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Bela Gardner (Sylpha)

"Please, just go. I'm tired of the bloodshed."

0 · 446 views · located in Babylon

a character in “Conquest of Babylon Online”, as played by fallout539



Former: Queen of the Fae; Current: The Lone Fae




Sylpha is 5' 2", has a thin build, and porcelain skin. Her eyes are a mesmerizing shade of magenta, and her hair is an iridescent sea green. Said hair is usually in a messy state, yet looks stylish at the same time. She can usually be seen wearing a robe, whose color matches her hair, made of what seem to be insect scales. It has a V-neck, and long draping sleeves. Sylpha wears an expression of loyalty and kindness, but there is a certain edge to her gaze that can give the unsuspecting a chill.

Bela Gardner




Bela is around 5' 1", has tan skin, and dyed red hair. She has deep brown eyes, and almost always is wearing oversized hoodies. The one she's stuck in is a big zip-up black hoodie, with pink tights.

Both in and out of the game, Bela is too nice for her own good. Many times she's been swindled, led astray, and generally has caught a bad time for it. She trusts way too easy, and is loyal till the end. Friends and family come first, she always says. However, over the years, she has built up all those negative feelings, and at times she can become the most fierce creature to ever exist. For this, she's gone to therapy. Otherwise, Bela is a normal girl, trying to get by. She wishes peace on all those she meets, shops excessively, and is 110% ready for each new day.

The young girl does harbor guilt easily, however. Often times, she will take things unrelated to her, and express guilt for others. While this can get annoying, and Bela certainly hates it sometimes. It has hindered her in her life before, but she also does a good job of justifying it to herself. Under the surface, she can can be a bundle of turmoil. A common ailment for the overly-endearing.

However, that has changed. With the death of Raphael, her close friend, Sylpha has learned to throw that trust out the window. It hindered her, and now she is a woman searching for the light in the crimson darkness. She refuses to align herself to one of the murderous guilds or groups, Sylpha is hunting for a solution, and she has developed the independence to do it. No longer can she simply wish for the happiness of others. Now, she must fight for it. And this sylph is ready to blow the opposition away.

Bela Gardner. A little girl with a dream. What was that dream, you ask? Why, to be the most benevolent fairy queen in all the lands. From a young age, she wanted there to be no poor, no sick, and definitely not a single person could be unhappy. Not in her presence. Bela lightened the room instantly whenever she walked in, and her parents loved her to death. They wanted her to succeed, and succeed she did. Citizenship award in grade school, multiple community service medals throughout middle school. She was the image of a perfect girl.

This did, however, change temporarily. For about a year after her freshman year of high school, Bela fell into a funk. She would play video games all day, talk on the internet all night, and not tell a single soul what happened. It turned out that her gentle nature bit her back. While she usually never hung out with the wrong crowd, her friends spontaneously decided to do a drug cocktail. Many overdosed. Bela was traumatized, yet she didn't say a word and wasn't linked back to the event.

She felt personally responsible. She could have stopped them, but she believed they were happy doing what they were. Naivety at it's finest. Always one to feel secretly guilty, Bela decided to simply lock herself away in alternate worlds. Where she could be that loving fairy queen she wanted so badly. She never got that year back, and it left a considerable dent. Then Conquest of Babylon came out.

Bela was a decent student before the game came out, working through college to be a nurse. Not that they were needed much longer, with all the VR equipment to help speed healing. But, she pushed on wards, very excited for a future of helping those in need. When she heard about the game, she was enjoying a nice break between semesters. Bela put off buying it though, as she had to focus on her job at her local hospital to help pay for her parent's medical expenses, as they had both had some serious surgeries. They had some joint replacements acting funny, and that stuff wasn't cheap.

Finally giving the game a shot, Bela loved it. She relished the power to be an Angel, to soar through the skies and embody all that is good. She decided to model her character on a fairy, of course, and planned to just go around and help other players. Of course, to do this, she needed a reputation. Bela's character Sylpha quested and quested, in search of some decent gear. How was she going to stay alive to help newbies any other way? And that's when she stumbled upon the Sylph Set.

