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Blade Slizer (Asher Damons)

"I am but a weapon, just point me at your enemies and I will attack them. Point me at the innocent, and you shall perish yourself."

0 · 650 views · located in Babylon

a character in “Conquest of Babylon Online”, as played by Asher MstrImmortalis


Asher DamonsBlade Slizer

Personal Information

Asher Damons

Ashie (a girl once called him that)




Asher is about 6"1' with black hair and eyes. He has a well-built body, though it's balance with height and width. Asher doesn't have much muscle to show- though his body is still stronger than it looks.
His eyes show a bit of sadness, mainly because of the horrible childhood he had went through, though his face doesn't betray his want to not show his sadness.
Asher is usually seen with a T-shirt with jeans and brown boat shoes, complete with a sort of hoodie that's unzipped.

In real life, Asher Damons is a hard working individual who only wants to be useful and good in other people's eyes. He is hard working, and is serious about the tasks that he dose. All the while though, he is also a friendly kid who can and will help anyone do a task. Asher is a generous fellow with a soft heart, always being the glue of a friendship. Of course, mentally assaulting him devastates him greatly, and Asher would usually be the most vulnerable to these situations. Asher is also shy, so friendships are usually made when a person starts to try and get close to Asher (don't even think about him with a girl. In fact, Asher would most likely be clueless to a girl hitting on him).
In his tasks, Asher is disciplined to be serious and not relenting to follow the instructions to the crosses and the dots to finish each task. Asher, because of his time in martial arts academies, is able to be clever in various situations, from combat to regular schoolwork. Speaking of which, Asher is an extremely intelligent individual (book-smarts and street-smarts), and is willing to use his knowledge in his tasks. Of course, going back to his shy side, you have to ask him to do the task rather than his offering to do the task himself. In a confrontation, Asher would usually stutter and start being jumpy, becoming nervous as if he was going to be beaten up or going to get bullied/insulted/made fun of/etc.

Asher Damons was born as a goody-two-shoes kind of kid, initially. He wants to live up to his parent's expectations, always. Of course, when it came to confrontations outside of his house, Asher was indeed unable to cope with them. The bullies in his school pestered him and eventually insultd him, pelting the poor boy with horrible phrases, nicknames, and the like.
He repeatedly went to his parents and his teachers for aid against children like these, up to the point of enraging his parents. This issue persisted into Asher pre-teen years, when it all spiraled down to hell with Asher. Secretly, the Damons family wanted a mentally strong child, and, being patient, they put up with Asher's constant requests to help him against bullying kids. However, at this age, they expected more from Asher, and practically punished him for it by physically beating him up to harden him. They even enrolled him into various martial arts disciplines, which was the only thing that did help Asher, allowing him to develop a serious, brave front but didn't relieve the boy entirely of his weak mental state (currently, he is in the lower-professional ranks).
Of course, this devastated Asher even more. He just barely managed to keep himself from being suicidal, and shut himself in his room. Asher managed a sort of cease-fire just by telling his parents not to bother him if he doesn't bother them. At that point, Asher searched for different ways to get out of life and actually experience something enjoyable- video games (which he had become extremely good at), anime (still not to an otaku's standards, but he is getting there), collecting things (figurines, cards from things like YuGiOh), etc.
Thus, Asher was but a ghost that occupied one of the rooms of the Damons home, even if he technically was a resident there. Still though, Asher was mentally weak from his now 14-year-old ordeal, and now has to take care of himself.
When the Personal Virtual Reality Kits first came out, Asher immediately saved his money to buy them, finding another way to escape the hellhole that is his life. When the Conquest of Babylon came out, Asher was practically on line to get it before he could get in online.
Asher's only saving grace from dying of malnutrition was when his parents decided to check on him (after all, they were cold but still had humanity in their hearts). This also saved his life, as Asher's parents knew that when the Conquest of Babylon's mass genocide plan was released on the news, they called for an ambulance- only out of the duties of a citizen.

