy metal rod that he uses as a weight for his exercises. Sometimes he'll use it as a makeshift workout device, such as a chin up bar or using it to practice his balance. His protectors would know full well just how much the king does not enjoy the administrative work and how he struggles to actually give his attention to the matter. Another thing well known of him is how much he loves learning any new style of martial art, regardless of what its style may be. Hell, if he likes it enough he may even adapt his style to suit some of the new techniques he has learned. His protectors would also know the he is not of royal blood.

Amon is also very well known for being adamant about, as he refers to it, "Independence from Magic." What this means is that he believes that reliance on magic is foolish and quite honestly very dangerous. It worries him to see people are sometimes so reliant on magic that they have trouble performing a task without the help of it, and he is not afraid to speak about this issue. This philosophy of magic use is why he's so focused on being fit and well trained in the martial arts, so that he can survive without the need for magic.


There really is not much that Amon keeps secret, about the only thing he doesn't tell most people was his past relationship with the daughter of the previous King of Air. His protectors know of this but he prefers to keep it from other people.


Amon is, for the lack of a better term, happy. He is always optimistic and enthusiastic about something (excluding his kingly duties), and is always excited to meet and talk with people. He loves exploring and going to new places, regardless of how dangerous it may be. As said, he is almost always happy with a smile on his face, hoping to infect people with the cheerfulness he always feels. When not training, he enjoys chatting with people regardless of who they may be. He has a lot of trouble sitting still, always wanting to be out and about doing something.

It's difficult to wipe the smile off of Amon's face, as generally he is difficult to make angry or sad. He is also difficult to embarrass, as he is more than happy to laugh at himself. He is never afraid to make mistakes, as he is plenty aware that practice is what makes perfection and as such is always willing to try something new and exciting.

The only time this joy and cheerfulness fades away is when he has been forced to kill somebody. It is at this point that he tends to shut down, becoming quiet and inactive as he sulks somewhere he can be alone. It can take a varying amount of time for him to finally come out of his melancholy, which afterwards he returns back to his usual happy self.


Amon was born into a family of farmers, who lived within a somewhat dangerous area. It was located a ways away from any nearby cities, so it never received very much protection and so had a large bandit problem. Living on a farm meant that Amon was growing up doing hard labor, everyday having to wake up in the mornings and working until late in the evening to make sure they would have enough to survive the year. The neighbors were all the contact that Amon ever really had, and it was a very tight knit community considering they had to rely upon one another, primarily for protection. Amon had his first dealing with a bandit attack when he was nine years of age, where he witnessed one of his brothers be killed while defending the small village. It would not be the first bandit attack either, and over the years Amon would begin dedicating what time he had off to train for dealing with the bandits.

It was not until the age of fifteen, during one of these attacks, that Amon even learned that he could use air magic without needing the sacrifices, and it was during an attack when he had to face an air magic user that was leading the particular group of bandits. This particular fight was rather nasty, as several of the farmers had been killed and it was until Amon finally snapped that his abilities were revealed, allowing him to counter the magic of the mage they were facing. After learning of this, life did not change much for Amon as he was often far too busy to properly learn how to utilize his magical abilities. He would fit some practice with it into his martial arts training, but he came to learn that for the most part his magic was not very useful for helping in farming work. It still required long hours of manual labor, and the most his magic could do to help was to create a cooling breeze. The only time it really proved useful was creating a small storm to provide some rainfall during a dry spell.

It was actually during another bandit raid that he was discovered by the Air King, who had been roaming the land in search of someone to replace him as King. The King had been lucky to have had a number of children, however he was not fortunate in that none of them could control air magic without the need of sacrifices. So the king traveled the land, incognito so as not to draw too much attention, when he stumbled upon the village that was being attacked. The King and his retinue quickly joined in to help fend off the bandits, and it was here that he discovered Amon's ability. Amon was seventeen by this point, and with some convincing (mostly the King promising to keep this area, and ones like it, better protected from raiders) he agreed to become the protege of the king and to eventually replace him.

Needless to say, Amon had some trouble adjusting to life within a palace. He had never once had the ability to simply do nothing if he so desired and it made him very anxious to just sit around. So he choose to spend all that free time improving his martial abilities, as well as to better perfect his magic abilities. He became quick friends with one of the King's daughters, who choose to train alongside the former farmboy as often as she could. It wasn't long before the two became more than just friends, mostly on part of the daughter considering Amon was quite oblivious to how she felt towards him and even his own feelings for her. This relationship continued for a few years and Amon couldn't be any happier with the life he was living. However a visit back to his old home would crush much of that happiness.

It seemed that, even with the added protection the King had promised, the bandit attacks only grew more vicious. So when Amon had chosen to visit his biological family, he and the daughter, along with several guards, found the village to be under attack by a fairly large group. In particular was the leader who turned out to be the magic user Amon had defeated long ago. The battle was rather vicious, with a fair amount of casualties on both sides, but eventually the bandits were driven back. Among the dead however was the daughter, who had fallen when she had chosen to fight the magic user alongside Amon. It was quite a crushing blow to the King and his family, and especially to Amon as well. Especially because his family had been killed in the fighting as well leaving him with no more members of his own biological family.

Amon was left depressed for about a year, a period in which he spent most of his time simply sulking within his room. Fortunately he was able to pull himself out of his melancholy, now with a new resolve and purpose to his life. It was in this year that he finally decided that he would only fight, and especially kill, only as a last resort. He had seen too much blood shed in his life and he was determined to stop as many deaths as he could; after two more years the King of Air finally passed away, giving the crown, and most importantly the orb, over to Amon so that he could rule the land as the new King; thus the twenty-three year old began his new life as the King of Air. Nine years later he is still going strong and it still sticking to his values that he had made after his family and only lover had died.

Three years ago, Amon had found himself caught in a struggle he had not fully prepared himself for. One of the Kings of the Elements was killed in an accident by the hand of a Prince from another land, Reimrand. Though their first meeting had been rocky, as Amon's first introduction to him came after several battle with Valrien's brother, the Air King eventually warmed up tom him as he learned of the old pact between the lands of Reimrand and Dhaemar.

Eventually Amon would find himself journeying to Reimrand to help Valrien end the terror that was his brother, and after an arduous struggle, they finally put the crazed man down. Afterwards, Amon willingly returned the Orb of air to its rightful place and returned to his kingdom in Iveir, to help stabilize the restless kingdom and also to help establish peaceful connections with the young Prince.


So begins...

Amon Ad-Raza's Story


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It was the third time he’d traced this particular grain of wood on the arm of his chair, Amon just tracing a finger along it while his cheek rested in the palm of his opposite hand, that elbow resting on the same arm he was tracing. It was always rather neat how the wood seemed to form these unique little patterns in the way it grew, weaving alongside its fellow grains yet very few, if any, seemed to touch one another. They simply flowed alongside one another, almost flowing like the wind itself.

He smiled at the thought, his eyes turning now to the window nearby as he watched outside. He could see from the nearby tree that the wind was blowing in a nice, calm breeze, causing the branches to sway slightly, their green leaves rustling against one another. He could also see grey clouds working their way towards the palace, a sign of some rain to come. He sat up a bit, mostly because he felt a little surge of energy go through him at the thought of getting out there and enjoying the cool rains that often made their way through the lands of the Air Kingdom.

“Something you wish to say, your majesty?” Amon blinked, looking out into the council room he was sitting within. It was the voice of Councilor Ilder, who was standing up in front of his seat, as the councilors would when speaking. His chair was located in the first row of three rows that formed a semi-circle around the walls of the room. The rows were split down the middle along the wall opposite of the chair in which Amon sat, the councilor chairs all pointing towards the king’s chair due to the semi-circle they were situated in. Each chair has space between the next, leading to small stairs to allow the councilors to move about as was needed; the finely crafted chairs were each made of a dark wood, each one sanded and buffed to be as smooth as they could be, and the back and seats were padded for comfort. They even had a small desk attached to them to allow councilors to place whatever they might bring or to allow them to write if they needed too. The king’s own chair was a bit larger and was situated on the floor against the wall, and it too had similar accommodations as the chairs of the councilors, just with a bit more of an upgrade with him being the king and all; not that Amon had made the request, he hadn’t had much say in the design of this room to be honest.

Looking to the other councilors, Amon shifted again in his seat, this time because he was a bit uncomfortable with all the eyes on him. He flashed one of his smiles, pulling the staff he always carried across the arms of his chair and letting it rest there as he spoke. “No, no. Was just getting a bit more comfortable is all.” Amon had nothing to add to this conversation, as it was more administrative business he wasn’t very adept with. It was something about taxation on the local merchants or…something along those lines, the kind of things that Amon would willingly go to Minnow for some injury rather than listen to. “Forgive me if I interrupted you, councilor.”

The Ilder shook his head some, out of annoyance Amon figured, the older man’s short grey hair swaying slightly as he did so. Amon just held his smile, though he did want to stick his tongue out at the councilor regardless of how childish it might seem. He stopped himself however, but not without a struggle. This is what you people are hired for, don’t get mad at me.

“It is ok, King Amon. I was actually finishing up on the matter; it is why I asked when I saw you move.” Ilder responded before he continued, “I think we can move ourselves onto the next matter I think needs to be discussed, about the issues Prince Valrien has…brought up to us. Regarding the issue of those ruins you all have opened up between Reimrand and Iveir.” Ilder said as he watched the Air King.

Another councilor stood up, looking to Amon as well as he spoke. “Your majesty, some of us ask you that you please heed our desire to close off the ruins entirely. They are extremely dangerous, and not to mention we’ve only been dealing with more and more issues since they were opened and people of Reimrand began to move into our kingdoms.” the councilor, Ordel, said. He too was close in age to Ilder, if a little bit younger. “People are becoming paranoid about these Reimrands, and we are not sure how long we can keep things from getting out of hands in the lands.

Amon groaned as his smile faded away. He brought up his hands up to his face, hiding it for a moment as he took a deep breath before looking out at the councilors. As he began, he let his staff slide off the arms of the chair and come to a stop, resting against the chair. “Councilors, I told you before, we cannot close off those ruins of the passage to Reimrand. Not unless dooming our world is what you are hoping to accomplish.” The king said, drawing an eye roll from Ordel.

“Yes, your majesty, you’ve told us multiple times about this whole elemental orb business and their importance to our world and Reimrand and things like that-“

“Then why do I have to keep repeating myself?” Amon asked, trying to keep his tone under control. He was beginning to become frustrated in having to tell these councilors of this matter over and over again.

“Because we are trying to get you to understand the issue at hand, your majesty. Our people are becoming more and more apprehensive of these foreigners from Reimrand. These are people from a land nobody has heard of in many decades, and are suddenly moving in claiming to be here on peaceful terms. Not to mention, the citizens are left to rely upon the words of kings who have been hiding a secret from us that affected every single one of us regarding the orbs.” Amon frowned, but Ordel did not cease his speaking, rather he continued. “Not everyone is as trusting as you are, King Amon; and these people do not interact with you on a daily or even weekly basis, so they do not get the chance to truly know of you and your sincerity, my king.” Even someone who can be a bit thick headed such as Amon could tell how much sucking up the last bit of Ordel’s words had been, even if it was also a fair point.

Ordel cleared his throat, continuing on when Amon did not respond, “My king, you need to see this from the view of the ordinary citizen, the one who does not have stone walls and hundreds of guards to protect him. They have to watch as people from another land waltz into their homeland, led by a young ruler who seems to not know much in the way of sympathy or understanding.”

Amon shifted in his seat some, speaking up as Ordel finished his sentence, “If you had seen how bad Reimrand had been before we gave back the orbs, you might understand why Prince Valrien has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Not to mention he had a brother who happened to fall under the category of murderous-nut-case. I can understand why he might be a bit…rude and seemingly apathetic at times.”

It was Ordel’s turn to frown, the wrinkles on his face growing in numbers as his lips formed into a frown. “This is also the man who killed the king of the Water Kingdom, leaving it open for some other foreigner from a unknown land to come waltzing in with unknown soldiers and forcibly take the throne, which, I might add, is not doing any favors for this argument of trusting these people of Reimrand.”

“Wherever Vinter Raelthrone came from, Valrien has told us it was not Reimrand, councilor Ordel.”

Ordle sighed miserably, throwing his hands into the air as he sat back down in his seat. Ilder, who had remained standing the whole time, decided to speak up for the other exasperated councilor. “Your majesty, again this just circles back to the fact that we, as people who have not seen these things for our own eyes and have only had occasional interactions with the Prince, cannot place the same amount of trust in the words of Prince Valrien as you can.”

It was the Air King’s turn to sigh, in a similar fashion to how Ordel had. Amon ran a hand through his hair as he let his head fall back and thunk against the chair, doing it once more to express his frustration. His eyes closed as he tried to recollect his thoughts and calm himself down. This was an argument he was getting sick of by this point. Taking another deep breath, he leaned forwards as he opened his eyes once more. “Ok, well how about councilor Calo? She is a foreigner and yet you yourself vouched for her, as well as you Ordel!” Amon said as he indicated to the woman in question, who sat in the second row not far from Ilder seat. The middle-aged woman was not much older than Amon was, and the Nevarre native, despite being younger than most of the other councilors in the room, had proved herself to be very educated and helpful as a member of this council.

Ilder looked to Calo before back to Amon, “The difference between senator Calo and those of Reimrand is we know of Nevarre, your majesty, and it is not difficult to believe in Calo’s story as a refugee when we know of how turbulent Nevarre’s politics are. It is far easier to believe over the stories of a few dusty old tomes and from the mouths of kings who have been hiding important secrets for many, many years; your majesty.” The last part Amon could tell was added solely to keep things "respectful".

At this point Amon just sighed, standing up from his chair and grabbing the staff next to it. “We are not closing off the ruins, councilors! That’s final! This meeting is adjourned for today.” he said as he quickly began walking towards the entrance to the council room. He was beginning to lose his temper here, and Amon needed a break before he just snapped and started shouting. He ignored Ilder attempt to stop him by calling out to him, and just pushed open the double doors to the council room rather forcibly as he began heading down the hallway, his staff clanking loudly as it struck the floor alongside his footsteps. He needed to get some fresh air, and possibly some exercises would help him work off this growing frustration. He glanced out the windows as he walked, seeing the rain-clouds having arrived during his time within the council room. He felt some of the tension subside, even smiling slightly as he listened to the drops of rain as he continued down the hallway.


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#, as written by Siryn

Two days he's been gone... Kanan's thoughts were on the darker side as he stood behind the chair that served for Amon's seat in the council. He hadn't been paying too much attention to the chatter going on in the room. After all it was details that had already been spun before, and it always seemed that they had no intention of listening to Amon no matter what was said. Kanan was sure that Amon felt the same as he did about those meetings. They were a waste of time.Yet, it seemed that it needed to be done to at least appease the council's minds.

Even so, Kanan was lost to his darker thoughts which usually happened with Minnow's absence. Though the young healer didn't often leave the castle, it was those rare times that he did that had Kanan in such foul moods. The one eyed protector hated the feeling that came to him with Minnow's leaving for his herbs or other essentials. His nightmares often returned when he wasn't holding the youth in his arms.

The nightmares consisted of the horrid events three years ago, or was it four years ago? Kanan wasn't really keeping track, but it still felt like it was yesterday to him. They'd nearly lost everything during the fight to regain Reimrand for Valrien. He could still hear the screaming, most prominent was Lord Siya's. Kanan couldn't even bring himself to recall what had happened to the protectors of the young King though he'd been there to see it. Valrien's brother had been an enemy that Kanan hadn't been sure they could win against.

Still, they prevailed somehow and he was grateful for it, especially since Minnow was still at his side. However, he couldn't help but feel regretful of everything else. A million 'If only' situations played through his head at times like those. If only he had been there for one of them, if only he had been fast enough for another, if only he hadn't done something else, if only... Kanan took a deep breath as he stood there. He couldn't keep thinking of those things. Minnow would have even more stress on his mind than he already did. If the young healer found out about Kanan's depression, it wouldn't help a thing.

And the nightmares... Kanan's good eye stared down at the floor as he stood stock still in the room, the clatter of voices just background noise for him. It was mostly one nightmare in particular that he had constantly and in honesty it had nothing to do with the horror of the events three years ago. Rather, it was something to do with the eye that he kept covered. Now more so than ever, did he fear taking that eyepatch off. He had been forced to a few times in Reimrand. Once when they passed through the doorway because Valrien had need to see what had been hurting him so, and the second time when they had been in terrible danger while in Reimrand.

He recalled the event very clearly. The pillars of the structure they'd chased Valrien's brother in and then lost Valrien himself to the maze-like building, had been coming down due to the brothers power. Kanan had expended all of his power to keep the stone from crushing him and under him had been Minnow. Unable to keep the pillars from killing them both, Kanan was forced to uncover the eye for the power that lay burning just out of reach. After convincing Minnow to squirm out from under him and to safety, Kanan removed the eyepatch and the power that had been bubbling there, burst forth and obliterated the floor under his hands and knees.

The sheer amount of power that had come from him in that single moment still terrified the protector. Though he'd fallen through the floor, his magic stopping him from being killed when he hit some water under the room the group had been in, he still couldn't get past the sickening feeling that curdled in his stomach from allowing the magic to be used. It seemed that while in Reimrand he had no control over it at all. There had been some points where even the eyepatch covering the ruined eye wasn't even enough to contain the power there.

It was those nightmares that still plagued him even when Minnow was near him. The edgy feeling he got every so often, a tingling sensation in his eye... The list went on. Yet, ever since leaving Reimrand, Kanan hadn't ever felt the overwhelming need to let the power loose from under the eyepatch. It was probably just Reimrand's lands, filled with raw energy as it was. The people there had no need for sacrifices to command power, and there was power there that none from Iveir had ever seen before. As unsettling as it was, Kanan kept it to himself.

“Then why do I have to keep repeating myself?”

His Kings sharp voice took him from his deep thoughts. The tone alone was enough to drag Kanan back from any nightmarish thoughts. After all, he was still the Kings protector and anyone who elicited that tone from the King was immediately put under Kanan's scrutiny, which in all honesty was nearly everyone in the council meeting. It wasn't the first time Amon had lost his patience with that particular group.

A frown pulled at Kanan's lips though he kept quiet. Still, he shifted a little to remind the council members that he was indeed still present and even placed his hand on the hilt of his weapon, pulling it forward in a silent, but meaningful way. The conversation buffered on, growing more and more aggravating by the second until finally Amon all but shouted the last order to the group. Kanan's gaze had shifted to the one who had spoken to Amon, his tone less than pleasing to Kanan's mind. His fingers tightened around the blade, a deep frown on his lips as he narrowed his good eye in a threatening manner. The young protector was certainly in no mood for this groups antics.

We are not closing off the ruins, councilors! That’s final! This meeting is adjourned for today.”

With that, Amon was up and storming to the doors to leave the council room. Kanan followed him, his footsteps lighter than his Kings, but his heavy presence no less overwhelming. The protector had purposefully increased his presence, the air magic that constantly filtered out of his body to tell him exactly who and where people where in the castle helped to add to that fact. Increasing that power made the room feel heavy as he left it, following right behind Amon.

"Sire, try not to let them anger you," Kanan offered.

Though he didn't do it often, Kanan did try to help ease his King's thoughts and worries by offering his opinions and council. It never seemed like it did much, but Kanan couldn't help but to try no matter what. He was even about to say something more in regards to the horrid meeting they'd just left when his power felt the familiar presence of one whom he'd been eager to see again. Stopping in his tracks, he turned to face the hall that led to the front of the castle. Kanan almost left Amon entirely before realization took over his hearts yearning.

"Sire, Minnow has returned," he said with a warm smile tugging at his lips without his knowing it. With a single glance over to the King, he started down the hall without waiting for an answer and made his way to the huge double doors that led out into the front yard of Amon's castle. His footsteps carried him rather quickly through the long hall to the doors. With a bit of power, he opened the heavy wooden obstruction that was in the way of his getting to what he wanted.

In four long, quick strides, Kanan crossed the distance between himself and Minnow. He never hesitated, not anymore anyway. It had long since failed to matter to Kanan who saw, or when he did what he wanted with Minnow. The past events were testimony to that. So with that driving his actions, the taller protector had pulled Minnow against him in a tight embrace before he pulled away just slightly and dropped down to lavish the boys lips in a particularly long and deep kiss.


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Amon simply marched down the hallway, drapping the staff over his shoulders and then hooking his arms under and then over it so that it was held in place by his resting arms. He kept glancing out the windows to watch the rain that was falling, and he was definitely eager to get outside and get to work. He turned his head slightly when he heard Kanan speak up from behind him. "Sire, try not to let them anger you." the protector said.

Amon sighed miserably, letting his head droop before lifting his head back up and turning to look ahead. He spoke up to make sure Kanan could hear him. "I know I shouldn't let them, Kanan. Just, damn are they persistent and irritating sometimes. I can only keep them from doing so for so long." the king said, continuing to walk.

It wasn't until he heard Kanan speak again that he stopped, turning to notice Kanan had stopped a few feet back. "Sire, Minnow has returned." and then he began walking towards the front doors that led out of the palace. Amon blinked, then his grin returned before he let his staff slide off his shoulders and trailed after Kanan. It's be nice to see his little fishie again, as around Minnow Amon found it just a bit harder to feel grumpy and gloomy. He just had this aura of innocence that made Amon feel simmered down. He followed after Kanan, heading out the front to see the blonde haired protector approaching.

Amon stopped at the bottom of the steps, while Kanan continued on ahead to draw Minnow into a hug and a kiss. Amon shook his head, though he did so in amusement. He remember watching Kanan become flustered and all twitchy at the thought of showing any public displays of affection. And now, here he was without a care in the world; good thing to because after three years Amon would have only increased the teasing. Of course, there was now someone else to make up for the slack, and Amon closed his eyes in slight irritation as that voice spoke up. "Keep it toned down out here Kanan! I know you missed'im but some of us do have innocent eyes."

Amon looked up above him, where the voice had come from to watch his apprentice come hoping down from the rooftop. As before he reached the ground, the King felt the wind pick up to cushion the young man's fall. He landed, flaring out his arms to the side before letting them drop to his side, giving a slight bow to Amon. "Hello, my master." he rose up and turned to face the other, slipping his hands into the pockets of his pants.

"Yours' are not the innocent eyes, Rhoven, so hush up and leave them be, please." Amon said while nodding his head to the younger man before looking back at his two protectors. "Besides, it is just a kiss and a hug. Could have been something much more racy.

Rhoven chuckled some, leaning back against the railing of the stairs. "Touche, Lord Amon. And I'll keep quiet," he paused "for now." he said with a slight grin.


"We are almost set and ready. We are working on the official call for abdication of the young king, or at least the others are finalizing the document." the older gentleman looked out over the railing of his balcony, watching out into the city below that swore its allegiance to him as their noble. He then looked over to the man who stood next to him, who was only a few younger than the noble. "And how about you? Are you prepared?"

The man he spoke to was leaning forwards on the railing, a pipe in his mouth, smoke puffing out from the corner of his mouth every few moments. He wore a light plate armor, all of which looked like it was well crafted and designed, with ornate carvings in its surface which shined with a light sheen from being polished. His light cloak waved in the breeze that blew by as he turned his head to eye the older noble. "Duke Lukair, I have told you once before they we are more than ready to do our part." As the man spoke, his slightly scarred face turning to face the Duke more, Lukair had to strain his ears a bit to pick out the Iveirian words buried in the man's thick accent. "We are people who have been trained since we were but young children to face those who stand in power, those who command large armies and powerful allies." He stood up, taking hold of the pipe and standing up more, though he did remain leaning against the railing as he smiled. "Honestly, Siya's power stems from the numbers he controls. However, you've seen it yourself. He is naive, young, and far too kind for his own good. He will be a bit of a foe to face, but we have faced worse than him before."

Lukair watched the man, trying to get a bearing on the man's sincerity. However, the man's neutral expression made it difficult; it gave no hint of any motives, no lies, yet no honesty. It showed nothing for the Duke to read. He then looked back over the railing, "The young Fire King does have strong allies, so what is your plan for them?"

The armored man turned to look back out ahead, placing the pipe in his mouth while resting his arms on the railing. "What reason will the other kings have to join? This is a war that the Fire King must deal with himself. This is your war, as the people of the Fire Kingdom, to remove a king you see as weak and foolish from the throne. You are fighting for what you believe to be the well being of all the people of this kingdom." The man spread his arms out, gesturing to everything before him. "You fight to protect yourselves from the weakness of a king who knows little of ruling." he lowered his arms, looking at Lukair. "The other kings must convince their own people to throw away their lives and families in a war that has nothing to do with them. To watch their parents, children, friends, and family perish to protect a king whose people have lost faith their in."

He puffed a bit on the pipe, lowering it from his mouth to breath out the smoke. "And if they do decide to throw their lot into this, we have out ways of contending with them, Duke Lukair. We are you mercenaries, and we will do everything we can to see you be the victor." He then turned and began walking off the balcony, leaving the Duke their to look back out over his city. "Trust me, Lukair. I know what I am doing."


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#, as written by Skwidge

Minnow paused for a moment, his chin tilting up and his eyes drifting across the darkening sky. He must not have been paying attention very well at all, or perhaps he had just missed the slow tinting of the clouds from their fluffy white to a soothing gray brush. He stood still, sliding his hands into the pockets of his trousers, the eagerness of returning to Kanan’s side- as well as his king’s- somehow sinking towards the back of his mind as his eyes continually scanned across the heavens, his unease also seeming to be forgotten for a second or two as well. It was then that the sky opened up and the rain began, the little droplets plummeting down to the earth just as his concerns returned to his weary mind.

However, his little momentary daze was disrupted as he heard the large wooden doors of the castle being flung open. Blinking once, his gaze trailed after the noise, taking his face away from the refreshing rain which had been doing a bit of cleansing to the dust and grime of the roads that clung there. But his curiosity was quickly sated as his eyes settled upon a form that made his heart skip a beat and warmth flourish deep in the pit of his stomach. All previous worries, dark thoughts, mournful musings, and unease disappeared with the single appearance of one other soul.

Kanan Thiyer.

A huge smile broke out across his face and all of the soreness and exhaustion in his body was suddenly forgotten. Minnow slipped one hand from his pocket and raised it in greeting, closing his eyes for a moment and tilting his head a bit- a classic look for the blonde-haired protector. Once he opened them, however, he realized that Kanan was growing closer and closer. He had such an intense look on his face that Minnow frowned just slightly in concern. Was there something wrong? Had he missed something important yet again? ”Ka-” Before he could even form the second syllable of the man’s name, Kanan was upon him, his hands grasping at his form and pulling him into an embrace.

Minnow took a sharp breath of surprise, not entirely expecting such a greeting, but his body almost immediately relaxed as it was pressed against the warmer one of his fellow protector. He inhaled the familiar scent of his partner, his nerves settling even further. He suddenly decided that he had been away from the castle for far too long, realizing with a keen sense that there had been something absent from his being, one that he could never really feel whole again without. It was a sharp sense of loss for about a split second before it had immediately been filled with the reuniting of the two of them again. Even for so short a time… only two or so days, it took its toll. Minnow felt secure when at Kanan’s side; there was a peace there that he couldn’t quite seem to find anywhere else. Not to mention he helped settle his thoughts. The nightmares never seemed to rage as badly as when he was with Kanan.

Kanan did not settle for a simple hug, and his lips were suddenly pressed against Minnow's. Another thing that the younger protector didn't expect- the fervor behind the action. Not that it was unusual for the two of them to be affectionate with one another, but it simply didn’t occur to him that Kanan might have felt the same degree of absence that he had. He underestimated Kanan a lot when it came to the other displaying his emotions. After all, Minnow had known the stony faced version of his fellow protector practically their entire career together- Kanan had never allowed much emotion to pass across his face, always so proper and serious. Even though it had been about three years, it still seemed strange to have him act so freely like this out among other souls.

Minnow smiled softly against the kiss, pressing his body just a bit closer against the safety of Kanan’s as he returned the others sentiment. "Keep it toned down out here Kanan! I know you missed'im but some of us do have innocent eyes." The voice of their newest addition shattered the acute focus between them. It was then that Minnow realized where he was again, and warmth flourished beneath his cheeks as he tilted his head down and ended the kiss rather abruptly- a motion that was caused by surprise. He had forgotten about Amon and Rhoven for a few moments there, and he quickly took a step back while running a hand through his hair sheepishly, not quite willing himself to meet the eyes of either of the two who lounged about at the steps of the castle.

Minnow then realized something, and he coughed a little laugh into his hand. They had been in the midst of a cliché- kissing in the rain. Blinking, he then remembered that his body was probably vulnerable to catching a cold, despite the rain only being a bit chilly, since he had accumulated a bit of exhaustion. He looked back up at Kanan, a wistful look seeming to display itself on his face for a short second before disappearing completely as his gaze shifted towards the steps of the castle.

Despite the previous hiccup in events, an excited smile filled his lips as he began to trot over to the doors, his fingers brushing against Kanan’s hand as he passed by him. ”Lord Amon~” Minnow greeted his king pleasantly as he ascended the steps to the King of Air’s side. Or well, more appropriately settling a foot or two in front of him. He dipped a bit in a small bow before straightening and grinning. The young protector was very much pleased to be back with Amon as well. Minnow spared a soft smile towards Rhoven in greeting but otherwise avoided eye-contact, not entirely wanting to chance the look of teasing that might be on the other’s face.

”I hope everything’s gone well in my absence?”


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#, as written by Siryn

The feel of the younger male against him was welcoming. The fact that Minnow curled up against him and kissed him back made it even more complete. The smaller protector fit so perfectly between his arms. Sometimes Kanan worried he'd crush the poor boy because he was so much smaller than he was. But, Minnow was very hardy and there was no reason to worry. Tilting his head a little, Kanan was planning to taste more of the young healer. Completely ignoring the rain or anyone else that may be around. He was lost in holding the one thing that kept him going.

Until the voice hit the air that had Minnow snapping back to reality and breaking away.

"Keep it toned down out here Kanan! I know you missed'im but some of us do have innocent eyes."

Their eyes met briefly as Minnow looked up at him after breaking the kiss. Kanan didn't miss the look in his gaze and he hoped that his own smoldering gaze got across to the young healer as well. With an internal sigh as Minnow pulled away from him, Kanan turned to look over at Rhoven who had interrupted him. His good eye narrowed slightly at the young boy whom Amon had taken in some time ago. The kid was good at what he did, but it seemed he'd gotten his teasing aspect from Amon. Maybe the young apprentice just was around the King far too much.

"I'm not sure how 'innocent' you really think yourself to be," Kanan answered, his voice low. It was hard to tell if he was teasing or being serious. Until he stepped up to the landing where Minnow had gone to greet the King. Reaching out he took the young boy's cheeks between his fingers and pinched, pulling the skin outward at the same time to give him a funny looking face. When the young apprentice joined with them, Kanan had been unsure of him. But his young look and the way he acted sometimes made Kanan see him as a kid to which he couldn't help but to pick on every now and then. After all, it was pay back for interrupting his welcoming to Minnow.

”I hope everything’s gone well in my absence?”

"Aside from the council pressuring our King to close the way to Reimrand and other petty ideals, all is well." Kanan answered Minnow's question as he continued to pull at Rhoven's cheeks even if the boy managed to free himself, the taller, one-eyed protector would just grab at him again. Honestly it was rather entertaining for the moment and also kept his mind off of sweeping Minnow away to have some much needed quality time together. Alone. Just a little while longer and he would have the young healer all to himself. And neither of them were sleeping, Kanan had already decided that the moment he'd felt the other protectors presence.


"I know that Amon is fighting with his council as well to keep the borders open. All I'm proposing is guards around the actual entrance. We can't keep allowing people just randomly finding the place. You know how dangerous it is down there, Siya. Too many have died already because they've been lost in the labyrinth and killed by the Drewdan, or even killed by-"

The doors opened and a ringing, song like voice hit the air, cutting through Valrien's speech. "Master Siya. Prince Valrien."

Valrien turned to the voice and watched the young woman stride into the throne room. Siya, who had been focused on the Prince shifted in his seat and stood up to greet her, a warm smile spreading his lips. Coming down the dais, the Fire King welcomed his second Protector as she made her way into the very large, spacious room.

"Dream! Welcome back." Siya said as he followed her back up to the throne where she was headed.

"Master Siya, I have just arrived. Thank you for your consideration of letting me visit them."

"Please, enough with 'Master'," the young King chided though his smile never faded, "Siya is just fine. I can hardly stand being called 'My Lord' or 'Your Highness'... Sire is bearable though. But honestly, just Siya. And you're very welcome. There's no need to even ask as you did. I know it is important to you."

"Prince Valrien. It is a pleasure to see you come here again. Please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything you need."

Valrien shifted a bit uncomfortably. If only Lutchka were with him he'd probably be less on edge. He hated how he'd come to depend on her to keep him in line and from choosing the wrong words. Though it seemed to happen anyway. Especially when dealing with someone like Dream. He didn't know how to answer her, or how to deal with the woman. Hell, it took him three years just to get used to Siya's attitude. With a sigh, he turned away from her so as not to keep eye contact, a deep frown on his face, "I'm capable enough on my own if I need anything. Not to mention I think I'm here enough to know where everything is if I have need of it," he answered stiffly.

Siya gave a soft laugh as he reseated himself upon the throne, just on it's edge as he leaned forward to listen to the rest of what they had been discussing.

"I am sorry if I have interrupted your conversation. I will accept any punishment you deemed fit for my rudeness."

The young King sighed and at the same time Valrien sighed as well, rolling his eyes as he turned enough to look up at her from where she stood next to her King, "You forget who it is you're speaking to, little Protector. Siya wouldn't harm a fly." Valrien huffed in irritation.

With a slight shake of his head, Siya turned to look at Dream and with his usual kind smile he reached out and patted her arm gently, "You've done nothing wrong, Dream. Relax. Your trip has been long. You don't need to be here if you don't wish to be." Siya answered as he turned back to Valrien. Although I must wonder where Shiro is... He is usually always by my side. The young Fire King wondered briefly. Perhaps he would send Dream to find him later. Or maybe Shiro would come in soon.

"As for the patrols you're asking for Valrien. I know that it may sound like a good idea, but it will look like we're trying to control the public and further enforce the ideas that the Kingdoms can no longer be protected. If we're trying to keep them from going into Reimrand, then it will garner more suspicion about Reimrand and our involvement with one another. I would prefer not to do so. The ones that you have already are bad enough. I know that you're only looking out for our people, but I'm not sure having our soldiers out there is the proper way of dealing with it."

"Then if we are not keeping them out, what do you propose we do? Let them run wild down there and have more die because of it? Siya, surely you can't think that my men alone are the only things needed to keep people from dying! And just telling the public that they cannot enter hasn't done anything at all to keep them from doing so!"

Siya sighed heavily, rubbing at his eyes, "What if we allowed them to enter Reimrand, but with an escort?"

Valrien's mouth opened as if he were going to retort with something but he stopped the moment Siya's words sunk in. It wasn't what he'd been expecting the young King to say. Pausing for a moment, the Prince's gaze dropped, his mismatched eyes searching the floor as he thought about that proposal, "That... Could work. It would open relations between the people and show them just what exactly is in Reimrand. The only problem is the land is still recovering. Most of it is back to normal, but there are still some waste lands that could be dangerous. But if they're with an escort than..." Valrien shrugged a bit as he lifted his gaze to Siya's fiery eyes, "I'll propose this to Amon as well and see what he thinks. I think this may be doable. A few years ago I would have said no, but... Reimrand is recovering well... It should be fine."

Siya leaned back a little, a smile on his face as he was obviously happy about the outcome of their discussion. There had been much to discuss, between Reimrand's economy, trades that may be available later on, the people in Iveir in regards to their anger towards the Kings, and finally to the last bit of Reimrand's entrance being patrolled or not. "Good. I'm glad we could figure things out. I would like to meet with Amon as well. It has been a very long time since we last saw one another." Siya mused as he relaxed finally.

"Yes... It has I suppose. More importantly though... How are you, Siya?"

"What do you mean? I'm alright."

Valrien's gaze narrowed, his frown deepening, "You cannot lie to me. You haven't mourned have you?"

Siya went quiet and his eyes fell away from Valrien's. A flash of deep sadness, hurt, and loneliness crossed his face. Though it didn't last long, Valrien caught it very well. His fingers curled tightly and his voice shook a bit as he finally answered after some time of silence, "I'm fine. There's no time for anything else right now. If I stop now..." the shaking increased and it sounded as if he were on the verge of tears. Valrien felt a pulse of guilt, but he knew that the young King had been shoving those things to the side. He didn't want to deal with it. The loss of his protector and lover, the loss of friends on the way. The more he pushed it aside, the more it would build up and it would destroy him eventually. Valrien needed Siya to be strong and though he looked it on the outside, he was far from it.

"Seeing Amon and the others will be good for you. You can mourn then, and you should."

The young Fire King only nodded as he took several deep breaths and finally got that mask on over his face once more. A smile lifted his lips, though his eyes still danced with the pain of the past, "Thank you, Valrien. But I'm alright. If you need anything else, let me know. I'll send a note to Amon. I wish to accompany you there when you leave."

Valrien sighed, but simply nodded in agreement before he turned and left the throne room. Siya was keeping it together very well. That mask of his had to have been something he'd built while the others hadn't been looking. Valrien was hopeful Amon, and maybe even Minnow, could coax it all out of him. The Prince knew Siya would be better once he got through all of the stuff he'd bottled up. The only thing was getting Siya to let it out.


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(thanks for doing the collab Qaida! XD)
"Siya, you are not alone. You should cry if you want to. Stopping does not mean you would not move again even if it is really hard to do so. And sometimes not acknowledging grief is running away from it, running away from them. I have been alone most of my life. Then, I was left behind as well. Yet, I still continue to live with the sadness.

"Even though this is painful, even though it makes my heart ache. Sometimes I wanted to ask God to let me forget it. But as long as I try to be strong and not run away, doing my best, there will finally be a day... There will be finally be a day I can overcome this pain and sadness. I believe I can. There is nothing that can be forgotten.

"As long as we live, they will always be there in our hearts. And, I would not deny them my sadness and my happiness of being with them. And perhaps, I would be able to meet them again. If you wish for no one to see it, I will close my eyes and seal my ears. Just know, I will be here. I am sorry if I assume too much."

Siya listened, watching her partially out of shock and then in a bit of embarrassment. Valrien had certainly struck a few cords that he hadn't been expecting. The loss of composure in front of his protector was not something he had wanted to have happen. Grinding his teeth a little, he started working on that carefully crafted mask of his. Though her words did nothing to help that along. The burn of tears edged into his eyes as he recalled awful, horrid memories that he wished to keep out of his mind for as long as possible.

Yet at the same time, she was speaking the truth. If he didn't mourn, if he didn't think of them, he would be doing them a dishonor. He would be destroying their memory. However, he just couldn't bring himself to do it yet. Not just yet. He couldn't do it yet. There was still too much to be done that needed his attention. That needed him to be in focus. He couldn't afford to lose that focus to the suffering of memories.

With a smile, he reached up and took her hands, gently bringing them away from his face and squeezing them as he stood up from the throne, "Thank you, Dream. I appreciate your offer and your kindness. But honestly, I'm alright. I have things I must tend to. You may accompany me if you wish," he said offering it lightly. Still, his words were a little harder than usual, speaking of his desire not to have that kind of conversation again. With that, he released her hands gently and left the throne room, headed for his study.


Amon chuckled as he watched Kanan and Minnow separate, his usual smile donning his face as Minnow came up the steps to address him. "Lord Amon~" the younger man said while giving a small bow to Amon. He made to respond, but then he saw Kanan approach them, stopping before Rhoven. the young man held his smile, meeting Kanan's gaze.

"I’m not sure how 'innocent' you really think yourself to be." the protector stated, before suddenly reaching up to pinch and pull on Rhoven's cheeks. Amon laughed at the sight, watching as Rhoven squawked in surprise, quickly reaching up and batting away Kanan's hands. Even as he did so, Kanan continued to try and do so, Amon just shaking his head in amusement at the sight of Rhoven trying to escape the protector.

