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Siya turned and headed for the practice grounds where Amon and his protectors would be. Though his thoughts were definitely not on the combat training he was about to embark on with the Air King’s protectors. No, his thoughts were locked on the red-haired protector who followed after him. God, what was wrong with him? Siya’s thoughts were all over the place as he walked briskly to the training grounds.

He was so lost in his own chaotic mind that he missed the fact that the sandy training ground was empty. It took him a moment to realize it as he stood next to the wooden gate that encircled the fighting area that Amon utilized often. Looking up when he didn’t hear Amon’s cheery voice greeting him, he felt a surge of fear rush through him at the sight of no one being there. Amon was always there. Never once did he miss a training day with Siya. Ever.

So then… Where was he? Looking around, Siya tried to think if Amon had said anything to him about not seeing him that day. Or if they were going to do it later. Or if he was just too early. But none of that seemed to settle well with him no matter how he thought about it. He leaned against the wooden railing on the inside of the training circle, smacking his hand against it in frustration.

“Something isn’t right,” he said, glancing to Farasima before looking around again.

He was just about to leave the circle and begin hunting down the Air King in the city when pain lanced up his arm. The wood gave a sharp thud as something smacked into it, but it was that something which had Siya’s voice cracking into the air as he screamed and dropped into the sand. Pinned to the wood, he grasped his arm with his free hand tightly.

The pain was blinding, lancing out from his wrist. Sharp gasps and cries left his mouth as he knelt there, holding his arm tightly. He managed to look up at what it was and only grimaced at the sight. A strange gray like spike protruded out of his wrist and headed backward. Turning as best as he could whilst moaning in pain, Siya tried to follow the path of the strange spike that pinned him to the wood fence.

He caught sight of a man not to far away, on the other side of the training arena. Siya watched as the one who shot the spike at him turned and fled with something over his shoulder. A rather large something that vaguely resembled a body to Siya. Horror flooded him. Amon! Panting heavily, Siya ground his teeth. Turning back, he bent his head against his arm, his voice still slipping past his tight throat to issue out sounds of pain.

Farasima kept his eyes on the ground most of their walk, though he would glance up at Siya occasionally. He wasn’t sure what he was looking at him for exactly, but he just couldn’t help it at this point. As they entered the training area, Farasima also noticed the strange silence. Looking up, he noted how the ground was certainly disheveled and messy, as if somebody had been sparring within it. It wasn’t really odd, but still things felt off. When Siya mentioned it, Farasima nodded and went to say something when he heard the whiz of something flying through the air. It reminded him of an arrow, but the thunk of it sticking into wood indicated it was a bit heavier than an arrow.

Then he heard Siya scream, and Farasima’s eyes settled on the greyish-bone-like spike that was through his king’s wrist and had it pinned to the wooden post. His eyes widened, quickly moving over and grabbing it, but he stopped himself before he just ripped it free. His eyes turned to see what had done it, and he caught sight of several individuals fleeing.

He wanted to pursue, but he couldn’t just leave Siya here. Looking back to the king, Farasima stood there for a moment, trying to get an idea of what to do. Finally, he looked at Siya before his eyes settled on a nearby sword. Quickly running over and grabbing it, he looked to see if there was something better suited to his plan, but the sword would have to do.

He ran back over to the post, looking at Siya. “Sorry, this might hurt.” he said before he took a heavy swing and began hacking away at the post. He didn’t dare rip the spine from Siya’s hand, nor try to pry it loose. So he would just cut off the part the spine was stuck to. There wasn’t anything he could do about the jarring motion each time he struck, but he worked quickly.

When he finally cut through, which thankfully was easy given the post had deteriorated with time, He quickly dropped the sword and move to Siya. He gently supported the spine and wood, looking up at Siya. “You need healer, now.” he said, glancing back at where the people ran before he snaked an arm around Siya’s waist to support him. He still supported the weapon piercing the King’s arm as he forced Siya to walk with him. “You’ll be ok, Siya. You’ll be ok!” he repeated as they walked.