Data File

Blade Slizer

BS (funny if playing the card game)
The Merciful
The Dark Enforcer
Armed With Wings
The Yin-Yang Swordsman



Avatar Model Description:
Standing tall at about 6", Blade Slizer is a normal human with white skin, silver hair, and icy blue eyes. He is seen bearing dark clothing, usually with a scarf that hides the bottom part of his face.
Blade Slizer carries various numbers of blades, each of them ready to be unsheathed should Blade Slizer enter a fight.

AI Behaviour
Blade Slizer is a friendly individual, always welcome to make a friend as well as able to place his trust in others during missions. Unlike his actual counterpart, Blade is relaxed and always ready to do something for another person.
Blade is also a loyal person, being able to take an attack for a friend or someone who had paid him (see "Progress"). However, Blade also has a set of morals and values that override, if not shake, his loyalty towards a person (i.e. Finding out he was being paid to be a hit-man for a famous, innocent player instead of being paid to assassinate a Player Killer). When that happens, Blade Slizer would either turn on the person he placed his loyalty to, or he would just leave.
During battle, Blade is honorable as well as merciful. Blade refuses to kill a player now that there is the Game of Death patch in effect in the Conquest of Babylon, no matter the race. In fact, Blade usually lets the Yawarakai-Te skill go in effect to prevent deaths from happening to players (though the same can't be said for AI). However, should Blade encounter a player who would willingly kill other players for their own gain, Blade will end their game session eternally, his only mercy being the minimal amount of pain they would feel.
Now that Blade is in the Game of Death, he has a mixed persona of his in-game self and his real-life self. He struggles to fully act like his in-game self in order to get through the game and events in life instead of cowering in a room, isolated. Usually, Blade does this by going on missions, but it doesn't always work. In order to not show his mental weakness, Blade had developed a new persona, made from the sweat, blood, and broken bones sacrificed in his counterpart's martial arts classes.

Blade Slizer excels in mana and stamina, having to grow those stats in the above average zone. To keep up with the magic skills, intelligence and strength has also been raised to strengthen these abilities into the above average zone. However, speed doesn't have much room, but it manages to stay borderline in the above average/average zones. Health is still growing in the higher average zone, but defense and protection are both in the lower than average zones. Catching Blade Slizer off guard and landing hits, especially critical blows, are devastating to him because of his lower vitality. Sealing physical attacks and/or magical abilities are also devastating to Blade Slizer because of his skill dependancy. However, going against him head-on will just destroy you because of Blade Slizer's larger damage output. Going at him with preparation for one kind of attack (physical or magic) will also kill you because of Spellbind attacks that calculate your resistance and defense, allowing for more damage. However, if you keep up the battle and stall that battle by dodging his attacks, Blade Slizer will sooner or later be unable to use his skills because of stamina and mana being drained.

Throughout the first three weeks of the game, Blade Slizer is known for being able to learn the skill to bind his spells into his physical attacks (i.e. Flash Step-Icicle Rain). Blade was a famous mercenary who is willing to do most things for other players, for a reasonable (no, he really isn't conning them) price. Because of this, many players loved him, and even some Angels and Demons were willing to befriend him.
At the event of the developer revealing his plans of his arena, Blade Slizer disappeared and dropped out of the radar, most likely to recover from the shock. He then became a lone player, getting through his quests and leveling up alone. Even though the lack of sociability picks on his mind, Blade has grown strong in doing so, and he is a capable person to go into the tower and work his way up. However, Blade still never managed to get far into the Tower of Babylon, and thus he went to go and train as well as obtain some of the skills he wields now.
Just half a year ago, Blade Slizer has opened up his mercenary business again, strictly in jobs of obtaining materials/weapons as well as becoming a party member on expeditions. While Blade isn't known yet for his new skills at this point, but he had revealed them in a surprise boss battle on the way back from an expedition through a dungeon in the human realm.
The boss itself was just a shadow figure of a Swordsman Class- Human NPC Enemy, it gave the party a rough time. Throughout this battle, Blade Slizer has shown his four swords that were of elements totally opposite to each other, granting him the Alias of the Yin-Yang swordsman. Blade tried to discover the enemy's elemental weakness, but only found one. So, by using the non-elemental blade, Asher chanted the spell he had been known for- the Summoning of Blackmist. This transformation alone allowed his party members to escape as well as allowing Blade to solo the NPC, just barely coming out alive after the battle.
At that point, Blade has gotten more requests to aid party members when going into the Tower of Babylon. Blade had to choose between so many, that he just closed down his Mercenary Booth and just choose whether to accept or decline the requests of those in front of him. Other than that, Blade is just another player who usually found alone in towns (and maybe confronted by other players to join them because he's alone).