Absolutely glorious, it was. With it's shimmering scales and it's gorgeous design, Sylpha instantly decided she needed it. But, as they always do, monsters had to get in the way. A few giant dragonflies emerged from the swamp where the set was stashed, and didn't hesitate assaulting Sylpha. By this time, she was already well versed in the game. Meaning she was just as quick as some big bugs. Using her bow at the time, a simple wooden tool, she took the dragonflies down one by one.

Soon enough, the Sylph set was hers. A beautiful robe, a sleek bow, and a mask that resembled the shell of a shimmering beetle. A perfect match for the wannabe fairy. Donning these new items, Sylpha was able to move at high speeds, zipping around the game and delivering aid when needed. She was very much appreciated, even paid in some cases, and built a name for herself. The Queen of the Fae, they called her. What she had wanted. Well, it goes without saying that Bela became addicted to this feeling very fast. Ate only when necessary, and hardly left her room.

After the first couple of months, Sylpha was a decent level. She had obtained a rapier known as Heaven's Needle, a rare weapon highly coveted for it's defense piercing ability. She obtained this from an old angelic ruin on the far reaches of the map, and had to fight off three Demon players to get it. She wasn't Queen for nothing. With superior trapping magic, she was able to slow and stop opposition and KO them before they could react. A bonus from her Sylph's Visage. Sylpha escaped that ruin with the Needle in tow, and managed to climb through the lower PvP brackets. Just to secure her position as "Shepard of the noobs".

Right before the death match, she was a notable member of the CoB community. Things were speeding up, and Sylpha sort of dropped from the spotlight a bit. She had heard about all the big name by now, like the Angel of Death. Her goal wasn't to be like them, not big wig warriors or anything. Just for her face to be known. "Hey, I know that girl! She's the Queen of the Fae!". Every time someone said that, her heart would flutter. Sure, it wasn't exactly standard for an Angel to look and act like such a creature, but she didn't care. Typical is boring, and her image kept her on top.

And then Ramasama happened. When she was riding her highest, he stepped in and ruined everything. For everyone. The killing began, and Sylpha had nowhere to go. She knew that she would be easily taken in for her skill at hindering opponents and her ability to wield a bow, but that wasn't the point. These groups were about to become mass murderers, and she wanted no part in that. Sylpha took for the hills, only binding her opponents before zipping off away from battle.

On only one occasion did she have to kill someone. Against her luck, that person was a friend she made in the game. One that lived very close by, and before the attack, they planned to get some dinner and meet up. His name was Raphael the Great in-game, and Mick in real life. They had hit it off, and when shit went down hill, it was this duo that ran for the hills together, sharing the same mentality. They ran so far, far enough where players barely saw them. The Queen became a whisper. Except for one band of Demons, who wanted a fairy's head on a plate.

They came when Sylpha and Raphael were camping in a cave. The largest of them, one wearing heavy armor and wielding a very big and scary ax, cornered them. He forced them out into the open, where two others awaited. A man and a woman, robed and hidden all except their glowing eyes. It was then that the woman used dark magic to posses Raphael, and turn him against Sylpha. The two fought a long fight, and it took Raphael the last bit of strength he had to beg Sylpha to kill him.

It would kill the demon woman as well, and Sylpha knew that would give her time to escape. She also knew it would haunt her forever. Killing the one person she had feelings for, Sylpha fled again. So far away, so no one could hear her lamenting wails. After her mourning, she came to terms with something. Whoever this Ramasama guy was, he needed to die. For all this pain he'd caused, he deserved the most brutal punishment. While Sylpha knew this would not make her feel better, it was the only way to stop the bloodshed.