He took one more glance back, the people having vanished from sight. Just who in the hell was that and what were they after?

Siya saw stars as Farasima hacked the post apart to free him from where he was trapped to it by the thick, gray looking spine. He shook horribly, his vision going white for a moment as he moaned in pain, doubling over as his protector worked to free him. Gasps or short cries came from him when the jarring got to be too much to handle, but for the most part, Siya managed to keep from screaming again.

Then he was freed and would have dropped to the sand if Farasima hadn’t moved quickly. Grabbing him, he lifted Siya up to his feet and forced him to walk, holding his injured arm to help with the jarring motion. The Fire King still hissed in pain either way, grinding his teeth as they left the training area. He could only nod in response to the man who repeated the words that he was okay.

Once they were in the main building where he had been staying with Lord Forson, the healers were called. Laid up upon the bed in the room he’d been given, Siya sat up against the headboard, eyeing the healers who came rushing when the soldiers had seen him with Farasima. The only problem was that he did not see Minnow and it was making his heart race.

“M-Minnow?” he asked, his voice clipped.

Two of the healers looked back and forth between one another and shook their heads at Siya, “We could not find him, we looked for him but he was not where he usually was in the garden. So we just came,” the woman answered as the man took his hand and examined the spike lodged in it.

Siya’s breathing caught, hitching horribly as he looked wildly at Farasima, “They… Took them… They took them!”

“My lord!?” the woman sounded worried and confused as the Fire King tried to get up, his frantic cry startling the group that had come into the room. She lunged forward and put Siya back against the headboard via his shoulders, “My lord, you must calm down! You have to be treated first!”

Siya let out a growl of anger, glaring up at her, “Just pull it out! I have to go! Those bastards took Minnow and Amon!”

“Hold him,” the man on his right said as he gripped the spike-like thing in his hand and prepared to tear it out just as Siya had ordered them to do, though the healer didn’t look at all pleased with the idea.

Farasima handed the Fire King over to the healers once he had made it inside with them. The red-head stood back as he let them do their work, as he would simply get in the way otherwise. As they worked, he caught Siya mentioning Minnow, the blonde healer that accompanied the Air King. He glanced around, though when one of the healers mentioned not knowing where he was, Farasima looked back to Siya.

He moved to hold Siya down when the king went to sit up, but stopped as the healer was able to hold him in place. However his eyes widened as Siya began shouting about Amon and Minnow having been taken. Then he saw one of the soldiers reaching to pull the spine out, and Farasima quickly moved forwards, grabbing hold of the man and stopping him.

“No! No don’t do that!” he said before he looked at Siya, “Siya, You aren’t thinking. You are hurt, you will not help by damaging arm more and then running off with gaping wound!” He did not turn his eyes from the Fire King, regardless of what glare the man gave the protector. “Deploy scouts, deploy guards, but you stay. Fix wound.” he said, hands still holding the wrists of the man who had moved to pull the spine free.

“I will not stay! They are testing my patience and now they’re testing my fury. Taking what I care about most is the most vile thing they could possibly do to me and I will see them burn for it, Farasima!” Siya all but screamed as he leaned forward, forcing the woman to put a little more weight down against the King.

Looking over to the soldier, he narrowed his eyes, “Take it out now! Bandage it, or whatever, I’ll burn it if I have to! But I’m going after them!”

“Siya! This is what they want!” Farasima said back, raising his own voice a bit though not so he was yelling. He looked at the soldier, not removing his grip on the man before on Siya. “They want you to act hasty! You move quick, you move sloppy, and then you are their prey.”

“If they wanted Air King dead, Air King would be dead! They would not drag him away to then kill!” Farasima gave the soldier one hard look, trying to dissuade him from removing the spine so haphazardly. He then let go, moving around so that he was on the opposite side of Siya from the healer. He then looked at her, reaching forwards himself to grab Siya’s shoulders. As she let go, he placed his hands on the king.