The Dark Enforcer Series:
A set of clothing, thick and durable. It used to be worn by a lone vigilante who went after higher-ups who abused their power. It is said that the want for justice of the original wearer flows through the current wearer.
Fedora: A simple black hat tilted down so witnesses can't see the wearer's eyes. gives the user additional resistance to light.
Dark Enforcer's Armor: Light armor that's just padded clothing, also dark colored to blend into the night. Because it's light and durable, it's one of the choice armors to go into battle with. Gives the wearer additional light resistance.
Dark Enforcer's Gloves: Black Gloves that strengthens dark spells used by the wearer. However, it also gives additional resistance from the element of light.
Dark Enforcer's Leggings: Leggings of the same color. It includes a waist cape that covers the view from the right half of the avatar. During the night, this equipment would give the user additional movement speed.

Gothic Necklace:
A necklace that was design with the Gothic styles of the Medieval Era, it shows the Crucifix. It gives the wearer additional physical protection against Demons.

Juuchi Yosamu:
A sword that cuts through anything and everything, much like the sword in the Muramasa and Masamune Legend. It gives additional physical damage to Angels as well as giving the physical attacks the element of darkness. It also has great physical damage to start with as well. If this sword is drawn and sheathed without even doing 1000 points of damage, 10% of the user's life is drained into the blade.

A sword of peace and gentleness, it's like the sword in the Muramasa and Masamune legend. It gives additional damage to physical attacks against demons and has the element of light. If this sword is in the inventory of the wielder of the Juuchi Yosamu, it cancels out the negative effect if the said sword doesn't deal a thousand points of damage.

Flamma Aeterna:
(Eternal Fire in Latin) A blade of everlasting flame, much like its ice counterpart. It has the element of fire and strengthens Fire spells.

A blade of ice. It has ever-lasting ice for a blade, much like its namesake of an endless Winter before the end of the world. It gives the physical attacks the element of ice, and strengthens ice spells.

Lone Wolf Blade:
A sword that belonged to a lone swordsman, this sword doesn't hold anything back. It has a slightly below-average damage stat, but can allow the wielder to attack faster than other swords. No element.

FLLFFL's Sword:
A sword belonging to an old veteran fighter. It's a normal sword at most, but the hilt leaves a gap inside it. Passively extends the distance of dashes like Flash Step and extends the reach of stabs. Wind element.

Nhazul's Blade:
A blade wielded by one without a past yet full of power (when enraged). This sword's attack power increases as the wielder's health drops. The exact method of calculating the attack bonus is that when the health drops at 74%, 2% will be added to the attack until 25%, which will allow a full 100% attack bonus for the next 5 minutes. Beware, however, as using this blade under 25% of health results in a gradual increase of dizziness and higher stamina cost for skills. Lightning element.

Magic Abilities


Icicle Rain:
A basic ice spell that allows the caster to dictate where the icicles will spawn and which direction they travel in.

A basic fire spell that allows the caster to spawn a fireball and send it at a target.

A basic light spell. Does this thing really need to be explained? 15% of that target's health is restored.