"I hope everything's gone well in my absence?" Minnow asked while straightening. Amon glanced to Kanan, who spoke while still messing with Amon's apprentice, mentioning how things were still in the rut they were.

Amon nodded his head, looking back to Minnow. "Yeah, the council is still hounding me to close off the damned ruins, lucky me..." Amon said while rubbing the back of his head. He paused, looking at Minnow before the grin returned, "How Could I forget!" Amon exclaimed before suddenly pulling Minnow into his own hug. "I missed my little fishie, and I need a big ol'hug to squeeze out all these negative feelings! Since Rhoven won't give me one and your lover won't do it either, guess it's gotta be you, Minnow." Amon said, chuckling softly before pulling back.

"Gah~! Let go of me! I am not some little kid, now stop," Rhoven's shouting was interrupted when Kanan pulled on his cheeks again, causing the young man to quickly bat his hands away then suddenly duck to the other side of Minnow and Amon, using the Protector and Air King as a shield from the one-eyed man. "Holy hell, man! Uncalled for!" Rhoven pointed an accusing finger at Kanan, frowning at the older man.

Amon raised an eyebrow, lightly pushing Rhoven's head and causing the young man to have to flail his arms to catch his balance. "If you are going to tease people, expect to be teased back, Rhoven. It's the rules of nature, so get used to it." Amon said, grinning at the apprentice who stuck his tongue out at the Air King.


They had been noticed rather easily, considering none of the five people made any attempt to remain hidden in the early morning light of the next day. They also stood out, considering all of them had cloaks of some kind, four of which had up over their heads. The one in the center had her hood back, revealing a young woman in her early thirties, her brown hair tired up into a high ponytail. Her form was covered in thick plates of armor, every inch but her head and wherever she needed freedom of movement covered by the metal. All of them were dinged, scratched, and marked in some way, showing that they had seen plenty of combat since they were first forged. A black scarf covered her neck, and hooked onto the side of the saddle of her horse was a long halberd, its head having a long axe-blade on one side, with a smaller hammerhead on the opposite. The top of the pole arm also ended in a spear point.

The two flanking her both wore grey cloaks, with hoods up over their heads and a similar black scarf pulled up over their noses so only their eyes could be seen. Each one had a bow slung over their bodies, a quiver of arrows resting on their belts behind them, and a long sword was sheathed at their waists as well. Each of them wore suits of leather armor, it was light, yet provided adequate protection, clearly meant for a group of people that often intended to move quickly and quietly.

The fourth on a horse was hidden completely by their hood and mask, even their arms were hidden by loose sleeves. Their legs were covered by loose fitting pants, yet their feet were exposed, with no shoes or footwear of any kind. No weapons of any kind could be seen on them, nor did the person wear any armor.

The fifth was the one who was most apparent to the guards at the gates. He did not ride a horse, walking alongside the covered figure and was dressed in the same fashion. His feet as well were uncovered, yet the person didn't seem the least bit bothered by the rocks that they stepped on. On his back was a large warhammer, almost as tall as he was. It was his size that caught the attention of the guards though. Despite the others sitting atop their horses, the fifth's head still came up to their shoulders. It was hard to tell exactly how tall he was, but the guards guessed the man was coming close to eight feet in height, and even under the hood and cloak they could see he had the bulk to match his height.

As they came to the gate, the woman in front held up her hand to signal for the men to stop, having brought her own horse to a stop and slowly stepping down. As she landed on the ground, the thick plates of armor clanking loudly as they did so, she gently patted the horse's neck as it snorted before reaching to the saddle and unlatching the halberd that rested on it. As she removed it, she let the end of the shaft thunk into the ground, kicking up dirt as it did so. Behind her, the other four were dismounting their horses, while the fifth member simply remained next to the other fully cloak individual. With the others off their horses, the guards could now see that the fifth man stood a good foot or more taller than any of the others in the group.

The woman calmly then began walking towards the gates, leading her horse by the reigns as the others follow. She stopped when the guards held out a hand for her. "Who are you and what is your business here?" one of the guards asked, keeping his eyes set on the woman. the other three guards watched the group with some apprehension, gripping, though not drawing any of their weapons.

The woman bowed her head to the guard, straightening and looking at him as she spoke. The guard strained to catch the words she spoke, her Iveirian tongue muddled with a thick accent as she talked. "Buenas tardes, señor. I come bearing a message from Nobles of Fire for his majesty, the Fire King Siya Ukomo."

The guard narrowed his eyes at her, looking to the other guards before back to her. " 'Nobles of Fire'? I'm not familiar with them, ma'am." he said. he had relaxed some, though he didn't take his hand away from his weapon.

"It is a new group, one that has hired us to deliver this message to the Fire King. Por favor, señor, it is important for the young king to receive this." She said, bowing her head to him once more. The guard watched her for a moment, looking to her compatriots before back to the other guards. he then looked to her once more, the woman's hair falling over her shoulder as she kept her head bowed to him.

"Alright then. Let them through, and you'll have to forgive us if we keep a few guards posted. You are...well equipped, and we just need to be safe with how hectic things are around here." the guard said as he stood aside to let them pass. "they can stable your horses for you as you enter, ma'am."

The woman lifted her head up, her hair falling back as she smiled to him. "Gracias, señor. And I understand, we are a bit mean looking." she said before heading on through the gate, four guards from elsewhere moving up around to surround them as they moved through. Their horses were taken to the side, and then the five of them were all led towards the throne room to meet with the Fire King.

"What?" Siya looked up from his books to the young page that had knocked and entered the study. He'd been there most of the morning, in fact he was pretty sure he hadn't even gotten an ounce of sleep the night before. Honestly, he couldn't remember what time he'd gotten up from his bed and left to be in the study.

"Visitors, my Lord. They are requesting your presence. The guards have allowed them in. They're waiting for you."

Confusion pulsed through him. His gaze dropped to the book in front of him, staring at its pages for a while without really seeing it. Finally, he closed it with a sharp snap and got up, "Alright. Thank you. I'll go attend to this," he said with a smile to his page and left the study. He didn't even bother to tell the young boy to retrieve his protectors or even let Valrien know of the new -and rather strange- development.

He hadn't been expecting anyone at all that day. His hall was closed usually on that day, so for his guards to accept them... It must be something very important. Siya worked his way down the hallway at a brisk, fast pace. Still trying to figure out what it would be that garnered his attention, he pushed open the door that led to his throne and entered the room. It wasn't until his gaze fell on the group that his steps were slowed heavily.

A strange sense of dread flooded his chest. It was probably because they looked so... Deadly. Noting the handful of guards also with the strange group, Siya uprooted himself from where he'd stopped and slowly moved over to the throne chair. Seating himself on the very edge of it, his fiery gaze shifted from the woman to the others that were all clad in black and their faces hidden under the dark shadow of their hoods. It took him a moment longer to even address them.

"So... What is it that I can help you with?" he asked as politely as possible, managing to keep the internal tremble out of his voice.

As the king entered, all five members bowed their heads to the king, waiting until he took his seat upon the throne before righting themselves. The woman stepped forwards, stopping at the bottom of the dais. Her armor clanked alongside her halberd as the end of it struck the ground as she walked, and she dropped to a knee in front of Siya. "Disculparnos, su majestad. I sincerely apologize for coming here unannounced, however we were told to deliver this message as quickly as possible by our employers, the Nobles of Fire." she said before waving a hand to one of the men armed with a bow.

The man glanced at her, then briefly looked up at the Fire King before quickly lowering his eyes. The man then stepped forwards, reaching to a small bag on his waist, the guards shifting forwards slightly as he did so, before he pulled out a rather decently sized scroll, wrapped up and sealed with a wax signet. As the man stepped up to the dais, he to knelt down on a knee next to the woman, keeping his gaze to the floor as he held out in his right hand the scroll. As he did so, it was clear that his right hand happened to be missing both the index and ring finger, both missing at the knuckle. He made no other motion as he held out the scroll towards Siya.

"They said it was of grave importance, to be delivered to you, su majestad." the woman said, also keeping her eyes to the dais in front of her and remaining kneeled before him.

Siya's heart lurched into his throat. That accent... he narrowed his gaze. Getting up from the throne, he descended down to take the scroll, speaking as he went, "Nobles of Fire? That name is new to me."

With the scroll in hand, he moved back up to his throne, undoing the seal and rolling the paper out. He paused halfway to his seat, back turned to the group as his mind caught up to what he was reading. ~We of the Nobles of Fire have deduced after the many years of watching the young King Siya Ukomo that he is unfit. Due to lack of good judgment for the people in regards to the arrival of the new realm Reimrand, biased judgments in the past, and a lack of royal blood. All give reasons to seek out a replacement of the Fire King, one of noble or Royal blood, including searches for anyone related to the deceased King.

Siya stopped reading the rest. From what it looked like, it just became more detailed on the reasons why he should be abdicated from the throne. With his heart in his throat, eyes wide in shock and disbelief, he lifted his gaze to stare at the back of the throne that he'd always thought was far too large for him.

His shaking became apparent then. Both hands curled into tight fists crumpling the parchment used to create the document. Why now?! I realize there have been talks of this before, by why now?! This... This is too much. I can't! I can't leave the throne right now! There's so much left unfinished! If I left it... Everything could crumble! Anger rushed through him. A rare kind of rage that he'd only felt a few times before.

It might have been one of the very rare times that he actually looked the part of a King as he straightened his back. His gaze narrowed, glaring holes into the throne before him. Quite a few things that were metal disappeared into blue sparkles of energy that sunk into his body. The paper in his hands ignited with a crack and he held it off to the side without turning around to face the group. The fires engulfed the entire thing, burning it to nothing but ash.

With the flames still licking at his hands, Siya finally turned around to face the group in his hall when the paper was completely demolished by his orange fire. Lifting his head a little, he glowered down at the group as he spoke, "The very idea is preposterous. The 'Nobles of Fire' will not have me removed, nor will they have my throne. If they want it..." his voice dropped a little, "They will have to kill me to get it."

He paused, his gaze sweeping the group before he slowly backed up to his throne and seated himself, still shaking slightly from his anger, "Does that answer your question?"

None of the group moved at the Fire King's show of anger and rage. Rather none of the three at the front. The large one shifted some when Siya had made the sacrifices, however he stopped when the hooded one next to him reached to the side a placed a hand on the giant's arm to hold him. The man responded, relaxing immediately, though he did turn his head to glance at the guards around. Both were still hidden completely by the cloaks.

The woman kept her eyes on the floor, unmoving as Siya spoke to them. the man next to her visibly tensed though for a moment when Siya said he'd have to be killed, but he quickly relaxed his body. As Siya finished, the woman kept her gaze lowered. "Understood, su majestad." She then stood up, stepping back away from the throne, followed by the three fingered man who moved back with her.

"They told me, that if that was to be your answer," she paused, her voice taking on a somewhat sympathetic tone, "That if you were to refuse." She looked up at Siya before bowing her head once more to him, "Lo siento, su majestad, but they said they would remove you by force then. We shall take our leave now; buenas tardes, su majestad." she said, beginning to back away while keeping her head bowed to him. Once she had stepped away some distance from the throne, she lifted up her head and turned to leave, followed closely behind by the group.

Siya ground his teeth as he watched her. His fists curled tightly on the arm of the chair. When she finished and turned to leave, he gave a soft growl of anger to himself, "Let them try it!" he snapped, just loud enough to ring out into the hallway but not to be a shout or scream. He kept his seat as he watched them leave. It wasn't until the doors closed and they were gone that he let out a long breath of air and fell forward to clutch his head with his fingers.

His gaze opened to stare at the floor. Horror flooding his body. What was he going to do? He'd planned to leave for the Air Kingdom but with a threat such as that... Could he really afford to leave?

"Siya. The hell are you doing letting rabble like that shake you up?"

Looking up, he was met by Valrien standing not but two feet from him, arms crossed over his chest, "Valrien..." he whispered the Princes name and then sighed as he leaned back in the throne again, "I... I don't know... How did you even?"

"Your door to this room isn't ever locked," he pointed his thumb over to the door behind the throne, "My apologies, but I was being nosy. Now seriously, don't let them walk over you."

Siya gave a weary smile, "You always were getting into everyone’s business," he teased, "And I know that. I'm not going to let them."

"What do you plan to do?"

Siya sighed, looking over to the closed double doors, the guards still standing on either side, "What I have to. Looks like I'll be preparing for a rebellion. I'm sorry, but... I cannot go with you to see Amon. Give him my regards though, please," Siya said with a smile and got up. Patting Valrien's arm, he left the room, leaving the Prince to stand there with a deep frown on his lips.

"Tch 'Regards'? Yeah... I'll give him your regards, as well as a request to come get your ass out of this idiotic problem," he hissed to himself.

"You sure that'd be the best idea, Vally?" A voice asked, walking up next to the Prince. the brown haired man rested an arm on Valrien's shoulder, leaning against the man while crossing his ankles and watching Siya take his leave.

The man held a bottle in his hand, twirling it around to swish the liquid about as he watched the young king. He then turned his head to look back to Valrien. "I mean, maybe it might be best for Siya to try and handle this on his own? Prove his worth as a king after all to those who claim he ain't one." he finished, lifting the bottle up to his lips to take a long swig from it. As he lowered it, a strange look came over his features before he turned, letting out a loud belch before sniffing the air for a moment, then waving a hand in front of his face. "Wow that was a fierce one..."

"For crying out loud, Harlan!" Valrien shoved his friend off of him after the man had let out the disgusting sound. Rolling his eyes, the young Prince glared over at the royal guard who held the bottle of liquor in his hands, "Yes, I think it's the best idea! Those men meant business and I'm not saying Siya can't hold his own, but I don't think he'd do very well up against them. He's been through too much already, you really think he's ready for a fight?! Hell, he'd probably let them run him through if he had the chance."[

Valrien stopped himself. Taking a deep breath, he reached up and rubbed his hands over his face then through his hair as he sighed heavily, "Look. I'll let Amon know what happened. If he wants to help then great. I'm helping whether he likes it or not. But for now... We have a long ride ahead of us. The sooner we see Amon, the better," he shook his head and he took the few steps down off the dais and strode across the hall of the throne room to the double doors, "Five days, four if we're lucky... He better hold out for that long," Valrien cursed to himself as he too left the room.


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#, as written by Skwidge

When Kanan addressed Rhoven on his supposed ‘innocence’, Minnow grinned quietly to himself. However, at the sudden contact between the two, Kanan reaching forward and grasping the cheeks of the younger boy, pulling and prodding with abandon, the little healer joined Amon in his laughter. It felt really good to do so. Things had seemed so downcast lately on so many levels. Maybe things would finally start looking up again for once. Rhoven admirably tried to fend off the other protector, but to be quite frank, the young apprentice had little chance of actually succeeding.

Amon then spoke, informing the little healer of the suspected struggle that continued to brew between the Air King and the council. A little sigh escaped his lips at that- it seemed that they were pushing and testing the boundaries of Amon’s authority yet again. It was understandable, they needed some kind of answer that would satisfy them. But so far, nothing had come up to appease either side. Amon then turned his gaze back onto him, suddenly grinning once more. As per usual, Minnow couldn’t help but automatically return the happy look.

"How Could I forget!" A curios look suddenly filled the blond haired protector’s eyes at this exclamation, though his wonder was quickly answered as Amon abruptly tugged him to his form. Minnow let out a little squeak of surprise as his form was suddenly constricted under the Air King’s grip, but the surprise was replaced with a pleased little smile at the affection. It was reiterated further with the king’s next words. "I missed my little fishie, and I need a big ol'hug to squeeze out all these negative feelings! Since Rhoven won't give me one and your lover won't do it either, guess it's gotta be you, Minnow."

Minnow laughed at that, returning the embrace. ”I don’t know how you survive without me, Amon~” He teased before he was released by the other man, taking a little step back to rest beside him. But before anything else could be said, Rhoven’s loud voice was once again breaking through the air. ”Gah~! Let go of me! I am not some little kid, now stop,” The apprentice managed to wrest himself from Kanan’s unforgiving grip and darted behind he and Amon, seemingly grabbing onto their arms to use the both of them as shields. A startled look filled Minnow’s features, he hadn’t been expecting that, and he bumped into Amon a bit because of the momentum behind Rhoven.

Then fingers were being pointed, and Amon pushed at his apprentice’s forehead, causing the younger boy to flail for a good two and a half seconds before recapturing his balance. Minnow laughed once more, and again he reflected on how good it was to do so. Rhoven stuck his tongue out at Amon like a little kid, and a wry little smile flickered upon the healer’s lips. He swatted Rhoven over the head with the back of his palm- his own sort of retaliation for the boy’s antics. ”Respect your betters and furthermore your king.” A playful look was on his face, but besides his teasing tone his words were also a bit reprimanding in nature.

”Anyway, I’m pleasantly surprised that none of you have mauled the other or themselves while I was gone, aand I think I’m in need of a soak.” He smiled brightly at the trio around him before dipping his head in departure. He was still travel-worn and needed to relax his strained muscles. However, as Minnow took the first few steps towards the door, he subtly cast an inviting glance in Kanan’s direction, one he was sure his fellow protector would notice if he were watching him. A pleased grin then slipped onto his lips as his gaze shifted to where he was going and he slipped into the castle; it was good to be home again. But… perhaps his sights for a relaxing bath were foolishly placed.

One could only hope.


”Thanks, I’ll walk from here.” The ex-protector of the Earth Kingdom called cheerfully from the ground, waving her hand towards her four-day companion. The man grinned wistfully towards her, pulling the reigns up on his horse and turning his wagon from the resting stop to continue on his journey. “Have a safe journey, lass.” He called behind his shoulder as he continued down the dusty roads.

”Safe is boring….” She mumbled quietly to herself, continuing to wave until he was out of sight. Lutchka shouldered the pack that was slung over her left arm, shaking her head with a grin. It had been quite a long while since she had been to the Air Kingdom, and she was thankful for the friendly companions she often crossed paths with. Her most recent one, who was currently heading off to the next town over, was a merchant selling some finer goods from one of the other Kingdoms. Before him she had spent two weeks travelling with a small group of people who kept tabs on populations. This was pretty much her way of life- she grabbed a ride with whomever she felt like and journeyed with them for a while until she grew bored and wandered on her own. She’d always meet these people at local taverns and sometimes even just stumble upon them.

Lutchka had returned to Iveir roughly a month ago, having previously been busy exploring Reimrand and finding new adventures to sate her wanderlust. However, when with another person, she never really ever allowed herself to get too close to them. Companionship and a few laughs was all she sought from strangers. Depending on the situation and if she could help it, Lutchka refrained from spending more than a few weeks with any one new face. That’s pretty well how she’d always been, that fact only having changed when she first arrived on the continent of Iveir and took up residence in the Earth Kingdom. And those bonds had obviously taken their toll.

She couldn’t deny the space that was left in her person from that little worm Taki, and she still missed him sorely at times. But by now, after three years, her memories remained strictly on the many fun times they had suffered through. She didn’t think of his death in Reimrand, she didn’t dwell on the worries that maybe she could have done more. What had happened, happened. When those thoughts turned darker, it affected her person wickedly, and sorrow just wasn’t in her forte. Regardless, she kept rather tight bonds with the others who managed to survive that whole devilish smorgasbord, but because of the loss, she wasn’t keen on repeating a vulnerable side to new souls and allow such an event the possibility to happen again. In all honesty, that was sort of the person she was and always had been. It was difficult to let others behind the teasing, jovial nature that appeared outwardly, and only a few had been allowed glimpses at it- one of whom was dead.

Turning, Lutchka headed down one of the main roads to the Air Kingdom. She had maybe a forty-five minute trek through the city before she reached the gates to the castle. And then probably ten more to get through the large greens before the doors. Another little grin played on her face- Lord Amon’s home was well maintained when it came to the gardens and courtyards around the castle. She had to admit, the little protector, Minnow, did an outstanding job with his tending. It was, in her view, even better than the Earth Kingdom’s. It seemed that the Air Kingdom was the only group out their entire number to have made it through without any immediate loss. Amon had survived, both his protectors had survived. That fact could not be said for one single other power- Siya had lost both of his protectors, Taki had been killed and she really was his only protector during the whole thing and even she had come rather close to the edge- she took a quick moment from her reverie to silently thank the little healer once more- the Water Kingdom had been out of play with literally the entirety of its power, and those under Chromi’s command had taken a heavy toll as well. Well, somebody had to have a bit of fortune in the utter loss that shadowed the success of reclaiming the Reimrandian throne and restoring its land.

~*~*~(Le little collabo with Eddy)~*~*~

The wooden pegs of the training stand clapped loudly in their place as the Air King's forearm contacted it, followed by the thunk of bone against wood as a punch connected the center of the stand. The same arm that punched then came up to slap against another peg opposite of the first one he struck, and rather than a punch he brought his leg up, keeping it tight to his body before he stomped down hard on the one wooden leg that extended from the center-bottom of the training stand. He then shuffled off to the right side, using his left arm to smack into the wooden peg for a block before delivering another hard punch to the side of the wooden stand.

Amon then quickly stepped back from the stand, sliding right into his fighting stance and holding for a moment before relaxing his body, smiling as he did so. He reached out, patting the wooden training stand in an affectionate manner, the stand being marked, worn, and scratched from constant use. He turned and walked over to the small bench that was near the side of the room, where he placed his towel, shirt, and staff when he was training. He picked up the towel, wiping off his face, sitting down on the bench as he did so. If there was one constant in his life that he could appreciate, it was these workouts. Even when being chased by the psychopathic brother of royalty, or engaging and fighting large numbers of creepy pig-men abominations, these workout routines were the one thing he would never cease. Mostly because it was the only moment where he had a chance to center his mind and focus the chaotic thoughts that swirled in his head due to all the stress that came from being a king. Not to mention, it felt good to picture the face of annoying Councillors on the front of the wooden stand.

"Sorry to interrupt you, Master Amon." Amon looked up towards the doorway to see Rhoven standing there, hands in his pockets as he looked at the king. "Seems you, or at least you and the protectors, have a visitor." the younger man said.

Amon raised an eyebrow, wiping himself off of more sweat with the towel before he set it down on the bench, grabbing his shirt and pulling it on as he stood up. "Oh? And no message to announce it? Guess that means the likelihood of me actually wanting to meet with this person is rather high then!" The King said with a grin before he picked up his staff. "Well, let's get going then. Also, perhaps you can tell me who it is?" he said to his apprentice as the two began walking down the hallway.

Rhoven kept his hands in his pockets, smiling a bit himself as he walked along. "It will be, master. Least I find her to be an amusing person to have around." He said. Even though he and the king were walking along a hard stone floor, none of Rhoven's steps made much noise as they contacted the floor. Out of habit over his many years of having been a bit of a thief and burglar, Rhoven had become very adept at keeping any motion he made as quiet as possible. If he didn't want to be heard, Rhoven had an easy time of making sure that would be the case; when he applied his air magic to further dampen noises, Amon was certain the boy could even sneak up on the most alert of guard dogs without drawing their attention.

"It's a 'she' and you like her? Oh dear, this will either be a wonderful visit or a crazy one." Amon said while chuckling.

Rhoven chuckled himself, looking on ahead as the two made their way towards the front doors. "I'm kinda hoping for both, to be honest."

Lutchka rocked slightly on her heels as she stood before the massive doors to the castle. She had figured by now that her arrival had been noticed, and Amon’s servants needed something to do for once. The fire wielder wasn’t disappointed, either, as she was not kept waiting for too long for those doors to be opened. She had considered just sneaking in and making it even more of a surprise visit, but had decided against it, just to be polite. Besides, there were more people to fall prey to such surprises at later times. Namely a heterochromatic eyed sir she had not seen in what felt like ages. However, Lutchka only had a few ideas on where the guy might be currently- she knew that he was in Iveir, but had little to go on in regards to rumors passed around the inns. Most likely he would be with Siya, but that had been out of her way, so she decided to crash at Amon’s for a little while and catch up with him.

As the doors swung open with a loud grumble, her eyes darted to the two figures that appeared behind them. A smirk fixed itself upon her lips and she lifted her right hand in greeting with her index, middle, and thumb fingers, throwing a wink in for effect. ”Miss me?”

As the doors slid open slowly, as was the nature of large, heavy, and wooden doors, Amon stood next to Rhoven with staff in hand; a smile was plastered to his face, and it only grew as the ex-protector came into view as the doors opened up. "Look at that, I guessed right!" Amon exclaimed before he just stepped towards Lutchka. "Screw the waves, come here!" he said as he wrapped his free arm aorund her to pull her into a hug.

Rhoven remained where he was standing as the king stepped forwards. While he certainly wouldn't complain to hugging the woman, the Air King had a better excuse beyond just wanting to hug a pretty lady considering the friendship between him and Lutchka. He did smile though, watching Amon finally pull back with a big grin plastered on his face.

"How's that for an answer on whether I missed you or not?" Amon asked, looking at her. "Hopefully it was an adequate response for you, Lutchka."

Lutchka was well pleased with the excitement Amon displayed when he saw her. He took a step or two forward to embrace her and she chuckled lightly. While he did so, she remarked lightly in his ear, ”I hear a certain council is giving you hell, that still brewing?”

Amon then released her, and she returned his grin with her own playful smirk. "How's that for an answer on whether I missed you or not? Hopefully it was an adequate one.” At the opportunity that Amon so blatantly set himself up for, Lutchka slipped on a little pout, leaning forward and placing a hand on his chest, gazing up at him with playfully suggestive eyes. ”Hardly what I was looking for, M’lord~” Her tone was obviously joking, and she withdrew to fold her hands in front of her with a mischievous smile. By now Amon fully knew that her playful threats were hardly serious. Lutchka was mostly harmless when it came to such.

She then tilted her gaze over to the Air King’s apprentice, another good-natured smirk filling her lips. ”This one still keeping you on your toes?”

Amon just held his grin, shrugging to her response. "Sorry, M'lady. It has just been so long since I've seen you, I've gotten rusty." he then followed her gaze to Rhoven, the young man nodding to her when she had looked towards him. "He is, though I think I'm the one torturing him more than he is me. Ain't that right, boy?"

Rhoven crossed his arms, giving them both a wry grin, "Oh it is hardly torture, Master Amon. Though whatever stress comes of the training I can always take out on Kanan and Minnow. The two are such fun to mess with, afterall."

"And I get to enjoy that weird squawk you make when Kanan gets you back," Rhoven's smile dropped, staring at Amon wide eyed for a moment, "which I think is honestly the best part."

Rhoven coughed, recovering and wiping the surprised look off of his face. "It is not a squawk, master!"

"No~, of course it isn't. My little crow." Amon chuckled at Rhoven's grumbling, looking back to Lutchka in front of him. The smile faded a bit from his face as he rubbed the back of his head. "As for the council, yeah they are still giving me plenty of gripe. Times like this make me regret I had it set up to begin with, but-!" he said, recovering his smile. "I'm sure that with time they'll eventually settle down and accept the Reimrands!"

Lutchka laughed at their little argument, Rhoven was so cute at times. ”Didn’t think you were into torture, Amon~” Yet again there was that teasing tone as she rested a hand on his shoulder for a moment. ”Well, somebody’s gotta do it when I’m not around.” She smirked before inclining her head when Amon’s tone changed as he switched subjects to the council.

”Or we’ll just have to kick their asses and make them feel highly uncomfortable~” A legitimately cheerful look filled her face, as if what she had just said was the most innocent, natural thing to do in such a situation. A small laugh escaped her lips and she shook her head. ”We’ll figure something out, no doubt.”

Amon chuckled softly, nodding his head at the suggestion of kicking the ass of the council. "Trust me, dear Lutchka. I really wish I could. Sadly though, I think it'd only make it even more likely they'd just outright turn on me then! That, I can do without." he said. He then put his own hand on her shoulder, patting it as he spoke again. "But you are right, we'll figure something out to do with these pains in my ass!" he then settled his hand on her shoulder, changing his own tone to match her suggestive one. "Oh, and Lutchka, there is a lot you don't know about me, my dear." he gave her a wink before turning and heading through the doors, Rhoven following close behind his master as he moved inside.


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#, as written by Siryn

He'd fallen asleep in Shiro's arms. If he'd slept with the protector nearby or even next to him the whole time, Siya didn't remember. All he could recall was an upsetting feeling, his stomach twisting into a thousand knots and finally being consumed by darkness after recounting horrible events.

Slowly shifting around on the large bed he'd be put in, he curled his arms up under the cool pillows and closed his eyes again. He relished the touch of the sheets against his body, the cold feel of the pillow cases on his hands and arms, the way it felt with his head pillowed in the fluff. Siya took a deep breath. He felt better. Perhaps even... Lighter? Maybe it was because he'd finally slept for the first time in ages. And not just a few hours. The entire night. Maybe longer.

What time was it?

Siya pulled himself up and forced his weary body that begged to remain in bed, out. Moving to the curtains that had been drawn, he pulled them back and quickly raised a hand to block out the blaring heat of the sunlight that pelted down on his eyes. Letting the drapes fall back, he turned and took a deep breath. Afternoon... How long did I sleep!? he nibbled on his lower lip as he felt a mini panic attack shoot through his chest.

He'd been asleep for that long?! Why did no one wake him? Maybe Shiro kept him asleep. Maybe he needed it. The young Fire King wasn't about to admit that he needed the rest though. So, he set about changing quickly and addressing his elder protector on the matter of allowing him to sleep for so long. Siya sighed as he moved about the room, making plenty of noise as he did so. Cursing slightly to himself on how his protectors hadn't woken him that morning.

At the same time, he felt a bit of relief though. Happiness seemed to pick at his chest. The two protectors that he'd gained... They were sweet to him. Kind. Patient. Most of all... They were so patient. Siya supposed he couldn't have asked for more. With a soft sigh, he hurried to finish dressing so that he could get back to what was important.

Finding out who the hell was after his throne.


Four Days Later

Siya stood at the head of a huge table, his gaze narrowed in one of his rare shows of anger. His lower lip was currently being bitten by his teeth as he glowered at the map strewn out across the table. The general of his army was standing in the room with him, a sour look on his face.

"Sire... The loyalists city is under seige. At this rate... We'll lose the only thing that stands between us and the Nobles of Fire."

Nobles of Fire... Siya's thoughts went dark. For the past four days, that name had been the bain of his existence. They had made good on their word. Attacking many of the loyalist cities and villages. The people who stood with Siya were suffering. Yet, there he was, standing in the safety of his castle while his people were dying.

Slamming his fist into the table, the little peices that were placed upon the map to indicate his villages and cities, his army and the enemies, went bouncing. Searing pain lanced through his fingers, but he brushed it off, ignoring it entirely as he stared at the map. Taking several deep breaths, Siya managed to calm himself if only slightly.

"Fine," he uttered in a partial growl of rage, "They want a fight with me. They can have it," he snarled.

"My lord," the general sighed a bit before nodding his head. Siya's mind wasn't going to be changed. He wasn't giving up the throne, but he wasn't going to let his people continue to suffer either.

Shoving off the table he'd been leaning on, Siya looked up to his general and both protectors, "Get ready. We're leaving within the hour," he snapped the order and turned to leave to prepare himself for a very long and grueling fight.



Valrien pulled the reigns of the horse that he'd been riding hard. The beast panted heavily as he halted the creatures mad dash across the open plains. The castle that stood before him was always such a magnificent sight. Honestly, Valrien would have much prefered that style to the one that he currently resided in in Reimrand.

As the horse beneath him cantered from side to side, Valrien leaned forward and rubbed at the beasts neck, patting it slightly as he took a breath, "Sorry, Amon," he muttered. It was in regards to his rather quick appearance as well as forgoing sending a note ahead of him like usual.

"I'm sure Kanan already know's we're here anyway, so what's the point," he continued with a sigh and spurred the very tired horse forward to finish the trip through the gates. Four days... God I hope nothing has happened in four days... Valrien though as he hurried through the gates, up the gravel and dismounted at the base of the steps that led up to the double doors of the huge palace.

As predicted, the doors opened and a certain one eyed protector came out, a rather concerned look on his face, "My Lord..."

"Kanan, where is Amon? Quickly, it's urgent," the Prince said as he met the man halfway down the steps.

The protector gave him one look, a solemn look, then nodded and turned on his heel to head back into the palace, "This way, my Lord."

Harlan slowed his horse down when Valrien had, keeping his balance up on the creature as it stirred beneath him. He too looked out to the castle ahead of them, then over to his friend. "Nice view, ain't it?" he cracked before Valrien was already spurring his horse forwards. They were apparently not going to wait for the guards or anything, as the two of them rode up to the steps of the palace and were already hopping off.

Harlan looked up as the doors swung open, the one-eyed protector, Kanan, of the Air King was right there looknig towards the two of them. In only a few words though, all three were heading into the castle and making their ways through the hallways.

Amon was for once not sitting within his training room, as much as he would rather be. Instead, he once more was finding himself sitting within the council room, speaking to the congregation. the goodnews for Amon was that it had nothing to do with closing off Reimrand; the bad news was that it instead had to deal with the number of bandit attacks that had been occuring in the villages near the borders, far away from the capital of the Air Kingdom.

"Then it is settled, we can deploy more soldiers to the accosted villages, and hopefully fend off these roving bands of brigands." Amon said, sitting forwards in his seat as he looked up at the others. For once, they were actually finding themselves conversing in a bit of a civil manner, as they all were for dealing with whatever was stirring up the trouble.

Ilder bowed his head to the Air King, having been the one speaking the most. He then sat back down in his seat. "Sound amenable, your majesty. We shall send the notice to the generals as soon as we can. Is there...anything else you wish to discuss?" he asked, a bit hesitant as he knew how touchy the subject he wanted to mention was to the Air King.

His chance was foiled though as Amon stood up from his seat. "That will be all for today, councilers. Good day to you." with that, he bowed his head to them and quickly made his way out of the council room before things could get ugly again. Least this time he was leaving in a...sorta better mood than before. Still though, this bandit issue was the exact thing he hated most, and he'd lost plenty to people such as them.

Sighing and rubbing his face, he simply had his staff resting on his shoulder as decided to make his way towards his favorite place in the palace. Maybe he could get Lutchka and they could have a sparring match. That was always a sure-fire way to cheer himself up.

"Sire," Kanan called out for his king as he saw the man moving down the hall from them. Quickening his pace, Kanan attempted to catch up. Behind him the prince followed at the same pace. "Sire, Lord Valrien is here," he called though he probably didn't have to since the prince was right behind him.

"Amon, I need to speak with you immediately," Valrien said, speaking over Kanan as he reached Amon's side, "It is Siya. Someone is planning to try to usurp him."

Amon glanced back over his shoulder at the sound of Kanan calling out to him, a response on his lips before he turned to notice Valrien and Harlan following the protector. Amon raised an eyebrow, smiling as he turned to adress them. "Valrien! It's good to see you here, how are th-"

Then he was interrupted by Valrien, Amon's smile vanishing all together as a look of confusion replaced it. He let the staff slide down his arm and to the floor as he turned completely to face them. "Wait, wait. Usurp him?! Why? What for?" Amon looked down to the ground, a scowl forming on his face. He then looked back at Valrien. "Because of this whole, Reimrand thing?! Shit...I knew things were rocky but...but not that bad."

"I don't know the reasons. Siya told them he was not going to give up the throne. They're going to take it by force. And the group I saw deliver the message..." Valrien shook his head slightly, his teeth grinding again, "They are not to be taken lightly. Who ever they are, they are going to be strong and Siya is not in the right state of mind to handle something like this on his own."

Valrien looked over to Harlan, hoping the man would help at least a little in the decision process, though he was fairly sure that Amon would agree. After all, it was Amon he was speaking to. Next to the King, Kanan shifted uncomfortably, his pale blue eye trained first on Valrien then onto his King.

"Sire..." was the only word uttered from his lips. It wasn't really a full question. More like prompting Amon to make a decision and quickly.

"That was four days ago, Amon. I couldn't get here any faster. Who knows what's happening there by now. And what about when we get there! It is four days back!"

"Yeah, Valrien ain't joking here," Harlan began, glancing to the prince then back to Amon, "They were some fierce looking customers. A woman covered in more steel than most blacksmiths have, two fellas covered head-to-toe in black, since apparently that's fashionable..." he trailed off for a moment before getting back to the point. "And one of those guys was a fucking giant!! Hell, I'm certain most of us here would barely come up to the guy's chest. He'd break Siya in half with just his hands if he got a hold of the him."

Amon looked between Harlan, Varien, and even to Kanan when the protector spoke up. He then glanced to the ground, rubbing the back of his head before he cast a glance down in the direction of the council room. "Alright then. I can go, ok?" he then turned to look at Valrien. "The thing is, there is no way I could hope to bring my own soldiers though to help. Least not an army." he let his hand drop from his head.

Valrien stood silent for a while as he watched Amon. His chest was already tight from the apprehension, but it grew tighter as Amon said he couldn't bring his own soldiers to help. Still, it was better than nothing at all he supposed. Nodding his head, he swallowed to clear his dried throat, "That's fine, Amon. Siya has his own soldiers to help him. We'll make do with what we can. We should really hurry. I can only hope he hasn't done anything stupid yet."

Kanan nodded at Amon's decision and backed away a few steps, "Sire, I'll retrieve Minnow and Lutchka." the young Protector announced and without waiting, he turned and left them in the hall to do as he'd said.

"I want you to also get the attention of the head of the royal guard. I can at least bring some troops to help..." Amon called out after Kanan. He then sighed and looked back to Valrien.

Valrien turned a curious look on Amon, "Lutchka is here?"

Amon nodded his head to Valrien's question. "Yeah, she arrived a few days ago and has been staying here for a bit. Look I'll have to talk with you about this in a moment. I need to....inform the council and get my own things around. Excuse me." he said before quickly turning and heading down the hallway. "I'll meet you out front the main doors!!" he shouted back as he made his way down the hallway.

Harlan watched the king leave before looking at Valrien. He didn't say anything for a few moments, before finally speaking. "You know exactly what I'm going to tell you to do, buddy. So I'll refrain from that and just tell you, it'll be so awesome when you finally do it...and by it I mean her. Seriously."

Valrien nodded to Amon as he went down the hall to speak to his council. As he turned to go wait for the King as he'd been told to outside the front doors, Harlan's words stopped him cold in his tracks. A bit of an annoyed twitch cut through his demeanor as he ground his teeth yet again.

With a growl of frustration he whirled around and lashed out at the man "Harlan! Will you shut up about that! Damn it this is not the time!" once he finished his tirade, he turned on his heel and stormed out to the front doors leaving Harlan to recover and catch up when he wanted. God, sometimes he just really wanted to punch the man's face in.

Lutchka was busily training outside in one of the outer courtyards to the south of the castle when Kanan showed up. The one-eyed protector was always so quiet that when he spoke up, he startled her a bit. At least enough to make her miss her next hand position on top of the ivy-clad walls. She staggered slightly and a light stab of pain made itself known in her wrist. Nothing too serious, but it forced her to immediately shift her weight and return to her feet with a little thud. ”God, Kanan-“ Lutchka began, but it seemed he was in a hurry. And for good reason. They would be needing to head off to the Fire Kingdom quickly. Lord Siya’s position as king was being threatened, and Valrien was apparently here as well.

Lutchka tilted her head at that, a wry little grin unable to resist settling on her lips, though she immediately reprimanded herself. They needed to move as quickly as possible- Kanan’s tone had projected as much. The ex-protector crouched before hopping off of the courtyard wall, landing on the ground with a light thump. However, with the slight jarring, another little spark of pain returned at her wrist. She hissed quietly, shaking it out just a bit.

However, she moved as she did so, and grabbed the small tunic she had asked one of the servants to leave for her, and pulled it over her upper training garb. She then made a quickly paced run back to the castle.
”Not the time for what?” The fire user asked curiously, though her words were slightly muffled. She was using her teeth to gently remove her training gloves while her left hand rubbed at her right wrist. She had only caught the very last of what Chromi had yelled at Harlan, and that was from another room. Lutchka looked noticeably disheveled, with one sleeve askew on one shoulder and her shorts a bit wrinkled- she had had no time to fix them and furthermore didn’t even really notice them.