“We have time to think. We must use it, or prepare yourself for a burial.” he again kept his eyes on Siya, readying himself to push the king down if he needed too.

Siya struggled visibly. Grinding his teeth, he managed not to yell again at Farasima. Letting his head fall back against the headboard, he took in short heavy gasps of air. The frustrations were building up again. His nerves were all over the place, anxious to go after his friends who were the only ones to put up with his ridiculous nature as of late.

His shortened breaths grew thick with emotion as he struggled even more, a tremble setting in. Looking back at his new protector, he shook his head slowly, crimson eyes filling with hot tears, “Why… Why can I not do anything! Everything I try to do ends up in disaster and I am constantly losing the things that I want to keep!”

His hand snaked out to clutch Farasima’s clothes tightly. He might have tried to push the man away, but there was no strength in his hand so he simply held onto him instead. Bowing his head forward, he fell silent, wanting to simply curl in a ball in a dark corner. The healer next to him sighed, low and slightly in relief.

“I’ll start working to remove this. It’s not going to be pleasant though,” he said softly, mostly to Farasima as it seemed Siya was no longer listening.

“Get cloths and bandages, hot water, herbs from the storehouse, start making salves and pastes. Quickly,” the woman began barking orders and the room was almost a controlled chaotic mess.

Siya paid no attention to any of it. Until the man who was examining the wound moved the post that he was still connected to. The King gave a sharp yelp, kicked slightly and tried to pull his hand away, only to have it held tightly by the man who muttered a soft apology. Siya gave him a half hearted glare.

When tears began to fall from the eyes of Siya, Farasima looked away. It hurt to see a man reduced to such a state, especially the one he was trying to protect. He felt a hand grab a tight hold of his shirt, Farasima looking back up to Siya as the king seemed to curl in on himself, trying to hide from everything.

Reaching one hand up to grab the one in his clothes, and the other hand resting on the same shoulder, Farasima spoke in soft tones. “They are not lost. This war is not lost. We still fight, means we can still win.”

He tightened his hold on both the hand and shoulder, “Please don’t give up. For them and for all Fire Citizens, don’t give up.”

Siya looked as if he were going to say something against that. He shook his head instead and simply dropped his gaze as he took in deep breaths to calm himself. Slowly he stopped crying, but he didn’t let go of the red-head as he leaned against the headboard of the bed.

“I will… Try to keep going,” he answered softly.

“Sire,” the healer that still held his hand called and Siya glanced to him briefly, “Are you ready?”

The King nodded solemnly, though his hand tightened on Farasima’s shirt without meaning to. The woman came up next to the one holding his wounded wrist and leaned over, pushing a cloth into Siya’s mouth without waiting for him, a simple, “Bite on it,” ordered to him.

The male healer, laid his hand on the wooden post and several pieces of metal sacrificed in the room. The wood reworked itself and fell from the tip of the spike. He frowned as he further examined the spike, Siya wincing every so often as he watched for a little while. Eventually he had to look away as the sight of the strange, thick thing sticking out of his wrist was making him dizzy.

“I’ll try to be gentle, think you can keep him from moving too much?” the man asked Farasima. He waited for the answer and then once he had it and Farasima was ready, started easing the spike out of his wrist. Siya knew then why the cloth was shoved into his mouth as his teeth ground into the cotton piece, his scream muffled. His first instinct was to pull away, which he desperately tried at first, but then simply settled for kicking and shoving at the mattress when he couldn’t go anywhere.

Farasima smiled softly at Siya’s words, though his smile dropped when he looked to the healer mentioned that they were ready to remove the spine. When he was asked to hold Siya in place, Farasima nodded and let go of the hand he had been holding to grab hold of Both of Siya’s shoulders.