An intermediate ice spell that sends a blast of freezing air over an area. It has a change of inflicting the freeze status effect. Lower-than-average damage output.

May my enemies freeze in a frozen coffin! - 8 word chant.

Intermediate fire spell that creates a pillar of flame from the ground, rising up to incinerate enemies.

The sun shines, and its flame shall burn thy enemies! - 3 word chant.

Summoning of Blackmist
A spell that changes the form of the user, only available for a unique skill quest. Upon completion of the incantation, the caster will grow wings and have access to new skills. The element of the user will change to the element of the weapon during the incantation, which means that the user must exit the Armed With Wings transformation and wait for the cooldown (which is 24 hours). The duration of the transformation itself is 5 minutes. See "Armed With Wings Form" for the skills accessed in this form. 42 Words. Note that this takes away most of the user's mana and stamina bars, leaving only about 15 percent each. The user will also be in a state of dizziness and defense down for about 5 minutes. This duration is enough for the caster to be defeated, especially if the enemies survive it when used as a last resort.

I am Blackmist, creator of matter and matter that makes up all... I choose this mortal as my vessel, one who had been born without a father, and grant him this title, the name of myself, to represent the world in the face of evil. We are... Armed With Wings. - 50 word chant.

Casting of Wings
Note that the "Summoning of Blackmist" must be learned to gain this spell. The user focuses mana into the back, making two limbs sprout out and molding them into the form of wings. The summoning of these wings allows for a 10-minute time limit. However it uses up 10% of the user's mana. The cool down is 1 hour.

I am one who was born without a father. Hear me! Let my title be known through what I have been granted by your powers! - 25 word chant.

Summoning of the Lone Warrior's Blade:
Note that the "Summoning of Blackmist" must be learned to gain this spell. The user prays to Blackmist, focusing mana into his/her hands to create a blade accessible to Armed with Wings. With each attack, the sword deals physical damage, despite being made of mana. It has a slightly-higher-than-average damage output. The sword's presence lasts for 10 minutes. The cooldown is 2 hours. During this time, the user can't use other swords and weapons.

Hear me, swordsman of ages past! My cries reach out to you to ask you for your blessing, in the form of your powerful blade! - 25 word chant.



Assault Slash:
The user jumps up into the air and drops with the weapon positioned below him/her, slamming it down onto enemies below. The move is especially devastating to downed enemies, and it has a shockwave effect upon impact on the ground/enemy. If the user targets a currently downed enemy, the move automatically homes in on the target. Low stamina cost.

Twin Edge:
The user swings the weapon vertically, forcing down the target's guard (if the opponent isn't guarding, the skill deals damage and puts the target in a temporary guard-break stun) then slash horizontally, sending the opponent back a bit with a chance of a dizzy state (30%). An alternate version of this attack is to slash horizontally to throw off the opponent's guard and/or stun it then slashing upwards to send them into the air. Average stamina cost.

Trick Step:
The user dashes in a straight line at high speeds from the air or the ground. The user is able to attack while moving and carries momentum after the skill. The user is able to attack immediately after the blur phase. However, this skill has higher stamina usage and is not invincible. It also causes following attacks to be a bit slower. Usable in the air.

Quickdraw Slash:
Must have Quickdraw activated. The user quickly sheathes the weapon currently equipped (the sword is automatically sent to the inventory) and draws the next weapon, slashing at a target in the process. Used to parry incoming attacks or to go on the offensive and continue combos. Average Stamina cost.

Assault Shift:
The user sacrifices defense for attack, perfect for an all-out assault but makes the user more vunerable to critical hits and counter attacks.

Arc Strike:
The user sacrifices speed to deal an average attack powered- slash in a wide arc that can strike multiple enemies. If blocked, the skill renders the defender in a longer block-stun than usual. There's also a slightly higher stamina cost.

A skill used in the air. The user spins vertically, slashing enemies in front of, behind, above, and below the user of the skill. If used on the ground, the user automatically jumps to use the skill. Slightly higher stamina cost.

