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Dharithri Raghnall

"Power comes from a sound body and mind; with this I can protect what is rightfully mine. I will not fail. I cannot fail. I won't allow it."

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a character in “Conqueror of the Elements”, as played by LostKarasu



[[D-haw-ree-th-ree Rah-gah-nah-ll]]

Twenty Five Years Old || Homosexual || The Ruthless Khan of the Earth Kingdom

Dhari stands at a striking six foot one, it isn’t only his height that makes him a giant but his frame as well. Broad shoulders, well built muscles, looming frame and chiseled features; Dhari looks as if he rose straight out of the earth, a statue that came to life. Dhari’s face is a work of perfection fit for an earth king; narrowed eyes, sturdy jaw, sculpted nose, full downturned lips, and a light brush of sun tanned skin.

His hair is a dark shade of auburn with black undertones. Dhari’s hair is lengthy with a choppy crop in the front; he keeps the rest of his kneecap length hair locked back in a long rat tail he rarely lets loose. Dhari’s narrowed eyes are a beautiful hazel edged with dark green in bright light his eyes will look almost gold while in uncertain light they will look the deepest green.

Everything about Dhari is huge, from his thick neck and broad shoulders to his huge hands and feet. It is almost surprising that he can move gracefully with all the weight he carries.


Dhari’s abilities center around offense. He does not have many defensive capabilities; the only two ways of defense he has is summoning an exoskeleton of hardened carbon rock that he can cover one person in and he can kick up a huge dust cloud for cover. Other than that his defensive skills are rather lacking.

Offense is definitely his strong point. Dhari can do quite a handful of useful earth based abilities. He can summon up to five four foot rock golems per sacrifice or one eight foot golem. He is able to summon the energy of a sacrifice in his hand shoot spearhead shaped clay projectiles from it. Dhari can also turn a span of ground into molten lava by transferring the energy from his sacrifice to the ground with both hands. Another thing Dhari is fond of doing is summoning the same clay spear heads but melting them in the air as he shoots them so they are lava balls once hitting their target. He also likes combining a partial exoskeleton to cover his fists and forearms with his ability to manipulate a span of land making an earthquake effect where jagged rocks shoot out of the ground and chasms open up in a straight line from where he hit the ground; though the more complicated moves drain the energy from his sacrifice sooner than normal spearhead projectiles.

By no means dose Dhari’s skills stop at earth based offensive maneuvers. He is also physically strong and wields a heavy two headed spear. He is quite skillful in close combat and melee martial arts. It takes a great amount of power to still him especially with his surprising speed for the size he is.

Dhari lacks in self preservation, not by choice but by negligence. He has a major problem gauging his limits and often pushing himself too far weather it is physically or because he is pushing the sacrifice’s energy past depletion. Dhari has been known to push himself until passing out or too weak to walk; it isn’t because he doesn’t care about his body, it is because he cares too much for those around him.

This is a problem because his abilities take up a lot of sacrificial energy. For example; five small golems or one large one will deplete the energy gained from a sacrifice and he will have to sacrifice again before using more of his abilities. It is the same for turning a field of land into a lava deposit; once he does this he’ll need to sacrifice again. While his other abilities he can use quite a few times before depleting his energy; except the earth exoskeleton. The earth exoskeleton is a complicated procedure, if he places it on himself he can still fight with his spear but will not be able to do any other earth abilities without the exoskeleton crumbling unless it is only a partial exoskeleton like one fist or both feet. This is different, however, if he is covering another person with the exoskeleton. If he uses it on another being all his attention is on that person and he won’t be able to do anything else, making him completely vulnerable to attacks.

The only good thing that comes out of his weakness is his ability to sacrifice many times during the day without draining too much energy; which can be a weakness of its own since he has to take time during a battle to sacrifice if he runs out. It takes a large handful of sacrifices before it starts taking its toll on Dhari; he has yet to find his limit of daily sacrifices.


It is well known that Dhari is a hard player. He is seen as brutal, unrelenting and scary. Though most only know rumors about the ‘Ruthless Khan’ from another land, very few know who he actually is. Dhari’s exterior appearances often trump his actual personality making people see him as a huge monster than doesn’t smile and is set in his ways. His unforgiving face makes him appear unapproachable.

Dhari’s battle skills are well known to the population. Almost everyone knows the way in which he fights. They also know about his almost inhuman strength which scares most into believing he is some demon who was born from darkness.

