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Sick minds make sick games...

0 · 237 views · located in Babylon

a character in “Conquest of Babylon Online”, as played by LunaSpirit



Earth's Gemini



The first thing that sticks out to most players is the fact that Amelia's in-game avatar is of a different gender to what is on her player profile. Abaven appears almost as though he could be serving customers in a bar somewhere in the shadier areas of the map and not someone willing to throw themselves right into battle. His clothing is just a very simple plain black and white classy suite which causes him to stick out in a croud of players as most avatars are dressed with the stereotypical fantasy style costume.

Due to Amelia's rebellious and individual avatar he lacks the armour that may have given him the upper hand as a fighter especially since humans make better tanks, but of course she was not to know the game was about to get a lot more serious and so did what she pleased. It is until you notice the belt around his waist which holds everything he will ever need for combat that you realize he is a little more than a default bar man. The males hair is a very dark brunette and in certain lighting looks raven, his irises do exactly the same and seem to shine a coal black when focused or distressed. The man is as good looking as video game characters can get but his face lacks a smile. Abaven is tall and well built but is nowhere near comparable to the appearance of a normal tank. His trademark is a small silver smoking cigarette that is almost always dangling from the avatars lips.

Amelia Zyra

NA unless given one



I am going to be honest here and state that I found this picture cause she looked very similar to myself, though of course more attractive. Amy is my real name and so Amelia is going to be very alike to myself which will be fun. Sorry if you count this as being unoriginal.

Amelia has shoulder length, naturally wavy dark chocolate hair and often wears a quiet smile. Her eyes are large and a very dark blue colour, normally sharpened by winged eye liner. Though she does not wear a lot of make-up there is normally also a dark colour along her lips. She is extremely small, thin/normal, and decently busty. She likes to wear things that look similar to what she has seen in anime or video games; taking a liking to belts, interesting tall boots, and jackets. A pair of large red glasses sits on her nose which she has quite often broken to walk around for a day looking like a completely different person. Often seen with a headband.

Amelia has many different sides of her, though on first impression she seems cute enough with the tendency to apologise and say thank you far too much. A back liner with a calm attitude who would much rather be elsewhere. Though having many friends she normally only gets very attached to no more than two of them. Clearly she is extremely creative with a tendency to either be doodling, writing or playing games on her phone.

The closer you get to Amelia the less fake she is, it turns out she is extremely dirty minded who has flirting as their second nature. Along with this she also seems a little more aggressive and will happily kick your ass if you are doing something she does not agree with. The brunette often feels like she is the defender of those weaker than herself, as she knows the situation and has come a long way since her childhood. She loves a good laugh and gets along with anyone who she feels is worth her time.

The third part of Amelia is the part that others do not really see too often. Amelia has a panic disorder and depression. If she gets placed under a good deal of pressure it is likely she will break down and may even harm herself as a kind of vent. She does not enjoy been shouted at, surrounded, being placed in environments where she is expected to talk with those she does not know, being touched when upset and having a lot of things placed on her shoulders. At times she will completely shut down and sit in the corner of a room and pretend she does not exist for a good hour or so. Kind of sad really, you would never guess.


Amelia and her friends were regular gamers who in online games such as Babylon would often stay together as a kind of pack, all of their avatars being human. Being the only female in the group she tried her best to prove herself to her teammates but still found herself using male characters for no particular reason. Quite often she is identified as male online and does not bring up her gender unless asked. Of course when they were informed of the games drastic changes they still stuck together until one by one she watched her friends lose their lives for being too greedy. They expected to be able to just cut down their opponents with ease. Her and her closest male friend were left until he became exhausted of the horror he had been put through and took his own life, leaving Amelia all alone.

She does not play Abaven like her friends played, she works out her moves and plays cleverly. She used a "poke" technique which requires the ability to quickly move between defending and attacking. It is normally successful for herself. She is rather famous in Babylon due to her unusual avatar design and also due to her skill. Sadly she has unwillingly taken many a life.


Gemini's crescent moons:


A pair of double edge twin blades. Their abilities can be seen in the section below. Perfectly designed for throwing, climbing, dodging and quick hand-to-hand combat.

Castor and Pollux:


A pair of twin guns which are powerful magnums named after the twins of Gemini.

Storage belt:
Who needs a bag.

Leather shoes:
Allows Abaven to move with incredible, almost godmod movement speed. However when under the influence of alcohol the effect is greatly lowered.

Magic Abilities

With any of Abavens basic attacks he has the option after a certain cooldown time to stun is enemy for 4 seconds. The attack has a timer before the cooldown starts.
Hold it right there! - Four word chant

Gemini's hooked
With a second basic attack and use of "Hooked" Abaven can create another longer stun of 6 seconds which also increases his damage by 25% while the foe is stunned.
Caught you! - Two word chant

Twin shields
Abaven creates a magic shield in each hand to block attacks. This is useful since he lacks armour.
Protect me from the inhumane - Five word chant

Abaven summons a matching ghost twin who will mimic only his basic attacks but will take his damage for a short amount of time
The twins of Gemini! - four word chant


Twin blade basic:
Simple default single slashing of the foe. No other affects.

Castor and Pollux basic:
Simple default shooting of the foe. Damage increases with each hit.

Twin twirl:
Abaven throws forward his twin blades sending them spinning vertically towards the victim. It goes though his body and hits twice on its way back, rather like a boomerang. ( Similar to Dravens ult )

The double recoil:
Abaven shoots his opponent with his two magnums, knocking them back away from him twice and also dealing a decent amount of damage that is sure to alter the ability of his victim.

Cross slash:
Abaven slashes his twin blades in a X shape upon their chest which does not only do damage, but also allows him to mark the target and therefore know of their location for a short while, and lower their defences.

Abaven shoots the enemy in the skin, causing a drastic movement speed nerf and "bleeding" damage when the foe moves. This wears off only when the battle ends or use of potion or heal.


All foes critical strike chance is lowered due to his cigarette creating vision interfering smoke.

Mana and health regeneration:
Does what it says on the tin!

Drunk when I wake up:
When Abraven has drank in game his movement speed and critical strike chance is halved but overall consistent damage is increased.

Suit and tie:
Unoriginal I know, but discount with female shopkeepers. #SwagSuit

[url=Youtube link here]Name of your character's battle theme here[/url]

So begins...

Abaven's Story