She grinned wryly at Harlan despite the current situation, it was always a pleasure seeing him as well. He was a wonderful tavern companion and drinking buddy, and he was fool enough to continue to try to bet against her during games, no matter how often the outcome was never in his favor.

Minnow was expectedly in his greenhouse, tending to a particularly poor plant- someone must not have been paying attention when they had walked through to enjoy the greenery, and had stepped on it. It was also slightly withered and just overall a really sad sight to see. It pained Minnow’s heart to see one of his own flora treated so poorly. Or so he liked to be dramatic about it when he could for his own amusement. However, when Kanan appeared from behind a few large trees, Minnow stopped what he was doing with a questioning look on his face.

It was then that Kanan informed him of what was happening, and he immediately shoved the soil back around the plant’s stem- he would have to worry about it another time. In fact, he had done pretty much all he needed to. Standing up from his kneeling position, he dusted off his hands and knees before following after Kanan back to the castle.


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#, as written by Siryn
A few days later: Siya's Palace
Valrien dismounted the moment they were within reach of the steps that led up to the large doors leading into the hall of Siya’s castle. For some reason he had a horrid feeling at the back of his throat. A tightness filled with a sour taste that just wouldn’t go away no matter how many times he swallowed. The city itself was far too quiet. Only a few guards greeted them on the way in. Something was wrong.

As he charged up the steps and threw the doors opened, he came to an abrupt halt as he entered the hall. Glancing around wildly, he noted that none of the usual guards were there. A few servants wandered, doing their daily chores, but no one greeted them. The hall was far too quiet, except for a woman standing in the middle of the hall with her arms crossed. Long white hair spilled over her shoulders, yellow eyes glaring at the group who entered. She was dressed head to foot in black, a sash hanging from her belt -a gift from Siya a long time ago. It held the Fire King’s emblem on the edge of it.

“Lukina,” Valrien said, recognizing her immediately.

“Where is Siya?”

“He’s not here?!” The Prince took several steps forward to stand right in front of her, looking down at her as he was just a little taller than her.

She scowled, “No, he’s not. One of the guards said he left, emptied his army out of here too. Said it looked like he was going to war. I was hoping you knew where he went.”

Valrien scowled deeply. He cursed, his language flowing off his tongue rapidly. Lukina gave a confused look before sighing and shaking her head, “Look! We have to find him.”

“Yes! I know that! A heavily armed group came in here a week ago ordering him to stand down from the throne. He refused it of course, but they were damned determined and from what it sounded like, they were going to kill him since he refused. Damn him… Why did he not wait? I told him I was going to see Amon!”

Lutchka followed closely after Valrien as he forced the doors to the castle of the Fire Kingdom open, practically running in. She had a good idea of why he was doing so, though, as it was fairly obvious to everyone that something was off, something was different. Guards were different, it was too quiet, less men, etc. So when they saw the main hall empty except for one particular familiar woman looked rather peeved, it was obvious that Siya had already left, gone on his own to fight.

The woman and Chromi then began a small spat, both confirming the suspicion that the young King had left. It was then that their Reimrandien Prince began cursing in absolute anger and frustration. Lutchka pursed her lips, walking up behind him and placing a rather firm hand on his shoulder. “I think you well know why he’s left without waiting. His throne was on the line, he’s been dealing with other poor emotions. It was only a matter of time before something pushed him over the edge.” Normally she would have teased him, but in this situation, with the Fire King so close to danger and furthermore missing, this particular instance was not really the time for joking.

“He’s fine, I’m sure. He’s got a hard head, don’t underestimate him. Any ideas on where he might have gone off to, though?”

Minnow had nervously been following after the group as they entered the castle as well. He was worried for Siya, that was a given. They may not have been overly close, but that didn’t stop the little healer from caring about him just as much as he did everyone else. Well… almost everyone else. It did not help that the castle seemed remarkably empty, and a young woman was standing alone in the middle of the hall.

The Prince immediately approached her and they had a short though heated discussion about Siya’s condition. With what they said, a little knot twisted in Minnow’s stomach. Siya had gone on without any back up to go fight a war he was in no condition to do so. Lutchka had tried to cheer everyone up, or at least disable the tension that was building from the Prince’s reactions, but Minnow was not really convinced. Sure, the Fire King was a strong individual, that was a given. But he was still grieving, even after all this time, the wounds had not healed, and now his raw emotions were being torn at with the arrival of such a threat to his person.

Reaching back, Valrien took hold of Lutchka’s hand that was on his shoulder as he took a deep breath, “I know why he didn’t wait. I know very well that it pushed him over the edge. He is strong, but that was years ago, Lutchka. He’s not as strong as he used to be, despite that mask he wears every day. That’s exactly why I’m worried. He left without thinking. Jumped right into a fight he’s not going to win on his own. I’m beginning to wonder if he is suicidal again. Or just plain stupid at this point.”

Lukina sighed and shrugged, “Well whatever he is, we need to find him. I don’t have any idea as to where he went, but we best start trying to find out.”

Kanan moved finally, stepping a little past Minnow whom he’d been standing next to the entire time, “I can try to find him. My reach is limited, but as we move, I’ll try.”

Minnow looked thoughtful as Kanan suggested that. He then spoke up, “It would be easier if I did it. As long as we take breaks while travelling, of course. My reach is longer when it comes to the land. I could probably help direct Kanan with a general area as well.”

Lutchka gave a little sigh as Chromi spoke, but then a wry little smirk was on her lips, and she wrapped her arms around his neck softly. “Ah, you’re such a dork~” She grinned brightly and then stepped away from him with a cheerful look. “I’m sure it won’t be that hard to find him. Couldn’t have gone too far.”

Amon, Harlan, and Rhoven had been right behind the others as they had entered the castle, and much to Amon’s worry they quickly learned that Siya was not there to be found. Instead they had managed to stumble across an old acquaintance in Lukina.

Amon crossed his arms, frowning as he looked to the floor before back up towards Kanan and Minnow. The two’s suggestion to use their powers to track Siya was the best idea so far, at least the best to Amon. He couldn’t think of anything else, other than asking villages every now and then which direction the army had marched in.

He turned his head though when Rhoven piped up. “Asking the servants here which direction the army marched in would be a good start for us. I imagine that somebody has to have an idea about where he might have gone.”

Amon nodded his head, looking towards the others. “Yeah, not to mention there has to be some guards around here who could help point in the right direction as well. Then Minnow and Kanan can begin searching for them. An Army isn’t too hard to find.”

Lukina crossed her arms, nodding, “Yes. That is a good idea. Perhaps the guards at the gate. There is only one way in. I didn’t think to ask since I was in a hurry and just got here moments before you did. In any case, we need to move quickly.”

“We’ll leave now,” Valrien said firmly and turned to head for the double doors of the palace. He led the way with Lukina falling into step on the one side that Lutchka was not on. His steps were quick, driven by an underlying need to be where Siya was at all costs and quickly. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong still, that Siya had possibly perished in a fight he couldn’t win.

Behind them, Kanan followed. He was only slightly upset that Minnow had told him not to, but he knew that the little healer was right. Minnow’s reach was much farther than his, which meant finding Siya much quicker. He had to admit that the blonde’s power was extraordinary when it came to the earth. Kanan might have admitted to admiring it too. Leaning down, he gave a small kiss on the healer’s cheek before whispering in Minnow’s ear, “Do your best.”

The others quickly fell in step behind the Prince, Amon casting a glance to his protectors for a moment before looking back ahead as they moved. Rhoven simply kept close to the Air King, hands resting in his pockets while Harlan moved up closer towards the Prince.

“So, Lukina. It’s been awhile since we’ve last seen you.” Harlan said as he slowly walked up next to the woman. He looked at her with a smile, his hands resting within his pockets as well. “What have you been up to and how are you doing? I hope you missed me as much as I missed you.” He said, to her, shifting to the side slightly so as to be ready to dodge a possible strike.

“Harlan…” She sighed heavily, “How many times must I tell you? I’m not interested. The last man I was interested in disappeared off the face of this planet, what makes you think I’d go for a player like yourself. Love them then leave them, isn’t that right?” she shot back, noticing the slight step to get out of her range. Lukina arched an eyebrow, as if getting a little distance away would save him.

“You realize my scythe can still reach you, right?” she said as she pushed open the doors and started down the steps to the horses that were in the courtyard just in front of the palace.

Lutchka rolled her eyes as Harlan suddenly popped up behind Lukina, hitting on her almost immediately. Gods, that man had no limits. She listened intently to the both of them though, smirking when Lukina immediately dashed any hopes that Harlan might have had. But she had brought up some good points with the whole use them and lose them. But that was just Harlan. It was sad really, he wouldn’t ever get to experience any sort of legitimate relationship- well, probably- but maybe that was a good thing. After all, her feelings towards Valrien had led to little, and it was such a pain to have such an ache.

The ex-protector had a little laugh at Lukina’s threats, throwing a pointed though playful look at Harlan. She then shifted her gaze to the rest of their group that followed after. Kanan and Minnow had said that they would be able to find Siya, and she didn’t doubt it. It was rare to see Minnow take initiative or use his powers for things other than healing. It was a bit of a treat to watch, and she had no idea how he did it. In fact, the first time he had used his other sight had surprised her greatly. She had thought only Kanan had the ability to do things like that, and knowing that both of Amon’s Protectors could do it was a bit of a cheat in her opinion.

Minnow blushed ever so faintly and gave a little cough when Kanan kissed his cheeks. It warmed him though, and he felt confident with the encouragement of his partner. It was true that he did not often use his own power, as Kanan could always cover the need so much easier than he could. But this was his cup of tea, and it would help them find Siya and make sure that he was alright.

The little blonde watched as Harlan suddenly caught up with Lukina and Valrien, and gave a sort of sigh of relief as he hit on her. At least his attention was occupied with her now and thus he wouldn’t be making things awkward for Minnow, as he so often still did.

At the mention of her scythe, Harlan glanced down to said weapon and then scooted away from her a little more, moving so that now he was behind her some. “Oh yeah! Totally know that! And it is not love-’em-and-leave-’em, thank you!” he said while crossing his arms defensively. “Both parties are well aware that it is strictly fornicating and not love making. I am not a heartless person, I’ll have you know.” he said with a grin.

Rhoven glanced at Harlan, sighing and shaking his head. “How many times have you ended up with someone else’s partner? And how many times have you been beaten for that?”

Harlan looked at the younger man and grinned. “If they are with someone when we do the dirty, then they did not inform me that they were dating somebody. I take no responsibility for that because I was ignorant to the fact! As for how many times I’ve been attacked by said partner….several. And only a few have ever won.”

Rhoven rolled his eyes. “Too bad a few more haven’t won. Might knock some of that libido out of you…” he mumbled to himself, turning to look back ahead.

Amon looked down at Rhoven, “From what I’ve gathered, there is no beating that out of him. It’s too ingrained in his psyche.”

Harlan grinned at the two of them, looking ahead while peeking a glance at any ass that he could sneak a peek at, excluding Valrien’s. “Well I’m glad to know you are learning, Lord Amon.”

Lukina sighed heavily as she mounted, “For the love of all Gods, will you keep it in your pants, Harlan? Or I’ll be inclined to relieve you of that burden. And my scythe is very very sharp,” she said as he mounted and gave him a pointed look.

“Just… Go,” Valrien said with a heavy sigh, “We have an idiot King to go rescue, remember? The sooner the better…” With that, Valrien was up on his own mount and spurring the beast to head to the gates of the city at a dead run.


The guards had told them west was the direction the army had headed off to. Where though, was not known. Valrien had to believe that Minnow could find the King’s location soon the longer they travelled in that direction. They’d been moving for a couple of day’s already and he was still holding onto the hope that the young king could be found quickly. They stopped often, allowing Minnow to do what he needed to search for the Fire Lord.

Yet, the longer it took, the more anxious the Prince grew. He wasn’t the only one either. It was easy to tell that Lukina was anxious too. After all, she’d pledged to serve him if he ever needed her, no matter what. Even in his darkest hours she would be there. Valrien felt a bit of guilt at the fact that he hadn’t thought of her at first when Siya had been presented with that proclamation of his demise. Even so, he felt that Amon was the best choice and seeing as Siya’s lands had fallen under war anyway… Clearly Lukina had found out.

Kanan allowed Minnow to do the work of finding the King, offering encouragement when it was needed, especially when Minnow didn’t feel the King’s presence after searching as far as he could reach. He even gave Minnow a few of his metal pieces that he wore on his frame for sacrifice purposes. They would serve the little blonde healer far better than Kanan who was currently in no need of them aside from the small few that he sacrificed constantly and unconsciously simply because he was always feeling the presence of everyone around him and a few miles out. It was an old habit, born out of mercenary training and being the Kings protector. No one knew who would come knocking on Amon’s doorstep, so he made it a point to know who and where everyone was at all times.

The road they found themselves on leading west was barren. Dry and flat for miles before hills popped up in the distance. Valrien knew the city that was beyond those hills and also knew it would take at least another day to reach it. He hoped that was where Siya was. If not… Then he had no idea. Along the road, ditches were spread out, some filled with water, some empty and dry.

Some holding a body… Valrien pulled the horse to a stop, staring at the hand that peeked over the edge of the ditch. He looked over his shoulder to the others, Kanan’s gaze narrowed. When he looked at the prince, he shook his head, “I did not feel anything until now,” he said despite Valrien not saying a word, “He’s fading…” the one eyed protector said softly, a bit of sadness to his tone. Valrien started dismounting, cursing to himself. As if he would let them die so easily.

Minnow had been hard at work the entire journey. Although he could not stop as often as he might have preferred, he made do with what he was given. While they knew the general direction which Siya’s armies had moved out, it was entirely possible that the course could have been shifted. It was becoming more and more of a possibility the further on they went and the longer there was no real good signs of any armies that had passed through. But Siya’s lands were barren, different from the Air Kingdom. Despite the probably large body that had passed through the lands, the earth was not disturbed too greatly. It was almost as if someone were masking the trails. Usually Minnow could pick through anything that may pose as a problem, but he was not familiar with this land.

The little healer decided that on their next stop, he was going to focus his sights in different directions. It was obvious that Siya had not passed through this place. Minnow should have decided on that earlier, but for some reason he simply hadn’t. He was about to voice the information when Valrien called a stop.

Minnow had not scoped out this far. He had been tentative the last search, he was less eager to search further out, as there were no signs of an army. It was also difficult to push through and around the unfamiliar lands that had never really had to yield to such questioning. Thus he had not seen the almost lifeless body that was currently in one of the ditches to the side of the road.

Immediately he had dismounted from his horse and hurried over to see. A red-headed man with an angular face lay there, beaten and bloodied, arrows sticking from his form like the spines on a porcupine. It was surprising that he had lasted, considering everything that could have happened to him- he had been here for awhile, under the heat of the sun, with multiple open wounds. The earth desires to take him…. He thought silently to himself. There had been no indication of a soul out this far, regardless of whether or not he had not searched this far. Kanan had not felt his presence either.

“Move.” The little blonde spoke with an authoritative tone towards Valrien. The Prince was not entirely in the way, but that wasn’t any of Minnow’s concern at this point. He quickly shifted forward and unlatched a small canteen of water that rest at his hip. He kneeled down and quickly looked over the man, taking note of every wound that was readily apparent.

He grabbed hold of the guy’s chin, and tilted it up towards the sun. With a gentle though firm hand, he parted his lips and brought the mouth of the canteen to his lips. He tilted it back gently, running a finger over the throat of this individual to encourage a swallowing reaction. While he did so, he made his determinations on whether or not he could be moved in this state.

“I need more water and someone to move him.” That answered that- the man shouldn’t die with being handled and moved out of the ditch. Besides, there was no real way to tend to him in such an awkward position, and dirt and the elements could easily get in.

Amon hated riding horses, he really did. Sure they were faster, and could carry more stuff, but he just did not find sitting in a saddle all that comfortable. He was also nowhere near as graceful on horseback as he was on his feet. Controlling the four legged creatures was just not his forte. He glanced back at his apprentice, not sure how the city-raised teen was so much better at riding and controlling them. Guess maybe Amon could look into lessons from him, give the boy a chance to teach and lead. Not to mention it’d be a good lesson for Rhoven as well.

When Valrien called for them to stop, Amon was more than happy to do so and quickly hopped down from his horse. Of course, it was then that he noticed why they had as he looked to see Minnow moving over to a body that was lying within the nearby ditch. Immediately Amon moved towards them to assist Minnow if it was needed, though he certainly did not touch the injured man, lest he be on the receiving end of Minnow’s barracuda-like wrath. At the mention of water, Amon did not hesitate and moved to his horse to grab his water canteen, holding it out to the young protector. “Here you go, Minnow.”

As he held out the canteen, Amon suddenly jerked his head to the individual when they suddenly began to hack and cough, spitting some of the water out at the simple reflex. As they did so, their hand suddenly shot up and grabbed hold of Minnow’s hand that was by their throat, gripping the limb weakly as their eyes shot open. The man looked up at Minnow, then all around at the others with shock and fright, and in a futile effort, attempted to scoot away as he saw them. “Yas’lak…!” he muttered, “Tema’lee…!” he said in a frantic, raspy, and weak voice.

Amon blinked, staring at the man confused as he had no clue what the man had just mumbled. The Air King was not sure if the man was just speaking gibberish due to his awful condition, or if he was actually speaking some other language.

Minnow had been a bit startled as well when the stranger had jerked up a bit. But in a quick movement, he gingerly placed his hands at the back of the man’s head, making sure that he would back up. Him moving too much would be bad for his current condition. Minnow dipped hs head a bit to look up at the individual, keeping their faces level so that there would not be as much of a reason to feel threatened. Soft little mumbles left his lips, soothing and gentle, though not entirely intelligible either.

Now that he was awake, it would only freak the man out further to have other people touching him, so having one of the others retrieve him from the ditch was a poor idea. With a soft little hum in his throat, he tenderly ran his fingertips along the scratches on the man’s bloodied face, running a little bit of water on the gashes to clean them as well. He was hoping to distract the young gentleman enough for him not to struggle when he felt the earth beneath him shift.

Minnow inverted the curve of the ditch, fluctuating it upwards to become level with the rest of the earth. With the man now level and more easily maneuverable, Minnow gently let his fingers slip away from his chin- which he had previously been propping up to let him drink- and moved around him to get to work on the other wounds there. He would need to take care of the arrows too, and that was not going to be a fun task for anyone involved. If they were not already through the flesh to where the tip was showing, he would have to force them through in order to break them and remove them.

The poor guy probably wasn’t going to be conscious for much longer once Minnow got started on him.

Amon watched as the man struggled for a few more moments, though it seemed that as Minnow continued to give the man a drink and slowly clean the wounds along his face the man began to settle down. The redhead let go of Minnow’s wrist and instead reached up to grab hold of the canteen at his lips, sloppily chugging down the liquid. He stopped for a moment and looked down as the earth shifted beneath him so that the ditch was now level with the road, but it seemed the man had decided that none of them intended to hurt him.

The man, having finished off the canteen, groaned in pain, his body just going limp as he seemed to finally have decided none of them were going to hurt him. By this time, Harlan had dismounted from his horse and watched from a distance, not wanting to get in the way either. People might give him gripe for seeming to not have a care in the world, but even he knew when it was time to be serious. Still, it wouldn’t stop him from asking question. “Any idea who he is or from where?” he said, though as he did he began looking around the area. He wanted to make sure that whoever had attacked this young fella wasn’t going to show up again to try and finish the job.

Valrien shook his head, having stepped out of the way of Minnow when the young healer told him to move. It wasn’t a growling order, just a request. The Prince watched, a frown on his lips as he stood there. When the young man woke, it startled Valrien, especially when he latched onto Minnow. He almost lunged forward, but as Minnow did not seem disturbed, then it was alright, especially when the man snatched the water and then went limp on the ground. Valrien couldn’t tell if he was still conscious or not as Minnow walked around him, working out a plan no doubt on how to get started on healing him.

“Minnow, if you remove the arrows, I can close most of the wounds with my energy. The deep ones especially,” Valrien offered, taking a few steps closer so the little blonde healer could hear him.

Kanan, who had also dismounted when Minnow had, rested his blade down at his side, having drawn it at some point. He was keeping an eye out around them and if Valrien concentrated enough, he could feel the one eyed protectors air magic rippling outward as he searched for any signs of the attackers remaining nearby. The Prince glanced over at Harlan who asked the question but it was not him who answered.

“He isn’t from here,” Lukina said. She stepped closer, crouching down to get a better look at him, a frown on her lips, “He’s a long way from home, actually. One of the tribes, possibly. Yes, from the Steppes west of Nevarre. His people were there when Nevarre fell. What he’s doing here, though…” she shook her head, sighing.

“When who fell?” Harlan asked as he looked at Lukina. The name did sound familiar, but he was usually stuck in Iveir or back home in Reimrand so he really was not too familiar with any of the places of Dhaemar.

“They are our Western neighbors.” Amon said, looking away from the barely conscious man over to Harlan. “We really don’t have any dealing with the nobility in that area beyond simple trading arrangements. So, I'm not familiar with the whole fallen part either.” he finished while looking over at Lukina. He glanced down at the man when he groaned in pain, a grimace on his face as he shifted about. “I am not familiar though with the steppes Lukina mentioned, either.”

“I see then…” Harlan said, looking at the injured fella as well. Harlan was quiet for a moment before looking towards the others with curiosity, “Wasn’t that Asier fella from Nevarre? I think somebody mentioned that before when he spat out another language other than Iveirian.”

“Asier...that was the name. Cripes I could never remember what name he went by after he changed it.” Amon said while scratching his head. “But, yes he was from Nevarre. Really All I knew about the fella.”

“Nevarre was taken over. Invaded by a powerful man. We consider it the fall of Nevarre. Especially if you were there to see it. I heard of it, but I was not there. Well… I was in the middle of leaving Nevarre when it was taking place. But that’s not important. What is, is that I’ve seen his kind before. The Steppes are where many different tribes reside. Unfortunately, I’m not versed in his language. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he knows Nevarre, or Iverian.”

“Then I guess we need to heal him,” Valrien said and looked to Minnow again, “As I said. I can heal his deeper wounds quickly. It’ll make it easier on you and him. You’ll just have to remove those arrows for me, I’m sure you’ll make it less painful than if I did it,” the Prince said carefully. He didn’t want the little healer to feel as if he were trying to take his job, but he knew that he could help and make the process faster, thus he offered.

Minnow nodded when Valrien said that he could heal the man. It was a good thing, really- the guy needed it. It was too bad that their sacrifices didn’t range into wood, elsewise this would be a simple task. Minnow once again looked him over before deciding on which shaft to start with. The ones that hadn’t gone too deep he could pull back out- anything that hadn’t hit an important organ or got caught between something or other.

The little blonde healer quickly got to work, starting on the first of the six arrows that were lodged in the man’s flesh. The first four were simple, but the other two, one through his arm, the other through his side, would be the ones that were the most painful. If Minnow tried to pull either on of them out the way they had entered, he would risk tearing an important tendon. So instead he forced the weapon forward to finish its path, peaking the tip out to the other side. With that, he broke it in half, and removed both sides.

Once he had finished, Minnow nodded to Valrien. In all honesty, he wished that he could have done a lot more for the man, but there wasn’t much that he could do. He was not equipped with the proper equipment at that particular moment.

Amon choose to look away as Minnow began his removal of the arrows. He’d seen enough of it for a lifetime, so he had no desire to see it again. He could hear the man’s breathing increasing as Minnow pulled free the arrows, the man groaning and gripping whatever he could get his hand on as the healer worked.

Harlan glanced over as Minnow worked at the last arrows, mostly because now the man was much louder as the arrows were pushed through him to make the removal more clean. Clearly it also happened to be a bit more painful, as the man cried out in pain as the arrows were extracted. As Minnow pulled free the last one, the man went completely limp, no longer having the strength at all to support himself in any fashion as his breathing remained heavy, it sounding like a hiss as the man breathed through clenched teeth.

The Royal guard had to admit, he was surprised that the man was still awake. Harlan probably would have chosen to fall unconscious rather than deal with the pain, or at least he’d do that if he was sober. He looked to Valrien for a moment before going back to scanning the area around them, even though Kanan was certainly doing a far better job at keeping tabs on the surrounding area and any possible intruders.

Valrien grimaced as the poor man was subject to having Minnow removing the arrows from his body. Once it was done, though, he was more than grateful to kneel down next to him and press his hand against the stranger’s body. His energy flooded his arm, the white color sinking down into the red-head’s frame. Valrien concentrated on healing the wounds, pulling together the deeper ones and repairing the arrow wounds. Especially the ones that were through and through. The Prince worked hard and quickly to stop the bleeding. By the time he was done, Valrien had a sheen of sweat across his forehead.

He let his body fall back once he’d healed most of the wounds. Sighing, he leaned his head back, “There. That should help a lot. More water too,” he said over his shoulder to any who heard and cared to get a canteen. “I’m sure he needs it far more than we do.”

The young man’s breathing was still heavy, despite the healing energy that washed over his body. He visibly relaxed though, all tension in his body fading as the pain he was in faded with it. He did not stand up, rather he remained lying where he was, eyes closed now.

Harlan walked over to Valrien, kneeling down and placing his hands on the Prince’s shoulders to steady him. “Good work. You create such a show of being a mean fella despite that soft side in you.” he said with a smile, carefully helping Valrien back up to his feet. He looked over at the man, watching as he finally opened his eyes to look towards the rest of them.

“Water...more, please…” he said between breaths, remaining where he was lying though as his body recovered from the fatigue and shock it had been put through recently.

Minnow watched carefully from a distance as Valrien went and did his work. It was fascinating, really, that the man had that kind of magic that could heal without the use of anything but its source. The little blonde healer moved back to the redhead as soon as he could, though, and while he saw the slight fatigue that preyed upon the Prince from his workings, the foreigner much more likely would need his attention.

Lutchka moved over to the little group and unfastened her own canteen, holding it out to Minnow to give to the man. As the blonde did so, she squatted down and put her hands on her knees, checking out the new guy with a good-natured little half smirk. “Seems like he knows our tongue well enough.”

Minnow nodded in agreement, though his eyes were sharply focused on the man as he began to chug the liquid from the container. He understood the first time that he had allowed some to go to waste, but now he would not be so lenient. Once a trail of water trickled down his lips, Minnow cuffed him over the head lightly with a little growl. Despite being so small and unimposing and frankly utterly cute, Minnow could definitely be a little spitfire. “Slower.” He said in an authoritative tone, but soon leaned back to give the man his space and show that he would not strike out again, despite his givings being stern but still rather gentle.

“Minnow.” Lutchka said suddenly, her eyes narrowing and gazing up at the mountains in the distance. The little healer turned his head to look at her and give her his attention. “There’s been a fire in the air.”

Now normally, it would be near impossible for anyone to detect such a thing, but fire users tended to have a keen sense for their own element, plus with the air travelling downwind, it brought certain scents with it. It was incredibly faint, but Lutchka had also been thinking that Minnow should do another search again, just in case. She had seen the growing hesitation and slight faltering with each passing attempt, but she was confident now.

The boy nodded and got up, moving a little ways away from the group to where their noise wouldn’t bother him too much. Not that it was an issue, but it was weird having other people watching him do it.

He leaned down and easily unlaced his boots, removing them before slipping his socks off as well. The only negative part about this ability was having to put his shoes back on with dirt on his feet- not that he minded that so much, but it grew quickly annoying if he sweated at all.

He dug his toes into the dirt and closed his eyes, honing in on his ability. Blackness dominated his vision before landmarks and plants began to appear in smoky white tendrils before solidifying to a certain amount. He moved his gaze forward through the earth towards the mountains.

It took a little while, but his eyes suddenly shot open. “It’s there. The next civilization over.”

Amon watched the red head take the canteen and begin chugging the contents, the Air King smirking slightly when he saw the stern side of the little healer appear. The red-head recoiled some when Minnow gave him a light thump on the head, even though it didn’t hurt. He just stared at the blonde, confused for a few moments before he began drinking the water more carefully at the command to do so. Slowly he began to sit himself up, doing so in a careful manner that showed he was still somewhat sore and weak.

Amon and Rhoven just watched, the two of them looking over to Lutchka as she mentioned a fire having been nearby. Rhoven raised an eyebrow, confused as to how she could guess that, or even what she meant; a quick glance to his master though only resulted in the Air King just shrugging. As Minnow moved to begin scanning the surroundings once more, Amon turned to look at Valrien to make sure he was doing alright. Harlan was helping The Prince still, so he turned his attention back to the red-head who was sitting in a slouched position, legs out in front of him. The canteen rested in his hand, the man still just sitting there and recovering.

The red-head looked up at them all, peering through his bangs as he finally got a good look at them all. He remained quiet for a few moments, though he seemed to finally work up the courage to speak. “Thank you...Ti’maji..” He said, bowing his head to them, his voice thick with an accent as he spoke the words. “I would,” he paused for a moment, “I be dead if not for you. I thank you.” he said, looking back up at them and taking another drink from his canteen.

Rhoven smiled some, “Eh, we aren’t the types to let someone just die off like that. Some of us here are too nice for their own good.” he recoiled when Amon gave him a light swat over the head, turning to look at the Air King.

“There is no such thing as being ‘too nice’, Rhoven.” Amon said, giving the young man a grin when the apprentice stuck his tongue out at the Air King again. “Don’t forget that, my little crow.” he chuckled at the pout the teen gave him. He then looked over to Minnow at the mention of having found something, Amon’s smile only growing in size as the exclamation. “Thank goodness!” he said, then turning to look at Kanan. “Let the captain know, we are close. We aren’t going to stop again until we reach Siya!”

The red-head watched them all, taking another drink from the canteen. “I ride with you people? Please?” he then frowned, looking down some. “I no where to go now.” he said in slightly broken Iverian.

Valrien accepted the help from his royal guard, though his frown was very much present as he glared over his shoulder at the man while Valrien was helped up to his feet. If he’d the strength or energy to do so, he’d have launched a strike at the man for the little tease. As it was, he was dizzy and tired, so he simply rolled his eyes and sighed. Heading over to the horses, he leaned up against his steed, resting his head into the crook of his elbow against the saddle.

Harlan stood next to him, making sure the Prince didn’t fall over. With the headache beginning to pound, Valrien shifted and asked his guard for water quietly while the others chatted amongst themselves. He wasn’t really paying much attention anymore, just focused on getting his energy back because he had a feeling he would need it again if the man’s attackers were still nearby.

It wasn’t until Minnow said something about fire that Valrien perked up. Amon’s excitement got to him. Straightening off the saddle, Valrien looked over to the Air King with hope in his gaze, “Siya? You’ve found him?!”

“It seems so,” Lukina said from behind him, “Lutchka sensed fire I’m assuming. No one lights a fire quite like Lord Siya does. We should hurry though,” she finished turning to the young man on the ground still. Though she frowned a little, her voice was soft none-the-less, “He can ride with me. Let’s just hope that there’s something left of that city to utilize…”

Lukina didn’t wait for anyone’s approval. She simply moved and reached out to help the red-head up to his feet and to her horse. Lukina wasn’t wasting anytime with that. The sense of urgency seemed to stretch from one to the next. Valrien was up and mounted almost before anyone else, ready to spur his horse into a dead run the second they were all mounted.

Kanan waited for Minnow to replace his shoes and come close before he snatched the little healer and hugged him quickly, “Well done. We will see him soon,” he whispered for only the blonde to hear before he released the healer and took to his own horse as well. The air protector let his power spread, once he was mounted. He didn’t have nearly the range that Minnow did, but he wasn’t going to be useless either. Several of the metals on his person sacrificed, falling into those blue flakes of energy that absorbed into his skin.

In the next moment, the air around the group seemed to centralize and spread forward in a collected mass. Kanan sent his senses along with the air out as far as he could reach. He would search specifically for the King as they rode in the direction of the fires that Lutchka had sensed and Minnow had felt. His hands tightened repeatedly over the reigns of his horse in his slight anxiety to reach the Fire King, hopefully before anything dire happened.


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Duke Forson was leaning over the table they had cleared of items, looking down at the map that had been unrolled onto it. They were in the study of his manor within Turron, which now served as the current headquarters for the army. In the room as well were a few other officers, all of them currently there to discuss their next move. They had sent scouts out to keep tabs on the enemy army, though they were having some difficulty as the scouts were being repeatedly attacked during their runs. Still though, they at least knew where the enemy was and about how large a force they had.

“We should move out soon to meet them; we stay put too long then we give them a chance to take another city or possibly recruit more to their side.” One of the officers spoke up, pointing to a city on the map. “This is the closest city to where we last saw them, and we know they have yet to join the Nobles, but we don’t know how long that will last once they have an army knocking on their doorstep.

Forson looked up at him, then back down to the map. Another officer spoke, “It could be exactly what they are hoping for though. It may be the closest one to them, but it does not mean they’ll be going there. I think we need to figure out where they are going first lest we waste our energy following nothing.”

Forson sighed and scratched the back of his head, looking up at the other officers. “We don’t have the time to wait though,” Forson said. “We need to make a decision on where to go and try to beat them there. If they move we then move to follow them. Regardless, we can’t wait here.”

The others looked at the Duke before looking between each other and then the map. “I’d rather not walk into a trap, Forson.” an officer said, the Duke just hanging his head.

“I don’t want to either, but if we wait, they win. Beyond that,” he looked up at the officer who had spoken, “well beyond that I got nothing. You all know though we can’t waste time.” he said before letting his eyes settle on the map ahead of him.

Siya leaned off to the side in the chair he occupied. Though the Fire King was hardly anywhere near in perfect shape, he’d insisted on sitting in on the conversation. Despite being unconscious for two days in order to regain all the energy he’d pushed to use his fire, he was up. Though most of the injuries were healed -probably when he was asleep- he’d yelled at the first healer to try to take a look at the wound the spear had inflicted on him along his stomach..

He didn’t have time to be babied, not that he wanted it anyway and those healers weren’t nearly as skilled as the one’s he’d been privileged with. His first protector being one such healer, Minnow the other. But Minnow wasn’t with him, nor was his… Protector. It wasn’t like the Fire King was going to ask Amon for his healer either.

With his fingers curled slightly, head tilted into them, he stared down at the paper as well. A deep frown occupied his lips as he sat there, listening to the conversation. Going after the enemy was certainly the first thing Siya was more keen to agree on. Though, he had a dreadful feeling that if they did… He would be losing far too many soldiers to work in his favor. Yet, letting the Nobles take another of his cities wasn’t ideal either, especially if those bastards turned Siya’s own people on him.

Which they would certainly try.

Nothing like a civil war to win what you want in the first place.

Siya sighed heavily and shifted in his seat slowly, “We won’t let them take that city. And no, we cannot stay here. Yes, it’s probably a trap, but if we let them take the city we’ll have even less of a chance to win against them. If we move now, they will be forced to try to think of something. If we give them too much time, they’ll certainly put into place elaborate schemes to destroy us. I won’t allow that,” he said finally, looking up from his focal point on the map to skim the faces of the men around him.

For a mere moment, he felt utterly alone in the fight. Siya cringed, grinding his teeth and shoving those ill thoughts aside. He’d been alone for a long while as it was, what was the difference right then? None. The Nobles thought he was weak and incompetent to be King. So he would show them just how wrong they were.

All of them turned to look at the Fire King as he spoke, listening to his words. Some frowned at the prospect of heading out, as they were comfortable with the idea of holding up in the city of Turron and fighting off any attacks that came. They would not argue with the King though, especially knowing that they were actually the minority.

Forson stood up straight, nodding his head. “The King is right, we move we force them to act rather than us. We can not give them the initiative.” Forson then turned to look out at them all, some nodding their head to him before all their eyes settled back on Siya. “Give us the order to move and we will, your majesty. Until then, we will go and prepare our troops to march.” With that, he bowed his head to the Fire King, the other officers doing the same before they all began making their way out of the room.

Siya only nodded to Forson. He watched them all go, leaving the room and Siya to his own. The Fire King bowed his head forward then, gritting his teeth tightly. As he stared at the map laid out before him, the paper blurred as water lifted from the lower lids of his eyes. Reaching up with one hand he ran it through his hair, gripping the long locks tightly at the top of his head. Deep breaths were slightly hitched by his soft cries.

For a brief moment he considered letting the Nobles have what they wanted. He was tired. Too tired. Siya wasn’t sure he had enough strength left to deal with them. No. He knew he didn’t have enough strength. Had that man not stopped the woman when he had… she would have surely killed Siya. After all, the Fire King had been reckless in his fight. He was still reckless. And he knew it too.

Siya let his tears fall for a moment, then started taking deep breaths. He pushed aside his anguish. It was the last thing he needed to be ruling over him. Siya leaned back against the chair as he struggled to contain his many emotions that were threatening to break out. Anguish and fear. Sorrow and worry. Anxiety. Anger. Hurt. Loneliness. It all piled up at the back of his mind.

The Fire King tilted his head back, the deep breaths shuddering as he managed to take control of himself again. Clearing his throat, sniffing, and wiping at his face, he leaned forward to study the map again. With the mini loss of control, it took him a moment to get his mind back on track. Figuring out the best route to take to get to the next city. When they should leave. How he was going to defend that city. More importantly, how he was going to defeat the Nobles in that fight.

If that was even possible.

Or maybe he should begin preparing for his death. That seemed more like what he was blindly crashing into. For some reason... that thought didn’t bother him in the least.


Amon looked up towards the gate of the city as they approached it, watching the buzz of guards and soldiers. His arrival had not gone unnoticed, not in the slightest. He had seen the soldiers atop the walls run off to grab their superiors at the sight of the Air King and his entourage of at least a hundred armed and armored men atop horses. Least he figured it was his section that drew the most attention considering the banners that held the symbol of the Air King they were displaying.

“It is like looking at a beehive.” Amon muttered, looking to the others in the group before back ahead. Least he’d be getting off of the horse real soon, he thought while shifting around to get comfortable.

Rhoven looked up towards the city’s walls, “Makes me think a little of my home back in Yerlow. Though looks a bit nicer than that place was.” he said.

Amon looked over to his apprentice, smiling a bit sadly. “I do my best to remedy such things, but it seems like I can only do so much.”

Rhoven looked at Amon, shrugging. “Don’t worry about it, Master. In Yerlow, the crime syndicates there are too ingrained to be easily removed. Besides I’ve seen how much of a pain the council can be, so I can see it only being made even more difficult.”

Amon watched the apprentice for a moment, nodding his head and looking ahead, the smile vanishing. Rhoven could try to excuse the king, but in the end Amon was still at fault for it. He was the ruler, and it was his responsibility in the end to be rid of such things. He sighed some, looking down at the neck of the horse as they made their way through the gates. He looked up, watching as a soldier came towards him. The soldier, who was accompanied by a few others, stopped away from the Air King and quickly bowed his head. “Your majesty!” he called, lifting his head to look up at the Air King, glancing towards the soldiers that were at the rear of the line before glancing back to the Air King. “We received no notice that you would be arriving. Do you want me to go and grab King Ukomo?”

Amon looked to the soldier, his smile returning. “Sorry, we came here on a bit of short notice. Not to mention you were not at the castle when we had arrived. And yes, if you could retrieve Siya, that would be greatly appreciated. In fact,” Amon then hopped down from his horse, looking at the guard. “I’ll go with you to him, if that is ok.”

The guard nodded his head. “We’ll have an area set up for your men as soon as we can, please come with me.” he then turned and began walking away, shouting a few orders to some soldiers as Amon followed after him, Rhoven and Harlan following. He looked back towards the red-headed man they had found, who had told them his name had been Farasima, though he had said that was really only a part of his full name. Rather, there had been more to it, though he had not expanded on what he meant by that as of yet.