Once he had a firm hold, he nodded his head to the healer before holding Siya down as the spine was slowly withdrawn from the wound. The muffled screams of pain had Farasima looking away, uncomfortable with the sight. He did his best to keep Siya from moving too much, though the king was still struggling fiercely from the pain.

It wasn’t until he got the ok from the healer that Farasima was able to look back at Siya. He did not let the king go, in the chance that the man might try to move again just out of reflex. He would wait until the healers were finished bandaging the wound before he let go of the Fire King.

Siya was in a daze as the spike finally came free. His voice was hoarse as he fell back against the headboard, every muscle aching and his body feeling like he’d run a couple of miles at a full sprint. Dizzy, tired, still overcome with worry for Amon, Siya took in deep, heaving breaths as his head lolled off to one side. He didn’t move, never let go of Farasima as his eyes drifted closed.

He made soft sounds as the healers worked to clean the wound to the best of their ability. He could feel stuff being put over it, but he didn’t even want to look, to afraid of what sight he would see. Siya jumped at the pin prick of a needle, but it all went numb soon enough so that he didn’t feel the wound being stitched up. The bandages came next, tight around his wrist and hand, keeping his hand straight and set forward. Next was a sling of some sort and his arm was hung next to his chest.

“Do not move it or agitate that wound in any way, my lord. Once Minnow has returned he will most likely do a better job at getting it to heal faster, but for now… You will have to make do with one hand,” the male healer said, his voice clipped as he took that overly serious tone with Siya. Reaching out, he pulled the cloth from Siya’s mouth who let it go and simply nodded to the man, far too tired to even attempt arguing with him.

“If you feel any pain or discomfort, let me know. I’ll do what I can to ease it,” the healer continued as he began washing his hands in the bowl of water on the table next to them.

Siya again simply nodded before turning his bleary gaze to Farasima, “Send… Scouts. Find them. Please. And find Kanan, he can use his air magic to locate Amon. Send for Lukina too… I need both of you. We have to plan, like you said… I won’t leave Amon and Minnow in their hands for much longer,” he ordered, though the usual authoritative voice was weary and filled with the desire to sleep for days if he could, though he knew he wouldn’t.

Once they were finished, Farasima finally relaxed his grip on Siya’s shoulders. Though when he tried to move, he noticed the king still had a hold of him. Glancing to the healers with a bit of a blush at the action, Farasima caved and just choose to sit down next to Siya. He nodded his head to the healers, watching as they left before he looked to Siya.

He watched as the Fire King lifted his head up, looking at the protector with a tired look to his eyes, speaking in a tone to match. Farasima nodded his head, looking up at the soldiers. “You know better where they are. I stay and make sure he does not hurt himself.”

As he watched the soldiers leave, he then turned to look back at Siya. He watched tired man, wondering what to do. He figured speaking would do him some good. “We Skis’tatari live hard life, forced to roam to pursue animals we hunt and to find new grazing grounds for herd. Few of us have true home, forced to constantly be active.”

He absently began playing with the King’s braid, lightly running his fingers across the hair as he continued. “Some of us resort to raiding borders to survive, my tribe did same. Though life was hard for many, many years, good things came to us. Du’Dradasi finally come though, unite us, make us strong, and most importantly give us place to call home.”

“That home was greatest thing to us, for we lived difficult lives on the move, all the time. To finally have a place to call home, it was made all the better by what we Skis’tatari endured. It made home truly special to us.” he continued to hold the braid, being careful to not tug on it as he sat there.

Siya might have moved or even made a soft sound as Farasima reached out and promptly began playing with his braided hair. Yet, he had no energy to do so, aside from a very light dusting of red across his face. His gaze though, went to the end of the bed as he listened. The soft brushing of fingers along the braid tugged the strands in a way that was quite soothing and Siya was beginning to enjoy it as well as start to doze a little.