The Lone Fae, they began to call her. Allying herself with no one, Sylpha simply avoided conflict. Everyone wanted her gear, as it would allow for fantastic reflexes and speed. They just wanted it to kill. The Lone Fae was a high mark, just for the armor she wore. It was things like this that made Sylpha truly want to fade into obscurity. So, one day, she walked into a cave. And didn't come out. It's been a week since then, and she has made her home in the dark. Resolving to free not just the Angels, but everyone in the game. That's all that mattered now.


Sylph's Garb:
The centerpiece of the Sylph set. This robe was crafted from the wings of a hundred swallow-tail butterflies by fairies, in order to protect the guardian of the forest. It's shining blue scales hold magic repelling qualities, as well as being very aerodynamic. The fairies believed that it was crucial for the guardian to be not only strong, but graceful as well.
(Provides medium and is very aerodynamic. Scales can be removed, and used as enchanted arrowheads, which can cut through magic. These must be replaced by making a visit to the swamp. Light-based, and part of the Sylph set. )

Sylph's Visage
A mask carved from the shell of a large beetle. It is said this beetle was able to climb to the tallest tree, and see every detail of the world. The artisans of the Sylph set retained this, and the Visage allows the wearer to more accurately see other's movements, as well as improve one's own reflexes. It also protects the wearer's face in flight.

A bow that looks to be composed of shimmering butterfly wings. In the first days of the Earth, fairies gathered all of the butterflies of the forests, and asked them to protect the woods from evil. The butterflies did not know how to accomplish this, as they were just insects. Until one got the idea to form a set of protection, for the one that would bring light to the darkest reaches of the forest. The butterflies agreed, and the fairies fashioned the Sylph set. This bow was crafted from the bravest Morpho butterflies.

It carries their hatred of the darkness, and fights it with all it's might. Only those of Angel origin are pure enough to touch this divine weapon.
(A Light-based bow, with the ability to fire arrows which singe the foe. Demons experience more of a burn. Available only to Angels.)

Heaven's Needle:
Some say this rapier is the key to Heaven's gates. It's guard is a swirling silver piece, and along the blade is an inscription in an ancient angelic text: A prayer to commend lost souls to Heaven. It was found in a ruin known as Uriel's Peak.
(A Light-based rapier, capable of destroying barriers. Manipulates light energy.

Magic Abilities

Chains of Lux
Chains of light reach out and shackle the target. These are easily broken by those with brawn or magic know-how, but they burn those of Demonic origin.

Cloak of the Fae
3 word- Bend the light![i] -
The user is coated in a magic barrier which reflects light, making them transparent. Lasts for as long as the caster can hold it, but it eats up mana quite fast.

3 word- [i]Come, Sylph's Aegis!
- A ward of light is formed, capable of withstanding direct hits well.

Saint Peter's Cell
6 word- Damn the sinful, holy blaze burn! - A cell of light imprisons the target, and gets hotter and hotter, judging the wicked. Once it reaches full power, it explodes with a moderate AoE. Can be broken with magic.

Sylph's Kiss
3 word- Sylph, embrace me! - Restores some vitality


Sylph Shot
Sylpha notches an arrow in her bow, and fires an arrow that flies at remarkable speed. Leaves Sylpha's hand sore, however, and hinders her bow skills for a moment.

Divine Strike
Sylpha thrusts her rapier, charging it with light energy. Good against barriers.

Holy Salvo
Sylpha gathers light energy and fires three homing arrows of light from her bow. These do a moderate amount of damage.

Dash Thrust
Using her superior speed, Sylpha readies Heaven's Needle and dashes, thrusting the rapier into her target. Depending on where it hits, can cause moderate to serious damage.

Sylpha flies into the air, launching Heaven's Needle down at her target and striking it with a light arrow from Shimmerthorn. The following resonance causes a wave of powerful energy to be put off, dealing high damage to those within 20 ft. Causes Heaven's Needle to become supercharged with light, meaning it has to stay in it's hilt so it can cool down. Takes 3 in game hours.


Sylph Speed
Sylpha has learned how to use her light magic, armor, and light frame to her advantage. Her flight speed is quite high due to this.