Minnow, as per his position warranted, was at all times close to Amon when riding. So when they finally ended up at the front gates to the city, he had a front row seat to all of the activity that was buzzing about. Siya was here, of that he had no doubt. Not only had his powers allowed him a very keen sense to the Fire King’s whereabouts, but Kanan had also confirmed as well. The little healer was simply glad that they had caught up to him, and that he was indeed still alive. Though, probably not for long if Minnow got a hold of him and found out he had sustained some serious wounds.

Lutchka had remained towards the rear of the company that made its way up to the gates of Turron, and she was perfectly happy to be so. After having ridden practically nonstop since the little blonde had informed everyone that Siya was nearby- well, nearby being a relative term- she was fairly exhausted and wanted little to do with more action.

She too had been relieved when they had received the news that Siya was alive- indicated by the guards moving about to progress their large group towards the manor he was currently staying at- and was all too happy about the prospect of finally settling somewhere for a little while.

Valrien dismounted rather quickly, leaving his horse in the hands of the other soldiers. His thoughts were only on finding Siya and smacking some sense into the idiot King. He fell into step beside Amon as they followed after the soldier who had greeted them and agreed to take them to the Fire King. Lukina was also right next to them, following just as quickly and with a look of anticipation and worry painted clearly on her face. Following after Minnow was Kanan, who was taking in everything around them, a frown on his lips.

“Many are wounded heavily…” he whispered to Minnow, though he knew the healer’s main priority was Siya, “They suffered a great deal.”

“Who ever these ‘Nobles’ are, they are not to be taken lightly,” Lukina commented as she too was glancing around at the camp and the wounded soldiers.

The soldier brought them to a large house, probably the one that the lord of the city lived in. He pushed open the double doors, his voice calling out into the lonely hall. A huge table was set there in the middle, chairs empty aside from one. The Fire King was leaned over the table, hands in his hair as he held his head up. Whatever he was doing, it was completely thrown out of his mind from the sudden intrusion.

“Sire, his Majesty, Lord Amon-”

Siya took in a sharp breath as he straightened in the chair to look at the group that had walked in with wide eyes. His shock was easy to tell as he sat there for a moment. The King’s sharp movement startled the soldier midway through his speech. Siya shook his head a little, a frown on his lips, “What the hell are you doing!”

He stood rapidly, but was immediately back in the seat seconds after, a look of pain on his face as he sat back down rather quickly. Valrien took in a heavy gasp of air. He was moving across the room rather quickly, a look of anger crossing his face which was only just slightly matched by his worry.

“You idiot! What do you think we are doing? I told you I was getting Amon to come to help you and your ridiculous stupidity led you out here with no help! You’re damned lucky to even be alive!”

As they entered, the scene quickly devolved into shouting as Siya first spoke, then Valrien began to rage as he tended too. Harlan just sighed, slapping a hand suddenly over Valrien’s mouth, while grabbing hold of his arm to stop him. “Can you not yell, for once in your life?” the royal guardsman asked, raising an eyebrow at The Prince.

Amon silently thanked the man before he stepped past the two men, looking towards Siya. “Siya, you should have waited for us. Or at least given us a heads up on where to go. We had to stalk you all the way out to here.” Amon said with a smile, stopping next to the table and leaning against it. He had left his staff with his horse, again as he wouldn’t find any use for it right now. “And I don’t want to hear anything about this being ‘your fight’, because it might be but we are your friends and we are not just going to sit by to watch you be killed.”

Rhoven hung in the back, letting them have their discussion. He looked around, having noted that Farasima had followed them in, the apprentice scowling a bit. He wasn’t sure why he had followed, but it wasn’t really his thing to handle.

Valrien was startled by Harlan’s clamping a hand over his lips. He wasn’t surprised by the guard grabbing him to stop him, that had happened plenty of times before. The Prince knew he could be a little hot headed, flying off the handle at times. So he simply let Harlan hold him back, rolling his eyes at the added addition of the hand over his mouth though.

Siya looked up at Amon as the taller man stood against the table. He ground his teeth visibly as he sat there. He looked tired. Too pale for his own good. Valrien watched with narrowed eyes, but didn’t move. The hand curled around his stomach clenched into a fist as Siya bowed his head in front of Amon. He took a deep, shaking breath before he spoke.

The words, though, made Valrien tremble with rage.

“It doesn’t matter if they kill me, Amon. This… This is just,” he sighed heavily. Siya leaned back in the chair, rested against his arm, “I can’t show them any weakness. If they want my throne, then they will have to kill me to get it.”

Valrien’s inability to control himself spiked. Reaching up he grabbed Harlan’s hand and wrenched it away from him, he took several steps forward -tried to at least- as he shouted again, “Are you kidding me! You want to die? Then what the hell are we here for, Siya? Do we not mean anything to you at all?”

The Fire King looked up, his burning red eyes filled with all kinds of emotions as he stared at the Prince, then looked to the others that stood in the room. His mouth opened and closed several times before he finally gave in to one emotion that Valrien was sure he only gave into because it was easier.

Siya’s gaze narrowed, his breathing shorter than before, “Do not patronize me, Valrien. Every single one of you mean a lot to me, but I have nothing left! I-”

Minnow had been rather quiet during the exchange, really because he didn’t want to get any brunt of the tension that was slowly escalating in the room. He winced once Valrien had reprimanded Siya, and had hidden himself a bit behind Kanan, clutching onto his sleeve and peeking out from over his shoulder whenever he dared to look. But he himself was slowly growing… not quite upset, something worse. It was rare for him to get angry, practically non-occurring.

They were yelling at each other, biting and bickering, and Minnow couldn’t stand it an ounce longer. He suddenly moved out from behind Kanan and balled his fists as he yelled, “Stop it!” Unbeknownst to him, a thick cracking sound rumbled from the floors and a jagged rift appeared in the stone tile.

“Enough bickering, all of you! Are you all really this selfish? This isn’t just about you and your feelings,” An angered, accusing gaze swept across the room, landing on pretty much everyone. “There are wounded people out there, some of them citizens. This is bigger than any of you- you’re fighting for your country, not your title. From what I’ve seen, the Fire Kingdom’s people are quite content with Siya’s rule, so for the Noble people or whoever they are to come in and try to overthrow him isn’t just something that’s based in politics and whatnot. It affects them the most. You guys are too busy with that fact, and I don’t think you’re honestly taking them into consideration to the extent that they deserve to be.”

Minnow finished his little rant with a huff, an angered look still on his face. It was right about then that he realized what he had done, and he took a little step back, his eyes widening ever so slightly. His cheeks heated slightly, but he wasn’t really embarrassed for what he had said- after all, it had needed to be said. Speaking with a less confident but still miffed tone he quickly excused himself, “Unlike you, I’m going to go out and actually do something worthwhile instead of talking politics.” The ‘you’ wasn’t really particularly pointed at anyone in particular. Minnow quickly turned and left the room.

Lutchka had been leaned against a wall, not entirely bothering to speak up since the spotlight was an unspoken thing automatically given to Valrien and the others of higher stature who had a beef to pick with the young king. The whole situation seemed a poor thing, from the exhaustion of both war and travel, the emotions that burned behind motives and memories, and the issue of butting personalities.

Siya was being stubborn, yes. He felt himself down on his luck and unsure as to how he needed to commit to the issue at hand, Valrien was an ill-tempered individual who gods know how he managed to keep his own thrown a few years back, and he only added tinder to the fire. Amon was supposed to be the most mature or most reasonable out of all of them, but he had not spoken up much at all, besides the fact that his gentle approach would not help Siya in his decisions. Harlan didn’t take anything serious, Lukina was utterly silent and pretty well not really present, or at least she was biding her time to take a chunk out of the young King as well, and the others did not really have much of a say or a desire to throw themselves into the loop.

When she had heard the sweet, innocent, and gentle little blonde suddenly yell out, it had surprised her beyond what she could admit. He had caught her off guard, but once overcoming her initial shock and hearing his little rant, she shared his ideals completely.

Kanan took a sharp breath as Minnow stepped out from behind him. The outburst surprised him, and most likely everyone else. The little blonde wasn’t often known to erupt like that, but when he did, he went all out. The air protector simply watched, waiting for the anger to die down. When it did, Minnow did as he usually did. Blushing because he’d stepped up. Then he turned and left. Kanan knew where he was going to go, there were plenty of wounded outside that needed his attention.

Kanan let the little healer leave, knowing he’d want some space for a bit before anyone could talk to him. Despite his wanting to mention the Fire King’s current condition, Kanan also figured that Siya wouldn’t want it. He was too stubborn and after Minnow’s announcement of doing something unlike the others, Siya’s look wasn’t one that Kanan thought could be easily dealt with, even with Minnow’s nature.

Siya’s voice shook, there was anger in it, hurt too. A million different things ran rampant in his red eyes as he stared at the door where Minnow had left, “Then why… Do you think I am doing this? If not for those in my kingdom than for what else? If not for the Protectors I lost. Then what else? You think, honestly, that I’m fighting back because I’m selfishly clinging to my throne?” his gaze swept to the rest of them, his voice had gone to a kind of growl.

“I am taking into consideration my people! I came here to stop the city from falling to them! I came here because everything I have done up to this point has been for them, and for the ones that I lost. They are never going to be replaced. I’ve fought far too hard to let these idiots try to simply overthrow me!” Siya stood again. Despite how painful it looked for him, he managed to stay standing. Tears glistened in his eyes as he sent his hot glare around the room.

“And if it kills me then so be it! I am not handing it over to them on a silver platter because they asked for it! You think I’m not doing anything worthwhile? Then I’ll show you something that is,” he lowered his voice at the end and took a step away from the table. He looked as if he were going to leave the room.

Lukina moved then. Her hand caught his wrist, holding him in place as she returned his hot glare, “You are destroying yourself, Siya. That is not what Minnow meant and you know it.”

Lutchka’s eyes narrowed harshly as Siya defended himself, striking out at everyone else in the process. “No, you came here to allow your emotions to blaze just as hot as your fires. You think none of us noticed the damage that happened out there? The burns? You are not taking into consideration your people if your first notion is to recklessly move forward, to put yourself at so vulnerable a position. Your feelings are leading you, not your mind and certainly not with any sort of concern. You said you were willing to let them kill you, and while a noble and respectable notion in itself when used properly, it is not a good thing in this case. Your people need you, you can’t just recklessly run out into battles. It’s obvious how well that turned out. Not only are you being reckless, but you’re putting to shame the deaths that have already gone into getting you where you are today. If you die before you accomplish what you set out to do, then what’s the point?”

“L-Lutchka…” Siya stuttered on her name. He stared at her for a long while in silence. Lukina tightened her hand around his wrist just in case he made to leave again. Yet, what happened was different from what she expected.

Siya dropped, a gasped sob hitting the air. Lukina jumped at his sudden loss of strength to stand. Kneeling down next to him, her hand released his wrist as he lifted the other to cover his face. She took hold of his shoulder while glancing over to the others in the group. Lukina was at a loss in what to do next with him as the young Fire King started to cry so suddenly.

“D-damn it… I really… Can’t do this!”

“Siya!” Lukina said sharply, unsure as to how to take his words.

He took in a deep, gasping breath. The hard sobs hitting the air as he doubled over. Shaking his head, he curled in on himself, “S-sorry… I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”

Lukina’s hands were hovering over him, opening and closing in loose fists as she stared at him. She looked wildly around the room, silently pleading for someone to do something because she honestly had no idea as to what to do for the King.

“C-an’t… I can’t…” he repeated the words over and over in that gasping voice of his, riddled with tears.

Amon had been completely caught off guard as things escalated rapidly and suddenly. First Minnow’s outburst was very unlike the little fishie he knew and loved. He couldn’t argue against the man’s words, mostly because he couldn’t think of a possible retort. He just watched the exchange of words, from Siya, to Lukina, and to Lutchka. He remained silent the whole time, Rhoven and Harlan without words to say either.

Finally, he watched as Siya collapsed to his knees, finally giving in to the emotions that were tearing away at him. Amon frowned, watching the young man break, Lukina standing next to him without a clue as to what to do about the Fire King. Amon looked to the others, then looked back to the Fire King and walked towards him. He might as well give it a shot.

Amon knelt down in front of Siya, lowering his head some to try and get a look at his face before bringing his own back up, reaching out to place a hand on Siya’s shoulder. “It hurts, Siya. And it will hurt for a while, I know exactly what you are feeling. I lost a lot as well, and it hurts so bad it feels like you are being crushed on the inside.” He tightened his grip on Siya’s shoulder. “That pain is not forever though; it feels like it won’t go away, but it will. Don’t give up, please, Siya.”

He lowered his hand, looking at Lukina for a moment before looking to Siya. “You’ll get through this, especially with us here now!” he said, forcing cheer into his own words and a smile to his face. “You can do this. For your people, and for their memories.” he said, watching the Fire King quietly.

Siya’s voice seemed to rise a little higher as Amon spoke to him. He cried harder, rocking forward once or twice before his body stopped moving entirely. Valrien removed himself from Harlan’s grasp, taking a few steps forward after Siya had dropped. He frowned deeply as he watched the Fire King. Though his fists clenched tightly, he let Amon do the talking instead. The Prince feared that if he opened his mouth, he’d end up yelling at Siya and making it worse.

Valrien wasn’t sure how long it was that Siya cried, down on his knees. But eventually, his sobs grew soft. When he toppled forward onto Amon, Valrien moved again, his hand stretching out for the young King in worry. He came down to kneel next to the young man, hand on his back. He felt Siya’s slow and steady breathing as he rested against the Air King’s chest.

He let out a soft sigh of relief. Kanan’s voice came then, “I’ll find Minnow. He can begin treating Siya since he is… Asleep now.”

Valrien simply nodded, his eyes still trained on the young King. After a while, his eyebrows drew down as he stared at Siya, “How much power did he use?”

It was an idle question, but from simply touching him, Valrien was certain he’d never felt the King’s energy quite that low before. Clicking his tongue in annoyance, he heaved a heavy sigh as he looked over to Harlan and shook his head slightly.

“What do we do now?” Lukina asked softly.

Valrien turned to her, “Let him sleep. He needs it. Minnow isn’t going to let him go gallivanting off either, so we’ll be here for a while. I will give him energy after Minnow has had a chance to look at him. The last thing we need is for Siya to feel like he can go throwing his fire around recklessly again. He’s not in danger right now, but I’m pretty sure he was a few days ago by the way his energy feels right now. Idiot…” he scoffed the last word, glaring at the King’s back.

“He really has lost a lot hasn’t he,” Lukina said, “But so has everyone else… Why has he not moved on?”

Valrien shrugged, sighing again, “One of the Protectors he used to have was someone he was in love with. They were killed in front of him when they helped me regain my throne. He lost the other protector, Asier, a while ago as well. No one knows what happened to him, but we fear that he is dead too. Unlike Amon who has both his, Siya has none left. They both share the loss of the Water King and Earth King,” Valrien visibly flinched at the mention of the Water King.

He pushed past it though to finish the thought, “Iveir is falling apart and… I may be wrong, but Siya might feel like he’s being torn with it. This is his home. He’s lost the ones he’s loved, he has no Protectors, he’s lost friends that were close to him, and now he’s about to lose the only thing that’s kept him in one piece so far. I just wish he wouldn’t close himself off like he has to us.”

Amon watched the Fire King before looking to Lukina. He waited for Valrien to finish, Amon nodding his head. “A lot is being thrown at him, and very rapidly. I think for many of us, we have lost a lot, but we took in piece by piece. I watched my family slowly die off, and I too lost the woman I loved.” he looked down at Siya. “Never in the span of only three years though. So much has been torn from him so quickly, he never had time to let the first wound heal.” Carefully, he took hold of Siya, sliding an arm around the King’s shoulders while slipping another beneath his knees. He stood up, looking at them.

“We just need to be his crutch then, until he finally has a chance to heal and get himself under control. He’s capable of doing it, he’ll just need some help to do so.” he then smiled, “And that, is exactly what we are going to do!” Amon said, looking at everyone. He then looked back down at Siya. “Well, I’m gonna get him somewhere to rest. As comfy and cozy as I’m sure I am, I don’t feel like carrying him around everywhere.”

Rhoven smiled, “But you can think of it as another opportunity to exercise, Master. I think it’d be a great idea to try.”

Amon chuckled, looking at Rhoven. “The idea is not bad, little crow,” he chuckled again at the teen’s pout, “but I don’t feel like degrading Siya by lowering him to the level of lifting weights.” He looked back to the others. “I’ll meet up with you all later, ‘less you wish to help me find somewhere to drop him off.”

Harlan looked at Amon as the Air King began to walk off, watching him for a moment before looking at Lukina. “Speaking of Asier, didn’t you try to kill him?” He then looked around, “Siya ever mention why that guy just kinda...left? Hardly seemed the type to do that.”

“Yes, I did. I thought he was a part of the family that destroyed my home, killed everyone around me. Turned out he hadn’t ever wanted to be a part of any of it. No one knows where he went,” she said, sighing as she stood. There was a far away look in her golden eyes as she stared at the far wall. A frown curved her lips.

“If he told Siya where he went, the King never spoke a word of it. Though I doubt Asier said a damn thing to anyone. Least of all me,” she ground her teeth as she all but spat the last few words.

“Well that asshole needs to figure out his problems and quickly,” Valrien snapped, “If he’s not dead.”

“I doubt he’s dead… I hope he isn’t anyway.”

“When I find him, I’m putting his ass in the dirt,” the Prince said with a growl to his words, “Whatever crazy ideas he got in his head, whatever made him think Siya would be okay without him… I really want to take those thoughts and shove them up-”

“Alright, alright. We get it…” Lukina said with a sigh and roll of her eyes, “Do you ever have anything nice to say or do?”

“Trust me, it takes a lot of work to get those out of him..” Harlan said, crossing his arms.

Valrien paused, then looked away, crossing his arms as a heated blush began to cross his face, “Shut up. Just because I’m a little irritated at that damn archer doesn’t mean I’m cruel all the time. If anyone is cruel, it’s him for deserting Siya when he needed someone. The King doesn’t even have a protector anymore to help him! Siya can’t swing a sword around, or lift a sheild, or do anything with a weapon! How the hell does anyone expect him to do any proper fighting!?”

Harlan watched Valrien, cocking his head to the side. “Well, why don’t you and I do it then? Hell, we could always teach the little squirt how to fight. I’m sure Amon would love to do so as well.” he said, shifting his weight on his legs some. The guardsman turned his head though when he heard a light cough in the corner, looking at Farasima who had been standing there quietly the entire time. He was sitting against the wall, though having grabbed some attention, was now standing up.

“Sorry to speak, I can train him some. My people are skilled horsemen, skilled archers. We,” he then paused, a look of pain crossing his features before he continued, “I mean, the Skis’naturi...are also adept as heavy cavalry. I teach him to shoot a bow, ride horse effectively, maybe teach him fighting from horse also.” He said, going quiet after saying so.

Lukina tapped her lips as she stared at Farasima, “He’s got a good point. The Fire King is not adept to hold a sword. He’s not strong enough for it. His body isn’t built to be up close in a fight like that. He’ll be killed too easily. He relies on his fire far too much. If he could fight from a distance, as Farasima has suggested, with a bow… Siya could become a devastating force.”

“Are they truly good fighters as he says?” Valrien asked Lukina, eyeing Farasima cautiously. He wasn’t too sure he trusted the man entirely, even if they did save his life. But that was just Valrien. His protective side over the group as a whole, and definitely for Siya who was so close to teetering over the edge of darkness.

Lukina laughed, an amused tone to her voice, “You want to test it, Prince? Even if he is not entirely healed, I will bet everything I’ve got on my person right now that he could take you down in one or two shots. They are not called the Skis’naturi for nothing.”

Valrien rolled his eyes, “I don’t even know what that means,” he shot back, giving her a glare over his shoulder.

“It means they’re very good hunters and warriors. Fighting them was not something anyone wanted to do, much less look forward to.”

“Because they can ride a horse and use a bow?”

“Because they could kill several men a top that horse without giving the enemy a chance to even begin their attack. Including those of us skilled in magic. Sacrificing takes a while, conjuring the power to use; another few moments. Within those moments, you could be a pincushion if you’re fighting a contingent of Skis’naturi.”

Farasima coughed some, his face heating up a little as Lukina spoke. “Well, Skis’naturi is name of….of only one tribe. Skis’tatari is the name of us all, but all are skilled at shooting bow from horseback, regardless of tribe.” he said, looking between the two. “Masters of sword and magic, we might not be. But those mean little when you are killed from distance.”

He stepped away from the wall some, hands slipping into the pockets of his trousers. “The names do not translate to Sitillian, much like names of your countries translates to ours.” He looked at Valrien, looking away a moment later. “I owe life to you now, so I want to make up for it. So I do so however I can.”

Rhoven, who had remained within the room after Amon had left, raised an eyebrow. “How about you first explain what the heck you meant by calling Iverian, Sitillian. Less you are now going to tell me you only have a speech impediment when saying ‘Iverian.’” He said while leaning back against the table that had the map on it.

Farasima looked at Rhoven, frowning some, “My Sitillian is not that bad, and not mistake. We come from east, past mountains that separate Nevarre and Iveir from the eastern part of Dhaemar.” He emphasized Iveir as he said it, just to point out to the apprentice he could say the word. “To us, this language is called Sitillian, because Sitillia is one who speaks it.”

Both Harlan and Rhoven looked over at Lukina as Farasima finished speaking. She seemed to know the most about what the foreigner was speaking of, so both figured that she might possibly have an idea of what Farasima might be speaking of.

Lukina shrugged as all eyes seemed to be settled on her. Crossing her arms, a faint color of red dusted her cheeks, “What? I don’t know everything about them. Only that they fought as soldiers in the war during the fall. And that they are exceptional horse riders, archers. They can track just about anything with ease. I’ve heard they can kill a man with a single shot from one of their bows hundreds of yards away.”

She shrugged again as she stood there, finally falling silent.

“So the things you have heard are just stories. Embellishments? Then how do we know any of it is true?” Valrien asked.

Lukina sighed heavily, “Fine. You want to doubt me… Or doubt him, whatever. Then just let him teach the idiotic Fire King who’s so intent on getting himself killed. I guarantee that what you see will be proof enough,” she snapped, “I just don’t want to watch Siya destroy himself. Hell, make him serve Siya. He wants to repay us for saving his life, right? Then serve the King,” by that point she had turned her attention on Farasima.

Tilting her head a little, she eyed the man with a bit of a frown on her lips, “Think you can handle a little fire, archer?”

Lutchka hadn’t really bothered to speak up during the conversation, but she did have a deep conviction when it came to teaching Siya how to fight for himself. Everyone else was so certain of it as well, so it was encouraging. Having seen the Fire King break down like that though…. It brought up memories of her own that she suppressed very tightly. They always brought nothing but trouble.

A look of momentary irritation flickered across her features when Valrien seemed to question Lukina in that ever-present condescending tone he seemed to have. “No, they’re not embellishments. The Skis’tatari are a fairly legitimate people. I’ve been down in the general area. The stuff you hear down there isn’t too much rumor, if you get my meaning.”

The ex-protector looked to the redhead, waiting to hear his answer as well. Undoubtedly, he would agree to it. “Well, he seems to have gotten in exceedingly easier than you did, Chromi~” She grinned teasingly at the Prince- gods, why did it feel so long since she had done something even remotely close to pestering him?

“Yes well, killing a King tends to get a lot of attention, just not the way I wanted,” he huffed in return, looking away as his face flushed heavily a deep red in color.

A serious look filled her face, though. “I’ll stay on with Siya as well. Not like anyone needs me anyway.” A sort of sour look seemed to tint subtly at her visage, and she crossed her arms lightly. “I’ll keep an eye on our redhead as well and I’ll teach Siya some basic defensive moves for when he gets too close to an enemy.”

Farasima looked at them all, before looking to the side some then nodding his head. “I owe my life, if you wish I serve then I will.” he said, looking up at them. “Sorry if I caused trouble.” he said, looking at the sour looks that everyone seemed to be adopting at this point.

Harlan looked at Valrien, rolling his eyes and giving the Prince a light swat over the head. “Dude, do I need to fish that stick out of your ass myself? Because I will if I have to, to atleast see you not/i[] be an ass for once.” he said.

Rhoven looked over at the two men before to Lutchka and Lukina, as well as Farasima. “I will help too. It’ll be nice training for me as well, as I’m sure Master Ad-Raza would say. I think his majesty might be quite excited to drag Siya into a sparring ring” he chuckled and smiled at the thought, as he knew all too well what it was like to step into that area. “Hell, we might just beat all the grouch and sadness out of King Ukomo!”

Farasima looked over at the younger man, smiling a bit but simply moving back against the wall he had stood against. His smile quickly faded, as it was instead replaced with a look of worry. He was not looking forward to having to teach, despite having made the suggestion himself. Mostly because he didn’t know what kind of person he was going to deal with, as well as being unsure of his own teaching ability to begin with.

Valrien glanced over to Lutchka, a strange look crossing his face. The gaze turned into narrowed eyes, “‘Not needed?’” he repeated, almost in anger at the way she said it. He might have said more, but Harlan smacked the back of his head, drawing his attention. Reaching up to rub his head, he gave the royal guard a heated glare, bordering a pout as well.

“I’m not…Being an ass…” he said, though his gaze dropped as confusion spread over his face. He didn’t [i]think
he was being an ass anyway. So then… Why was Harlan giving him that look? More importantly, why the hell had Lutchka said she wasn’t needed? Didn’t she know that he needed her? Had he not made that clear? Did he miss something along the way?

Valrien chewed the inside of his mouth. Was she… Perhaps mad at him in some way? The way she said that seemed to be directed at him. He felt a skip in his chest, a tight feeling. Maybe he would pull her aside and talk to her… Try to make some sense of what was going on. And hopefully without losing his head over it either. That never helped anyone.


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#, as written by Siryn
Kanan had gone to retrieve Minnow. Siya figured that much since he woke up in a bed with only Amon there and neither of his protectors with him. How long had he been sleeping? Slowly the Fire King sat up, groaning as he went. Everything hurt. His head was the most painful, pounding dully as he got into a sitting position. Reaching up, he held his hand up against the side of his temple, wincing and grinding his teeth.

Looking over to Amon, he kept one eye closed as he asked the air King what was on his mind, “H-how long have I slept?”

Amon had been fairly close to dozing off himself, having been sitting cross legged on the floor near the doorway. He’d lost track of time since Siya had fallen asleep, mostly because he himself was struggling to not fall asleep. So when someone spoke up, the Air King’s drooping head shot up straight at the sound, coming back to smack the wall behind him.

Amon shouted in pain, reaching back and rubbing his head, turning around to glare angrily at the wall that had so rudely...been in the way, before turning to look at the Fire King who was sitting up in bed. Amon’s features immediately shifted to their usual cheery features as he sat up more. “For about,” Amon paused, just smiling as he tried to get an idea of how long it actually had been, “For about,” another pause, “bleh~hours. That is how long.”

Looking off to the side for a moment, he then looked back at Siya. “How are you feeling right now?”

Siya sighed. So then Amon didn’t really know how long he’d slept. The Fire King was sure he’d slept far too long already. He needed to get ready for them to move out. They had to go and intercept the Noble’s army before they reached the next city. He was just about to get up when Amon asked him how he was feeling.

He took a deep breath, gaze locked on the sheets of the bed he’d been laid up in. He struggled for the right words, “I… I don’t know, Amon. If you mean physically… I will be honest. I hurt. My body aches constantly. This headache ceases to leave me and let me rest,” Siya took a moment again before he continued.

“But I cannot afford to rest too much. There are things I need to do. We need to move out as soon as possible. The Nobles are headed for the next city and I must stop them before they get there,” he finished and threw his legs over the side of the bed to start getting up and head for the door.

Amon watched as Siya began moving to get up off the bed, Amon standing up as well. “Then you need to take it easy, Siya. I mean, I’m honestly all for going after them, but with how set you seem to be on throwing yourself into the furnace, you are in no condition to do such a thing.” He walked towards the younger man, stopping in front of him with his arms crossed. “Honestly Siya, I think you may just want to rest. Give yourself a break, and let your men do the fighting for a bit, until your body is ready to go back out there.”

He uncrossed his arms, letting them hang by his side. “You have us to help you as well, so there is no reason to run yourself into the ground.” he watched the Fire King for a moment before a smile once again appeared on the Air King’s face. “Not to mention, it isn’t me who is going to stop you in the end. But I will tell you a little secret of mine.”

Amon’s grin only grew wider, “I tend to call Minnow my ‘Little Fishie’ not just because it is a cute name, but also because he can change what kinda fishie he is quite easily. I don’t think you want to see the barracuda side of him emerge again, now do you?” he finished, raising an eyebrow at Siya.

The words of protest began to curl on his tongue, but as Amon leaned forward and spoke about Minnow, Siya’s face paled a little. The blonde healer could be quite the force to reckon with. And the Fire King had already seemed to spite the young man enough. His outburst in the hall was not something Siya had ever seen before, and it hurt to have made the healer so angry to have done so in the first place.

Hanging his head, Siya slowly nodded, biting his lip absently, “I… Will rest then. Only because I do not desire to be flayed alive by Minnow,” the young King said with a frown on his lips. He looked up at Amon breifly before he dropped his gaze again.

“I’m sorry… I know I have not been the best. I just…” Siya ground his teeth again, reaching up and gripping his hair tightly as he took in a shuddering breath, “I wanted to prove something, but it seems I’ve only proven the Nobles correct in everything they’ve said. I’ve been selfish. Utterly selfish this entire time.

“I’ve only been thinking of myself. How much I have lost and no one else. I am…” Siya paused for a moment, a bitter laugh on his lips as he looked up again and held Amon’s gaze, “I’m jealous, Amon. You have Kanan and Minnow. Valrien has Harlan and Lutchka. And yet I am without anything that I once had. Asier left me after we came back. I don’t even know why! I can’t help but to think that he didn’t want to serve me anymore, that I was too weak to even try to protect. Too much of a burden.”

He let out an angry sound as his head dropped forward, “I’m being pathetic, I know. I just don’t know how to deal with all of this. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, Amon. I really don’t know.”

Amon quietly listened to Siya, taking in the words he said. As his head fell forwards, a sound of frustration escaping his lips as he did so, Amon brought a hand up to rest on Siya’s shoulder. “You’re not pathetic, you are just inexperienced. You never had to feel this kinda turmoil before, so much of it coming at you so suddenly is going to be hard to face. You will figure out how to face it, in time as we all have before.”

He lowered his hand from Siya’s shoulder as he continued, “It might hurt to see what we have and you don’t, but know that many of us had to go through the same thing you did. I don’t have any remaining biological family, and I lost the person I loved as well. Valrien’s only remaining family went crazy and he was forced to kill his brother to protect all of us. Kanan too had to deal with much in his life, and I’m certain that Lutchka, Harlan, and Minnow have all had to do the same. Your time will come Siya, you just have to take the hits and keep on your feet.”

Amon smiled, “And I don’t think...um....Damiano left because of you. He was an officer in your armies for a while before becoming a protector, right? I think if you’d been the issue, he’d’ve left awhile ago. No, something was on his mind. Hell, even if he did leave because he thought you were weak, then it is his loss!” Amon said the last part a bit loudly, his grin growing. “He’s the one who lost out, having run from all the good people here!”

Amon reached up, ruffling up Siya’s hair, his grin still plastered on his face. “You’ll get your due, I know you will. You are too nice a person for fate to be cruel to you forever after all!”

“A-Amon… I,” Siya’s voice failed him as he sat there. Tears were choking him, so the small Fire King simply settled for nodding his head while taking in deep, shuddering breaths in a vain attempt to calm down.

It took him some time before he was able to speak properly again. Slowly, Siya shifted on the bed and pulled himself backwards so that he could lay down again. He was getting weak, light headed even, so he opted for being already laid up on the mattress rather than dropping on Amon a second time.

“Did Kanan go to find Minnow? I really need to apologize to him for making him so angry.”

Amon nodded his head when Siya asked about Minnow, “He did, yes.” Amon chuckled again, “Though I think it might be the both of you exchanging apologies. It is rare to see such a fire in the little fella, and I think he was quite surprised with himself. You’ll get your chance to apologize soon enough though, so just lie down and rest.” Amon turned and walked back over to where he had been sitting, situating himself on the floor while looking towards Siya.

“So then, Siya.” Amon said while looking towards the Fire King, “How about we pass the time with a few stories, hm? I don’t really know much about you honestly, so why don’t you tell me a bit about where you grew up and all?”

Minnow had spoken with Kanan earlier, and that had helped him calm down quite a bit. He didn’t exactly regret what he had said, but he wasn’t proud of it either. Besides that fact, there were other things that were playing heavily on his mind. Things that tended to haunt him constantly nowadays and things that weren’t going to be a help to anyone.

So the little healer was currently walking down the halls in the manor, heading towards the room that he had been told that Siya was resting in. He paused at the door for a moment, readjusting his medpack a bit nervously before knocking lightly.

Amon blinked and looked back up at the door, having cut off the chance for him and Siya to talk. Standing up, Amon then opened the door, smiling at the sight of Minnow standing there. “Hey there buddy. He’s awake now for you.”

Amon stepped back, opening the door completely. “Try not to maul him too much, unless of course he misbehaves and tries to escape. In which case, do what you need to do.” He then looked back at Siya, giving the Fire King a smile. “Remember about what I said, calling him my ‘Little Fishie’.” Amon said with a chuckle before looking at Minnow and giving him a nod and heading on out of the room.

Siya frowned at Amon, his earlier thoughts on how to answer the man’s questions leaving his mind when Minnow showed up. He waited until Amon left before he looked away to the ceiling and spoke softly. Firstly, he had to apologize to the little healer for making him so angry, so that’s what he did.

“Minnow, I’m sorry for… What I did. I didn’t mean to make you angry, or be selfish… I just. Don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Are you still angry with me?” he asked, turning his head to look at the blonde.

Minnow had an uncharacteristically sober look to his face when Amon opened the door. He tried for a little smile, but the bit about mauling anybody didn’t help his thoughts one bit. He was glad that Amon left the two of them. He loved his King, but he could be crass and oblivious quite often.

When Siya spoke up, Minnow was tempted to hold his hand up to quiet him, but he thought better of it. With the Fire King’s apology, Minnow shook his head. “No, of course not. It was not my position to question your means, so I want to apologize too.” He closed the door behind him and walked over to one of the windows, pulling the curtains aside to allow some light to filter into the room so he could see better.

The little healer walked over to the bed and sat down next to Siya carefully, opening his pack and pulling out a few things here and there. He then began his examination of the King, carefully moving about and shifting clothes here and there to assess the damage.

“You had every right, Minnow,” Siya replied softly. He shifted a little to help Minnow lift the shirt so that the little healer could see the poorly bandaged wound in his stomach, over the hip bone, “I just want to say right now, that… I’m sorry if I… Do anything wrong. I’m so lost. I can’t think straight. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time…” Tears curled into his eyes, slowly leaking out as he looked away from Minnow.

He hadn’t told anyone the deeper parts of his thoughts, so as they slowly surfaced to Minnow, he couldn’t help but to cry again, “Staying alive is just as hard. I don’t know, Minnow. It’s never been this hard. I’m sorry,” he said sniffing and trying to calm down again, “I don’t mean to be like this. Just… Bear with me. Please.”

Minnow breathed a soft little laugh that held very little humor in it when Siya mentioned not knowing what to do and apologizing for doing something wrong. “You’re not the only one who feels that way, you know. It isn’t as easy as you think to heal people. Sure, I have experience, but I’m always afraid I might screw something up, especially in Reimrand where I have no skill whatsoever. I’m not a very good protector, either, and to be honest I think I may have put my own King into danger more than once just because I’m so incapable at doing any real protecting.”

The little blonde spoke quietly, running his fingers gently over the torn flesh to check the damage and how badly it had been torn. He frowned gently when tears began to dribble from Siya’s eyes. He leaned forward and gently placed the pads of his thumbs against the corners of his eyes to wipe away the tears.

“Things always get worse before they get better. I would know. We’ve all got scars, and no one’s is worse than anyone else’s, because the skills and personalities we each have put a strong strain on anything we might go through. It’s not all bad, though. You can meet great people along the way, even if that means having to leave others behind. Ask anyone, we all have horrors that wreak havoc in our memories.”

Minnow patted Siya lightly on the shoulder before going to work on his side, reworking the bandages and cleaning out whatever crap the other healers missed. “You need more sleep,” He scolded, not entirely being gentle with the King’s wounds while he tended to them. Siya wasn’t going to get out of it that easily.

Siya cringed on the bed, his leg pulling up as Minnow worked on his wound. He clenched the sheets tightly, squeezing his eyes shut and grinding his teeth, “M-Minnow…” he complained, though he was sure the little healer would ignore his pain. Little pants of pain hit the air in the room as the blonde worked. Siya did his best to keep still but it was a chore in doing so. Silently he just begged for Minnow to finish up quickly.

“Wouldn’t hurt so much if you weren’t getting them all the time.” The healer reprimanded mercilessly. There was a time to be gentle a time to be firm, and this one was for the latter. It seemed the only way he could get people to be a bit more conscious about hurting themselves is if he promised worse pain when tending to them. Normally he was a sweetheart and always concerned with the pains of others, but when it came to stubborn bull-headed people like pretty much everyone he knew at that point, a firm hand was needed.

Siya made a soft sound, a partial whimper of pain as he lay there, shifting ever so slightly as Minnow worked. He wanted it to be over soon, hoping that Minnow would at least spare him from the pain for much longer, “O-Okay… Okay! Ah! That stings… Minnow,” he said, retracting his hand from grabbing the little healers wrist to get him to stop with whatever he was putting on it, “I’ll be more careful! I‘m sorry,” he said quickly hoping to appease the blonde. I’m never getting wounded again… Ever! Not like this… Aah, damn it it hurts! he thought to himself as he prayed for a quick end to the healing process.


A few Days Later

“Remind me again why I’m doing this?” Siya said with a bit of a clip to his tone.

Valrien rolled his eyes as he led the young man out to the soldiers training area. It had taken quite a bit of convincing to keep Siya from ordering his men to begin marching, even more so to meet his new Protector and trainer, as well as to agree to let Lutchka and Amon train him in a few other things too. Most notably to mention, Minnow was the biggest reason why Siya even agreed to any of the terms.

Valrien grinned despite himself. The little healer was quite the master at making people obey and do what he wanted them to. It made the Prince wonder how in the hell Kanan dealt with the little blonde. Perhaps he would ask when Minnow wasn’t within earshot…

“You nearly got yourself killed, you don’t have any protectors right now, and we have already decided that you’re going to train with him whether you like it or not.”

“I really want to light you on fire right now…”

Valrien scoffed at him, “Yes, well good luck with that, My Lord. Now, go say hello to your new Protector,” the Prince said while giving the young King a light shove against his back.

They had come to the area that would be designated for the King to train in, a tall red-haired man standing there already. Siya swallowed dryly before glancing back at Valrien in apprehension, “What is his name again?”

Valrien sighed, rolling his eyes yet again, “Farasima, don’t you pay attention to anything? Now… Play nicely, don’t threaten him with fire or anything else equally unpleasant… And try not to accidentally shoot anyone, or yourself.”

“Shut up, Valrien!”

The Prince grinned then turned on his heel, “I have a highly volatile woman to go try to appease, so if you do not see me again… It’s probably due to Lutchka burning me to a crisp.”

Siya huffed at him, watching him for a moment before turning back to the red head who was called Farasima. The young King muttered under his breath as he started his approach, “I hope she does light you on fire…”

Farasima was standing in the training area, fidgeting a bit nervously with the bow he had been provided. Next to him sat another bow, leaning up against a wooden barrel filled with a number of arrows for them to use. He was nervous about meeting with the person he was now being ordered to not only train, but protect. He wasn’t sure exactly of how capable he was for such a job, as he had never been the greatest warrior in his tribe. He was a good shot and skilled rider just like any other, but he was no Urda’Reshla, the best the Skis’naturi tribe had to offer as soldiers.