Edge Stall:
The user simply slashes, but the hit isn't registered on the target's body. These slashes can accumulate as long as the slashes "connect." At the sheathing of the sword, the hits are registered into the system (note that it isn't lag. It actually did stall for a reason) and deal damage. Average Stamina Cost. The slashes must connect like normal slashes or else they will register as blocked/missed attacks. Up to 5 of these slashes can be stalled on the same enemy at the same time. It can also be added to other skills, but at the cost of even more stamina used.

Fatal Edge
The user must start at a distance. The user charges at the target, slashing wildly before suddenly using Flash Step to get in front of the opponent, slashing from the waist at the opening in the opponent's guard. The user then uses Flash Step again to get behind the opponent and use the last part of Twin Edge Omega followed by a Modified Twin Edge Cross to send them up into the air. The user uses Flash Step one more time to get near the airborne opponent and use Tempest followed by a strong downward slash to slam them down.
While this skill is truly devastating in a battle, the first Flash Step can easily be dodged with a well-timed evasion, making the skill useless. Secondly, during the following slash, if there is some kind of physical barrier that still prevents a blow from being placed, the user will end the skill prematurely in a stun-like state. Again, the stab that follows the slash must connect to the target, or else the skill is, yet again, rendered useless. While the attacks are faster, there are many openings in this skill that the opponent can abuse and punish. If the opponent doesn't die or isn't in a state to attack, he/she is able to unleash a devastating counterattack, as this skill also lowers the user's defense stat in order for more power. The user also can't counterattack this counter because he/she had sacrificed all but 10% of the stamina bar (as well as 5% of the remaining health).



The race of humans. They sin. They kill. They pray. They aid. They believed what they wanted to, and are always influenced by some demon, angel, or just the Devil and God. They currently fight for their own in this war to conquer the Tower of Babylon. They have balanced stats and no weaknesses, at the cost of no strengths.

A class in which both magic abilities and skills are learned and used in battle with almost equal efficiency. While most Spellswords main one attack method (physical/magical attacks) some choose to take advantage of the magic and physical attacks and mix things around to provide more options in battle. However, in order to accomodate this, Spellswords must have higher Intelligence and Strength stats than other stats, thus leaving them statistically weak in certain areas.

Spellsword-only passive skill. Allows the user to create new skills by combining spells and skills. This is at the cost of 25% increase of stamina and mana of the spell and skill used.

Absolutely horrble. Look up the Tales of series' various horrible cook characters. This guy is comparable. (OOC: Hm... I think this can work as a lethal weapon against Lucia Fair.... With the dragon and all that. xD)

Mana Magnet:
(Too bad there isn't one for chicks, eh? xD) Mana regeneration inside of battle. It's slow during the day but faster in the night.

Controlled Breathing:
The user is able to regenerate stamina during battle.

If the user's life is below 10%, Stamina and Mana's Regeneration Rate is increased by 100%. Attack stat is increased as well. However, there is a 20% increase of stamina usage and an infliction of dizziness.

If this user aims for a barn, he gets an apple on a head. If he aims for that.... A cloud's gonna scream out in pain.

This ability allows the user to knock the targetted enemy (or enemies) down into 1 HP, leaving them with the Unconscious, Paralysis, and Attack-Down status in the event of a fatal blow. It prevents the user from killing the enemy if he/she wills the skill to be activated.

The user selects 3 swords in the inventory and equips one of them. The user is able to freely switch between the three blades without going to the inventory, but must use some stamina every time a switch is made.

When Mosou attack is activated, the user is able to go into True Mosou mode instead o- Wait.... we don't have these game mechanics? Damnit.

Fatal KO:
At the defeat of an enemy, there is a chance for the theme for Fantasy Heaven from Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody will play. It can only be heard by the user and current party members. 50% chance of occurring. The track itself ends after the user leaves the general battle area. Not even the developer knows how this was in the game, but he let it stay there.