Dark Elemental Weakness
As an Angel, Sylpha takes more damage from Dark attacks.

Glass Wings
Sylpha's wings aren't feathery, but they resemble dragonfly wings. They look somewhat like stained glass, still giving her a divine appearance. They are lighter and quicker. Her wings are more fragile, however.

Light Resistance
Thanks to her Angel abilities, Sylpha takes less damage from Light attacks.

Perception Bonus
A passive from Sylph's Visage. Sylpha notices details easier and has slightly enhanced reflexes.

[u]The Fairy Cartographer[/i]
Since she went around and helped new players all around the map, Sylpha knows a vast amount of the land, save for the area around Babylon.

So begins...

Bela Gardner (Sylpha)'s Story


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A young woman, clad in shimmering scales, gazed out over the saturated plains of the Angel territory from the safety of her cave. It had been mostly quiet, with just a few Angels zipping about to get in some questing or to go hunting for players. They didn't take time to notice Sylpha, The Lone Fae, observing the land and waiting. Waiting for what, exactly? Well, not too long ago, Sylpha received a quest marker, one leading to the last pieces of the Sylph set, Sylph's Embrace and Sylph's Gust. She had been looking for them for quite a long time, but was quite disappointed when it turned out they were in a high-level dungeon, located deep in Angel territory.

This would prove troublesome, since a lot of creatures in the Angel area were resistant to light. If she were to go up alone, Sylpha would most likely enter stalemates with all the monsters, and make no progress. She was of a moderately high level, but not enough to be able to hastily deal with those of her own kind. She'd wanted to put off leaving her cave, as that would most likely mean she wasn't going to return to it. Lately, Sylpha had found that staying in one place for too long would make you an easy target. She may have had one of the highest speed stats in the game, but in other areas, she was pretty average. A fight would be quite one-sided.

Sylpha walked to the back of her cave, where a simple bedroll and chest resided. Activating the chest, Sylpha withdrew Shimmerthorn and Heaven's Needle, her two precious weapons. They protected the admittedly glass jaw girl, and they did a magnificent job. Many of the Angels wanted them for themselves, but none of them could catch Sylpha. A fact she prided herself on. Equipping Shimmerthorn and her mask, Sylph's Visage, Sylpha activated her wings and took flight out of the cave.

She zoomed out, over the rolling pastures and holy ruins, and even a few players. Some were fighting, others searching for loot. A few even noticed her, but didn't pursue her. Her speed buff simply put them off. After a bit of flying, and her stamina getting low, Sylpha landed in front of a beautiful forest. Brightwood Glade, it was called. Sylpha knew that it was a high level dungeon, as she'd been past this area and lifted the fog of war here, but she did not know it was a party dungeon. A further affirmation that she'd need to shed her solo ways if she were to complete her set.

She sighed. "Oh God, I know I'm going to regret this." She muttered before opening the requests chat channel, and posting a party invite:

{Sylpha} requests players to join them at [Brightwood Glade]. Click here to warp.

While she would much rather have a Human come with her, as they would be able to take down the monsters easier, she didn't want to risk being at a disadvantage against whoever came. They could easily attack her, and if an Angel did, she'd at least have the capability to escape. Sylpha drew her bow, and waited to see if anyone would show.


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#, as written by Damioa
Joseph Lee, or Seph, as he was named in the world of BO, was just walking around aimlessly like he would do on certain days that he didn't have a request from one of his old friends or from a weak character he bumped into. Why would he waste time doing such a thing? He had no clue. Maybe it was because he enjoyed a good walk every now and then. Whatever the reason, he was growing real tired of the dark and gloomy scenery of the demon area of the game. He had no reason to travel outside of the area though and stayed to his roots. He came to a town that he was used to seeing everyday. His base of operations, if you could call it that and the place where he rested at during nighttime hours of the game.