He closed his eyes, as again he found himself circling back to such painful thoughts. Thankfully, he did not have a chance to think on them as he heard the sound of Prince Valrien approaching, ushering along a slightly shorter white haired man. Farasima stood up, glancing down at the bow once more in his hand with a bit of a frown. The other issue he was having is that this bow was quite different from the ones he was used to using. Of course, this one was designed to be used by foot soldiers, where the Skis’tatari man had always used a much smaller bow designed to be fired from the back of a horse.

He listened to the two bicker for a few moments, Valrien finally pushing the King forwards towards Farasima. He couldn’t hear what Siya said under his breath as he approached, he just hoped it wasn’t an insult directed towards him. As Siya moved forward, Farasima quickly bowed to him. “K-King, hello.” was all Farasima could think to say as he kept his head lowered. He figured the best he could do was follow the rules of etiquette he been taught. “I hope you are well, King.”

“U-uh… I-I am alright,” Siya answered, his voice cracking a few times. He looked away, scuffing his boot against the sandy training area, “Please, don’t call me that. Just Siya is okay. O-oh, uh.. My name is Siya, so please just…” the young King faltered and let the rest fall away as he tugged at the end of his braid that hung just over his shoulder.

In the middle of his telling the man not to address him as King, Siya had remembered that he’d in fact never introduced himself, hence the reason for his stumble on his words and speech. He sighed heavily to himself. So much for making an impression… he thought sourly. Looking back to Farasima, he frowned a little.

“Valrien told me you are my new Protector, and that you are to be training me. Tell me, what are you going to train me to do? I heard too that you’re agreeing to serve as my protector because they saved your life. But you do not have to do this if you do not wish to,” Siya said firmly.

At the back of his mind, he chided himself. He sounded almost as if he didn’t want Farasima and he bit his tongue rather hard once he realized his tone. Looking away, he scoffed again, “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to be so harsh. I just… Never mind. I don’t know what it is I really want right now. Please forgive my poor attitude.”

Farasima blinked, somewhat confused when he was told to drop the formal antics. He lifted his head, looking up at Siya before rising back to his full height. “Apologies, it is habit. We are taught to respect those above us, and Du’Dradasi was said to be strict. We were taught to do to not anger him.”

He listened to the rest of what he had to say, Farasima looking to the bow as Siya mentioned not having to help or protect him. The red-head watched the bow for a moment, spinning it in his hand; he only looked back up at Siya when he apologized. “I take no offence, King.” he paused, coughing and clearing his throat as he caught his mistake, “I mean, Siya. I do have to do this, as I can not ignore what they did for me. I should have died, but they saved me. So I owe them, and they wish for me to help you. I will do it.”

He watched Siya for a long moment before looking off towards the target at the end of the range. “I don’t have anywhere to go, so here is where I’ll stay. I will protect and train.” he then looked back at Siya. “I will train you to shoot bow. Shoot well, hit target, and not be killed back. I will teach you to ride horse well, and to fire from the back. They seem to wish to train you to fight close with opponents, which is good as I am not strong there. So I’ll train you to use this well.” he said, grabbing the other bow that lay on the ground and handing it out to Siya. As he did so, he held the bow quite carefully, offering it out to the King with an open hand and bowing his head slightly as he did so.

“When ready, we begin, Siya.” Farasima said, lifting his head back up once the bow was taken from his hand.

“Du’Dradasi?” Siya repeated the word in confusion as he looked up at Farasima. He sighed and shook his head though, he would learn it later. Just like with Damiano, the man spoke a different tongue and Siya never really asked, just learned it as he went. Some stuff he had a general idea of. Whenever he said ‘mi rey’ he figured the man was addressing him by a title of some sort. There were a few other things, curses and the like but nothing he knew substantially.

This would be the same he figured.

As Farasima reached out and handed him the bow, Siya took it from his hands carefully and eyed it. He didn’t know how to hold it, so it felt awkward in his hand. Thankfully it was fairly light, not too heavy. Siya looked up at the red-head and frowned a bit. Awkwardly standing there with a bow in his hands, he tried to figure out how to use it. Sure he’d seen Damiano use his plenty of times before, but to be handed one out of the blue…

The King tilted the bow back and forth in his hands, trying to discern how to handle it. How would he hold the arrow on the string? Like how Damiano did? Maybe? Could he even do that? Siya nibbled on his lip, eyebrows curled together in concentration. He stood silently as he waited for Farasima to further instruct him. Can’t be that hard… It didn’t look all that hard to do, Siya chided himself.

It occurred to him that he should probably announce that he was ready to being as Farasima had said they would, when Siya was ready for it. He took a deep breath and then spoke, trying to sound not as irritated or anything of the like over the situation, “Alright. We can start.”

“‘The Wise’, or also ‘The Spirit’, is Du’Dradasi.” Farasima said, watching the king take the bow and stare at the weapon. “He was one who united us Skis’tatari, took us and made us stronger than before.” Farasima looked up at the Fire King’s face, then looked back down range. “Many not privileged to know his mortal name, so we call him by what he was.”

He then took hold of his own bow, testing its feel, holding it and drawing it back to full draw for a moment and watching down range. He didn’t have an arrow ready, so after holding it in place for only a moment, he relaxed his arms. He then looked back to Siya. “I hope they not give us strong bows. Might make training hard if they did.”

He watched the king for a moment, observing the young man’s features. Siya was quite the small individual, in both height and physique. He was certainly no warrior, though Farasima was not much bigger when it came to his own physique. He had never been trained yet to don the heavier armor that the Skis’naturi shock cavalry wore, nor did he ever learn to fight in the thick of combat. Regardless, if Farasima could do it, then he figured that even despite the size of Siya, the King would be able to manage it.

The red-head walked over to the wooden barrel that held their arrows, readying it and taking hold of one and nocking it onto the bow string. He looked over at Siya. “Take arrow, you learn first how to hold it on the bow. It is not difficult, even though it may seem so first.” He remained standing next to the barrel, watching Siya. “If you are right-handed, it will be the hand to hold bow. Likewise, arrow will rest on left side of bow. If you are left handed, simply reverse what I said.”

As he held the bow, he had wrapped his right index finger around the arrow to hold it against the bow while with his left hand he simply pinched the end of the arrow between his thumb and index. “This,” he said, lifting his hands to show the King, “Is good way to hold arrow when resting. Combat, usually don’t wait with arrow like this though, as you will fire often and not rest.”

Siya nodded as he watched Farasima put the arrow between his fingers. He tried his best to mimic what he’d been shown. Holding the bow in his left hand, he tried to put the arrow there as well, holding the end between his fingers of his right. The damn thing slipped a few times, falling into the sand and rewarding Farasima with a nice view of a very embarrassed King.

He cursed softly to himself, his face heating and staying that way as he just couldn’t get a good handle on the arrow. Once he did figure that out, he felt a little bit of triumph wash through him. Yet, when they moved on to putting the arrow in the proper position on the bow, the arrow kept slipping down, or off the curved handle. It was constantly moving and never straight like Farasima’s was when he held it.

The worst of it was that he wasn’t even drawing the string, just trying to position the arrow. Siya’s frustrations were coming back as he struggled with it. A furious blush painting itself seemingly permanently upon his face as he glared at the bow as if all his problems with it were the weapons fault entirely. After what seemed like forever, Siya finally managed to get the arrow where it should be and stay that way.

It was all in how he held his fingers, held the arrow and underneath the shaft. Looking over to Farasima, he couldn’t help the slight smile at his second triumph for the day. Though the smile turned to a little frown of confusion, “Now what…?” he asked softly. He knew to draw the string, but how did you aim it? Or was there even such a thing? He couldn’t help but to think of how Damiano had done it so many times before. It didn’t look like he ever ‘aimed’ the thing, just pulled the string back and let it go while staring down at his target.

Farasima watched the King wrestle with just the arrow, trying to keep it simply held on the bow, and as the man’s face began to take a shade similar to the Skis’tatari’s hair color, Farasima couldn’t help but smile. It was simply far too an adorable sight, so much so that Farasima had stopped paying much attention to how the King was even holding the string. After a few moments though Farasima blinked and then quickly shook his head rapidly, getting himself focused again as his smile quickly vanished.

Farasima then walked over towards the King, standing next to him and turning himself to face down range. His eyes though were still settled on the King, eyeing the young man before he then looked down towards the target. “We start simple, we not go full pull. Learning proper technique more important, as full pull is never held. Once you learn technique and how to hold, then you will be able to fire full pull.”

Farasima, held the bow close to his body, his left fingers still pinching hold of the arrow nocked on the string. In a smooth motion, he then extended the right arm that held the bow, pushing it out while pulling his left hand back some, though he never brought his left hand past further than his left pectoral. He stopped his right arm from extending completely, it still having a slight bend in it. “Keep arrow facing toward target, you may not have strong grip yet so bow may pull arrow free of your fingers.” He then looked back at Siya’s face, “If you lose grip on arrow, do not worry.”

He looked back down range for a moment before he quickly turned his head back to Siya. “Forgot to mention, when drawing bow use whole upper body. As you saw, I used arm on bow to push it forwards, my hand with arrow used to pull on string. Neither of us strong enough to use one arm to effectively pull string back. Ok?” He said, his gaze tracing along the path that was the Fire King’s braid before focusing back on the man’s face.

Siya nodded, though he wasn’t sure he entirely understood. Though, when Farasima drew the bow, he got a better perspective. Trying to do as he was told, he pushed on the bow and pulled at the string. At first it was easy to get the string to pull back, but as he tried to get to where Farasima wanted it, he started to shake. Gritting his teeth, Siya tried his best to pull it back a little more. Just as the tall red-head said, he lost his hold on it. The string surprised him as it snapped back into place, tearing through his fingers. The arrow shot forward, not far, but away from him and dropped into the sand.

He wasn’t worried about the arrow though. His fingers stung horribly. A soft cry escaped him as he lowered the bow and quite nearly dropped it entirely as he brought his fingers up to his lips. Putting them in his mouth he tried to ease the burn, squeezing his eyes shut. Once he deemed it okay, he shook his hand as he hissed and glared down at the bow in his hand.

“Is it always going to feel like that?” he asked as he went and retrieved the arrow. Once he had it back and settled on the bow, he looked up at Farasima with a bit of a frown. Siya wasn’t entirely sure he liked the idea of handling a bow. He let out a sigh as he held it loosely, arrow still attached to the string and in place, “Why did it have to be a bow…”

Farasima watched the King handle the bow, observing how he did it. When the bow string suddenly slipped free, as Farasima had expected it to, he was startled somewhat when the king made a light sound of pain, tending to his stinging fingers. The foreigner blinked and let go of the hand that held the string of his bow. “I-I sorry! I should have mentioned that.” He looked away from Siya’s gaze for a moment before looking back at him. He then looked around the area, though in all honestly Farasima didn’t think he’d be finding a glove as he was looking for. “I was foolish, should have given you hand protection. I am sorry, King.” he then looked back to Siya.

He cleared his throat, looking down slightly. “If you wish to, some wear gloves to protect fingers. It will rub fingers raw if you shoot many arrows.” He held up his own hand, showing it to the king. “Skis’tatari live rough life, so our hands toughened by a lot of the work. Still, no shame in using gloves. Performance and results on battlefield more important than your whether or not you can use bow constantly without gloves.”

He then looked back up to meet the King’s eyes, trying to discern if the man was upset with him. Farasima wouldn’t blame him. He’d only taught a few people, but never any full lessons such as now. It’d only ever been peers who were also going through the same training and life as he had been.

The Fire King sighed, “It’s fine. It’s not your fault. I’m just… Not used to handling weapons. I use my fire for everything, to defend and fight. Though look where it’s gotten me,” he said with a sour tone. His red gaze narrowed as he looked up from the bow to the target a little ways away from them.

His voice was like acid, shaking as he spoke and filled with the memory of having that entourage filing into his hall and announcing his dethronement, “Considered weak and incompetent. Unfit for rule. Not even ‘Royalty’. As if they would know or understand why I was even put there in the first place,” he snapped.

Around his hands the flickering of his fires began to curl. The fingers turned into fists of his free hand, having let go of the bowstring, letting the arrow simply drop as he shook slightly. The familiar burn of his anger and reasons as to why he was there in the first place took over again, “And yet, despite fighting off the ‘Nobles’ army with everything I had, I lost too many and nearly got myself killed. Now, does that make you think ‘King’ when I tell you that?”

Farasima watched Siya, taken aback some as the man’s anger seemed to begin boiling forth once again. It was not aimed at the red-head, but still it made him slightly nervous. When the fire began to lick at the hands of the king, Farasima found himself stepping back ever so slightly. It was reflexes that had him doing so, though he didn’t go further than just one step as he caught himself. He just hoped that Lukina had been lying about having to “play with fire.”

Farasima was at a loss of what to say. He did not know exactly what this man was going through and what had happened to him. In truth, he had little knowledge of what the current war was even about. He had simply been brought along with his tribe to do the bidding of Du’Dradasi.

Watching Siya, and seeing the anger only growing more and more, Farasima was struggling to think of how to calm him down. A thought crossed his mind though, a chance to possibly diffuse the situation. Hopefully it wouldn’t mean he would get burnt, so he spoke up despite the awkwardness of what he was saying, given the context. “I like your hair, especially braid.” was all the foreigner said, reaching out to lightly take hold of the end of it. He didn’t grip the braid tightly, rather he just let it rest in his rough hands, looking over the silvery-white locks of hair. “I only wish I could get mine to look so nice.”

Siya quickly lost track of what he was thinking, or even going to say next if Farasima had answered his question. The red-head did speak, but not in the way he’d expected. His mouth opened and closed rapidly as he stared up at the man. Siya could feel the heat of his blush taking over, growing darker than it had been before when he’d struggled with the bow.

His face heated even more to the point of it feeling like his heart had just invaded the skin as Farasima reached out and took the very end of his braid. Siya turned to look down a little, then back up at the man, struggling for words. At that point, he’d completely forgotten what he was so angry about and his fires disappeared in the space of a few seconds.

“I-I… U-um… I-it… T-thank you?” he said, though not entirely sure what he was talking about, “I… Don’t do anything… To it… U-uh…”

Siya couldn’t look at Farasima anymore, far too embarrassed as he said in return, “Y-yours is nice too…” the words barely breathed off his lips as he fidgeted with the bow in his hands.

Farasima watched the man’s face turn a dark red, and the Skis’tatari man couldn’t help but begin to chuckle at the sight. The wide eyes, the immense blush, the stuttering, it had Farasima chuckling. He let the braid slip from his grip, his hand going back to rest on the string of his bow. “Leeda.” he said, “It is our way of saying, ‘you are welcome.’ Yishda, thank you, about my own. It is not as soft as your’s though.” he said.

Watching Siya for a few more moments, he then turned and looked back down range. “Let us continue. You wish for gloves? As said, no shame in using them. Even I would in battle, so I do not have to worry about my fingers.”

“I-I… Y-yes… Gloves… Yes. That. Gloves would help, yes,” Siya stuttered horribly, his thoughts everywhere but on the fact that he was training. Or supposed to be training. Absently, he reached up and touched his hair, was it really soft? He didn’t think so.

What the hell is wrong with me?! Siya snapped at himself internally. A simple compliment, a touch of his hair and he was reduced to nothing but a bumbling idiot. The Fire King tugged at the braid with a little frown on his lips, closer to a pout than anything else, but he couldn’t help it. Looking up briefly at Farasima, he turned away as his face seemed to think it was a great time to ignite just by looking at the man.

He cursed to himself softly, scuffing his boot into the sand. He waited for a glove to be retrieved before they could continue. Slipping it on, it felt odd, but as he held the string and did what Farasima wanted him to do again with the string, it felt better. Especially when the damn thing slipped out of his grip. It was going to take quite a while before he was strong enough to even draw the bow. Yet, the little King didn’t stop. He kept trying. Pulling it back to where Farasima wanted it so that he could show him how to aim the bow.

Once Siya got that down without losing the arrow upon drawing it back, his next task was to go to a full draw and let the arrow fly to hit the target. Farasima was quite good at teaching, at least Siya thought he was. Slow, patient, directing him when he needed it. When Siya did his first full draw, he accidentally had his arm curved in too far and the string pinched the soft skin of his forearm.

Dropping the bow entirely, he’d cradled his arm to his chest, but he knew he’d done it wrong to begin with. As soon as he was over that pain, he tried it again, and again. Siya kept going, managing only to pinch his arm a few times out of the many that he’d fired the bow. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been out in that training area with Farasima, but when he drew the bow again, his arm shook horribly and a burn pulsed through his shoulder. When he released, he missed the target completely and his arms fell limp at his sides. Short breaths of air panting into his lungs as he stood there.

Farasima watched Siya work, again helping him as they went along. As they moved to full draw, Farasima watched the king struggle to hold the bow and aim the shot. He watched the man for a few moments before looking down towards the target. “I don’t know how they do it here, if holding full pull is usual, but we Skis’tatari are taught slightly different.” he looked to the king. “for now, you continue aiming to hit target, but eventually we will move to how we fire.”

He looked back down range, nocking an arrow onto his bow. He figured he’d give a demonstration. The bow was relaxed, as was Farasima as he watched the target. Then in one fluid motion, he drew the bow back to full draw. the moment his left fingers came up by the corner of his lips, the bow fully drawn back, Farasima let the string and arrow go. It sailed down range and hit the target. It wasn’t a bullseye, but it still hit near the center.

He then looked at Siya. “We Skis’tatari not taught to aim, or rather not aim at full pull. We are taught to look for our target, aim with ours eyes only, then draw and shoot. We must, as horseback aiming not usually an option, and full pull is tiring to body.” He drew an arrow and repeated the same quick process, again releasing the arrow the moment it was fully drawn back. It was near the first arrow, Farasima then looking back to Siya. “The grip we use, the thumb and first finger to pinch arrow, is helpful to it because of how clean release of arrow is.”

He let the bow rest on the ground, having finished his quick demonstration. “Of course, if full pull aiming is what you end up comfortable with, then there is no fault in that. Though we may fire more on reflex, even Skis’tatari must aim every now and then. Continue as you were, just wish to let you know what I will be teaching you later. Holding at full pull will help build strength in upper body to fire bow more often.” he finished, a smile forming on his lips.

Siya watched, in awe at the fluidity of how he drew the bow and released it. It looked much more graceful than he felt he was doing. Paying as close attention as he could, Siya tried to think of how it was even possible to not aim and fire the bow all the same, hitting the target nearly in the same spot, or close to it. He found it utterly amazing how that happened. Then again, Farasima had much more practice then he did.

Taking a deep breath, Siya tried to do as he was told and lifted the bow again. His shoulder ached horribly, protesting against the forced motion. When he pulled on the string it was so much harder to draw it back. He got off one last shot before he simply dropped the bow entirely and let his body fall into the sand. Stretching his legs out, he leaned back and went flat into the sand with his eyes closed tightly, “Done… No more… I can’t…” he panted heavily. To think, he had Amon to go see as well.

“All of you are going to kill me,” he muttered with a frown as he lay there.

Farasima watched the king continue, before after a while finally just giving up and flopping over into the sand. It drew a light chuckle from him, as the Fire King just splayed out on the ground. If he’d been under the eyes of the trainers Farasima had been, the poor fella would be getting kicked at the moment, but he was not going to be as cruel.

Instead, he set his bow down and watched Siya lie there, Farasima standing over him with his arms crossed. “Enjoy your rest, I will not try to kill you though, as I must protect you.” He smiled, “Also be careful, I like your hair, don’t ruin it with sand.” he said with a bit of a grin before walking off to grab the exhausted individual some water.

Siya might have stayed sprawled out in the sand, until Farasima mentioned his hair yet again. With a slight flail to his arms, he quickly shot upright, hands reaching up to his hair and staring down at the sand between his boots with a very red face. After a minute his eyes narrowed from the embarrassment.

“Try not to kill me?” he said with a bit of a scoff, “Keep up like that and you’ll succeed,” he muttered to himself as he absently played with his hair. Brushing the sand out of it as best he could, unfortunately now worried about the sand being in it. Damn it! I will find a way to get you back for this… Farasima!


Amon stood to the side, arms crossed as he watched Rhoven and Siya in the center of the sand ring. As Rhoven had guessed, he was going to be trained alongside Siya, so now the two of them were in the little sparring ring. Amon had made it a rule that no magic was to be used, which Rhoven was quite use to. Honestly the teen was a bit excited, as now he was up against someone he could probably beat without having to be given the victory.

Rhoven’s matches against Amon were always tough, as the Air King was a vicious hand-to-hand fighter despite his apparent distaste for violence. So the only time Rhoven usually ever won was because Amon was taking it easy on him. He hadn’t forgotten the first time he questioned Amon’s abilities, as the Air King let him know real fast just how good he actually was. Rhoven was not going to be getting back his missing canine tooth without some kind of special magic.

The teen watched Siya, moving around the man slowly, making sure his feet never crossed as he did. His hands were out in front of him, not curled into fists and he only stood on the balls of his feet. He decided this time to wait for the Fire King to make a move, see what the man might come up with as an attack. A smile was on his face the entire time as he waited, keeping his eyes focused on Siya the whole time.

When Amon had said not to use magic, Siya was honestly at a loss on what to do. He’d never fought without his fire before. Never. How was he to even begin to try? As Rhoven began to circle him, Siya tried to do the same, moving with him but not nearly with enough grace as Rhoven possessed. He was awkward in the way that he moved, keeping Rhoven in front of him as best as he could, hands constantly shifting, curling into fists and every so often flickering with flame only to be yelled at by Amon to remind him to not use it.

What unnerved him the most was Rhoven’s smile. It hadn’t ceased since Siya had stepped up in front of him. He wasn’t sure he was entirely ready for what they were going to do either. Unlike Farasima, Amon had simply tossed him into the little ring with Rhoven with the rule of no magic. He flicked his gaze over to the red-head before quickly looking away as he was sure to be distracted.

Siya took a deep breath, already feeling the rise of heat in his face as he finally decided on how he was going to attack Rhoven. Stopping, he lunged forward, fingers curled into a fist and directed at Rhoven’s chest. He didn’t want to actually hit the young man in his face, so he avoided that entirely and settled for the larger target, the boy’s upper body. If Siya managed to hit him, he would be utterly surprised, but he wasn’t going to be counting on that.

As Siya came forwards, Rhoven easily slipped to the side of the telegraphed blow. As he moved to the kings side, he then shifted forwards and threw a kick aimed for the Fire King’s lower side, just above his hip. He then quickly slipped back away from Siya, not wanting to remain too close to possibly get struck again. It had always been how the teen fought, poking and picking away at his opponents.

He was not a strong individual, so he had to rely on dodging attacks and striking back during the moments they were vulnerable. Second, he usually resorted to tearing his opponents down by striking at them, then slipping away before they could tag him back. It didn’t always work, especially with Amon who was very proficient in defending and attacking in the same movement, so usually it resulted in Rhoven taking a fist straight to his face or being thrown to the ground.

“Easy, Rhoven.” Amon called out. “This is not a chance to tear apart someone, this is just as much a lesson as when we spar.” Rhoven looked at Amon, frowning as he did so before he looked back to Siya. “This is full contact, but I don’t want to see either of you try to really hurt one another.”

As expected, Siya missed the boy completely. With Rhoven’s easy step out of his reach, Siya stumbled. Rhoven was far too quick for him, nimbly getting out of the way of his half hearted strike. What hit him next though was not what Siya had been prepared for. The boot to his side, right above his hip had him gasping in pain and stumbling away from Rhoven.

He tried to catch his balance, but simply ended up in the sand on his side, dust kicking up from his fall. Groaning, he rolled up onto his knees and sighed heavily. He was even less sure about that kind of training than he was of the bow with Farasima. Siya was grateful that Amon had stepped up, telling Rhoven to go easy, though he wasn’t entirely sure how much ‘easier’ Rhoven could get with him.

Slowly standing, Siya brushed himself off, muttering to himself, “At least Farasima is nicer… And I don’t even know him!”

He let out another sigh and stepped up again to face Rhoven. That time he was a little more careful in planning his attack. Even so, he was sure Rhoven was prepared for it. He rushed the boy again, aiming lower toward his abdomen with his fist. He hoped to do something to the kid, if not he was really going to have to start rethinking his plan of attack. That or he was going to lose his temper which was a very big possibility no matter what.

Rhoven watched Siya, watching as he stood back up onto his feet while brushing sand off of himself. He still had a frown on his lips, as he was a bit irritated that now he had to be “nice”. Rhoven didn’t see the reason for taking it easy, as the teen had to learn to fight the hard way. It took several beatings from others before Rhoven had begun to pick up the tricks it took to fight.

As Siya rushed forwards, Rhoven again simply stepped to the side. This time he threw a kick that hit Siya’s outer thigh as he went past. He held back on the power of the blow as he had been told, though it still bugged him a little to do so. He hit hard enough to let Siya know he had been smacked and enough that it would at least sting.

As Rhoven shifted back some, Amon called out. As he spoke, he did his best so that it didn’t seem like he was being condescending as he spoke. “Don’t rush your target, Siya. Especially with your size you won’t benefit from such maneuvers. It will only telegraph your intentions, not to mention it does not leave you with many good ones either.”

He lowered his arms, “Keep your arms up, spread your weight evenly on your legs, and simply move towards Rhoven. There is no need to rush this fight, so be calm, be patient, and don’t get too excited.”

Siya groaned, wincing and grinding his teeth as the kick nailed him again. Stumbling, he managed to keep his feet that time. He turned his heavy red gaze over to Amon, a deep frown on his lips and anger clear in his eyes, “I’m not excited at all,” he said with a clipped tone. With a frustrated growl, he turned back to Rhoven, a little more angry that time.

“Why do I have to do this?” he shot at Amon, though despite his complaint he did as he was told and tried to keep his weight spread evenly, whatever that meant. Siya put his arms up, feeling very awkward in doing so and that damned blush claimed his face again. He cursed himself continually.

Despite being told to be calm and patient, Siya was anything but that. He moved toward Rhoven slowly, still unsure in the way he was moving across the sand and definitely a little more than just slightly embarrassed as well as pissed off. If he could just use his fire, things would be easily fixed. He could send his opponent away from him with the flames, and keep them at a distance.

Yet, as he thought about that, he recalled the woman breaking into his circle of fire. Throwing up her earth at him and destroying his only way to protect himself. The memory distracted him enough, as well as irritated him enough to turn it on to Rhoven without meaning to, “Quit kicking me, damn it!” he hissed as he lunged forward and tried to land another strike at Rhoven.

Amon shook his head some, “When I say ‘excited’ I don’t mean happy, ‘excited’.” He watched Siya do as he was told to and begin moving towards Rhoven. It was still an awkward stance, but Amon wasn’t expecting perfection. It was a start and it was something for Amon to work on with the Fire King.

Rhoven watched Siya, bouncing ever so slightly on his feet as the king moved towards him. He slowly shifted towards him as well, though he couldn’t help but grin when Siya suddenly shouted at him to cease his kicking. The look of anger in Siya’s eyes only egged Rhoven on, so when Siya suddenly lunged forwards, Rhoven quickly shifted himself to the side again, using one of his hands to guide Siya’s attack to the side before Rhoven delivered another kick to the same spot he had just kicked a moment ago on Siya’s leg.

Amon sighed, shaking his head. “That is what I meant by ‘excited’. “ He then started walking forwards. He’d seen enough of what he wanted, so he called out to the two of them before things escalated. “Alright, that is enough. I think we can move on.” he said. He was ready to move to possibly intercept them if tempers got a little too heated.

With his arm suddenly pushed off to the side, Siya let out a soft sound of surprise, followed by a shout both of pain and anger. Hadn’t he just told the boy to quit kicking him? The kick to the same spot throbbed horribly and he struggled to stay standing. Grinding his teeth, he was frustrated and whirled around without hearing Amon stepping close to them. Cursing under his breath he went after Rhoven again, determined to at least smack the boy once. Only once. That was all he wanted to be slightly satisfied for being thrown around like a rag doll.

As Siya moved forwards to do whatever he planned to do to Rhoven, Amon quickly reached his arm out and held back Siya with it. “Siya, enough.” When he heard a light chuckle from the apprentice, Amon turned and leveled a stern look at the teen. Rhoven’s eyes widened and he quickly shut up.

“Rhoven, you go and complete the first group of exercises. You know which ones I am referring to. Understood?” He watched the apprentice hang his head, nodding it before turning and walking off. With his back to the Air King though, he couldn’t help but smile still. Felt good to play around with someone like that.

As Rhoven walked off, Amon then looked down at Siya, slowly lowering his arm. He was still ready to snatch hold of him if he needed to though. “Now, I wanted to see what you did know. Gives me an idea of what we might need to focus on.” he paused, his mouth hanging open for a moment before he coughed some, “Looks like it’s going to be a lot.”

He then brought his arm up to usher along Siya. “We’ll start with a very important strike, the good ol’ punch.” he guided Siya towards a simple wooden post that was wedged into the ground. On it rested a straw dummy that would often be used for practice. It was nowhere near as nice as Amon’s equipment, but it would work well enough. However, he did not stop at the dummy, rather he walked behind it and gestured to the wooden peg that held it up. on the back was another sack of thick canvas, tied so that it was covering the rough wood.

“Now as we practice, be careful how hard you hit this peg. It is going to hurt if you hit too hard. It’ll teach you to control yourself.” He then turned himself so that he was facing the peg. “Now then, first I want to make sure you can curl your hand into a good, tight fist. It may seem straight forward, but I’ve broken my finger before because I didn’t close my fist in a tight enough manner.” he said with a smile.

“After that, then we move on to actually punching the damned thing.”

Siya may have struggled against Amon’s hold, but his build was much bigger than Siya, despite being the same in height. He probably didn’t even find it a challenge. Siya made a strange sound as Rhoven turned and walked away when Amon told him to go do some exercises. His hand clawed at the air, but then as Amon spoke to him, he turned his glare at him.

The young Fire King took a deep breath to try to steady himself so he didn’t snap at Amon too. It was bad enough that he wanted to torch the little apprentice for kicking him. Siya knew Rhoven had done that on purpose. Only because he’d told him to stop. God it was humiliating to be thrown around by a kid.

He followed after Amon once he was released, still grumbling to himself. As he came up to the straw dummy, he eyed it with disdain, wondering how quickly it would go up in flames if he ignited it. But as they came around to the back of it, he was presented with a different kind of tool to have at. He remained quiet as he listened to Amon. At first he was irritated that Amon thought he couldn’t make a fist, but as the Air King told him that he’d broken his finger once, Siya began to rethink his approach.

He was also beginning to notice how angry he was getting with those around him. Siya nibbled on his lip again as the anger turned to guilt. Since when had he been so… Angry? So enraged about nearly everything? He looked away then, unable to make eye contact though he lifted his hand and made a fist to show Amon how he did it.

Amon watched Siya make the fist, the Air King reaching up to adjust Siya’s hand. It didn’t take long, and once he was satisfied, squeezing Siya’s fist to feel how solid it was, he smiled and looked at the Fire King. “There, don’t forget how to curl your hand up like that you’ll lower the chance of you breaking something when you punch.”

He then turned to face the wooden peg in front of them, adopting his fighting stance and raising his hands up. “Next, you need to work on making sure that when you punch, your arm and wrist are aligned correctly. If you hit something solid when your fist is not lined up correctly, you will jammed up your wrist and that will suck just as bad as breaking something.

He brought his arm up, slowly extending out his arm until his fist was resting against the wooden peg. He then looked at Siya then back to his arm. “The top of your arm and your hand should be level with one another. a nice flat plane. That is what you are looking for. As well as having your index and middle knuckle be in-line with your arm.”

He then stepped back from the peg, looking at Siya with a smile. “First that, then we’ll start moving up to you actually hitting it.”

Siya simply nodded and tried to do as Amon did. Amon had to adjust his hand several times, then had him do it again. Siya let him adjust his hand and body as he needed to. Over and over the Fire King put his hand up against the bag until Amon was satisfied he had it right and wouldn’t break anything when he struck it.

That didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt when he hit the bag, which it certainly did. Siya struck it over and over, trying to get the right level of strength on it. It was difficult, but like with the bow, the little Fire King didn’t stop. Despite his anger and complaints, he never stopped. He kept going, kept training day after day. Maybe it was his determination to do something better, or just a blind drive to keep his mind from other things. Whatever it was though, Siya was slowly rebuilding himself.


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#, as written by Skwidge
Valrien went off in search of Lutchka, still worried about her saying she wasn’t needed. It had been bothering him for quite a while actually and he’d yet the time to talk to her. Right then, though, was a good enough time so he wandered around the area hoping to run into her. He really needed to get it through to her that he needed her. That she was ridiculous to think that he didn’t. Hopefully he didn’t lose his head over it, that was the last thing either of them needed.

Lutchka was, like many of the others, training herself outside among the sands. It seemed so fortunate that everyone seemed to love high walls and other such things around buildings, so she was never really short of practice grounds. At the moment though, she was working her way along the thin metal of a spire fence, being careful not to cut herself on the sharp ornamental edges.

It always seemed like she was doing high walks or handstands when training, but it helped when it came to balancing her center of mass. Besides the fact that extreme concentration and discipline came in handy when it came to toning her muscles and stamina.

Valrien wasn’t sure how far he walked or for how long, but he finally found the woman. He should have known, she was always doing some sort of training, that or she had that unquenchable thirst for alcohol. He watched her for a while as she moved her body along the bar, precariously and very precise in her motions. When he started finding his gaze wandering, he cleared his throat and called out to her having watched her for a long while.

“Lutchka, I- Can I speak with you for a moment,” he said, changing his approach rather quickly as he’d been first ready to say that he was going to speak with her. He didn’t want to start things off on the wrong foot, so he quickly switched to asking her permission first. Hopefully that would lower the chances of her turning him into a human torch.

The ex-protector had been so busy concentrating that she hadn’t really noticed Valrien’s presence when he showed up. He had startled her slightly when he spoke up, but she easily caught herself before she waivered. Pausing in her stride, she tilted her head to the side to look over to Chromi. He seemed rather comfortable in his position, which gave her the impression that he might have been there for a little while. A wry little grin played on her lips as she righted herself and hopped off of the gate, careful to make sure that she didn’t get anything caught in the metal.

“How long have you been standing there?” A playful, suggestive look was directed towards him, but she nodded curtly. “Yeah, what’s up?”

Valrien looked away, struggling to hide his faint blush as she asked him how long he’d been standing there. For a while… he thought but he didn’t dare say it. Instead, he plowed right on to the reason why he had sought her out. Flicking his gaze over to her, he straightened and crossed his arms, though still very uncomfortable. He fought for the right words before he could get it all right.

“I… Came to see why… Talk to you about… Why did you say you weren’t needed?” he asked, finally settling with a question instead. It would at least avoid his temper for the most part.

Lutchka blinked lightly, placing her hands on her hips when Valrien didn’t answer, though she hadn’t expected him to. It was then that he asked her why she had said what she did in the great hall, and she crossed her arms. “I was simply stating the truth, Chromi. I’m an ex-protector ex-royal guard ex-commander, it’s kinda obvious how well I tend to do in my positions. Amon has Kanan and Minnow to look after him, you’ve got Harlan who is practically attached to your hip. I’m not exactly needed in Iveir, and I’m not exactly needed in Reimrand either. I really serve no purpose here other than a bit of entertainment.”

Her eyes narrowed lightly, and she shifted her foot in the sand. “Best place I can be right now is with Siya, since he has no one at the moment, or at least until Farasima takes his place with him. Amon handles things well enough on his own, and you’re always disappearing regardless, so there isn’t much need for me or anything I can do.”

Valrien listened, though the more he listened the more upset he became. Frowning at her with narrowed eyes, he finally had the last straw when she mentioned him always disappearing. Reaching out, he grabbed her by her shoulders. He wasn’t rough, but it was certainly firm, “I don’t know where you get it to be in your head that you’re not needed or that there isn’t anything you can do. I only have Harlan. Do you know how many my family used to have? Seven. Seven, Lutchka. I have one. For you to think that you honestly do not have a place is ridiculous and honestly selfish on your end.”

I need you. And as for my disappearing, I’m a Prince, well… King actually… I think,” he looked to the side, eyebrows curling together briefly before he shook his head and returned his attention to her, “Point is that I’m very busy and Harlan can only do so much on his own. If there ever was a time I needed someone else with me, it would be right now, Lutchka. Honestly I cannot think of anyone better, anyone other than you.”

He finished with a huff, his voice having risen a little and clipped with his usual anger. It took him a moment to realize he’d pushed her back up against the wall and was leaning rather close to her having done so during his speech. Valrien’s gaze grew wide as he stared at her, his embarrassment coming in rather quickly as everything he said in his heated anger came rushing to bite him back.

Valrien took in a sharp breath, his fingers tightening on her shoulders just a little before he finally threw everything out the window and acted on impulse much like he always did. His reasoning -or so he was trying to tell himself- was to convince her that she was needed. Even so, that thought quickly fled his mind as he pushed her harder against the wall and kissed her.

Lutchka was definitely offended when Valrien made the assumption that she was being selfish and crass, like everything she had to go through was ridiculous and nothing when compared to what he’d gone through. What else had she known all her life but a wanderer’s life with no one who ever really bothered to care about her in any legitimate way? She didn’t have a place in anyone’s life. She was material when it came to other people, and unwanted in many other situations. While a twisted fact, the ex-protector had also been evicted from what she had grown to love- her position with Taki. She had had no place in the royal guard, nor did she ever deserve her spot as protector. And oh, how well that had gone.

It seemed wherever she ended up, people got killed because of her, just because some seemed to love to play with her feelings, or she could never be strong enough to protect them, or was the sole purpose of their demise to begin with. The white-haired female had gotten her entire family killed, because she had been so stupid. She got her mates killed as well as innocent bystanders, just because of who she was. She had gotten Taki killed because she hadn’t been strong enough or fast enough.

And Valrien thought she was selfish and ridiculous; just because by trial and error and time she had learned her place- and that place was nowhere. She didn’t belong. An angry and hurt expression flushed her face, and she honestly just wanted to run off. Her luck seemed forever terrible. She scoffed when he said that he needed her, and then explained why he was always getting tugged away. “Yeah, just a pretty face to look at, right? And you think I don’t know that? You’re busy as hell, I get it. You have a ton of important things to do,” She spat, You’re a king, and what am I? Just a bloody distraction that’s probably going to get you killed too. Lutchka just couldn’t stand it.

“Why did it have to be you…?” She whispered almost silently to herself, her voice strained as if she were fighting off a cry of frustration. It was then that he spoke up again, looking at her with an intense gaze. His voice was harsh and angry, and his grip tightened against her shoulders. It didn’t hurt exactly, but he was going to leave bruises if he pressed any harder. He was explaining how Harlan wasn’t enough, how he himself was constantly busy, but her attention had been caught elsewhere when he suddenly started advancing on her, pushing her back against the wall, and she was fairly powerless to do anything.

She didn’t want to listen to his words, wanted to make excuses as to how many other people would be better suited to the task, but Valrien wasn’t having any of it. His voice was always so clear to her ears, it was hard to ever ignore his words. Lutchka tilted her head down and to the side so her bangs would hide her eyes, that maybe she could avoid his gaze if he couldn’t meet her eyes. She bit her lower lip harshly, almost hard enough to pierce the skin; anything to distract her from Valrien’s proximity, from his words that couldn’t be anything more than naively placed- just sweet lies.

She had been tempted out of curiosity to look up at him when she heard his sharp inhale of breath, could feel his fingers tightening against her shoulders. She let out a little hiss of pain, but steadfastly refused to look at him. It was embarrassing, only further worsened by the fact that she was never like this- never caught off guard, always confident, always boisterous, always in control. But it was then that Valrien pressed into her, pushing her up against the wall and leaning into her.

His lips pressed against hers, and she jolted ever so slightly, having not expected it. The ex-protector trembled beneath Valrien’s hold. It was about a second of nothing happening before she shakily lifted her hands and buried them in his shirt, clutching the cloth tightly and pressing back against him, her lips moving against his in a seemingly unsure manner at first, almost as if she feared that when she moved she’d break everything and realize it was nothing but a reverie. But the passion and the emotion behind the gesture was not misplaced and soon found its way to the surface.