Of the Shadows:
The user is able to see through the darkness as well as seeing hidden items, or at least be aware of their presence in a general area if there is a major factor that hides said object/person. During the night, the user is also able to blend into the darkness better. This skill also enhances the user's stealth and speed as well as awareness, the latter being useful in battle since he/she can detect an incoming attack from behind.

Gun Edge Mastery:
The user is able to- wait. There aren't any guns in this game.

Lovely... Is what you thought before a nearby object of glass breaks. THIS, people, is why not many RPG games use singing as a useful skill.


Armed With Wings Form


About AwW:

Using the Summoning of Blackmist, the user sacrifices virtually all the energy in his body in order to change into a form with immense power. However, this form is only available for a limited amount of time before the user switches back to his or her exhausted body.
The following Equipment is accessable ONLY through the Summoning of Blackmist ritual or through certain rituals. Even in this form, the user is still able to access to his or her original set of skills and spells (Passives not included. Spells are also only available in accordance to the element of the weapon used during the ritual), but with less damage output. In this form, however, the user isn't able to access his/her original equipment, nor are they able to receive bonuses of them.
Beware of using this form, as there are two requirements that, if either of them were to be met, immediately reverts the user back to his last form in a severely weakened state- if the time is up, or if the health were to drop to 0%, the latter forcing the user to transform back with only 10% health left. This is also met with the fact that the weapon equipped when the ritual is done cannot be used for the next 2 hours, as it needs to rest from being strained by forces to help convert the user into the Armed with Wings form with the element of the weapon (those without the element are not restricted by this).


Wings of Blackmist:
Pure white wings that sprout from the wearer's back. Enables the ability to fly.

Armed With Wing's Coat:
Ironically, it's a long coat in pure white, which clashes with its name. As the wearer moves, the coat tail leaves off a quickly fading trail of mist. Because of the protection it creates, there is additional resistance to physical attacks.

Armed With Wing's Shoes:
Pure white shoes that doesn't gather dirt. They passively increase the speed of the wearer.

Lone Warrior's God Cutter:
A sword of extreme might, yet of an average sword's appearance. The original wielder of this sword used to be of awesome strength, being the first bearer of the title, Armed with Wings.


Usable only on the ground. The user stabs the ground and sends a wave of energy into the ground. The energy travels to the immediate surrounding areas and rises up from underground, sending any nearby enemies skyward.

Twin Edge Assault:
The user dashes to the enemy, slashing it to send it into the air. The user charges upward along with the rising enemy, sending them away with a Demon God Blade at the end of the dash before using Angelic Edge to follow up the attack.

Angelic Edge:
The user sheathes the sword before slashing quickly, making an invisible shockwave projectile. The projectile is angled by the angle of the slash. It has lower-than-average power compared to other projectile skills, but has superior speed over other projectiles.

Demonic Edge:
The user charges the sword in preparation, and releases all the energy stored in the blade with one slash. The result is a close-range shockwave that extends only a little farther than the slash itself. The speed is slow, but the power is high.

Flash Edge:
The user strikes the opponent quickly before running around the target as a blur. The user then reappears near the injured enemy and slashes upward. Usable on the ground as well as the air.

Magical Abilities

Shadow Stitch:
Intermediate dark element spell, usable only when shadows are present. The user controls the shadows of nearby objects or the enemy (raises mana cost if using the latter, or more shadows) and makes them spear, the beam of darkness only able to change direction once.

Thy shadow is thy bane, and it shall be erased from existense the moment you are! - 16 word chant.

Orzel Bialy:
An intermediate light spell that, upon the finishing of the chant, sends a bird-shaped projectile at a direction. For allies, it heals. For enemies, it damages.

Let the sacred bird take flight, and may you witness its gold tipped wings! - 14 word chant.

