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Leathan Dermott

“I live to serve, I serve to live. No one will take this truth from me and I will stand by it ‘til my dying days.”

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a character in “Conqueror of the Elements”, as played by LostKarasu



[[Lee-thay-n “Lee-th” Dur-maht]]

Twenty Six Years Old || Pansexual || Protector of the Fire King

Leith stands at around five foot eleven, he has a rather lithe body built like a professional swimmer complete with narrow waist and broader shoulders. Most of his muscular build up is in his shoulders and arms; the rest of his body is toned and taunt but not ‘muscular’. His face quite handsome; Leith has slightly droopy eyes that complement the many smiles that grace his thin lips making him always look sincere. He has a triangular jaw with high cheekbones and alabastrine skin that easily tans when under the sun for long periods of time. Straight dark raven hair falls messily into Leith’s face at all times; that is unless he feels compelled to tie a scarf around his forehead to keep the shoulder length mess out of his gray blue eyes.


Leith’s strengths lie in his speed, agility and friendship. He works really well by working around others’ strengths and weaknesses. He’ll bend to your needs and figure out a way to cover you. Leith has the ability to create whirlpools in any body of water’s surface; depending on how much energy he is willing to use depends on the size of the whirlpool. He can also create a cyclone of water in two different ways; the first he can have closed at both ends which have the ability to pierce, the second is open at one end and has the ability to suck.

Another ability Leith has is a mist or fog covering, however it is no ordinary mist even though he can use it for cover. Leith is able to pick up the disturbances in the moist air and figure out where people are if they are moving. With this he can tell about how large a person is and how they are moving, nothing more.

Other than a few miscellaneous weak water abilities Leith can create a large cyclone and move around in it. The huge water cyclone will trap his opponent or anyone else he chooses until he either disperses it or is knocked unconscious. He likes to create the cyclone around himself and one other, trapping them in mortal combat until one falls. The special thing about his cyclone is that no one can get in or out of the center without Leith’s say so.

Leith is skillful in handling his naginata as well. He fights with no shield and instead relies on his reflexes to keep him from harm. Most of the time he would rather fight with his weapon then rely on his abilities drawn from a sacrifice. He is quick on his feet and enjoys taunting his enemy with fancy footwork.

Leith’s greatest weakness is the ones he loves. If someone was to capture someone he cares for he would do anything to get them back even if it means slitting his own throat with a dull blade. He will always make ill guided decisions thinking they are the only way, rationalization will leave him.

Physical strength is also a weakness; though he has a lot of stamina he can be overpowered by those physically stronger than him if they get him in their clutches. He may not be weak but he is not strong either; this means he tries to stay away from grabbing hands and always maneuvers swiftly to stay ahead.

When sacrifices are concerned Leith can only sacrifice once a day, one large one. If he sacrifices more than once a day he becomes extremely lethargic and can even get sick. The only upside is that Leith is able to string out the one sacrifice through many different spells for that day.


First and foremost everyone knows Leith is Pansexual; he is capable of falling for anyone regardless of their sex or gender identification as long as he likes them as a person. People also know that despite his tastes he only identifies as male and has little to no ‘girly-ness’ about him. He will occasionally flirt with those he finds attractive even when it is obvious they have no interest in him.

Leith mostly shows his kind side; rarely dose he lie or deceive. He is known for being gentle, kindhearted, and compassionate. However, it is also well known that he is no pushover. Leith is an excellent fighter who faces all his opponents with honor and always gives them a chance to give up because he rather not kill if possible; he will not hesitate to kill without remorse if the people closest to him are being threatened.

The young soldier loves naps and can often be found dozing under a tree or sprawled out on a sofa. He is also a slight tease and will try anything to annoy the people he likes; mostly the ones he likes platonically since he is seen flirting with the ones he is romantically attracted to. Leith can be quite clueless when it comes to book knowledge, not meaning he isn’t smart, just not interested, he is more physical in his learning.

There are only a few things Leith hides from others and it always turns his stomach because he hates keeping secrets.

The major secret he hides is his defense mechanism: “bloodlust”; the reason he hates killing so much. The closest anyone has ever seen him is when he kills without remorse those who threaten his king, his fellow protector Aiko, and select others who he loves. Nevertheless, no one is aware of his true bloodlust, and when entering this demonic state he loses all awareness of his surroundings and will kill relentlessly anyone who gets in his way. Leith’s eyes turn dark and hollow, glazed over as if no one was housing his body.

Fortunately there are only a couple of triggers that make him loss his mind. One is a past trigger; anything that reminds him of the very first time he entered his blood lust. The other is being pushed passed his limits; whenever he works too hard or he tries to use more energy from a depleted sacrifice, right before he collapses and faints, he will have between five and ten minutes of bloodlust. His past is the reason for the bloodlust and his nickname: “Blood Cyclone”. No one knows this title currently and Leith officially changed it to “Cyclone Leith” upon coming to Iveir.

The only other secret he holds both his king, Siya and his fellow protector, Aiko know about. This is his home land and where he came from. They know most of the basics of his past, no specific details, and the horrors he faced when he lived on his island home.

Leith is generally an outgoing individual, he likes the company of others and rarely enjoys being alone. He is passionate about many things, honor being one of his top. So much does he love the idea and practicing of honor that he will get lividly upset at those who disregard honor and practice dark merciless acts. Leith is not only honorable but kindhearted, gentle and amiable. Though he dose like to tease and flirt.