She felt ridiculously vulnerable and fragile, and it made her incredibly uncomfortable, but she didn’t let it stop her. She figured she’d just let herself break again and feel the horrors of heartbreak and unimportance if this was going to end terribly like it always had in the past- just as long as she got to have him for now.

Valrien felt her give in to him and he was filled with bliss. A feeling that he didn’t think was at all possible as he held her. Dropping his arms, he wrapped them around her waist, pulling her securely against him and tilting his head to better kiss her. The Prince stayed like that for a while before he pulled back to allow breath to be taken by each of them normally. With soft pants of air escaping him, he tilted his head against hers, holding her still and refusing to let go even if she would want him too.

“You are important, Lutchka. I don’t care what you might think, but to me… I’m sorry I did not say it clearly. It’s hard to even… Express myself properly. I’m sure you know that already,” he sighed as memories of his earlier anger toward Siya surfaced. He was worried for the King, but it came out as anger in the end.

“Stay with me. Don’t go anywhere else. Your home is with me, it always has been. And you’re more than just a pretty face,” he said with a frown. He released one hand to lift her head using her lower jaw, “Definitely more than just that. You’re a warrior, Lutchka and I need that. I need everything there is about you. Everything.”

He let a small grin slip as he leaned heavily on her, putting her securely against the wall again, “Just… Try not to light me on fire whenever I piss you off. There’s only so much I can do about that and Harlan will let me burn, that bastard,” he teased softly hoping to make her smile at least a little.

Wherever Valrien touched seemed to leave little sparks of warmth along her body, and she felt giddy as he pulled her into him. She shifted her own hands, resting them lightly against his shoulders but they were still mainly positioned in front of his chest. Lutchka gently rested her fingers against the skin of his neck, quietly angling his head to better reach him.

When they parted for air, her breaths came out in faint shudders, and her eyes were very attentively focused on his. A messy blush was painted against her cheeks, and it was hard for her to keep his gaze when he was looking at her so intensely. When he spoke, that fact only worsened, and she shifted her head to rest in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent quietly.

It was then that he took hold of her jaw, and she allowed herself to be moved, to meet his gaze even if it was embarrassing. She bit her lower lip as he spoke, and for once she felt like this was where she was supposed to be, and it was a legitimate feeling, one she could put stock in.

It was then that he put her back against the wall, leaning into her and pinning her there. When he mentioned Harlan letting him burn, she couldn’t help but laugh at that, short and sweet. The ex-protector leaned into him, stealing another kiss and nipping his lower lip as she pulled away. She then planted a gentle, passionate little caress of her lips on his jaw by his chin, though the blush still remained as well as the fragile look that she held about her still. He had caught her with her guard down, and it would take a little bit to build it back up. She would let him see this side of her, though.


One Week Later

Siya glared down at the small city that lay before them. Seated up on his horse, he drummed his fingers on the horn of the saddle, anger spiking and growing hotter by the second. He’d known they should have moved sooner, but he’d been wounded and then forced to train. Slowly, the Fire King took in deep breaths of air to calm himself. The city down below was surrounded and under siege, much like Forson had been when Siya had come to their aid.

He glowered down at the fight, watching as one part of the wall came crashing down under the assault. He tensed in the saddle, his other hand tight around the bow that he’d become fairly decent with. A hand on his shoulder had him turning to see who it was that had done that. Valrien frowned at him, sorrow in his mismatched gaze.

“I’m sorry, Siya.”

The Fire King shook his head and took a deep, shaking breath, “This… We need to stop that army, Valrien.”

“I know that.”

“They cannot take that city.”

“I know,” the Prince said with equal venom in his voice.

“We need to be careful,” Lukina said as she pulled her horse up next to Valrien’s, her gaze locked on the large army below, “They must know that you would pursue them.”

“They have probably already made plenty of traps, yes I know that,” Siya said in return, snapping at her without meaning to.

Lukina lifted an eyebrow as she watched the small Fire King, “If you know that, then do not go rushing in there. You will get yourself killed.”

Siya took a deep breath and tilted his head back. He looked to be about to say something, but he cringed and didn’t say anything at all. Lukina, though, was pretty sure she knew what he was going to say to her words. ‘Why does it matter?’ She was grateful he didn’t say them, though still irked that he was thinking them all the same.

Slowly, he shook his head, “I… Damn it. What do you suggest we do then? If we stay up here any longer my city will fall!”

Lukina looked to Valrien who frowned deeply as he gazed down at the fighting, “Draw their attention to us. Make them leave the wall. They want you, don’t they? Even if you don’t get all of their attention, you can at least bring some of them to you. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get a few of their commanders. Kill them and the rest will fall easily.”

“You think that’ll work?” Siya asked, truly intrigued by the idea.

Valrien shrugged, “If they really want to dethrone you, what better way than to present yourself to them on the battlefield? Ripe for the taking. Only problem is they’ll have to deal with us first before they can even touch you.”

Siya narrowed his eyes at Valrien, “I’m not putting any of you in that kind of position.”

Amon watched the city with a scowl, knowing just what it was they were all going to be heading towards soon. More bloodshed and more people dying, just what he hated the most. With an irritated sigh, he leaned forwards on the saddle of his horse, again shifting to get himself a bit more comfortable. He looked over to Siya and the others listening in on their conversation.

He glanced over to see Duke Forson ride up nearby, looking towards Siya. “I cannot condone the action of using King Ukomo as bait, regardless of how many of them it might draw forwards. I think we just move forwards and catch them in the camp and between the walls and us.” he looked out towards the city. “They’ve breached the walls, they are too committed to their action and won’t move away to attack us.” he looked to Siya, “It is your choice in the end, your majesty. But I suggest we move forwards and attack now.”

Farasima was watching and listening quietly, sitting in the saddle of a horse that had been given to him. He was waiting right by Siya, his own bow resting in a holder attached to his saddle, a quiver full of arrows on the other side. Whatever Siya considered, he would remain by him. Farasima didn’t have any military knowledge, as he’d never been a leader of any units. Sure he’d fought here and there, but nothing of this scale.

All he said was, “I will be by your side regardless to do my duty, Siya.” nodding his head some to Siya.

Siya ground his teeth as he listened to Forson. He took up the reigns rather harshly, making his warhorse lurch, pawing at the ground as the creature felt its riders unease and tension. Just before he gave in to Forson, Farasima’s voice took his attention. Looking over to his new Protector, he swallowed dryly and took another moment to work over his options. They weren’t many though and as the sound of the wall crumbling a little more hit the air, he finally gave in.

“Fine,” he growled, eyes narrowed as he turned back to the fight below, “Fight to the wall,” he snapped and spurred his horse forward.

Valrien let out a shout, standing up in the saddle and making as if he were going to snatch Siya back but missing completely, “Damn it!” he turned a sour glare at the Duke, “This would have been easier if he wasn’t so damned pressured,” he hissed and quickly followed after shouting for the King to stop.

Lukina sighed heavily and quickly followed as well. She caught up easily enough to the enraged Prince and reached out to cuff him, “Quit yelling, you want them to turn and kill him once we get down there?” she snapped at him, raising her voice just enough to be heard over the pounding of their horses.

Valrien quickly became quiet, though he still looked rather angry. Reaching to his side, he drew his weapon and lowered his body, leaning forward to help the creature run faster and maneuver better down the slope.

Kanan pulled his sword from its sheath, only looking to Amon after Siya bolted down the slope with his own soldiers in tow, “Sire?” he asked softly though he was more than ready for a fight.

As Siya spurred his horse onwards suddenly, Forson just sighed and hung his head, “Damned King, this is not what I meant.” He turned back to look at the troops behind him, signalling for them to move forwards before he went after the Fire King at the lead.

Farasima was not far behind Siya, urging his own horse onwards to follow after him. He kept his eyes focused forwards, though his thoughts were slightly distracted by his racing heart. If someone had asked if he was nervous, he didn’t think he could possibly lie to save his life. He was very nervous about going into this fight, especially with the responsibility of having to protect the Fire King.

Amon watched Siya move forwards suddenly, a frown taking the place of his usual smile. Seemed Siya still had some aggression to get worked out of his system. Shaking his head, he looked back at Kanan, nodding his head to him before spurring his own horse onwards after the moving King. “Let’s do our best to make sure Siya doesn’t get himself killed now!” He shouted back to Kanan as they moved forwards.


Aníbal sat atop his own warhorse, decked out in his armor once again. They had just breached the walls of the city, but his eyes were settled elsewhere, primarily the charging forces of the Fire King. Last time, he had ordered a withdrawal of the Noble forces, mostly because he did not feel ready yet to combat the large army the Fire King had, especially pinned against the walls of a large and powerful city.

Now though, he had plenty of warning from large number of eyes he had on King Ukomo’s army. He knew the young king had been coming this way, and now he was going to have to prove whether or not he really had the resolve to win this war. Aníbal looked to his right, his eyes settling on Natalia and Liliana, the first woman sitting atop a horse while the latter was standing on the ground, helmet on her head with halberd in hand.

“Liliana, you are to take your forces and hold off anybody who might try to emerge from the city. We’ll take it once we finish with the Fire King. Natalia, you will go with Erlantz and Sendoa and handle the right. I’ll take the left and center with Emigdio” Natalia nodded her head, Aníbal turning his head to the left, his eyes settling on the two heavily cloaked individuals. One was again sitting atop a horse, only his feet and hands visible beneath the mounds of cloth that hid him. Next to him on foot was the mountain of a man, warhammer on his back. His hands and feet were also the only thing currently visible, and both simply nodded their heads at the ornately armored man.

“What of me?” a voice spoke up nearby, Aníbal turning his head to settle on the three-fingered man who waited nearby. Aníbal frowned as he eyed the brown-haired man.

“You watch the walls with Liliana. I’m not in any mood to trust you with handling the Fire King again, as you failed to do last time.” Aniíbal said.

The man raised his voice in protest, “We would have been killed had we spent those few moments to kill the Siya! I made the choice to save Liliana and I from the Fire King’s forces!”

“Noted, now do as you are told, or I’ll take the rest of your fingers.” As he said the words, Aníbal leveled a heavy glare at the man, who recoiled and quickly went quiet. The general then looked to the others, “You have your orders, now get to it.”

Siya, Farasima, Lukina

Siya charged down the hill, holding the horn of the saddle as the horse made its way down, sure footed in its own way so Siya didn’t have to do much with it. Once he was at the bottom, the few soldiers closest to him fell under his barrage of fire. He launched out the first strike with three balls of fire, all of them exploding into the earth and throwing the men backwards, ignited.

Once the horse was level and not on the incline, he drew up his bow. He wasn’t very good with it on the horse, but at least he was decent enough to hit his targets, or at least distract them into defending so that his fire could do the rest. After each arrow he let loose, he accompanied it with a barrage of his flames.

Much like the time before, Siya led his army right into the fray, plowing through with his large warhorse and making it very apparent that he was on the battle field. Not that he did it on purpose, he was just too blinded by his own anger and stress to think of anything else aside from burning any man who turned a sword or other weapon on him.

Lukina followed swiftly after him, trying to keep the King near to her side as she unsheathed the scythe that was hooked on her belt. Simply pulling the weapon up out of its holster, she flicked it out with a snap of her wrist and the blade extended to a much larger range. With it, she used it’s wicked end to start tearing through the soldiers that Siya either blindly left behind or just didn’t see at all. She followed after him as best she could, wielding her blade and throwing earthen rocks in the paths of many others to keep them from getting too close to Siya.

Farasima kept close to Siya, easily maneuvering his horse around to keep up with the man. Though the horse was larger and bulkier than the ones he was use to riding on the Skis’ta Steppes, it still handled very well and responded to his commands easily. It also was a powerful weapon in and of itself, soldiers either moving to the side to avoid its trampling hooves, or finding themselves knocked aside as the bulk of the animal slammed into them.

Even before they had reached the lines, Farasima was already firing off shots at enemies, aiming particularly for soldiers that would be close to either him or Siya as they passed by. Despite the power of their horses and being atop them, a well placed swing from a sword or axe could easily dismount the riders or even kill them, should they fall badly; even worse was the prospect of the horse landing on top of them.

He kept his mind on the little training he had received for heavy cavalry tactics when he had been back in the tribe, letting his horse do the work of moving and deterring soldiers. More important were those who threatened the animal. However, once they had moved further into the line of enemies, he quickly looked up at the troops who were readying spears to intercept the cavalry charge. He shouted as loud as he could to be heard by Siya, “Siya! Hit the spears and break them!” he immediately began firing arrows rapidly into those directly in front of him.

He couldn’t stop, as then he’d only be trampled by those behind him. So they had to get through the spears, which honestly Farasima knew was not going to be likely. The first ones in line rarely made it out of slamming into a spear wall.

Siya heard the call, glancing back over to Farasima as the man shouted at him to keep going. He hadn’t even seen the spears until the red-head said something. Turning his attention there, he focused his fires and let fly an eruption of flame upon them in the hopes of either blasting them away or making their spears into nothing but torches that they wouldn’t be able to hold.

In the meantime, the Fire King allowed his warhorse to spur forth, rushing the area he’d just ignited. Siya continually drew his bow, letting off arrow after arrow as quickly as he was capable of and hoping to open up other areas for the rest of his army. As he plowed through the flames that he’d set, the horse leaping as if to jump over a short fence, Siya reached down to grip the saddle in order to keep his place atop it.

Though he’d broken through where he was headed with the steed, something happened to his horse and he couldn’t see it until the poor beast finished it’s leap. Hitting the ground, it gave a scream and stumbled, toppling with Siya still holding on to the horn of the saddle. It took the King a second to realize that his horse had been struck. When he did, he let go of the saddle and tried to get out from under it as it toppled sideways.

With a shout of surprise, Siya hit the ground and somehow managed not to get his leg caught underneath the crumbling animal, though he was sure he came very close to being pinned. Sucking in deep breaths from the sudden fall, the King quickly got back up to his feet and found that he was once more surrounded by the enemy. Yet that time, he had fires already spreading from behind him, leaving it open to his own men.

He couldn’t resist the small grin that took his face. His flames ignited from his hands up to his shoulders and the first few soldiers cocky enough to think they could take him burned where they stood.

Farasima watched as Siya unleashed a blast of flame at a section of the spear wall, forcing a small gap to form. Quickly he turned his horse towards it, still firing arrows at any soldier he saw still standing. When he reached the wall of flames, his horse quickly leaped up and over them, and landed on the other side of the line. Farasima however had to hold tightly to his horse as the animal turned and then stumbled some while avoiding the fallen horse that lay on the other side.

The Skis’tatari’s eyes widened as he recognized the fallen horse, and quickly he scanned for Siya. He found the king engaging soldiers, bringing his flames to bear to attack any that came near him. Farasima looked back at the gap Siya had formed, and he could see fellow soldiers beginning to widen the gap. Which meant he could focus his attention on protecting Siya. He spurred his horse forward, moving towards the enemy.

One soldier was blindsided, knocked in the back by the large horse and then crushed under it as Farasima brought it to a stop, quickly and rapidly firing arrows at those who moved closer towards Siya. As he did so, he shouted once more to Siya. “Siya, over here, get on!”

The Fire King looked up to where Farasima called to him. He didn’t waste any time and rushed over to where the huge horse was. Siya stretched out his hand for Farasima the moment he was close enough. The young King let the man grab him and drag him up on the horse. It was such a fast transition from being on the ground to up behind the red-head that Siya was momentarily disoriented.

It took Siya just a moment to reorient himself and once he was good on his position, he slipped his hand away from Farasima’s waist that he’d latched onto tightly for a moment. Drawing up his weapon, he attempted to fire it again at an approaching soldier. However, with the awkward position of having Farasima in front of him, he missed entirely. With a little growl of anger, he unleashed his fire instead, which to his satisfaction did exactly as he wanted it to.

As soon as he pulled the king up onto his horse, Farasima began moving his horse away from those who came towards him. He couldn’t move too far, but enough to give him a bit of breathing room before he began firing more arrows at soldiers who began moving towards them. Now with support from the other soldiers though, things were a bit more manageable. Still though, this was not a very good place to be for either of them.

To his irritation, he couldn’t make out anyone that seemed to be commanding these soldiers, so really he and Siya were simply left to bombard soldiers at the moment with fire and arrows.

Siya ignited everything that was an enemy, his fires pulsing from his hands as he’d given up on the bow entirely, letting it hang from his leg as he’d strapped it there. If he lost the weapon, honestly Siya wasn’t going to cry over it. He much preferred his fires over any weapon. So he unleashed as much power as he could, constantly drawing on the metals around him, sacrificing anything and everything he could reach out to.

Farasima looked around the fighting, trying to discern the best place for the two of them to move to. Honestly, he’d rather be out of the melee, where he could be far more effective and be moving about while raining down arrow fire. This might be something he needs to discuss with Siya when he got the chance to.

He fired off a few arrows at soldiers that came towards him, though when he turned and fired at one that was rapidly moving towards them, Farasima quickly noticed how the arrows he shot seemed to be deflected. The soldier, wearing leather armor that had pieces of chainmail covering the vital areas, held only a sword in one hand as he charged towards the King and protector. Farasima finally noticed the air that was flowing rapidly around the man as he ran towards them, and quickly the Skis’tatari man chose to try and get him and the king away.

As he made to turn his horse around though, he cursed when he felt a hand grab hold of his leg. Farasima attempted to turn and attack the man, but he was unable to do so fast enough and was quickly yanked from his place atop his horse and fell to the ground. The fall knocked the wind out of him, and Farasima was barely aware enough to move himself away from the horse when it freaked out from having its reigns tugged on.

It seemed to have distracted the man who had pulled him down, as Farasima was able to clamber back to his feet, taking a moment to catch his breath and look for wherever Siya was. He hoped the king had been able to get down from the horse safely, or even better gain control of the animal.

Siya wasn’t sure what Farasima was doing as he turned the horse suddenly. He had been facing the other direction, throwing more fire into the midst of the soldiers when Farasima abruptly yanked the horses reins off to the side. As the steed turned, the young King reached out automatically to steady himself against Farasima before he threw out another rain of fire, his gaze sweeping the area for more targets that threatened to get close to them.

However, as he reached for the red-head, he felt nothing in front of him and the horse made jerky, sharp movements as if something had startled it. Siya took in a sharp gasp of air, leaning forward to reach the horn of the saddle as he had been behind Farasima. He tried to keep his balance, too busy with that to see where his new Protector had ended up.

Like the first battle, he found the long bits of cloth that he wore to mark his station as King being tugged on by a pair of strong hands. Pulled from the horse, he hit the ground with a thud. Thrown down by the soldier who had grabbed him. Grinding his teeth, Siya ignited his hands and arms again, letting the flames lash out and burn the man who was intent on finishing what he’d started.

Once Siya got the soldier away from him, the man screaming and waving his arms in pain from the heat of the fires, he rolled over and got up onto his feet. Only then did he look around frantically for Farasima. When he spotted the red-head, he also spotted a strangely clad soldier, not like any of the ones they’d faced so far. That particular soldier was rushing toward them.

Siya hurled his fire as he moved quickly to side with Farasima. He’d lost his bow in the fall, so he simply resorted to his flames once more. Far more comfortable with that than anything else anyway.

Farasima looked to Siya, moving towards the king as well as he looked towards the swordsman moving towards them. He watched as the man’s progress was not hampered at all by the flames that came towards him, as each was simply swatted aside by a burst of air that surrounded the man.

Farasima held an arrow, but he did not fire it and instead watched the man close the distance between them. He grimaced, really wishing he was better trained in fighting with a weapon because this was not going to be a good fight for the red-head. He tried to fire an arrow at the man when they were close, but the man slipped just out of the way of the arrow and moved forwards to slash at the red-head.

Farasima brought up his bow, letting it take the swing before he quickly began backing away, blocking the rapid and precise attacks as best he could. He knew he had to do something fast, as he was not going to have a bow for long as the metal sword chewed through the softer wood.

Siya gave a shout at Farasima, wordless in fear as the strange soldier rushed his protector. Fires crackled over his body as he lurched forward, throwing his arms one after the other across his chest as if swinging a weapon. The flames leapt from his body toward the soldier. The King began sacrificing the metals around them, weapons that lay in the blood soaked ground, shields, stray armor. Anything he could think of.

He even tried for the chainmail that clung to the soldier who was fighting Farasima, but he found he couldn’t touch it. Siya couldn’t get a hold of that metal to sacrifice it and it unnerved him slightly. As he continued his assault with the flames, he felt his familiar headache coming from wielding far too much energy. Grinding his teeth, he began backing away from the man, his gaze dropping to search for a weapon, anything that he could possibly use. Anything to help Farasima.

Dropping to a crouch, Siya hefted up a sword in his hands. It was awkward and large, heavy as he had to hold it with both hands. Yet, it was better than nothing as that was what he’d been a moment ago. Weaponless, and slowly losing the ability to keep his fires going as they flickered weakly across his hands. Panting and tired, Siya forced his body to rush forward, swinging the blade with everything he had to get the man to back away from Farasima.

Farasima’s bow finally broke as the sword collided with it once more, the red-head recoiling and shielding his face as the pieces of wood shot in random directions with immense force due to the string on them. Then he felt a heavy impact to his stomach as the soldier delivered a hard spinning kick to his gut, knocking the man aside.

The soldier did not move forwards, as he had to face and deflect the blasts of fire coming his way from the Fire King. Their wild nature though was easy enough to slip past, and once they were finished he then watched as the white haired man grabbed a sword far too heavy for him to use and made a clumsy attempt to slash at the soldier.

The soldier hesitated, though the swing hardly hit him as he easily deflected the sloppy attack to the side. Though he had a chance, he did not slash back. He instead watched the Fire King for a moment before shaking his helmeted head. As the man looked over towards the red-head who was getting back to his feet, grabbing a sword as well though in a manner almost as sloppy as the Fire King, the soldier simply looked back to Siya.

His Iverian was buried deep in a Nevarren accent, even though he spoke the words fluently otherwise. “I can’t kill you, not like this. This is just slaughter, and I am not a butcher.” Despite his words, he suddenly lunged forwards, delivering a hard kick towards Siya’s stomach with a blast of air behind it.

He turned his head, bringing his sword up to parry a sword strike from Farasima before using the flat end of his sword to smack the red-head across the back of his head. The Skis’tatari stumbled forwards, falling to a knee and clutching the back of his head as his vision swimmed from the blow.

He looked over towards Siya, speaking up to be heard over the fighting around them. “You lost this fight, Fire King. Flee now before my less merciful siblings find you.” He then turned and ran off away into other parts of the fighting, Farasima turning to look back at the man as he ran off, confused as to what had just occurred.

Siya’s voice was stolen from him. He was enraged at the man for refusing to fight him, yet in the next instant, the attack the soldier threw at him, sent the small King flying backward. With the air effectively knocked from his lungs and what tasted like copper in his mouth, Siya hit the ground with a hard thud that seemed to feel as if everything had broken all at once.

The sword in his hands went flying out of numbed fingers as he was unable to hold it anymore. Dizzy and seeing white slowly flood his vision, Siya hardly caught the words. They didn’t register or make any sense until after he regained his senses, which at that point Siya had simply wanted a dark void. Everything hurt from that kick he’d taken. It was blinding pain, one that had his eyes squeezing shut.

There was indeed blood in his mouth then, whether he bit his tongue, mouth, or lip… Or just simply coughed up blood from the strike, he didn’t know. Only that he could taste it. It was about then that he also registered the fact that man had told him to flee from the battle, which only served to make Siya even angrier, despite the fact that he couldn’t even get the strength to roll over and get up.

The Fire King coughed, the taste of the hot copper in his mouth clearly coming from his throat then. Siya’s fingers clawed at the dirt, frustration reigning over him. After some time, he finally managed to roll himself over and push himself up onto his hands and knees before struggling to stand. Siya didn’t even get up off the ground once he was on hands and knees. Lifting one arm he curled it up around his stomach, groaning and watching the dirt beneath his other hand swirl. After that, he simply toppled back down onto his side, curling in on himself in defeat and struggling not to lose his emotions over it either. Not on the battlefield, not until he was in private where he could cry and scream with no one to hear.

Farasima didn’t have time to worry about what had just occurred, as he need to check on Siya. He quickly got onto his feet, stumbling some as he was still slightly dizzy from the blow to his head, falling to his knees next to Siya. “Siya! Come on, you need to get up!”

He reached down, grabbing hold of Siya and carefully pulling him up onto his feet. He looked around, noting how the Fire King’s troops were beginning to pull back from the fight now, which was a clue to the red-head that they needed to get out of the fight soon.

Kanan, Amon, Rhoven

Amon was riding alongside his contingent of guards, who were also buried within the ranks of Siya’s soldiers. He had lost sight of Siya once they had moved along, but he would have to trust Lukina and the new protector to shield the foolish king. It did not take long for them to reach the enemy lines, and as soon as they did Amon began directing his air magic to knock around those who got close to him. Wind blades had never been his favorite kind of attack, like Kanan used, so instead he resorted to simply blunt force trauma in blasts of air.

Once they got imbedded deep into the enemy, Amon quickly hopped down from his horse to engage enemies. He had little ability to fight from a horse effectively, so he would fight where he was comfortable. He immediately had to begin defending himself from soldiers that tried to take a swing at him, but he was able to block, parry, and deflect attacks coming his way. Sometimes he would trip or throw his opponent to the ground, while with others he hit them with powerful gusts of air to their torsos or head.

Rhoven was not far behind his teacher and king, hopping down off of his horse and planting his feet onto the shoulders of an unsuspecting soldier. With the sudden weight, the man fell over backwards and fell to the ground with a heavy thud, and he got no chance to react when Rhoven drove his short sword through the man’s throat.

Quickly he moved from that soldier to support Amon, dodging and weaving around attacks while slashing at weak points in the armor of those who tried to kill him. Sometimes he would manipulate the air to knock around a soldier or to even vault over them.

Kanan followed after his King just as Rhoven did. He knew where Minnow was as well and was more than confident in the little healers ability to keep himself safe that he wouldn’t have to worry. Too much, anyway. He still kept his air rippling out from his body to make sure he knew exactly where the little blonde was at all times. If the healer fell under attack, he would alert his King and he was sure that Amon would go to the man’s aid should he need it.

The air Protector made good use of his wind blades while atop his horse, knocking into large quantities of the enemy. However, he followed Amon’s dismount once they were in the thick of the fight. Unleashing a torrent of air, something he rarely did, the tornado lifted and knocked through a good chunk of the soldiers from the other army, throwing them away from Amon, Rhoven and himself. It was only to give them a little breathing room to deal with the enemy in a much swifter manner.

Sacrificing more of the metals that hung on his body, Kanan twisted his blade in his hand, flipping it around once, twice, then lashing out with it and throwing more of his wind blades at the first set of soldiers to charge at him. With those cut through by his power, he turned to face another that came up on his blind side. Thinking they could catch him off guard, Kanan allowed them close enough and in one split second, swiftly pivoted and shoved his large blade through their torso with the help of his air to push the weapon through the metal of the armor the soldier wore.

Setting up a rhythm, Kanan kept Amon behind him at all times, using his torrent of air magic, the tornado to throw a few of the men when things began to get a little crowded, and slicing through those that charged at them from a distance, keeping Amon’s back free and allowing the King to move far easier than he would have been able to otherwise.

Amon has lost track of the others as the fight had raged, though he still had Rhoven and Kanan near him to assist. The three of them were able to hold their own, but Amon was beginning to notice how things were tipping against them by this point, as he could see that his own troops and the Fire King’s were beginning to falter.

“Master! I may not be a soldier, but this does not look good for us!” Rhoven called from behind the Air King, Amon deflecting a sword swing from an enemy soldier before knocking them away with a quick blast of air. Amon did have the experience though to see that this was a fight that was not going well for them.

He looked around to try and see if he could spot the Fire King, though at the moment he was having some difficulty given them being on foot currently. He looked back towards his guards, before looking at Kanan. “We need to find Siya and make sure he retreats with us! We have to get out of here now!” he said to the protector before going back to defending himself. “He can’t be far from us!”


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Valrien, Harlan, Lutchka

“Damn it!” Valrien cursed to himself as he had tried to keep up with Siya but the young Fire King had gotten a good headstart on him. How Lukina managed to get to him, or somewhat close he wouldn’t know as the armies began their clash and tangled together. He found himself struggling to stay atop his horse and fight the men below with his sword. Cut off from Siya, he focused on keeping himself alive as he fought with the men beneath him.

The natural energy of his own power curled into his hands and he used it to blast those that got uncomfortably close to him, trying to keep them at a distance. He didn’t like fighting atop a horse, so eventually he simply slid off of it and took his blade up better than he’d been wielding it while on horseback. As Valrien dropped down to face the army on his own two feet, his power radiated off his body in waves.

He used his pure energy to electrify any who got too close and to shove them away from his body, most especially from behind him as he wasn’t fast enough to turn and face them should they come at him from behind. He was also reliant on Harlan and Lutchka to help keep his blind sides covered while he faced off with the armored men before him.

Even so, as he fought harder than he’d done so before, he kept looking for Siya to make sure the young, brash -idiotic in his mind- King was still alive. Though he didn’t have to look far as the fires were beginning to rage again and the explosions told him that the Fire wielder was just fine.

For that moment anyway.

To be honest, these were not the kinds of fights Harlan enjoyed, mostly because these kinda battles were not conducive to using only his fists. So he instead launched flames at nearby enemies, being careful not to exhaust himself of his own stamina as he did so. Once Valrien dismounted, Harlan did so soon after and began engaging any soldiers who were foolish enough break off from their formations. Still, their armor made things a little difficult for Harlan to harm them.

He snuck shots of flames into cracks where he could, or would use the poorly controlled swings of enemies to grab them and then slam them to the ground with a heavy throw. As useful as armor was to protect against outside blows, it only amplified the blow from a fall and Harlan had seen some people simply die or be removed from fights by a good throw to the ground.

As his attacks on the enemies continued, Harlan occasionally glancing over to Valrien to make sure his friend was ok, something moving to his side caught his eye. Harlan instinctively moved back away from it, and was glad he did when he saw the heavy head of a hammer slam into the ground where the guard had been standing. Hard dirt cracked and flew up as the hammer forced dirt out of its way before it came to a rest, though Harlan stared in shock at the man wielding it.

His eyes settled on a man who was massive in height, the top of Harlan’s head barely reaching the man’s chest. He noted how the man’s muscles were taut and thick, an arm almost as thick as Harlna’s torso was. In his hands was a massive warhammer, gripped in both hands by the wall of meat that was growling and staring daggers at the guardsman.

The thing that unnerved Harlan the most was that, the man only had black, loose pants on and nothing else. However, on the man’s body there were several thick, metal plates that clung to his arms, torso, shoulders, even on the man’s face covering the sides and the top of his head. Each of these plates though were held on, not by leather straps, but rather they were threaded through the skin, each one held by strips of the man’s own flesh. There were also sharp, double sided hooks that were threaded through the man’s flesh at various points. There also appeared to be a strange distortion coming off of him, almost like he was radiating immense heat.

Harlan only got a moment to really view his opponent before the man roared loudly and lunged forwards, swinging the hammer down at the guardsman who quickly moved out of the way. He had to shield his face as more dirt was kicked up when it landed, and Harlan had to duck under a horizontal swing that followed right afterwards. He saw his chance though, and lunged in, aiming a punch right at the solar plexus of the man.

When his fist collided with the flesh of the brute, instead of the satisfying feeling of his fist sinking deep to the vitals within, it felt like Harlan had punched a solid wall of rock. He recoiled, shouting in pain and gripping his injured hand, quickly backing away from the man. He jumped back again to avoid another swing of the massive hammer, now on the defence as he did whatever he could to not be pulverized into a bloody pulp.

Valrien just barely caught the shout from his other side. Twisting to see which of his companions it was, he was met by the very burly, intimidating sight of a man with a massive weapon. At first he looked to be heavily armored, until the Prince got a better look at him. Turning fully to face the next opponent as they swung their weapon at Harlan, Valrien felt his chest clench tightly. What the hell is that!? he thought in shock.

He wasn’t entirely sure how to even begin to combat that… That… Thing standing before them. Yet as it came at Harlan again, Valrien couldn’t just stand back and watch. With a shout he lunged forward and aimed his blade at the thick arm that wielded the weapon that could easily cleave a man in two. Valrien struck out with the blade in the hopes of slicing open the flesh and making it hard to wield the heavy looking mace.

“Harlan, torch him!” he ordered as he attacked.

Lutchka followed closely after Valrien and Harlan, pulling up and covering Chromi’s left side at a tight position. There was only so much space between the three of them- enough to trap soldiers between the heavy bodies of their warhorses- and they kept a tight reign of what was going on around them. When it came to fights on horseback, she wasn’t unskilled. She mainly relied on her fire magic to do anything. When it came to wars and armies, she had to rely on her brothers-at-arms, because her fighting style was more one-on-one. Anyone who dared to get close to the left flank or arc, she would take care of them, blasting both very direct and vast waves of fire at them.

For those that managed to weave past, she would focus hotter flames on them, immediately heating up their metal armor to unbearable temperatures. Shortly thereafter, Valrien dismounted, soon followed by Harlan to take on those on the ground. However, Lutchka remained seated atop her horse. She would not give up the position as long as it benefited her.

Soon Harlan was faced with some monster of a man, and not just monstrous in his size. How none of the ingrained bits of metal in his flesh didn’t get infected or painful, she had no idea. While Harlan dodged the large swings from the man’s warhammer and Valrien suddenly rushed in from the side to lash out with his sword, Lutchka turned round-about and coaxed her beast to run him down from behind.

Harlan barely dodged another swing, this time stumbling over a body and causing him to fall over. He rolled to the side to dodge the swing of a hammer he was expecting, but he didn’t feel nor hear it crash down into the dirt. Once he was done, he then looked at the man. He saw Valrien slashing at him.

As the sword came down onto the man’s arms, he simply growled and looked at Valrien. The blade sunk into the flesh, but quickly its progress seemed to stop as it met rigid material. Roaring, the man let go of the hammer with one hand, reaching out to grab hold of Valrien’s head with his massive hand.

His reach was halted when the heavy warhorse slammed into his back, which seemed to only knock him off balance and cause him to stumble forwards. The man managed to stay on his feet, and his gaze settled on the horse and its rider as they continued on, the man once more letting out a guttural and feral roar of rage before he suddenly gripped his hammer with both hands. Seemingly oblivious to the wound on his arm, he wound back on the hammer then threw it with all his might, aimed for the horse that held the white haired woman.

As he released the weapon, he then felt a ball of fire slam into his back. His head turned to face the source, Harlan standing there with fire burning on his hands and arms. Harlan’s cocky expression though was gone as he saw the wound on the man’s arm from Valrien’s attack rapidly beginning to mend itself shut, the burn across his back from the fireball also seeming to fade away.

“What in the fuck are you?!” Harlan shouted before he began throwing more fireballs at the man, who quickly began charging towards the guardsman.

Valrien’s heart leapt to his throat as he watched the ridiculously large hammer head for Lutchka and her horse. Turning to aid her, he threw as much power as he could at the weapon, hoping to knock it off its path of flight toward her, all the while her name on his lips as he shouted, trying to get her to duck or something else to get out of the way of the weapon.

As he threw all of his power at the hammer, he was slightly distracted by Harlan’s shout toward the huge man. Caught between Lutchka’s danger and Harlan’s, the Prince froze only able to watch as the hammer flew, his power ready to hit it and hopefully knock it away, and with not enough time to go after Harlan who faced the barreling monster that was headed right for him.

Lutchka had thought that surely her running down the large brute would do something, and it technically did as it threw off the guy from crushing Valrien, but he seemed to only stumble to the side. There was no banking the horse, so she had to run it off before she could try to turn around and assess what to do next.

She definitely knew she would not be getting away unscathed either, but she hadn’t expected the monster to throw his bloody hammer at her. Valrien’s cry had alerted her to it, and he had managed to tilt the large weapon off its course enough that it wouldn’t hit her square on, but she couldn’t escape the breadth it covered.

With the harsh metal crashing into the flank of her horse and angling down into its hind legs, the beast went down with a harsh, throaty cry. Lutchka of course went down with it, but she had managed to get purchase against the stirrups of the saddle and launch herself forward as the warhorse collapsed beneath her. She landed easily on her feet in a sort of crouched position, but the momentum wasn’t something she could avoid.

Taking a few extra steps, she barrelled right into an enemy soldier, taking him down in surprise. She made quick work of him, having no consideration or mercy as she placed her fingers harshly against his face and let her flames lick beneath the pads to burn into the guy’s flesh, rendering him dead in moments.

The white haired woman quickly rose, twisting around to make sure that no one else was in her proximity, before trying to glance back to where Harlan and Valrien were.

As his attacks hit the man and seemed to do nothing to halt his attack, Harlan had to dive out of the way to avoid being slammed into by him. As he rolled over his shoulder and up onto his feet, he turned in time to see the man having stopped his attack and now in mid-lunge at Harlan with a punch. Despite the heavy burns on his body, the man seemed not the least bit bothered by them as he attacked the guardsman.

Weaving around and past the attacks, Harlan attempted another punch aimed for the lower ribs of the man, but it only felt like punching a rock once more so instead he resorted to throwing blast of fire at him. His attempt to dodge was hampered by the bodies lying around, and one missed step saw Harlan’s hand getting caught in the vise like grip of the man.

His arm was alight in pain, and though fire still coursed over him the man ignored them as he lifted Harlan up off the ground with no effort. In the air now, Harlan felt a fist slam right into his rib cage, forcing a pained and ragged cough from the guardsman. He was barely able to dodge a second swing when he brought his legs up to wrap onto the arm that held him in place, and he thrust a hand out towards the man’s face.

This blast of fire had a bit more effect, as the man roared once more in a rage, bringing his free hand up to his face. Harlan didn’t have a chance to gloat as he felt himself be thrown through the air. As nimble as he could be, the pain in his chest and the way he had been holding to the man when he was thrown didn’t offer him a chance to fall in a way to catch himself. Instead he came down hard on top of someone, both of them slamming to the ground and the guardsman rolling off and to the side while clutching his abdomen in pain.

The Prince let out a strangled sound, one between anger and horror as Harlan was lifted off the ground, quite literally snatched up as the nimble royal guard tried to get out of the way of the large beastly man. Valrien watched horrified as his friend took a heavy hit to his body, barely missed another attack and was flung so far in the air that it made the Princes’ blood freeze with fear.

The man howled in pain, clawing at his face at what Harlan must have done to him, but Valrien wasn’t concerned with that at all. Rather he was far more concerned about Harlan. He charged off to where the man had fallen into the midst of a few soldiers. Valrien’s power lancing off his arm as he barreled through. He was hardly keeping it all under control, the boiling power that was beginning to grow due to his high levels of stress and fears.

Slicing through several of the soldiers without a second thought, he made his way to Harlan who was on the ground and hadn’t gotten up yet. It scared him, and so he fought harder, faster to get to the guard. Finally he was right next to the man, sending a heavy punch into a soldier’s face that stepped too close, fueled by his raging power to send the man flat on his back and probably with a snapped neck due to the force of Valrien’s attack.

Dropping down next to Harlan, he touched the guard’s shoulder, gripping him tightly as he peered over the man’s shoulder in worry, “Harlan! Are you alright?”

Harlan didn’t even notice the soldiers being attacked around him, when something grabbed his shoulder. He quickly brought his head up to look at what it was, a hand ready to release a blast of fire at what he thought was the man he was fighting. When he saw it was Valrien, he sighed in relief, though immediately regretted it when a sharp pain shot through his torso.

Struggling up to his feet, one arm around his stomach while the other gripped Valrien for support, he looked off at the man who still seemed to be occupied by the burns to his face. Or rather he was futilely looking around the area for them despite his eyes seeming to have been burnt closed by the blast of fire. “Fuck...no.” Harlan said, grimacing in pain again. “I think he broke something with that punch.”