His breathing was growing slower, heavier by the second but he managed to stay awake until his protector finished talking. Siya sighed deeply, shifting his body slowly to try to find a better position without pulling his hair from Farasima’s grip as he was enjoying that too much.

“Then… Are you telling me that it gets easier? Because I really don’t think it will,” Siya said softly.

“I thought it was hard when Valrien first showed up and his brother threw everything into chaos. But… I had Reynard then. He and Damiano helped me get through it, as did Amon and Taki. But then… Reynard was killed, and Taki too. Damiano stayed and we ended up in turmoil in Reimrand, trying to help Valrien. Ever since Reynard died, things just seemed to get harder. I lost what I was doing. Damiano left for some reason, he never said anything and then I found myself struggling and now with this. A signed paper for my denouncement,” Siya stopped talking for a moment.

He took a little while before he started again, simply breathing and thinking things over, “Valrien said that… I needed to properly mourn. Especially for Reynard. I was in love with him after all. I thought I did, but… Maybe I didn’t. Or maybe… I just don’t know how to,” Siya closed his eyes quickly, his jaw tight as he sat there. He’d already done enough crying, hadn’t he? Was there really a need for more? It was so frustrating.

Farasima listened to Siya speak, watching the King with a bit of a pained expression. He knew the feelings of the King. In his own way at least. “Siya, I lost my family and clan. You are not alone in loss. They found me on side of road, dying because Skis’naturi try to shoot me dead, I am exile of my clan now. No longer one of them.”

“I still hurt when I think of lost family. I too must mourn my loss as well.” he looked to the floor, sighing and closing his eyes. He opened them after a few moments, looking back at Siya. “What I tell you earlier, I say to let you know that things you want, the end you desire, it means much more when you must endure for it.”

“Our home was precious to us Skis’tatari because we never have home. My grandfather’s father never have home, neither did grandfather, so when we finally, finally have home, it… I can’t describe feeling. When you get what you desire, after all this trouble, it will be more precious to you than you ever thought it could.” he had wrapped part of the braid around his index finger, again being careful to not tug on the locks of white hair.

He slowly looked to the ground, sighing again. “Even though I lost that home, I still happy to know I had one. I had something my grandparents never have. It was… nice to have for time I had it though. Still a part of me, even though clan has exiled me.”

Siya turned to look at Farasima as he answered and began talking. He nibbled his lower lip while fighting off the heat of tears that were not for himself but for the red-head sitting next to him. The King took a deep breath at the end, sighing heavily as he shook his head, “I’m sorry, Farasima… I’m very sorry. I… Don’t know when I became so self-centered. This isn’t like me at all… I can’t imagine having been exiled, and nearly killed.”

Siya shook his head, letting go of Farasima and wiping at his face as he spoke again, “I’m sorry you lost something that important. What will you do? Don’t you want it back? What is it that you desire, Farasima? I-... I know it might not mean anything or much, but maybe I can help you get it back? Would that even be possible?”

Farasima smiled sadly, shaking his head as he looked back up at Siya. “No, chance of returning not likely. Exile one thing, they try to kill me is another. They… they don’t want me back ever. I refuse to fight the fight they part of.” he chuckled a bit, rubbing at his eye for a moment before looking back at Siya, “Seems petty, but when little disloyalty can ruin clan, punishment will be very severe.”

He rubbed at his eye again, noting how tears formed slowly in his own eyes. He had let go of Siya’s braid, and fortunately he was able to hold back from crying too much. It was still annoying to have his eyes tear up like that. “So, since Prince and others save life, I owe them. They told me to protect you, so I shall protect you.”

He managed to smile at the Fire King, “And don’t say, you go free if you wish. I have nowhere else to go, and I am cozy here now. So I shall stay to protect you. Especially because you need protection, from enemy and yourself.”