Being so flexible and happy most of the time it is pretty hard to get Leith in foul spirits. It is hard to anger him unless you are being disrespectful to his king, Aiko or his friends. It is easy to know when Leith is angry and he can become physical depending on how much you pissed him off, it is also very hard for him to cool off. He’ll either need to take himself away from the situation and be alone to cool down or he’ll need to be forced out of the situation.

The way Leith deals with sorrow and the way he tries to make up to someone for upsetting them are quite similar. He will get pouty, sulky and clingy; Leith will follow whoever is closest when he is sad and he will follow who he upset if they are mad.

Unfortunately Leith’s entire being changes when he enters his ‘bloodlust’. He will get distant; his eyes will darken and glaze, his stance will get lower and more threatening, he’ll enter a zone where it is impossible for him to think rationally. He basically reverts to an animal hell bent on self preservation. Leith will be violent and rough, he won’t recognize friend from foe and he’ll seemingly not care. When he exits his bloodlust he always faints and when he wakes he doesn’t remember what happened until he slowly gains mental images of what he did.

Leith was born on a rather small island far off Dhamear. This island was rather peaceful and quaint. Something Leith could never settle into. He had always been a rowdy child filled with mischief, a complete handful for his parents who were simple fishermen. Trying to teach their ever adventurous child how to fish was a big mistake. Even though all his siblings took to the life so well, Leith fought it.

When Leith was fourteen and on another family fishing trip just off the coast of their humble island with his mother, father, two older brothers, and one older sister there was a fateful encounter. Like usual Leith was goofing off trying to start fights with both brothers as he ran around slapping them with a wooden pole, his mother trying to get him to listen. His father teaching his more cooperative sons and Leith’s sister lounging in the bright sun. While running around on deck trying to evade his mother Leith spotted a ship off the port side of theirs. This ship was different, it had black sails and Leith’s stomach turned at the sight; pirates.

It was too late, Leith’s family fishing vessel wouldn’t outrun a ship built for battle and speed. Before they knew it the pirate ship was upon them and boarding. Screams filled the oceanic air as his father and brothers fought a losing battle. Blood soaked the wooden deck and filled the salty sea air with a sickening sent of death. Before the battle started it was over with Leigh’s father and oldest brother laying motionless on the deck, his other brother struggling with cuts and bruises, screaming profanities as one of the pirates held him by the hair. Leith, his mother and sister were also taken into custody. That night after being locked in the brig of the pirate’s ship his mother and sister were taken from their cell. The silence of the clear night was only broken by horrifying screams of pain and anguish. One could only imagine what was being done to the women in the captain’s cabin.

Unfortunately the horrors didn’t end that night. No, they continued as the pirates took their raid to shore of Leith’s quiet island. They even had the audacity to bring Leith and the remainder of his family with them as they tortured the villagers. One year passed with Leith living as the pirate’s slave and the pirates staying on the island. He learned many things including the basics of combat. He played the good boy just like his mother and brother advised him, and it kept him alive, it kept him favored.

Then the pirates had to do the worst thing they could think of. To ‘prove’ his loyalty to the pirates he was to slit his mother’s throat. This was obviously something Leith could never do, even with her begging him to, he couldn’t. Even after his beatings, he couldn’t. But they did, right in front of him, her blood spilling into his lap as he sobbed and clutched onto her; begging her to stay with him. Then they brought him his brother and again told him to kill. Again he refused, he begged them to stop. They wouldn’t listen. They ended Leith’s brother the same as his mother.

The last straw, the thing that pushed Leith to his braking point was when they set his battered sister in front of him. No longer did her blue eyes hold the joyful light they once did, her clothes ripped, her body broken. The pirates ordered Leith to take the knife and drive it through her chest.

Leith didn’t listen. He couldn’t hear their shouts of anger, he couldn’t feel their hands on him, he couldn’t taste the blood on his lips, he couldn’t see them as they reached for his sister. He had lost all control over his body as he rose, lowing into a fighting stance and growled an almost inhuman rumble. Shooting forward he cut down the man before him. Anyone who moved was also ended. Luckily his sister had curled up into a tight ball and laid motionless as she whimpered. It was also some strike of luck that the villagers watching the execution stayed put and didn’t draw attention to themselves.

As Leith went around cutting down those who approached he started to become caked in crimson liquid, drenched so heavily that every time he spun a layer would spray off him which earned him the title “Blood Cyclone”.

After the massacre Leith fainted. He slept for almost a week, dead to the world around him. Clueless that he was hailed a hero and a monster. Ignorant of how his fellow villagers completed what he started. Unaware of how they were slowly rebuilding their town. When he did wake it was to his sister’s lively face and shining eyes. He was so glad to have his sister back to her old self but was mystified as to how it happened. Leith had lost all memories of what transpired that day. It took months for him to remember and when he did it was hard for him to stay with his sister any longer.

Shortly after Leith’s seventeenth birthday he left. Traveling to Iveir had always been his dream and so he went. While there he learned how to use sacrifices staring with cyclones to keep him bound to his horrific past.

While visiting the Fire nation one year he found himself staying. He loved being there and couldn’t help being attached. He ended up working as a lowly guard and soldier for King Siya several years prior. He never had personally met Siya until two years ago and was then promoted to be his protector because of Leith’s obvious skill in fighting. Now he lives to serve by his ‘master’s’ side.


So begins...

Leathan Dermott's Story