Passing in town he received the hello's and bows from some players who he had the pleasure of helping in the past. Some of the other townsfolk averted their eyes from his cold gaze, while others just pretended he wasn't there. He enjoyed those people more than the others. He hated being looked upon and talked about, much less being talked too. Still, when a person needed help, he couldn't help himself but to help them. No matter how cold he tried to act, people of weaker levels still seemed to think he was safe enough to step up to for help. Lucky for them that he was. He never denied a request from someone weaker or even someone strong enough to take care of themselves. However, he would never out right talk to someone, especially if said person was weaker than him. He would only talk to someone if he had to, or someone he already knew and trusted. If you were to know him that well then you would be one of the small few and if you were to just meet him after the start of real like in BO then you would be part of the sum he could count on one hand.

As he was just about to walk into the inn where he stayed he was stopped by an incoming message.
"Hey man. It's me, Korin. I have a request for you. I know you're not part of the Angel race, but I have just been randomly invited by a weaker character to party inside of a high level dungeon. Thing is, I'm busy at the moment, but I still worry for that player. If you would be so kind, would you please follow the link and assist them? I'll be forever in your debt man. Thanks. -The Korinator."

The first thought on Seph's mind was that Korin had to change his signature. The second thought was that the man should be lucky that he use to party and spar with him. If it wasn't for the bond the two had then he would've denied immediately. He touched his hand on the link and saw,
{Sylpha} requests players to join them at [Brightwood Glade]. Click here to warp.

Great. She's a female. That guy sure knows how to get me to do things.

Reluctantly he pushed the link and was warped to the destination. The scenery was at least a good change. He had always felt warm in Angel territory. Sick to his stomach at times, but on a day that he was hoping for a change of environment, this was pretty good. Everything was brighter here. Still the dungeon might prove to be uglier than the exterior. He walked to the woman who had her back turned. "I am here to assist you." He said. Even though he was there to help he couldn't get rid of his glare, especially as he saw that she was masked. Based on all he knew, it was a trap. However, she was a weaker character so it shouldn't be a problem if she would attack him. Hopefully it wouldn't cause a problem.

"If you're wondering how a demon got your request, I was forwarded it from a friend. If you don't want my help I could leave if you want."


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Sylpha was about to head into Brightwood Grove when a player appeared near her on the mini-map. It caught her off guard, causing her to jump. She turned around, and was already apprehensive. The perception bonus from Sylph's Visage was showing a dark indicator surrounding this newcomer, which indicated a Demon. Damn it, I knew this was a terrible idea... Sylpha felt anxiety rising up in her, but she fought it down. Her expression may have given away her uneasiness, but her mask hid that from view; a blessing, if she wanted to survive this new arrival.

Then...he approached her, without drawing his weapons. His amber eyes were cold, as a Demon's would be, a complete opposite from their rather warm color. "I am here to assist you.". The man said simply. His eyes still glared and pierced SYlpha's mask, despite this offer. While it may have been a foolish move, Sylpha moved her hand to her face, and removed the mask. She returned the Demon's gaze with her own magenta eyes. She had to look up, as he was quite a bit taller than her, but she showed that she wasn't scared. Even if she was, in the slightest. "If you're wondering how a demon got your request, I was forwarded it from a friend. If you don't want my help I could leave if you want." The man said once more.

It did answer part of the question in her mind, since she thought the request was for the Angel region only, but help was help. A Demon would be more susceptible to the creatures in the dungeon, but they would also be able to attack with full force. With a bit of doubt, Sylpha held out her hand. "No, it's fine. As long as you don't stab me in the back, I won't leave you at the mercy of the Light-based monsters in there. Well, you already know who I am. We can talk all about you and the quest on the way. Come along, if you would." Sylpha revealed her dragonfly wings, and sent a party invite to "Seph", her new ally. At least she hoped so. The Angel began fluttering towards the entrance, a large pathway surrounded by trees of golden leaves and birch-like bark...a pleasant image, despite what lurked inside.