Siya frowned a little at the mention of needing protection from himself. He gave Farasima a half glaring look, but it faded out with a sigh. After all, his protector was right. Siya had been on a destructive course for quite a long while, it was almost pure habit to put himself directly in the path of harm simply because he’d been doing it for so long. Most of it was with the intention of letting it kill him, yet… Somehow he was still alive.

Siya chalked it up as cowardice.

He was only alive because he just couldn’t let himself get killed, or rather kill himself- because that was what it was in the end. Committing suicide in the most roundabout way possible. Thinking over it, Siya felt guilty from his actions. Guilty for allowing himself to fall so far, for hurting those around him. With the thoughts came the grief that he’d been pushing aside for years.

His hand tightened in Farasima’s shirt as he pulled himself toward the man. He didn’t think about it really, just simply fell against him as he cried. Everything he’d bundled up came falling out right then. All the fragile masks he wore broke. There was mourning that Valrien had told him to do. The mourning that Amon had advised him to let happen in order to feel better. Everything he’d ignored, everything he’d done that simply just hurt everyone else, or made them worry.

Siya let it all out right then. Fed up with everything. He was tired. Even if Farasima didn’t really want him to, he buried himself against the man, clinging to him as he wrapped his arm around the man, the one in the sling crushed up against his body as Siya lay on the red-head. He continually sobbed out the words ‘I’m sorry’ as he cried.

It took a little while, but he finally felt better. His sobs slowly ceased and he ended up just leaning on Farasima, taking deep, hiccuping breaths. Once that settled, he spoke softly, “Tomorrow. I want reports on where Amon and Minnow are. You and Lukina I will meet with and we’ll start planning. The Nobles of Fire want something. You’re right. They wouldn’t just take Amon if they were planning to kill him straight away. We have to figure out what it is they want.”

Siya let out a long sigh, then slowly pulled away, “I’m sorry. I know that what you dealt with the past several weeks wasn’t the best. I was difficult and probably irritating. But, I feel a little better. I will do better. Get back on track. Will you help me do that? And you have full rights to be harsh with me if I start to go astray. I don’t like what I’ve been like for the past few years. I need to get my head on straight again. Starting with this problem right now.”

Farasima flashed him a small smile when Siya glared at him. However, he hadn’t expected what came next, and that was the Fire King wrapping his good arm around the protector and leaning against him, beginning to sob as he did so. The red-head remained there, eyes wide and shocked, but slowly he began to come out of his stupor.

Hesitating for a moment, he then put an arm around Siya as well, just staying quiet and letting the man express the grief he was feeling. Words wouldn’t help, or at least no words that Farasima could think of. So he simply remained quiet, again hesitating for a few moments before wrapping his other arm around the Fire King.

He remained quiet for the whole period, and he didn’t say anything as Siya’s crying began to settle. After a moment of silence, the Fire King finally spoke, and Farasima simply nodded his head in agreement to the request. He loosened his hold on Siya as the man pulled back, Farasima’s arms coming back to his side.

“As long as you truly settle your mind, then forgive you I will. Don’t react to them, because then you fall into their traps and pits.” Farasima smiled, “And I will gladly help you get back on track. I will do my job as protector. Starting with this problem.” he said, repeating a few of the words Siya said.

Siya nodded, a very faint smile upturning the corners of his mouth, “Thank you,” he said. He let out a long sigh and started to shift his body, scooting down on the bed so that he could lay down properly. He was tired from all the crying and from the earlier pain of having the spike removed. The Fire King just wanted to sleep. As he settled against the many pillows, he yawned and curled up in a slight ball on his side, laying on his good arm while the other just draped over his body.

It didn’t take him long to fall asleep. The cool feel of the pillows under his hand helped to usher him along. He wasn’t sure if Farasima stayed there or not, he sort of hoped the Protector would, if not for a little while. Siya allowed himself into the deep sleep that beckoned him often but he’d always fought off. It felt good to sleep, much better after having released all of that frustration, tension, grief… He felt much better.


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