The man stopped moving, and Harlan watched as metal around the huge man disappeared into the blue sparks of energy that Harlan recognized as a sacrifice. “Oh please no…” Harlan muttered, watching as the sparks sank into the man’s body. A moment after the energy sank into his skin, he watched as water seemed to form from the air and into the man’s hand as he brought it up to his injured face.

Harlan groaned in defeat, watching as the man held his water filled hands to his face before slowly lowering them, the burns and injuries seeming to have been washed away as he blinked a few times to recover his sight. His eyes then settled on the Prince and the guard, a look of pure rage forming on the brute’s face before he roared and charged right towards them once again, the water falling from his hands as he did so.

“Dammit all!! What the fuck are you?!?” Harlan screamed, quickly moving away from Valrien to be ready to fight, despite the pain in his body.

Valrien cursed, but in their own tongue, letting the words slip off his tongue rapidly as he too turned to face the brute. Lifting up his sword, he held it up next to his body as he adopted a defensive stance. Spreading his legs, he crouched down slightly, while glaring daggers up at the huge monster of a man. Valrien let his power boil. If he was going to let it go out of control, right then was a pretty good idea.

“Harlan,” Valrien called out to his guard, “Find Lutchka! Don’t get close to me, I don’t want to hurt you or her. This bastard is about to feel everything I have,” he growled the last part to himself as he let the dark energy begin to curl along his body. The pure energy riddled like flames around him, though not red like Lutchka’s or Siya’s. His was far more out of control than theirs and he was letting it do so on purpose.

Harlan jerked his head to Valrien, staring at the man in disbelief. “You think I’m gonna leave you alone with that freak?!” Though when he saw the sudden release of magical energy from Valrien, Harlan quickly backed away. He had brought his hands up as a reflex to shield his face, though upon lowering them and seeing the whirl of energy around the Prince, Harlan growled in annoyance. “Dammit all you idiot. You better not get yourself killed or Lutchka and I are going to fucking bring you back and kill you again! Especially after you finally opened up to her too!” he called out. Even in this kinda situation, he just couldn’t always resist even a little tease.

Looking at the man closing in on them, Harlan began to move himself so that it was Valrien who’d be in the path, as was intended anyways. Once an opening was made, then he’d make a run for Lutchka.

The man paid no mind to the swirl of energy around Valrien, he simply came rampaging forwards. As the distance closed, he brought his arms to the side, hands outstretched to try and grab hold of the prince and tear him apart with his bare hands.

Valrien tightened his hands on the blade as he held it up, the weapon leveled with his cheek. His gaze never left the man who barreled toward him. With the arms outstretched as they were, it might have been comical for him, if he weren’t the one facing the overly large beast that lumbered toward him with quite the speed and power that one would not expect from a being of his immense size.

The Prince stood his ground and once the brute was close enough to him, hands starting their swing toward him, Valrien lunged forward and let all that power that had been boiling under the surface erupt forth. For a moment, the Prince forgot how utterly shocking it could be to have so much energy ripping through him. The blade wobbled slightly as he shoved forward, hoping to pierce the creature in front of him, and if not, then to at least injure him enough to quit fighting with the torrent of pure, unbridled power that was tearing through Valrien and rippling outward like an avalanche to touch anything that was near him.

The man did not reactt to the prince’s sword, rather he reached out to grab hold of Valrien as the prince moved forwards. Though as the blade cut into his flesh and the large man’s hand latched onto the shoulder of the prince, as well as onto his head, he roared in anger and pain as the blade cut deep and released its energy into the man.

The man’s body tensed up, his hands doing the same as it surged into him like a blast of electricity. As the energy began to subside, having run its course, the man’s legs gave out as he fell to his knees, his hands losing their hold and falling to the man’s side. Even on his knees though, he was still as tall as the prince was. Ragged breaths came from him, pain in each one as he sat there.

Harlan by this point had run past to let Valrien handle the large man, so he did not see the sudden increase of distortion around the man. The heat-like ripples only grew in intensity, yet it gave off no heat to the prince as it did so. As it grew in intensity, the large man seemed to recover quicker from the ordeal, lifting his head up to glare at the prince. The refraction of light seemed to flow off the man and through the air, vanishing out of sight due to the man’s position in front of Valrien.

With a deep throated growl, the large man began rising back up to his feet, hands suddenly latching back onto the prince as he began to crush the shoulder and skull that he grabbed in his hands with a strangely renewed strength.

At first Valrien thought that his attack had done something to the thing. Although his heart had certainly lodged into his throat when the beasts hands wrapped around his shoulder and head. The Prince ground his teeth together as they started to squeeze. However, as his power rippled out and grew, the brute of a man dropped to his knees, the grip on Valrien’s body leaving and allowing the Prince to breathe better.

Stumbling slightly, dizzy from the major pulses of energy that left him, Valrien stared at the man in front of him, hoping that he’d done enough to stop the insane thing from fighting anymore. His hopes were quickly dashed as the large hands latched onto him again, squeezing tighter than before. That time Valrien did let out a shout of pain. Every ounce of power he possessed was forced out in a desperate attempt to get the thing to release him, at least his head anyway.

His shoulder probably couldn’t be saved, but at least he could save his life. Or try to rather. Valrien wrenched at his blade, yanking it back in a wild desperation that was uncharacteristic to him, but with his head being squeezed tightly, he had grown rather desperate in getting free. Swinging the blade as best he could before he lost the use of his shoulder, he attempted to free his head from the deadly clutch of the man’s hand by slashing at the brute’s wrist. Valrien attempted to direct his raging power up toward that arm as well, but that was difficult in and of itself.

Nearly impossible really with how he’d let it all go, every ounce of control simply to have that much power in the first place. So the most he could do was try to hack at the thing while he still could with both hands, until the crunch of bone ripped a scream of pain from him as well as the inability to use that arm.

The man simply continued to squeeze with his hands, feeling the bones beneath his fingers beginning to give. Yet he didn’t smile, instead he only continued to growl and grind his teeth together as his grip tightened more and more. He ignored the first few slashes at his wrist that held the prince’s head, however once another burst of energy was released into the hand, the man recoiled again.

His body tensed once more, the prince’s shoulder snapping under the sudden increase of pressure from the man’s grip. However he pulled his hand back from Valrien’s head and away from the attack. Growling again, he then turned and threw the prince aside and across the field. As he did so, he looked at his injured arm for a moment before he began stalking once more towards him.

Harlan, who had been making his way towards where Lutchka had been, stopped when he not only heard, but felt the immense surge of energy released by Valrien. When he turned to see the large man collapsing to his knees from the blast, he smiled some. It was gone the next moment when he saw the brute rise to his feet, grabbing hold of Valrien.

Harlan went to run to help, but something caught his eye. He noticed the heat-like waves radiating off the man, and it flowing through the air. His eyes followed it for a moment, the guard’s eyes narrowing when they settled on a figure who was watching the two fighters intently. The man was much shorter than the larger one, definitely of average height. Yet his body was covered in the same plates of metal and barbs, with only a loose pair of black trousers covering his legs. The wave of “heat” seemed to flow to the man, whose hands were up and pointed towards the two fighters.

Harlan glanced back to Valrien and the man, noticing the man recoil then suddenly throw the prince aside. Harlan immediately began running towards the prince, calling out to him as he did so. “Valrien!!” When the prince landed, he quickly knelt down next to him, though he did not touch him as he looked him over. “Don’t you dare be dead! You hear me, Valrien?!”

Hitting the ground was not pleasant. Especially when being thrown by a huge monster of a man. Even more so when having the bones in your shoulder crushed. Valrien hit the dirt and gasped in a breath of pain, just barely able to keep another cry from leaving him. When he came to a stop, he was flat on his back, eyes closed and grinding his teeth. Everything ached, and all the power he’d unleashed seemed useless against the bastard who was intent on crushing him to death.

He was going to have to come up with another plan. Which he was slightly in the middle of doing when he heard Harlan’s voice right next to him. Peeling open an eye, he frowned up at his royal guard, “I’m not dead you idiot!” Valrien winced, closing his eye again, soft curses in their language flowing once more.

“Bastard… My shoulder is ruined… And nothing is doing a damned thing against it! What the hell is that thing? Fuck!” Valrien cursed, in Iveirian, which was rare for him. But he was frustrated and worry was starting to take over. If Harlan and himself couldn’t defeat that thing, then what happened when it got to Siya? Or Amon? Would any of them survive? Valrien was pretty sure he knew the answer to that and he didn’t like it one bit.

He hated to admit it, but it was starting to look like a fight they weren’t going to win. He opened an eye again to look up at Harlan, “We’re not winning this, you have to get Amon, tell him we need to retreat. Especially Siya. That hot headed idiot…” looking past Harlan, he reached up with his good arm as best he could and shook the man, “Get going! Or that thing will kill us both!”

Harlan took hold of Valrien’s arm, dragging the prince up onto his feet and supporting him. He then looked at the man, who was currently contending with soldiers trying to stop him. Again Harlan’s eyes followed the strange trail that came off the man and towards the one who seemed to be manipulating the energy, or whatever it was.

The smaller man though was focused on Valrien and Harlan, a sadistic smile on the man’s lips. Harlan only scowled back. “That man, right there.” he said while pointing to him, “He’s manipulating the larger one, or doing something to him. I don’t know what it is, but I can only imagine it’s making the big guy this bad.”

“Shit,” Valrien cursed as he leaned heavily on Harlan, though he tried not to as he knew the man was wounded too. He looked to where his guard pointed and spotted the man easily enough. His gaze narrowed.

Na tada, manau, kad jei mes sunaikinti lėlių meistras lėlių išmes?” he asked in Reimrandian. Valrien wasn’t sure why he slipped entirely into their home tongue, but he did and it felt good to speak the threat like that.

He took one look at Harlan before settling his gaze on the bastard who was manipulating the large man as the guard said he was. It took Valrien a moment, but he finally noted the waves of power. They looked like heat streaming off of the huge brute’s body, streaming backward to the smaller male standing quite a ways back from the fight.

Reaching down, Valrien pulled the knife that Harlan kept on his person from it’s sheath on the belt, “Aš skolinimosi tai,” he said simply and detached himself from the royal guard to head for the puppeteer.

Aš neįsivaizduoju.” Harlan responded in Reimrandian. It also felt odd to use it again, especially now. But he figured it was to hide their intention from the two individuals. He then felt a hand grab something at his belt, drawing a look of confusion from the royal guard who looked at Valrien pulling the knife from his belt.

Skolinimosi ?! Palaukite, ką ?!” When Valrien suddenly broke away from him and made a go towards the puppeteer, Harlan was shocked and confused. He knew he had to help somehow though, and when he saw that the large man was suddenly sprinting towards Valrien to intercept him, Harlan willed himself to run as well. He had to stop the larger man from getting to Valrien while he dealt with the controller.

As the brute came towards Valrien, Harlan managed to throw a series of fireballs aimed towards the upper torso of the larger man, the flames licking at his face and causing him to recoil for a moment and shield his eyes. It didn’t damage them as they had before, but it had disrupted the man’s attack and gave Harlan a chance to assist further.

The guardsman quickly ran forwards, and in a move even he considered to be stupid, jumped up onto the back of the large man and grabbed onto whatever he could, which happened to be one of the metal pieces threaded through his flesh. In a roar of anger, the large man thrashed around hard, easily throwing the guardsman off of him though causing the metal piece to rip free of where it was held.

Harlan landed, rolling across the ground for a moment and came to a stop, groaning in pain and holding his abdomen as he looked up at the large man, who was moving towards him once more, this time his head bleeding from the wound that had been ripped open by the piece of metal being torn free.

Silently, Valrien thanked Harlan for distracting the large brute. He hoped that the royal guard didn’t get himself hurt further or killed otherwise Valrien would just have to make his earlier threat toward the Prince come true on Harlan himself. The Prince moved as quickly as he could, the chance of surprise at the puppeteer not really something he was putting all his hopes on.

Still, he wasn’t going to just waste the opening either that Harlan had given him. With just the little knife in hand, Valrien utilized the elemental powers that he wasn’t all that great at. Earth was the better one, so he resorted to that as a major distraction toward the puppet master. At least he hoped it would be.

Throwing up a wall of rock that made him slightly dizzy from the effort, Valrien broke into a kind of run, only hindered by the fact that the jarring motion ripped through his ruined shoulder. Letting water ripple around his hand, he formed a ball that enveloped the blade as he rushed his own wall. He was sure the solid build of rock wasn’t going to be standing for much longer with the puppet master on the other side.

However, when the man brought his wall down, he was going to have a nice surprise hurled right at him in the form of a blade sheathed in water to conceal it. Valrien could only hope that it would hit it’s mark.

Harlan could barely manage a cry of pain when he took a powerful kick right to his already injured ribcage, lifting him into the air for a moment before he came crashing down to the ground. He tried to move, but the pain in his torso was too much for him to get past at this point, and he could hear the brute moving towards him once more.

Lifting his head up to look at him, he struggled to get himself back up onto his feet to meet the man. He noticed though that the man had stopped and was looking off, and with a sneer turned to face Harlan once more. The guardsman couldn’t really fight back as he was once again grabbed and effortlessly lifted up off the ground by the large man. Like a ragdoll, Harlan found himself being thrown through the air again.

He had no idea that the target was Valrien at this point, as everything was simply a blur for him as he flew through the air. It was not the prince he slammed into though, as rather he felt his back smack into something hard and as he hit it, he felt rocks and stones tumble down on him as the surface gave way from the impact of his body hitting the rock wall.

As it collapsed, the man on the other side, surprised to see the wall break in a manner, stepped back but thrust a hand out towards the prince. In a cacophony of flesh tearing and bones breaking, out of the man’s palm a large, grey, bone-like spine shot out from it, tearing through his palm and facing out towards Valrien for the prince to impale himself on.

The last thing Valrien had expected as he began to work to weaken his rock wall to bring it down, was Harlan to go flying through it. As it came crumbling down, it was the simple fact that his friend and royal guard had gone smashing into it that had Valrien slowing just a bit as it happened.

Which in turn, helped him in the end. Already committed to his forward momentum, Valrien continued with the plan, despite Harlan having been used as a battering ram. He was utterly pissed off and wanted revenge for that, so he threw the ball of water with the knife curled up inside of it anyway.

Yet, as he threw it, he was taken by surprise as pain lanced through the lower part of his rib cage, probably going right between a few only out of sheer luck instead of being shattered. Valrien managed to stop himself before he was completely impaled by the sharp… bone? Valrien’s eyes were wide as he stared at the grey thing that had shot out from the man’s hand.

Kas ... pragaras yra tai, kad ...” he uttered, and dropped down to his knees while grasping the strange thing that was stuck in him with a groan. Wincing, the Prince looked away to try to see Harlan amongst the rubble of his rock wall, calling out to him frantically in their own tongue, yelling at the man to get his ass up and run because what the freak puppet master had just done, shook Valrien to his core.

They weren’t winning that fight. None of them. Honestly, it terrified the Prince.

The man’s words were accented as many others were, in the Nevvaran tongue as he spoke. As he did, despite the metal in his body and bone-like spine emerging from a bloody wound in his hand, his voice was calm. “That, Prince Yustri, is the next step in Dhaemaran work. Just as you Reimrands evolve your magic, so can we. And I was the one to do it” Slowly the spine began to retract into the man’s arm, the sounds of bone shifting and rearranging being heard from the arm as the spine vanished. Behind it, the wound slowly closed and the man lowered his arm.

He looked over to Harlan, who was no longer moving nor responding to the Prince’s words as he lied buried in the rubble. The man then looked back to Valrien, though his eyes slowly settled on the knife that was currently imbedded into his upper chest. The bladed instrument seemed to not bother the man in the slightest as he looked at it. “So, what is your plan now? If you thought pain was going to assist you,” He looked to Valrien, “Then I think it is quite clear that you were wrong.”

He looked over at the large man who had walked over next to him, the man then looking back down at Valrien. “I am not called ‘El Agonia’, ‘The Agony’, for no reason. Pain, Prince Yustri, is our greatest ally.” He then reached up, grabbing the knife and sliding it out of his flesh without any real thought, before he thrust it down and jammed it into the already broken shoulder of the Prince.

“But you can keep the knife. I have plenty of my own.” He then looked over to the large man, nodding his head to Valrien. “They are your’s to finish, Sendoa.” he then looked back at Harlan and Valrien as he stepped back to give the brute room to easily reach down and grab both the guardsman and prince by their throats, lifting them up off the ground.


Another opponent though had taken the opportunity to attack Lutchka as she stood separated from the others. A brown haired woman, the one whose face was riddled with scars and wearing gauntlets and greaves of metal was nimbly moving over and around soldiers, her own fire licking at her hands before she vaulted up and over the injured horse that had been knocked down by the hammer.

As she moved through the air, she fired a rapid series of fireballs aimed at the white-haired woman before landing on the ground, rolling up to her feet, sprinting right towards her once more.

Lutchka turned just in time to spot the other woman currently sailing through the air towards her. As the fireballs were launched, Lutchka made quick backward steps, evading them all. As the stranger landed, she seemed to just power on through towards her. Lutchka remained where she was, sprea*ding her feet enough to keep her balance and bounced lightly on her heels to better allow for concise movement.

As the woman came towards her, Lutchka set up a barrage of her own flames, lapping in jagged formations along the ground towards the female in hopes to throw her off a bit. As she approached, however, the ex-protector made a swift move to the side, turning in a fluid motion and shifting her hand along the arm of the enemy, her hands suddenly angling down at the wrist to send a heavy jab with fiery fingers at the exposed part of her elbow.

She ducked low and pushed off of her, anticipating the return offense, bringing her arms up to block her torso but mostly her face.

The woman nimbly slipped by the the fire sent her way, weaving around them and even hopping over some to then roll by others. As she finally closed the distance, she felt as Lutchka slipped to the side. She felt a heavy hit to her elbow, and it made her grimace as the sharp shock of pain shot through it.

As the blow landed, she then spun once again to face the white haired woman, though she instead ducked very low and swept out with her leg, the wedge of metal on the front of her greaves facing towards Lutchka’s legs. Whether or not the kick hit, the woman was then standing up and continuing with her spin to then deliver another kick with the same leg to the torso of Lutchka.

Having looked over the woman in the sparse moments she had between hits and the fervor of battle, Lutchka had determined that their fighting styles were similar. She was prepared for a leg swipe, as that would have been what she would have gone with. She took a low hop over the wide swing of the leg, but the white haired woman had been slow on the rebound, as the brown haired female straightened herself and continued her kick, slamming her foot into her side.

It had managed to hit a small part of her arm that was still somewhat in the way, but the main brunt of the hit met its mark. A hiss of pain escaped Lutchka’s lips, and that jar threw her off balance a bit. She was quick to recover, however, and took quick back-steps, suddenly bringing her fingers to her lips and sending a wide barrage of fire towards the other woman.

As her kick landed, Natalia brought her foot down to recover her stance and began moving forwards the moment Lutchka backed away. Her attack was thrown off though when fire suddenly came her way, forcing her to instead slip to the side to avoid the initial blast of the flames.

As she recovered herself, she then thrust her hand out to release her own gouts of flame to intercept the ex-protector’s. Natalia kept her flames burning as she began walking towards Lutchka, ignoring the searing heat of all the fire as she moved forwards.

With the barrage of flames that suddenly came her way and pushed her own fire back, Lutchka quickly slipped backwards as the other approached. She wasn’t just about to leave herself completely open. However, after taking swift little hops backwards to put a proper amount of distance between them again, Lutchka suddenly dropped to her feet and released another direct stream of fire at the woman’s feet.

Natalia’s fire kept the other woman’s at bay, keeping her from being burned by them as she slowly moved forwards. She frowned a little as she saw Lutchka move back further, irritating the scarred lady as she wanted to get face-to-face with the enemy.

With a quick flourish, she blocked one last gout of fire with her own before she went charging through the flames as they dissipated. However, as her eyes settled on Lutchka, having moved past the bright light of the dying flames, it was then that she noticed the flames coming straight towards her legs.

Reacting quickly she jumped to avoid the flames, feeling the intense heat lick at her legs. As she came down, she found herself landing on a dead soldier and losing her footing. She managed to tuck her shoulder so that she didn’t land hard, but given the conditions of the ground here and the obstacles in the way, she ended up coming to a stop when she rolled into another body, bringing her to a stop on her back and scrambling to get back onto her feet.

Lutchka watched with a sober sort of satisfaction when Natalia had been caught off guard and had to quickly jump to the side to avoid the unbearable heat of her flames. So far her opponent had not proved to be a worthy match, but the ex-protector hoped that it would stay that way.

Seeing an opportunity when the enemy went down, Lutchka took the chance to advance as the girl seemed to be turtle-backed against a dead body of another soldier, scrambling about to get back on her feet. Flames licked at the pads of her digits, eagerly straining to taste the flesh of anything around it and singe it to a crisp. With a light swipe of her hands, she sent the blaze onwards to the body that the girl had been caught up in.

It would be a mistake to sacrifice her upper hand and try to converge upon the enemy at this point, so if the girl managed to get up, Lutchka would assess her options and probably then move in to try and hit more pressure points.

As she struggled up onto her feet, growling and vowing to burn just about every dead body she came across after this, Natalia could see the bright flames moving towards her out of the corner of her eye. This time, being far more wary of where she was moving, she once again slipped to the side to avoid the blast of fire before throwing her own flames back at the other woman.

She fixed her stance, keeping her feet solidly on the ground as fire burned off of her own arms and legs, “Fuego no es un amigo en esta lucha, niña!” She shouted out at Lutchka, a smile crossing her features before she began unleashing her own blasts of fire at the ex-protector. “Usted está luchando el fénix!”

The flames ignited on the dead bodies, sending them ablaze and hopping from one carcass to the next, following after Natalia. Lutchka had been enough places and had been around Amador enough to know the language a bit. She scoffed, however, looking completely unimpressed as she took quick steps back and brought up her own defensive stance.

“If you’re a phoenix, you’re a newborn, one who has no experience with what they’re doing.” The woman seemed to find this all fun and games, simple entertainment. But she was losing and furthermore not that big of a problem for Lutchka. “Give me something actually exciting~” She drawled boredly, eyes keen and attentive when fire flickered along the enemy’s arms. If Natalia wanted to trash talk, Lutchka had no problem fulfilling the request, despite the fact that she didn’t exactly deserve it.

Lutchka side-stepped the fireballs, quickly maneuvering around the field of battle and amidst the many dead bodies that littered the earth. Her fingers shifted subtly, manipulating the fire that still ate through whatever it could find, swiftly approaching the brown haired female from behind.

Natalia smiled some, keeping her stance settled as she watched the other woman begin moving around her. She could feel the flames all around her, and it was exactly where she loved to be. She began knocking aside flames with quick flicks of her hands, throwing small ones as return fire before she began shifting around and over the dead that littered the ground.

The flames she couldn’t be rid of she simply maneuvered away from, aiming a few of her own in the path Lutchka was taking to disrupt her movements. She waited for a few moments, getting a good look at what was before her on the ground; a few moments later, she drew both arms into her tightly then thrusts them out in front of Lutchka, unleashing a powerful burst of flames before breaking into a sprint right towards her. “Ahora bailamos!” she shouted as she ran forwards.

Lutchka was quick on her feet, so being forced to change paths was not a problem for her. She could sense the heat just as well the other, and the flames hardly bothered her either. She had worked in the forges for a good time, and the temperatures there were far worse than anything Natalia was throwing at her.

The girl then shot forward a makeshift wall of fire, and Lutchka took a few quick steps backwards to get out of the way. Her foot caught on a protruding rock, and she fell backwards, however. She remained on the ground, though, and waited the few moments it would take for the other to arrive nearby. As soon as she did, Lutchka brought her hands up in front of her face and sent some searing flames right up into her face.

It was then that the ex-protector rolled away and curled her legs in a bit to get them under her and return to her upright position. She did not stop her firing, however, as she continued her assault on this brown haired girl, sending several streams of the blazing element in different directions around the girl, some on the ground, but mainly through the air.

She clipped off, manipulating whatever would bend to her will to throw her opponent off or force her to make a move that she did not want to. It was then that Lutchka followed in after her attacks, closing off the distance between them.

As her wall cut off Lutchka’s movement, she saw the white-haired woman trip over something and fall backwards. Natalia immediately picked up her pace, and when she felt she was getting close used one of the nearby bodies to give her a boost and jumped up off of it.

As she came down towards Lutchka, it was then that Natalia saw the large blast of flame coming right towards her. Shock was not the emotion she felt though, rather excitement as she brought her arms together to absorb most of the blast and slammed right through the flames. All of her body was literally burning with pain, the heat and flames singing any and all they touched. Even when her feet met the ground, Natalia simply kept pressing through the flames.

Once the flames subsided, Natalia finally lowered her arms, a laugh escaping her lips despite the flames that were not her’s that burned on her body. Even a part of her hair was alight, but as she saw her opponent coming towards her, there was nothing else other than tearing into her opponent that was on her mind as she threw a kick aimed for Lutchka’s stomach as the distance was closed.

Lutchka had been bracing herself for the inevitable retaliation that would come as she pressed forward, but she did not stop. She simply edged her foot to the side a bit as she came into contact with the kick, taking the brunt of the attack. The momentum of the leg as it came into contact with her lower hip caused her to lurch to the side, but she had been planning for that to.

At the last moment, the white haired woman used her own momentum to take a little hop which in turn was actually a jump from the force behind her, bringing her own leg forward to slam into Natalia’s stationary foot and she wrapped an arm around the girl’s side as she shifted her entire weight into the fall, taking down the girl with her.

Fire burned in an absolute rage on her form as she did so, lashing out at the other body. It was a risky move, as she could land wrong or even give her opponent the upper hand positioning-wise, but she needed to put the girl in her place.

They landed with a hard thump, and Lutchka made quick work at trying to disentangle anything that had gotten locked up with other limbs, and she quickly sent her knuckles forward against the girl’s neck, aiming directly for a pressure point.

Despite her kick landing and landing good, Natalia then felt the woman come crashing into her. Both of them came down to the ground with a heavy thud, and Natalia could feel the fires of the woman beginning to burn hot. If that was the dance she wanted, then it would be the dance Lutchka would get.

Latching tightly onto her, Natalia quickly ignited her own body and moved to climb up over the other woman. “Ser consumido!” Natalia shouted before she let loose all her energy into one last blast of fire, before she felt a fist slam into her neck and right into a sensitive spot. With one last chuckle of a laugh, the pressure point and expenditure of all her energy in the last burst of flames finally had Natalia falling over to the side, struggling to keep herself conscious.

Just as the ex-protector had feared, the position had not ended very well. Other than the fact that she had indeed bested her opponent, she did have to pay a price. The assailant’s fire fought ravenously against her own as Natalia forced a last ditch effort to harm her. Lutchka moved her hands up to shield her face from most of it, and she somehow did manage to conjure just the slightest bit of her own to lessen the blow. She did not have more time to react than that, however, and the fire bit at her skin, leaving angry pink marks behind.

Fortunately, having hit her mark, the woman fell back, and the white haired woman quickly scrambled backwards away from her enemy, lest she somehow manage to conjure something more to catch her off guard with. However, instead of going in to further attack her opponent, it was then that Lutchka remembered Harlan and Valrien, still having to battle against that brute.

Come to think of it, she had distinctly felt different measures of energies shifting along the battlefield, and that troubled her deeply. With one last somewhat unfocused look towards the woman laying on the ground, Lutchka left her and called out loudly to Minnow, willing herself to mark the earth with something he could see.

The little healer had been in his grove the entire battle, somehow undisturbed by any soldier. His main focus had been in the general sense, ensuring that the majority of their main soldiers had the upper hand in the fight. It was not until the tides began to change and unfamiliar powers were vibrating through the earth and air that he turned his attention elsewhere.

He was far ahead of Lutchka when she called out to him. He had mounted his own warhorse, finally allowing the beast into the fray, though it would not be doing its duty like it wanted to. He passed swiftly by Lutchka, leaning over and offering a hand as leverage for her to get up onto the creature.

She did so, but not without a bit of trouble. However, she sacrificed her own comfort so as not to strain the little healer or pull him down, and was soon atop the horse. After having sacrificed all of the metal off of the dead bodies that had been around, as well as what she could from an almost unconscious Natalia, she urged Minnow forward to where Valrien and Harlan were currently being hoisted.

While everyone else might have been war torn, Minnow had hardly even really done anything other than sacrificing metal here and there. He urged the horse faster and faster, running down stragglers and barrelling towards the large man.

As they neared, Minnow’s eyes narrowed harshly and his fingers twitched beneath riding gloves. The earth jumped at his nudge, suddenly lifting from behind the man. In one powerful, sharp stride, the earth had pulled into a dangerous point that tore into the back of the creature who somehow called himself human.

At the same time, the earth shifted without warrant beneath the brute’s feet, one concaving in on itself and bringing that man’s foot down with it, while the other jagged up as well at a precarious angle, forcing the man to inevitably drop his prey.

Minnow did not allow the man to recover in any way, shape, or form, as the earth wobbled unnaturally beneath his feet, shifting backwards and further into the spike of earth and rock that was behind him. Once he had managed to put a proper amount of distance from the enemy and the Prince with his royal guard, he erected a wall, much like the ones he had used in the rebuilding of the walls in the city, one where, should the man free himself and try to move forward, would sink his hands into and hopefully find them stuck in the suction for awhile.

In any case, it bought them enough time for Lutchka to hop off and assist Valrien and Harlan onto the back of the horse. Minnow helped as well, manipulating the earth further as best he could, but by this point he was waning on his abilities. The sudden use of so much of it would take a toll on him, but that wasn’t important at that moment.

Lutchka would have to fend for herself, as the horse- despite its massive size and power- could only carry so much weight. Minnow hardly weighed anything to begin with, so that was why the horse had little problem hoisting the other two men.

The ex-protector made quick work of backing away, however, and just for good measure sent up a pillar and wave of fire with the last bit of energy that she could expend towards the enemy.


Minnow had taken up his own position in the battle. He was far away from any action, as he was more of a hindrance than a help when it came to anything physical, and set up in a deep grove of trees nearby. He had made sure that the entrance to such was wickedly difficult to get to, as bushy thorns and brittle, harsh briers were thickened around the bases of the trunks. He was barefoot once more, to ensure that he could reach as far out as he could, using his second ability to his advantage.

A small bag of metal spheres lay at his feet as well, as he could not afford to run out of energy at any one point in time- he was to be a defender as well for the city, rebuilding the walls as they were barraged with weapons. He had only recently learned that he could mould the earth while sensing it out, which was a huge help, but it required excessive amounts of absolute concentration. If it was broken, it would be difficult for him to resettle and resume.

As the walls were falling, he would raise the earth below, tapping into the moistness of the soil beneath to produce a sort of sticky, firm mud. It was a three-layered barrricade, with hard packed earth at the back, where the inside of the city was, treacherous mud in the middle, and firm earth on the outside. Should their weapons break through the first, they would sink into the second and get sucked into the mix. It would be like quicksand, remorsefully difficult to power weapons backwards out of it, and time consuming to wiggle them through. If they somehow managed to get past that second wall, they would be met with the third stage, solid and rock hard.

That was mainly where his focus was at, but whenever he had time to stray from the job, he would help about the battlefield, erecting walls and mounds to trip up enemies and protect their men.

Minnow’s own warhorse was settled in the small grove, quite a bit upset that it couldn’t go out into the fray and do what it was raised and bred to do, but Minnow needed something large to protect him if anyone managed to get past his defenses, though unlikely that was.

The Retreat

Kanan reached out with his air magic, searching for the young fire King quickly. When he found him, though, he didn’t like what he felt. Snapping open his good eye, he looked in the direction of where the King was. A deep frown settled on his lips as he eyed the mass of soldiers around them. Many of them were the Fire King’s men, already on a retreat. The rest were Amon’s men, starting their own retreat. The soldiers for the Noble’s of Fire looked as if they were going to give chase. So, the air Protector sheathed his sword and sacrificed almost everything that he wore metal wise.

The huge amount of sacrificial energy would most likely have been enough to alert Amon of what he was doing. Kanan rarely ever did such a massive spell, but it was needed right then. Directing his attack toward the mass of soldiers chasing after their men, Kanan unleashed a heavy torrent of air surged around him first before Kanan sent it rushing out. The dark mass of power was a tornado the size of which Kanan had only used once before in his life.

It created a roar so loud it was like thunder repeating itself, or an earthquake that was rumbling right in your ears. But it’s purpose was painfully obvious. To throw back anyone who attempted to come at them. Unfortunately, that was all it would do. None would die from it, it wasn’t meant to harm or maim. Simply to push back.

Kanan let it rip through the majority of the enemy soldiers, knocking them back like little trees being uprooted. When he finished, he stumbled a bit, tired from the exertion, but not quite done. There were still some soldiers that he didn’t hit, mostly because they were too close to their own armies. So he dealt with them, heading off in the direction of where Siya was.

When he found the young King and his new protector, Siya was hung up on Farasima’s shoulder, held up only by the foreigners sheer willpower. It was clear the King wasn’t moving anywhere on his own with the way he slumped on Farasima. It made Kanan slightly upset with Siya. That reckless attitude of his was going to be the death of himself and everyone else around him if he didn’t reign it in quickly.

Reaching out, he pulled up Siya’s other arm over his shoulder and assisted the new protector in the retreat.


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Valrien leaned heavily on a tree. Though most of the retreat had been successful, they were no where near set up like he wanted them to be. Valrien had woken up sometime after having the knife shoved into his ruined shoulder. With Minnow’s horse having taken them quite a distance from the battlefield. He’d insisted on at least directing people where to go and set up for Minnow to begin working properly.

That was the first thing to be done. Only after the huge tent for the wounded was pitched and readied had Valrien allow himself into the hands of the little blonde who was probably very pissed off with him in doing more work in the first place. Valrien ignored it to the best of his ability though, but he was more than grateful to have something to lay on once he finally deemed the tent good enough for the little healer to perform in.

Valrien felt as if he’d been torn apart and then hastily put back together. Everything hurt, breathing hurt too. The Prince was sure that his short trip from the horse to the tree hadn’t been too strenuous when they had first arrived to the hilltop quite a ways from the burning city. Though he was pretty sure Minnow had an entirely different set of ideas for that one. Yet, he was far more worried for Harlan, the Fire King who had dropped into a coma like sleep, and anyone else who looked worse for wear than he did.

He could only hope that Minnow had enough helpers to get through it all. Either way, he handed himself over to the blonde and dealt with the pain that came with irritating the little healer as he removed the knife, cleaned the wounds and bandaged his upper body. His shattered shoulder would have to wait for Valrien’s own strength to return so he could heal that with his pure energy. Otherwise, Minnow did whatever he could to ease that pain and made the Prince lay down, which he gratefully did.

Upon hitting the little make-shift bed after Minnow had bandaged him, Valrien fell asleep right after.

Minnow had defaulted to a position of ‘head healer’ or ‘overseer’ when it came to the massive amount of injured souls in the tent. He silently thanked whatever was out there watching out for them that he had brought many different seeds and herbs with him. Not only that, but it was a huge relief that there had been a few other healers in the company besides himself.

It seemed as though the little healer was off-limits when it came to the majority of the wounded. Unless they were seriously injured, his attention was pulled towards Valrien, Harlan, and Siya. He had tended for only those three, as well as some nasty other cases, but the majority could be handled by the other menders.

The outcome of this battle had put him in a rather sober mood, and Minnow was honestly worried and anxious when it came to the safety of his friends’ lives. This was not going well at all, and with what Harlan and Valrien had suffered, the enemy was no joke and it would probably only grow harder and harder to get an good grasp on the situation.

With a shaky sigh, he returned to his current task. It was rare for him to have to manipulate plant life, as he was so adamant about caring for it in nature’s own way, but this was one of those sparse moments when it was needed.

He was currently planting seeds carefully in small makeshift pots, encouraging each pod and seed to proceed through its growth stages quickly. He was to provide the other healers with the needed herbs and remedies to care for the wounded, as they were running low once again. Once he finished, he would go back to check up on Siya and Harlan. Bandages probably needed to be swapped, and he did not want either to be uncomfortable or allow their bodies to falter in their functioning, so he would create more salves and consumables.

He would have included Valrien in that list, but honestly the blonde did not want to disturb the Prince. His wounds had been bad, and the last time he had checked, Valrien had finally fallen asleep to allow his body to regain its energy. He could do the dressing later, so he returned to focusing on the task at hand.

Lutchka had not had the privilege of getting to see Amon’s little healer, but she knew he had much more important people to tend to. Besides, her wounds were limited only to burns, albeit painful ones that bordered between degrees, so she did not need the attention of the much better skilled healer.

She was in the middle of rubbing aloe onto the marks when she decided she had had enough of the stuffy tent and the groans of the supposedly ‘dying’. The ex-protector took deliberate steps, ignoring the majority of the discomfort and burning that came with the movement. She probably shouldn’t be stretching the skin and tempting the burns to get any worse, but she couldn’t stand in there for another moment.

However, as she was heading towards the entrance of the tent, she caught sight of Valrien and hesitated in her steps. She opted that she would go check on him, then leave- probably go take a nap somewhere nice and not muggy and loud.

Amon and Rhoven seemed to have been the lucky ones of the bunch, as neither of them had suffered many wounds during the fighting or the escape. Still, while the teen could feel proud of the fact he had made it through such a battle in good condition, Amon could not feel the same. Several of his friends had been badly hurt, Valrien and Harlan especially. Even Lutchka had been burnt quite a bit. Siya was out cold at the moment, and honestly had it not been for Kanan, Amon was certain that they would not have gotten the Fire King out of there.

He laid his head back against a tree he was sitting against, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He then opened them and let the air out from his lungs in a long drawn out breath. He then looked around the camp, the people moving about, then looked over to Rhoven who was sitting nearby, running a whetstone along his short sword.

The Air King stood up, drawing the attention of Rhoven, “I’m going to go check on the others. See how they are coming along.” Amon said as he began to walk.

“Alright then, but I don’t imagine much has changed, Master.” Rhoven said before he went back to his work, humming a tune quietly to himself as he usually did when he was sitting around.

“True, but you know me.” Amon responded with a small smile before he made his way towards the tent. He braced himself for the sounds, something he hated to listen to. He would bear through it though, to be able to check on his companions. As he stepped inside of the tent grimacing immediately, his eyes scanned over everyone. Minnow was the first he spotted, but he couldn’t interrupt the young healer right now. So he settled for the next person he spotted, which was Valrien lying down on a cot. He wasn’t sure if the prince was awake or not, so he figured he’d go and check.

As he made his way over, he spotted Lutchka moving towards the prince as well. As they got closer, Amon nodded his head to her. “Hello, Lutchka. I’m glad to see you are not bedridden.” he managed a small smile once more, stopping next to Valrien and looking down at the prince.

Kanan followed after his King, staying silent but close by. He knew that Amon wasn’t enjoying the outcome of the fight at all. He also knew that Amon never really enjoyed it even if they did win. Something was always lost no matter what. Even to Kanan, he didn’t enjoy the fighting in the least. War was the last thing he ever wanted to be a part of, yet it was so familiar to him. At the back of his mind, though, there was never a ‘winning’ side. Everyone lost.

People were killed.

Sacrifices were made.

Kanan despised it. He wasn’t sure how Amon felt entirely about it, but he figured that the man might have had the same ideas. The protector just never voiced it aloud, neither did his King. It was a mutual thing, to which Kanan was happy to simply have an inclination of. He also knew that Siya did not like war either. Which was probably part of the stress that piled up on the young man’s shoulders. Part of the reason’s as to why he was so angry all the time. Kanan couldn’t remember a time when the young King was so upset or enraged.

For the past several years, he couldn’t recall having seen Siya smile like he used to. He glanced over to Amon and frowned a little. He hoped that his King would never lose his smile or warm personality. It was a major part of why Kanan stayed to serve his King. He felt… Accepted despite where he came from and the curse of his eye. Amon had made the air kingdom a home to Kanan.