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#, as written by Damioa
Seph looked at Sylpha, wondering why in Babylon's name would she want to go to a super high dungeon. That's like suicide. Maybe she wasn't that smart. Well, it didn't really matter. A favor for a friend is a favor for a friend.

"No, it's fine. As long as you don't stab me in the back, I won't leave you at the mercy of the Light-based monsters in there. Well, you already know who I am. We can talk all about you and the quest on the way. Come along, if you would."

To this he didn't say anything. His thoughts were doing all the talking that he needed.

Who in the world does this chick think I am? I don't join parties just to kill people I am partied with. That's one thing. Another thing is that she wants to talk about me. If she looks at my info tab she can know all about me. Really. Seph. Demon. Strong. Lightning user. Done. What else does she want to know? On top of all that she wants to boss me around like I'm her pet dog. Well I'll show you who the dog is. Hold on. I can't attack her. She could die. Damn. I wanna go back to the inn. I thought I was gonna meet a kind person or something. I always take jobs without asking about the client. Not that I'm getting paid for this. Dang, I should start charging like that one guy. What was his name. Oh crap, she's leaving.

He looked out towards her as she flew away. Butterfly wings weren't really common. Must've been the first time he saw them. He drew out his black feathered bat wings, a design he won from a demon and mixed it with his own, and flew after her.

"So um, why do you want to do this quest?" He asked. Maybe if he got some information on her motive, he could find out what kind of perks this quest had to offer.


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As the duo flew into the forest, the dungeon became a separate instance, locking them inside until the quest was done. Inside, Brightwood Glade was a beautiful forest of shimmering golden leaves, warm sunlight, and woodland creatures rustling in the fallen leaves. Sylpha, however, knew that dangerous creatures spawned in the area, and she was ready for anything. Her bow hummed in her hands, and her mask showed her the slightest movement in the brush. The path was straight, but there was a clearing up ahead.

"What am I here for, you ask?" Sylpha said, in response to Seph's question. "The last pieces of my armor set are here. I don't know if you'd want them, since all the pieces are Light-based." Sylpha told her companion simply. Up ahead in the clearing, she could see some figures moving. Their names tags above the health bars said "Brightwood Hound". They weren't too highly leveled, nut they might prove a problem with their evasion rate. There were five of them.

"Looks like we have company already." Sylpha placed her fingers on the drawstring of Shimmerthorn, creating an arrow of light notched in the bow. "Do you think you could go out and lead them to me? That way we can bottleneck them, and I'll hit them with my trapping magic. Sound good?" She questioned, hoping the demon would be satisfied. It could work, considering her Holy Salvo skill, with it's ability to home in on targets. She pulled her drawstring taut, in wait for Seph to get started.


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Character Portrait: Bela Gardner (Sylpha) Character Portrait: Seph (Joseph Lee)
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#, as written by Damioa
The woman was right. Seph wasn't interested in armor of any kind. It would hurt his speed. He had lightning and his sword to protect him. It's probably because of his lack of armor that people mistake his abilities, not that it mattered to him of course. The less people that knew how strong he was the better. That way no one would bother him for help. Although, there were some bad points to being looked upon as week. For example he had to hash out lessons to many player killers.

He followed Sylpha through the straight path admiring the Angel area dungeon. It was much more relaxing than a Demon's dungeon but just as dangerous. "Looks like we have company already.", the woman said. He gazed in front of them and saw the are monsters in front of them. "Brightwood Hound" He thought maybe he could just fight them all by dashing about then realized if they couldn't catch him they would go after his partner.


He was thinking of a new plan when the girl declared one of her own. "Do you think you could go out and lead them to me? That way we can bottleneck them, and I'll hit them with my trapping magic. Sound good?" Seph stood there in a moment of thought and then nodded his head. Turning towards his targets he stepped forward and almost disappeared in a flash of speed. He stopped his lightning step right in the middle of the enemy group to get their attention. One of the Hounds growled at him in furry. He wasn't fazed. Even when they started to chase him he simply back stepped with his hands on his blade, leading them closer to the girl.