Another fact known by the public is that Dhari hales from a foreign country and is recognized for always being in the front lines of every major battle or war his soldiers are in. He was never one to sit safely in his castle like his cowardly father who was the military khan of their land. Even as a young ‘prince’ he would join the important battles. These deeds earned him the title of “The Ruthless Khan” because of his unrelenting onslaught in the heat of battle.

Dhari’s past is full of ‘monsters in the closet’. From an unloving, abusive father to a harsh upbringing filled with disappointment; Dhari’s early life was hard and a mystery to everyone who didn’t live within the castle walls. He was trained hard in the ways of sacrifices and war as a young child and his personality reflects all his past experiences.

The truth is that he was not his father’s child and isn’t the ‘true’ heir to the throne. Unfortunately his father had no known children of his own besides his beloved daughter, Dhari’s older sister, so he ‘adopted’ the hated offspring of his unfaithful wife. Basically no one except a select few others in his homeland castle know his past scars or his real personality and outlook on life; which includes his sexuality, natural gentle nature, and his hidden emotions.

Dhari upholds his title of ‘Ruthless’ but not in the way most think. Yes, he is unrelenting especially in battle. He will push himself until his enemy falls or he breaks; whichever happens to come first. However, Dhari is fiercely loyal to those he fights alongside and will do anything to keep them from harm, including pushing himself past his limits and risking his life to save theirs.

It is often said Dhari is stone faced; never showing emotion. This is true to a point because Dhari was raised to believe showing emotion was weakness and he can’t afford to be seen as weak; for earth shows no emotion and neither should he. This is what makes him ‘stone faced’. However, that by no means deems him ‘emotionless’ because he is far from; Dhari is just extremely good at hiding it. He feels anger, remorse, love, loss, sadness, and much more but he fights to put up this hard image of himself when in actuality he is crumbling inside.

Dhari’s mother strayed from her husband, the Khan’s side after having her daughter and ended up baring a child of an unknown man. This truth was hidden from the khan for many years. However fate was not on Dhari’s mother’s side. The king found out from a nursemaid that Dhari was not his. The result in this misdeed was furious Khan that went into a rampage, taking his frustrations out on the poor nine year old ‘son’ that wasn’t even his.

Eventually, after tiring of all the mistreatment, the khan started to do anything and everything to keep Dhari away from him. Giving him many tasks and forcing him to train relentlessly letting him undergo brutal beatings if he made the smallest of mistakes. By the age of seventeen Dhari was an experienced fighter and his twenty three year old sister was already on her way to taking over the throne. Only by proving his worth to his king was he accepted as a son.

From then on he took any and every opportunity to leave the castle gaining him his title from his ruthless deeds in the heat of battle. No one was graced with the actions pertaining his soft nature that was locked away deep inside. After being ignored for so long, not only by his father but by his mother, Dhari made a decision to set out and travel to farther lands after three years of fighting in his ‘father’s’ wars. At the age of twenty Dhari took a ship to other continents making his way around the world and becoming a sort of ‘mercenary’ only traveling back home when absolutely necessary. He became especially attached to Iveir and spent just shy of three years there gaining a reputation and having rumors of his title and position in his homeland spread through Iveir. It wasn’t long after he turned twenty three that he was approached by a messenger sent by Amon Ad-Raza, King of Air asking for Dhari to take over as King of the Earth Kingdom. Dhari respectfully declined because he was running from that kind of life. However when he was again approached weeks later, this time by a messenger from Siya Ukomo, King of the Fire Nation asking the same of him, he was angry until he learned that many messengers were sent out at the same time to specifically seek him out. Deciding to step up and help the people of Iveir that he became so attached to, he accepted. He took to his position quite easily and started further enforcing the views people already had on him.

A year later when Dhari turned twenty four, five years after his older sister married taking the title of Queen and Dhari himself a year after accepting the position of king in Iveir’s earth kingdom, he was called home because his father had fallen ill. As a last repenting action Dhari’s Khan apologized for his actions and attitude toward him, telling the young man he was everything he could have asked for in a son.

This revelation set Dhari in his ways. After his father’s passing Dhari strived to be the ‘perfect son’ ridding himself of his emotions and even ignoring his sexuality all to please his father’s ghost. Even as he slowly beaks inside he cannot bring himself to dishonor his father’s last words. They haunt him every day and he can never run from them. It pushes him to be the man his father believed him to be, to be a man better than his father, to be a better Khan.


So begins...

Dharithri Raghnall's Story