As the man got up from the tree he’d been sitting up against, the air protector tensed up for a moment, but relaxed as he simply went to the tent that had been hastily put together for Minnow to work in. Though Kanan didn’t exactly like the answer from Rhoven, he did agree, though he would never speak it. He was sure nothing had changed since the last time Amon had walked in to see everyone. Which hadn’t been long ago. All it was probably doing was hurting his King more and he hated that.

Pushing open the flaps of the heavy canvas, the soft moans of pain, a couple of higher pitched cries of agony clipped the air and had Kanan cringing from the sounds. Every muscle went taut as he followed Amon inside. The first one they saw was Valrien, laid up on one of the beds. Amon headed that way. Kanan looked around, easily spotting Harlan, then Siya and Farasima.

When Amon spoke up, he looked over to see Lutchka nearby as well. With his King speaking softly to the woman, Kanan slowly slipped away to take a look at Harlan. He grimaced as he gazed down at the man who was completely unconscious, wrapped up in bandages. Bowl’s of Minnows salves and ointments sat next to him, old bandages as well tossed in a crumpled pile. Kanan moved on to Siya who was just the same. Fast asleep, bandaged from whatever wounds he’d sustained.

The air protector let his hand hover over Siya’s chest, a ripple of air spreading out over the King’s body. Kanan let out a soft sigh. The young King was very low on his energy. But that was most everyone in that tent. Retracting his hand, he straightened and stared down at the Fire King for a while.

Farasima was seated on the ground next to Siya’s cot, head leaning against a tent post that was near them. He happy about that, as it at least allowed him to relax, to a degree. Still though, with his head bandaged up and a slight headache thumping in the back of his cranium, it was hard to completely relax.

He opened his eyes to look at Siya, the red-head’s face showing nothing but disappointment and sadness. Not at Siya though, rather at himself. First day being a protector for the man and Farasima had done, frankly what he considered to be a lousy job. It had started well, but one soldier with wind magic and a sword suddenly put them both into a corner and had them on the ground in defeat. Hell, they’d probably be dead had the man chosen not to spare them.

He looked up when he noticed Kanan, the one-eyed protector of the Air King, heading their way. After having looked over Harlan, then standing over Siya and observing his condition, Farasima couldn’t help but sigh. “I am not good at protecting, am I?” he simply asked while looking at Siya.

The one eyed protector glanced over to where the red head sat. He watched the man for a moment before shaking his head in disagreement, “I’m not a good protector either,” he answered softly, his eye turning back to Siya’s still frame. He waited a moment before he spoke again.

“My King was defeated once. I was not fast enough. Nor strong enough. He was defeated a few times, actually and wounded. I was unable to get to him, or I was simply overpowered by someone else. None of us are perfect. But without us… There would have been many times our Kings would have been killed.”

“I try not to think of how many times I’ve failed, but simply how I can keep him alive to the best of my ability,” Kanan finished after another long pause of silence. To that, he looked over his shoulder to his King who stood over Valrien on the other side of the tent.

Farasima looked up at Kanan as the man spoke, though his eyes settled back on Siya. Despite the protector’s words, the red-head’s feelings didn’t change. “Your king not injured in fight. One man defeated us both, with only wind and sword.” He brought his knees up, crossing his arms on them and resting his head against his arms.

“I never was strong warrior, never made it through training completely either.” he said, not really caring all that much if Kanan was really listening at this point. “Not sure if I should protect him, maybe I should only train him as that I can do. I am no Urda’Reshla, that is certain.” he then lifted his head enough so that he could look over his arms at the Fire King.

Kanan arched an eyebrow as he listened, his gaze on Siya for the majority of the little speech before he finally turned to look at Farasima. A frown pulled on his lips. If it was one thing that irked the air protector it was the fact or simply the idea of giving up on something. He didn’t like the thought at all of the red-head giving up on Siya. The King had more than enough problems on his plate to begin with.

The air protector stayed silent for a while longer before he knelt down in front of Farasima, “So you would leave him alone on the battlefield?” Kanan started, eyeing the man carefully.

“Tell me, what did you see today? What did you think of him today?”

Farasima looked at Kanan, raising an eyebrow. He was a bit confused as to what the man meant. Lifting his head so his arms did not muffle his voice, he kept his eyes on the other man. “I do not want to leave him alone. I merely suggested maybe another be found to replace me.”

“As for what I saw?” Farasima paused, scowling some, “I am, well I’m not sure what you ask. I saw young man filled with anger, who has trouble controlling it. He feels immense hatred, and it is going to kill him if he does not tame it.” Farasima looked over at Siya. “He is not a man who can use hatred as tool.” He then glanced back at Kanan before looking away quickly.

“Siya was not always the strongest fighter, or the best. He wasn’t very good at controlling how much fire he used, but he had a better handle over it than he does now. He would get angry, yes, and sometimes he let it get the best of him. But this. This is not the Siya that we know,” Kanan glanced over to where Amon and Lutchka were with Valrien, then looked back at Farasima.

“You are right. His hatred will kill him. But he will not listen. We have tried, but he pushes us away. Amon can only do so much. He is a King as well and has duties of his own. As do Minnow and I to protect him. We cannot protect Siya. Lutchka is with Valrien and though the Prince likes to think he can take on everything and fix it, he cannot.

“Siya lost his protectors. They were either killed in front of him, or simply left. We lost many. Too many and he does not know how to deal with it. There is no one else, Farasima. Either you protect him, or you don’t and he dies. Do not leave this half finished,” Kanan’s gaze grew sharp, narrowing at the red-head, “None of us may have been bred to be ‘protectors’. We certainly aren’t perfect, but if you were not with him today out there… I do not believe he would have come back still breathing,” Kanan finished and he stood up.

The air protector took a breath. It had been a while since he’d spoken so much and out of passion rather than critical thought. He looked over to Siya, that frown still on his lips. The one-eyed male seemed to have something else on his mind, but he let out a low sigh and didn’t speak at all, choosing to remain silent after his little, rare, lecture.

The Skis’tatari man listened to Kanan speak, his eyes settling on the ground before he let his head rest against his arms. So he was the only option left for the Fire King then? Fate always seemed to have interesting ideas for the mere mortals of the world it seemed. “Less than a month ago, I was nearly killed by my own people. Now I am protector of a king to a land I only knew name of.”

He looked up at Kanan again, “Point taken, protector.” Farasima said quietly, his eyes then settling back on Siya. He watched Siya for a moment before glancing back to Kanan. “What of Nevarren woman? Is she not protector of Fire King?”

Kanan shifted slightly, taking a moment before he answered the question, “No. She is not. Lukina serves more as an ambassador or something along those lines between the King and her home. She still has her own agenda, too, as I’ve heard. Revenge of some sort that has not yet been carried out. She’d sworn it years ago, but has yet to have finished her goals. But she’s sworn loyalty to Siya and should he ever need her, she would be there. Which is why she is with us now. But once this is over, she will most likely leave again, to finish what she started years ago.”

The one-eyed protector looked back to Farasima before he turned and looked to be ready to go back to his own King’s side, “Can I trust this suicidal King to you? I will not ask it again, nor will I lecture you over it once more either. But I must know if I should prepare to lose someone else, or have the hope that he’ll make it through this with someone by his side and helping to keep his head on straight. At least, trying as hard as you can to do so.”

Farasima nodded his head slowly, before resting his cheek on his arms and watching Siya. “I will do best to help him then. However much it might be.” He did not say anymore after that, rather he just kept his eyes on Siya. What could he do to help the king? They did share some commonality in loss, but beyond that Farasima had no idea what else he could possibly do.

Sighing in defeat, he buried his face back in his arms. Hopefully, once his aches and pains had settled, he could think of something. Until then though, he figured he’d just grab some sleep himself. Stretching his legs out, he laid himself down on the ground, removing his jacket and folding up to use it as a makeshift pillow which he rested his head upon.

Two Weeks

Upon recovery, the armies withdrew back to Duke Forson’s city. There Siya finished his own recovery from the massive loss of energy, sleeping often, eating more only because Minnow was a terrifying force. He still couldn’t get over the fact that such a petite looking man could be so damned intimidating. Even if they weren’t too far apart in size and stature. Minnow was far more terrifying than Siya thought he could ever be.

So he followed orders given by the blonde. Eat. Sleep. Rest and heal fully before any training was to resume. The last thing he needed was his head shoved into a tabletop again. He could still recall the heavy sting that had left when he’d dismissed Minnow entirely and went and did… that.

Siya sat in one of the chairs next to the huge table in the main hall, simply resting off onto one arm, his gaze on the wooden table before him. He wasn’t really thinking of much, partially dozing off as was what happened often and mostly after he’d had a cup of the tea Minnow made him drink every day since his little coma-like sleep. Siya had probably frightened the poor healer with that and he did feel very bad for it. The Fire King wasn’t usually one to go out of his way to worry others, and he honestly hated it when they did worry for him. It made it feel like he was a burden.

Which in honesty he probably was. Especially through the past few years.

He sighed heavily as he sat there, staring off into nothing.

“Siya? Are you feeling alright?”

The King looked up to who spoke and nodded a bit once he settled his gaze on the mismatched one’s belonging to Valrien. The Prince frowned at him but didn’t pressure him. Instead, he drew out the chair across from Siya and sat down, leaning against the table and intertwining his fingers.

“I’m preparing to go back to Reimrand. A couple of the horses are already saddled and ready with supplies. Harlan and Lutchka are going with me. I wanted to let you know that we’ll be back as soon as we can. I’m going to get the…” Valrien looked up to the new protector and cleared his throat before glancing to the King again.

“Get what, Valrien?” Siya asked, the weariness in his voice very clear. Damn that tea… I swear, Minnow. Quit making me drink it, he thought sourly though he would never say that aloud to the little blonde.

“The orbs, Siya. We need them.”

That seemed to wake him up a little. Sitting up straighter in the chair, Siya let his hand fall, the one that he’d been using as a pillow. His gaze grew wide as he watched Valrien. For a while he was silent before he finally spoke, shock lacing his words.

“But… Valrien… Reimrand will-”

“No. No it won’t. It took decades to nearly destroy it, Siya. Reimrand will survive without the orbs for a little while. Trust me. They used to be carried over here before my family was thrown into civil unrest, so I’m sure they will be fine being over here again for a little while.”

“But, what if this isn’t finished in a ‘little while’?”

“Then I’ll figure it out. Damn it, Siya! Just let me do this. We need those orbs. You do not have enough power to deal with those bastards. Neither does Amon! And hell, neither do I! And I have natural energy that none of you even possess! I couldn’t do a damn thing about them! Whoever or whatever they are, they are nothing like what we’ve faced before. You thought my brother was bad, Siya… These people are worse. Much worse.”

With a sigh, Siya closed his eyes and let his head tilt back into the chair. He could almost feel Valrien’s impatience as he waited for the little Fire King to agree with him. Finally, Siya simply nodded at Valrien though he felt a pang of fear and worry pulsing in his chest.

“You’ll come back-”

“Yes, Siya. I will come back. I promise,” Valrien answered, his voice firm and holding a note of anger.

Probably at the fact that Siya would even dare to question him. The chair Valrien occupied shoved away from the table as he stood. Opening an eye, Siya watched him get up and turn to head for the doors of the room.

“Be careful, Valrien.”

“I should be saying that to you,” the Prince tossed back with a scoff and left.

Siya sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he sat there. He hoped that Valrien was right about getting the orbs and having a chance at fighting back. So far, it had been nothing but defeat and both times had come pretty close to his being killed. Somehow, though, Siya had gotten very lucky. The Fire King was sure that his luck wouldn’t last much longer despite everything that had happened. In fact, he was nearly entirely convinced that the next time he faced the Noble’s on the battlefield, if he wasn’t fully prepared for it… Siya was going to lose much more than just a city.

Harlan was waiting outside, sitting on a fence near the stables. In his hand he had one of his favorite drinks, a simple yet dry wine that he was drinking from the bottle. His usual chipper attitude was replaced with a more sour mood, a slight frown on his face as he sat there with his eyes focused on the ground. He was unhappy with the current circumstances, firstly that he and Valrien had been so badly beaten and battered in the last fight; second and most irritating, was the fact that they needed to go grab the orbs to combat these people.

Taking another sip from his bottle, he then looked over at the horses as they waited for their riders. Harlan was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to be able to have sometime where there wasn’t a major crisis at hand. So far, his life had been growing up in a dying world, followed by contending with his best friends insane brother, than dealing with a mage controlling an army of pig-men, and now this.

Just when were they finally going to get a chance to finally enjoy things, rather than worry about not dying each day? As he shifted, he hissed in pain when he shifted bad and aggravated his still sore torso. In irritation, he finally just threw the bottle he had onto the ground, letting out a series of Reimrandian curses to accompany the shattering glass. He, carefully, hunched over and took hold of his head, growling as he just remained there.

“Just one damn year where I don’t have to worry about dying would be nice.’ he grumbled, remaining as he was. It didn’t help as he thought about how this horse ride also going to be miserable. Given the pace they were going to have to move at and how sore he still was, it was just going to be repeated jolts of pain most of the way.

Valrien stopped short as a bottle went shattering across the ground. He stared at the shards that were splattered all over, some tumbling close to him after it had been thrown rather aggressively. The Prince frowned at his friend who was doubled over and seemingly cursing to himself. Valrien headed over to his royal guard and childhood friend, a sigh on his lips as he got close enough for the man to hear him.

“That was a waste of alcohol,” he commented lightly.

He didn’t want to bother Harlan all too much though seeing as the poor man was still in pain and not in the greatest mood, so he hurried along to the next part, “You should get something from Minnow to help make the trip easier. I’m sure he has something to numb the pain. I would heal it for you, Harlan, but I’m still a little shaky after letting loose on that bastard. Maybe tomorrow, I’m sorry I can’t do it right now though, but I’m almost fully recovered. Then I can heal us both up to perfect shape again.”

The Prince tried to sound reassuring, but it wasn’t really his strong suit so he figured it had come out a little harsh like most times. Valrien swallowed dryly then pushed on, “Siya agreed for us to go. Not that I would have listened if he’d said no. We need those orbs. They’re the only chance I can think of that’ll give us an edge. We need that desperately if we’re going to win this.”

Valrien heaved a sigh again, kicking at the moistened dirt, “I should have made him promise not to get into any trouble while we’re gone… Let’s just hope that Lukina and Farasima will do that for us.”

Harlan didn’t look up when he heard Valrien, instead he just let out another sigh. He eventually turned his gaze Valrien, listening to the Prince speak. “Alright then.” the guard spoke softly, looking back down at the ground. He remained quiet for a few moments, not actually moving to go find the little healer before he looked back up at Valrien once more.

“Are we ever going to get a chance to just finally… To just relax?” Harlan asked. He didn’t really expect Valrien to have an answer, but at this point he just wanted to hear some kind of answer. “I don’t think there has been any time where we were able to really just relax. To not have something on the back of our minds.” He then looked back down to the ground.

“I just want to finally be able to go to sleep without thinking about the next day and what I need to worry about to not get killed.” He ran a hand through his hair, stopping before he hit the clasp that held it in a ponytail. “Am I the only one who feels this way?” he asked, looking back up at his friend.

Reaching out, the Prince took hold of his friends shoulder and squeezed gently, “You’re not the only one. I’m tired too. I don’t want to keep wondering if tomorrow is the day I get to watch everyone die and follow them in death, or if I will have to stop some assassination, or deal with some crazed bastard who thinks he is better than anyone else. I know what you’re feeling. I’m feeling it too and I am very positive that everyone else feels the same way.”

“I want to sleep too. For weeks if possible. No more problems. No more death threats, no more ridiculous idiots who because they don’t like their King are trying to overthrow him.”

Valrien took a moment, realizing he was babbling. Letting his head hang forward, he closed his eyes with a heavy sigh, still holding Harlan’s shoulder but careful not to lean heavily on the royal guard. Finally, he looked back up and patted Harlan, “We’ll get that chance though. I have to believe we will otherwise I don’t think I’d ever have been able to keep going like I have. Just a little longer. Can you do that?”

Harlan watched Valrien, glancing at the hand that rested on his shoulder before back to his friend’s mismatched eyes. It… felt nice to know that he was not the only one who felt tired of all this trouble and turmoil. Harlan seemed to relax, letting out a sigh, though whether it was relief or exhaustion even he wasn’t sure. He let his head hang for a moment, watching the ground before he looked back up at Valrien.

“Yeah, I can.” he gave a small smile, patting Valrien’s hand as he stood up. He was careful so as not to cause any pain in his torso. “I guess I’ve done it for this long, so a little longer won’t kill me.” he said softly. He then looked over to the horses before back at Valrien. “I’m gonna go find that adorable little blonde and see if he does have anything that might make this journey a bit easier for me.”

He then stepped past Valrien, walking towards the manor while muttering. “I could probably also grab some extra wine bottles too. Wouldn't want to run out half-way to Reimrand now.” he said, his smile only growing.

Valrien watched his friend go. He was happy to have at least eased the man’s turmoil of thoughts, but his own were not far from the same. The Prince was tired. Far too tired. He wanted an end to it all, a minute to simply rest and enjoy the life he had with the many people that he met and had come to care for. Yet, it seemed that fate was not so kind to any of them. He would have to make the trip to Reimrand a quick one. He would be far too worried for the Fire King as well as Amon to think properly.

He wandered over to the horse and pulled himself up on it, careful of his own injured body. Once he was settled in the saddle, all he had to do then was head over to where Harlan had wandered off to in search of the little blonde. From there, he would also pick up Lutchka. Then they would set off. The faster they made it to Amon’s territory to take a ship, the faster he could be returning to Siya’s side.


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#, as written by Siryn

Siya turned and headed for the practice grounds where Amon and his protectors would be. Though his thoughts were definitely not on the combat training he was about to embark on with the Air King’s protectors. No, his thoughts were locked on the red-haired protector who followed after him. God, what was wrong with him? Siya’s thoughts were all over the place as he walked briskly to the training grounds.

He was so lost in his own chaotic mind that he missed the fact that the sandy training ground was empty. It took him a moment to realize it as he stood next to the wooden gate that encircled the fighting area that Amon utilized often. Looking up when he didn’t hear Amon’s cheery voice greeting him, he felt a surge of fear rush through him at the sight of no one being there. Amon was always there. Never once did he miss a training day with Siya. Ever.

So then… Where was he? Looking around, Siya tried to think if Amon had said anything to him about not seeing him that day. Or if they were going to do it later. Or if he was just too early. But none of that seemed to settle well with him no matter how he thought about it. He leaned against the wooden railing on the inside of the training circle, smacking his hand against it in frustration.

“Something isn’t right,” he said, glancing to Farasima before looking around again.

He was just about to leave the circle and begin hunting down the Air King in the city when pain lanced up his arm. The wood gave a sharp thud as something smacked into it, but it was that something which had Siya’s voice cracking into the air as he screamed and dropped into the sand. Pinned to the wood, he grasped his arm with his free hand tightly.

The pain was blinding, lancing out from his wrist. Sharp gasps and cries left his mouth as he knelt there, holding his arm tightly. He managed to look up at what it was and only grimaced at the sight. A strange gray like spike protruded out of his wrist and headed backward. Turning as best as he could whilst moaning in pain, Siya tried to follow the path of the strange spike that pinned him to the wood fence.

He caught sight of a man not to far away, on the other side of the training arena. Siya watched as the one who shot the spike at him turned and fled with something over his shoulder. A rather large something that vaguely resembled a body to Siya. Horror flooded him. Amon! Panting heavily, Siya ground his teeth. Turning back, he bent his head against his arm, his voice still slipping past his tight throat to issue out sounds of pain.

Farasima kept his eyes on the ground most of their walk, though he would glance up at Siya occasionally. He wasn’t sure what he was looking at him for exactly, but he just couldn’t help it at this point. As they entered the training area, Farasima also noticed the strange silence. Looking up, he noted how the ground was certainly disheveled and messy, as if somebody had been sparring within it. It wasn’t really odd, but still things felt off. When Siya mentioned it, Farasima nodded and went to say something when he heard the whiz of something flying through the air. It reminded him of an arrow, but the thunk of it sticking into wood indicated it was a bit heavier than an arrow.

Then he heard Siya scream, and Farasima’s eyes settled on the greyish-bone-like spike that was through his king’s wrist and had it pinned to the wooden post. His eyes widened, quickly moving over and grabbing it, but he stopped himself before he just ripped it free. His eyes turned to see what had done it, and he caught sight of several individuals fleeing.

He wanted to pursue, but he couldn’t just leave Siya here. Looking back to the king, Farasima stood there for a moment, trying to get an idea of what to do. Finally, he looked at Siya before his eyes settled on a nearby sword. Quickly running over and grabbing it, he looked to see if there was something better suited to his plan, but the sword would have to do.

He ran back over to the post, looking at Siya. “Sorry, this might hurt.” he said before he took a heavy swing and began hacking away at the post. He didn’t dare rip the spine from Siya’s hand, nor try to pry it loose. So he would just cut off the part the spine was stuck to. There wasn’t anything he could do about the jarring motion each time he struck, but he worked quickly.

When he finally cut through, which thankfully was easy given the post had deteriorated with time, He quickly dropped the sword and move to Siya. He gently supported the spine and wood, looking up at Siya. “You need healer, now.” he said, glancing back at where the people ran before he snaked an arm around Siya’s waist to support him. He still supported the weapon piercing the King’s arm as he forced Siya to walk with him. “You’ll be ok, Siya. You’ll be ok!” he repeated as they walked.

He took one more glance back, the people having vanished from sight. Just who in the hell was that and what were they after?

Siya saw stars as Farasima hacked the post apart to free him from where he was trapped to it by the thick, gray looking spine. He shook horribly, his vision going white for a moment as he moaned in pain, doubling over as his protector worked to free him. Gasps or short cries came from him when the jarring got to be too much to handle, but for the most part, Siya managed to keep from screaming again.

Then he was freed and would have dropped to the sand if Farasima hadn’t moved quickly. Grabbing him, he lifted Siya up to his feet and forced him to walk, holding his injured arm to help with the jarring motion. The Fire King still hissed in pain either way, grinding his teeth as they left the training area. He could only nod in response to the man who repeated the words that he was okay.

Once they were in the main building where he had been staying with Lord Forson, the healers were called. Laid up upon the bed in the room he’d been given, Siya sat up against the headboard, eyeing the healers who came rushing when the soldiers had seen him with Farasima. The only problem was that he did not see Minnow and it was making his heart race.

“M-Minnow?” he asked, his voice clipped.

Two of the healers looked back and forth between one another and shook their heads at Siya, “We could not find him, we looked for him but he was not where he usually was in the garden. So we just came,” the woman answered as the man took his hand and examined the spike lodged in it.

Siya’s breathing caught, hitching horribly as he looked wildly at Farasima, “They… Took them… They took them!”

“My lord!?” the woman sounded worried and confused as the Fire King tried to get up, his frantic cry startling the group that had come into the room. She lunged forward and put Siya back against the headboard via his shoulders, “My lord, you must calm down! You have to be treated first!”

Siya let out a growl of anger, glaring up at her, “Just pull it out! I have to go! Those bastards took Minnow and Amon!”

“Hold him,” the man on his right said as he gripped the spike-like thing in his hand and prepared to tear it out just as Siya had ordered them to do, though the healer didn’t look at all pleased with the idea.

Farasima handed the Fire King over to the healers once he had made it inside with them. The red-head stood back as he let them do their work, as he would simply get in the way otherwise. As they worked, he caught Siya mentioning Minnow, the blonde healer that accompanied the Air King. He glanced around, though when one of the healers mentioned not knowing where he was, Farasima looked back to Siya.

He moved to hold Siya down when the king went to sit up, but stopped as the healer was able to hold him in place. However his eyes widened as Siya began shouting about Amon and Minnow having been taken. Then he saw one of the soldiers reaching to pull the spine out, and Farasima quickly moved forwards, grabbing hold of the man and stopping him.

“No! No don’t do that!” he said before he looked at Siya, “Siya, You aren’t thinking. You are hurt, you will not help by damaging arm more and then running off with gaping wound!” He did not turn his eyes from the Fire King, regardless of what glare the man gave the protector. “Deploy scouts, deploy guards, but you stay. Fix wound.” he said, hands still holding the wrists of the man who had moved to pull the spine free.

“I will not stay! They are testing my patience and now they’re testing my fury. Taking what I care about most is the most vile thing they could possibly do to me and I will see them burn for it, Farasima!” Siya all but screamed as he leaned forward, forcing the woman to put a little more weight down against the King.

Looking over to the soldier, he narrowed his eyes, “Take it out now! Bandage it, or whatever, I’ll burn it if I have to! But I’m going after them!”

“Siya! This is what they want!” Farasima said back, raising his own voice a bit though not so he was yelling. He looked at the soldier, not removing his grip on the man before on Siya. “They want you to act hasty! You move quick, you move sloppy, and then you are their prey.”

“If they wanted Air King dead, Air King would be dead! They would not drag him away to then kill!” Farasima gave the soldier one hard look, trying to dissuade him from removing the spine so haphazardly. He then let go, moving around so that he was on the opposite side of Siya from the healer. He then looked at her, reaching forwards himself to grab Siya’s shoulders. As she let go, he placed his hands on the king.

“We have time to think. We must use it, or prepare yourself for a burial.” he again kept his eyes on Siya, readying himself to push the king down if he needed too.

Siya struggled visibly. Grinding his teeth, he managed not to yell again at Farasima. Letting his head fall back against the headboard, he took in short heavy gasps of air. The frustrations were building up again. His nerves were all over the place, anxious to go after his friends who were the only ones to put up with his ridiculous nature as of late.

His shortened breaths grew thick with emotion as he struggled even more, a tremble setting in. Looking back at his new protector, he shook his head slowly, crimson eyes filling with hot tears, “Why… Why can I not do anything! Everything I try to do ends up in disaster and I am constantly losing the things that I want to keep!”

His hand snaked out to clutch Farasima’s clothes tightly. He might have tried to push the man away, but there was no strength in his hand so he simply held onto him instead. Bowing his head forward, he fell silent, wanting to simply curl in a ball in a dark corner. The healer next to him sighed, low and slightly in relief.

“I’ll start working to remove this. It’s not going to be pleasant though,” he said softly, mostly to Farasima as it seemed Siya was no longer listening.

“Get cloths and bandages, hot water, herbs from the storehouse, start making salves and pastes. Quickly,” the woman began barking orders and the room was almost a controlled chaotic mess.

Siya paid no attention to any of it. Until the man who was examining the wound moved the post that he was still connected to. The King gave a sharp yelp, kicked slightly and tried to pull his hand away, only to have it held tightly by the man who muttered a soft apology. Siya gave him a half hearted glare.

When tears began to fall from the eyes of Siya, Farasima looked away. It hurt to see a man reduced to such a state, especially the one he was trying to protect. He felt a hand grab a tight hold of his shirt, Farasima looking back up to Siya as the king seemed to curl in on himself, trying to hide from everything.

Reaching one hand up to grab the one in his clothes, and the other hand resting on the same shoulder, Farasima spoke in soft tones. “They are not lost. This war is not lost. We still fight, means we can still win.”

He tightened his hold on both the hand and shoulder, “Please don’t give up. For them and for all Fire Citizens, don’t give up.”

Siya looked as if he were going to say something against that. He shook his head instead and simply dropped his gaze as he took in deep breaths to calm himself. Slowly he stopped crying, but he didn’t let go of the red-head as he leaned against the headboard of the bed.

“I will… Try to keep going,” he answered softly.

“Sire,” the healer that still held his hand called and Siya glanced to him briefly, “Are you ready?”

The King nodded solemnly, though his hand tightened on Farasima’s shirt without meaning to. The woman came up next to the one holding his wounded wrist and leaned over, pushing a cloth into Siya’s mouth without waiting for him, a simple, “Bite on it,” ordered to him.

The male healer, laid his hand on the wooden post and several pieces of metal sacrificed in the room. The wood reworked itself and fell from the tip of the spike. He frowned as he further examined the spike, Siya wincing every so often as he watched for a little while. Eventually he had to look away as the sight of the strange, thick thing sticking out of his wrist was making him dizzy.

“I’ll try to be gentle, think you can keep him from moving too much?” the man asked Farasima. He waited for the answer and then once he had it and Farasima was ready, started easing the spike out of his wrist. Siya knew then why the cloth was shoved into his mouth as his teeth ground into the cotton piece, his scream muffled. His first instinct was to pull away, which he desperately tried at first, but then simply settled for kicking and shoving at the mattress when he couldn’t go anywhere.

Farasima smiled softly at Siya’s words, though his smile dropped when he looked to the healer mentioned that they were ready to remove the spine. When he was asked to hold Siya in place, Farasima nodded and let go of the hand he had been holding to grab hold of Both of Siya’s shoulders.

Once he had a firm hold, he nodded his head to the healer before holding Siya down as the spine was slowly withdrawn from the wound. The muffled screams of pain had Farasima looking away, uncomfortable with the sight. He did his best to keep Siya from moving too much, though the king was still struggling fiercely from the pain.

It wasn’t until he got the ok from the healer that Farasima was able to look back at Siya. He did not let the king go, in the chance that the man might try to move again just out of reflex. He would wait until the healers were finished bandaging the wound before he let go of the Fire King.

Siya was in a daze as the spike finally came free. His voice was hoarse as he fell back against the headboard, every muscle aching and his body feeling like he’d run a couple of miles at a full sprint. Dizzy, tired, still overcome with worry for Amon, Siya took in deep, heaving breaths as his head lolled off to one side. He didn’t move, never let go of Farasima as his eyes drifted closed.

He made soft sounds as the healers worked to clean the wound to the best of their ability. He could feel stuff being put over it, but he didn’t even want to look, to afraid of what sight he would see. Siya jumped at the pin prick of a needle, but it all went numb soon enough so that he didn’t feel the wound being stitched up. The bandages came next, tight around his wrist and hand, keeping his hand straight and set forward. Next was a sling of some sort and his arm was hung next to his chest.

“Do not move it or agitate that wound in any way, my lord. Once Minnow has returned he will most likely do a better job at getting it to heal faster, but for now… You will have to make do with one hand,” the male healer said, his voice clipped as he took that overly serious tone with Siya. Reaching out, he pulled the cloth from Siya’s mouth who let it go and simply nodded to the man, far too tired to even attempt arguing with him.

“If you feel any pain or discomfort, let me know. I’ll do what I can to ease it,” the healer continued as he began washing his hands in the bowl of water on the table next to them.

Siya again simply nodded before turning his bleary gaze to Farasima, “Send… Scouts. Find them. Please. And find Kanan, he can use his air magic to locate Amon. Send for Lukina too… I need both of you. We have to plan, like you said… I won’t leave Amon and Minnow in their hands for much longer,” he ordered, though the usual authoritative voice was weary and filled with the desire to sleep for days if he could, though he knew he wouldn’t.

Once they were finished, Farasima finally relaxed his grip on Siya’s shoulders. Though when he tried to move, he noticed the king still had a hold of him. Glancing to the healers with a bit of a blush at the action, Farasima caved and just choose to sit down next to Siya. He nodded his head to the healers, watching as they left before he looked to Siya.

He watched as the Fire King lifted his head up, looking at the protector with a tired look to his eyes, speaking in a tone to match. Farasima nodded his head, looking up at the soldiers. “You know better where they are. I stay and make sure he does not hurt himself.”

As he watched the soldiers leave, he then turned to look back at Siya. He watched tired man, wondering what to do. He figured speaking would do him some good. “We Skis’tatari live hard life, forced to roam to pursue animals we hunt and to find new grazing grounds for herd. Few of us have true home, forced to constantly be active.”

He absently began playing with the King’s braid, lightly running his fingers across the hair as he continued. “Some of us resort to raiding borders to survive, my tribe did same. Though life was hard for many, many years, good things came to us. Du’Dradasi finally come though, unite us, make us strong, and most importantly give us place to call home.”

“That home was greatest thing to us, for we lived difficult lives on the move, all the time. To finally have a place to call home, it was made all the better by what we Skis’tatari endured. It made home truly special to us.” he continued to hold the braid, being careful to not tug on it as he sat there.

Siya might have moved or even made a soft sound as Farasima reached out and promptly began playing with his braided hair. Yet, he had no energy to do so, aside from a very light dusting of red across his face. His gaze though, went to the end of the bed as he listened. The soft brushing of fingers along the braid tugged the strands in a way that was quite soothing and Siya was beginning to enjoy it as well as start to doze a little.

His breathing was growing slower, heavier by the second but he managed to stay awake until his protector finished talking. Siya sighed deeply, shifting his body slowly to try to find a better position without pulling his hair from Farasima’s grip as he was enjoying that too much.

“Then… Are you telling me that it gets easier? Because I really don’t think it will,” Siya said softly.

“I thought it was hard when Valrien first showed up and his brother threw everything into chaos. But… I had Reynard then. He and Damiano helped me get through it, as did Amon and Taki. But then… Reynard was killed, and Taki too. Damiano stayed and we ended up in turmoil in Reimrand, trying to help Valrien. Ever since Reynard died, things just seemed to get harder. I lost what I was doing. Damiano left for some reason, he never said anything and then I found myself struggling and now with this. A signed paper for my denouncement,” Siya stopped talking for a moment.

He took a little while before he started again, simply breathing and thinking things over, “Valrien said that… I needed to properly mourn. Especially for Reynard. I was in love with him after all. I thought I did, but… Maybe I didn’t. Or maybe… I just don’t know how to,” Siya closed his eyes quickly, his jaw tight as he sat there. He’d already done enough crying, hadn’t he? Was there really a need for more? It was so frustrating.

Farasima listened to Siya speak, watching the King with a bit of a pained expression. He knew the feelings of the King. In his own way at least. “Siya, I lost my family and clan. You are not alone in loss. They found me on side of road, dying because Skis’naturi try to shoot me dead, I am exile of my clan now. No longer one of them.”

“I still hurt when I think of lost family. I too must mourn my loss as well.” he looked to the floor, sighing and closing his eyes. He opened them after a few moments, looking back at Siya. “What I tell you earlier, I say to let you know that things you want, the end you desire, it means much more when you must endure for it.”

“Our home was precious to us Skis’tatari because we never have home. My grandfather’s father never have home, neither did grandfather, so when we finally, finally have home, it… I can’t describe feeling. When you get what you desire, after all this trouble, it will be more precious to you than you ever thought it could.” he had wrapped part of the braid around his index finger, again being careful to not tug on the locks of white hair.

He slowly looked to the ground, sighing again. “Even though I lost that home, I still happy to know I had one. I had something my grandparents never have. It was… nice to have for time I had it though. Still a part of me, even though clan has exiled me.”

Siya turned to look at Farasima as he answered and began talking. He nibbled his lower lip while fighting off the heat of tears that were not for himself but for the red-head sitting next to him. The King took a deep breath at the end, sighing heavily as he shook his head, “I’m sorry, Farasima… I’m very sorry. I… Don’t know when I became so self-centered. This isn’t like me at all… I can’t imagine having been exiled, and nearly killed.”

Siya shook his head, letting go of Farasima and wiping at his face as he spoke again, “I’m sorry you lost something that important. What will you do? Don’t you want it back? What is it that you desire, Farasima? I-... I know it might not mean anything or much, but maybe I can help you get it back? Would that even be possible?”

Farasima smiled sadly, shaking his head as he looked back up at Siya. “No, chance of returning not likely. Exile one thing, they try to kill me is another. They… they don’t want me back ever. I refuse to fight the fight they part of.” he chuckled a bit, rubbing at his eye for a moment before looking back at Siya, “Seems petty, but when little disloyalty can ruin clan, punishment will be very severe.”

He rubbed at his eye again, noting how tears formed slowly in his own eyes. He had let go of Siya’s braid, and fortunately he was able to hold back from crying too much. It was still annoying to have his eyes tear up like that. “So, since Prince and others save life, I owe them. They told me to protect you, so I shall protect you.”

He managed to smile at the Fire King, “And don’t say, you go free if you wish. I have nowhere else to go, and I am cozy here now. So I shall stay to protect you. Especially because you need protection, from enemy and yourself.”

Siya frowned a little at the mention of needing protection from himself. He gave Farasima a half glaring look, but it faded out with a sigh. After all, his protector was right. Siya had been on a destructive course for quite a long while, it was almost pure habit to put himself directly in the path of harm simply because he’d been doing it for so long. Most of it was with the intention of letting it kill him, yet… Somehow he was still alive.

Siya chalked it up as cowardice.

He was only alive because he just couldn’t let himself get killed, or rather kill himself- because that was what it was in the end. Committing suicide in the most roundabout way possible. Thinking over it, Siya felt guilty from his actions. Guilty for allowing himself to fall so far, for hurting those around him. With the thoughts came the grief that he’d been pushing aside for years.

His hand tightened in Farasima’s shirt as he pulled himself toward the man. He didn’t think about it really, just simply fell against him as he cried. Everything he’d bundled up came falling out right then. All the fragile masks he wore broke. There was mourning that Valrien had told him to do. The mourning that Amon had advised him to let happen in order to feel better. Everything he’d ignored, everything he’d done that simply just hurt everyone else, or made them worry.

Siya let it all out right then. Fed up with everything. He was tired. Even if Farasima didn’t really want him to, he buried himself against the man, clinging to him as he wrapped his arm around the man, the one in the sling crushed up against his body as Siya lay on the red-head. He continually sobbed out the words ‘I’m sorry’ as he cried.

It took a little while, but he finally felt better. His sobs slowly ceased and he ended up just leaning on Farasima, taking deep, hiccuping breaths. Once that settled, he spoke softly, “Tomorrow. I want reports on where Amon and Minnow are. You and Lukina I will meet with and we’ll start planning. The Nobles of Fire want something. You’re right. They wouldn’t just take Amon if they were planning to kill him straight away. We have to figure out what it is they want.”

Siya let out a long sigh, then slowly pulled away, “I’m sorry. I know that what you dealt with the past several weeks wasn’t the best. I was difficult and probably irritating. But, I feel a little better. I will do better. Get back on track. Will you help me do that? And you have full rights to be harsh with me if I start to go astray. I don’t like what I’ve been like for the past few years. I need to get my head on straight again. Starting with this problem right now.”

Farasima flashed him a small smile when Siya glared at him. However, he hadn’t expected what came next, and that was the Fire King wrapping his good arm around the protector and leaning against him, beginning to sob as he did so. The red-head remained there, eyes wide and shocked, but slowly he began to come out of his stupor.

Hesitating for a moment, he then put an arm around Siya as well, just staying quiet and letting the man express the grief he was feeling. Words wouldn’t help, or at least no words that Farasima could think of. So he simply remained quiet, again hesitating for a few moments before wrapping his other arm around the Fire King.

He remained quiet for the whole period, and he didn’t say anything as Siya’s crying began to settle. After a moment of silence, the Fire King finally spoke, and Farasima simply nodded his head in agreement to the request. He loosened his hold on Siya as the man pulled back, Farasima’s arms coming back to his side.

“As long as you truly settle your mind, then forgive you I will. Don’t react to them, because then you fall into their traps and pits.” Farasima smiled, “And I will gladly help you get back on track. I will do my job as protector. Starting with this problem.” he said, repeating a few of the words Siya said.

Siya nodded, a very faint smile upturning the corners of his mouth, “Thank you,” he said. He let out a long sigh and started to shift his body, scooting down on the bed so that he could lay down properly. He was tired from all the crying and from the earlier pain of having the spike removed. The Fire King just wanted to sleep. As he settled against the many pillows, he yawned and curled up in a slight ball on his side, laying on his good arm while the other just draped over his body.

It didn’t take him long to fall asleep. The cool feel of the pillows under his hand helped to usher him along. He wasn’t sure if Farasima stayed there or not, he sort of hoped the Protector would, if not for a little while. Siya allowed himself into the deep sleep that beckoned him often but he’d always fought off. It felt good to sleep, much better after having released all of that frustration, tension, grief… He felt much better.