Bloody Lance:
Advanced dark element spell. The user summons a spear of darkness in his/her hand, holding it like a javelin. The user throws it and the impact results in an explosion of darkness.

O obsidian flash, be as a raging spear to run my enemies through... Pierce the hearts of those who stand before me! - 22 word chant.

Holy Lance:
Advanced light element spell. The user summons multiple spears of light around the enemy before impaling the target by the lances all at once.

O divine spear, run my enemy through! Pierce its soul of darkness, and end this evil that is brought upon this world. - 22 word chant.

A light element arcane rank spell. It creates a symbol on the ground and makes the clouds circle above the intended target when the incantation has started. Upon completion of the incantation, a holy lightning will blast into the targeted enemy as well as surrounding enemies, dealing great damage at the cost of high mana. The cooldown is 6 minutes.

I who stand in the full light of the heavens…. Call upon thee who openeth the gates of hell Come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation! - 27 word chant.


Pure Aura:
A barrier that creates resistance (not total though) against magic spells and physical attacks.

God Fist:
As the embodiment of a being that supposedly makes and makes up all, the user must have enough strength to be one. That's why, during this transformation, the user can deal much more damage than normal in terms of magical and physical skills.

Aerial Mastery:
The user is able to deal noticeably, but slightly, more damage with attacks in/from the air. This also counts for spells cast mid-air.

Spellbound Skills


Trick Step
-Fireball: The user dashes towards the enemy and casts fireball as he/she runs right through the enemy, stopping to let the weapon pointing behind them and stab the incoming enemy from momentum.
-Icicle Rain: The user dashes in a direction, creating and sending icicles to the enemy. Range of the dash is slightly increased.
-Prominence: The user dashes in a direction, the player's wake being the area where 3 flame pillars rise in a row.

Assault Slash
-Prominence: The user jumps up and slams his sword down, creating a fire pillar upon impact.
-Indignation: The user uses Assault Slash. As the user is at the peak of the jump, a holy lightning strikes the weapon before it strikes the target below, causing magic and physical damage at the same time. However, this makes Indignation unusable for 1 hour.

Twin Edge
-Prominence: The user slashes downwards, damaging the target (even more) with a flame pillar. Right before the opponent could recover from the attack, the user slashes horizontally to send the opponent away.
-Fireball: The user slashes downwards, then slashing horizontally to stun them. Before they could recover, the user slams a Fireball into the stunned target.
-First-Aid: The user does Twin Edge Cross, but at the horizontal slash, the user follows up with a stab that drains life from the target and heals the user.

So begins...

Blade Slizer (Asher Damons)'s Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Tsukishiro Amaya (Lucia Fair) Character Portrait: Licht Character Portrait: Blade Slizer (Asher Damons) Character Portrait: Marco Robbins
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It would seem, with all the 'warning lights' going off in him, that Licht was not the only player in the area, as opposed to his original assumption. Although it didn't take as much, Licht never did turn around to face the player until after she had retrieved her weapon, only because he had to conceal a sigh. There was no way it'd be Marco yet, for he would at least send him a message about whether or not he was coming. Well, that and the fact that this player was around Licht's own level meant that it couldn't be Marco. Marco was not a weak player, but he wasn't as close to Licht in level as this person was. This person was...


If only it was the older days of CoB. He could've challenged this person to a friendly duel without worry of killing or death. Just for fun. But that wouldn't be likely here. Considering that the person before him was defensive, with her weapon out, and the fact that she was a demon, odds are the only 'spar' they'd end up getting in would be one to the death, which was something Licht avoided as actively as possible. However, this might prove to be impossible. While the woman gave no signs of simply attacking outright, Licht was already receiving a small debuff in his speed stat. The move read, "Wicked Eye" under the debuffs display. He wished it actually mentioned the conditions for the debuff to apply, but sadly, it did nothing but give him a vague theory that whatever it was involved her eyes.

Not that that really did anything.

She called out to him finally, addressing him as 'Human'. He had to admit, he thought he looked more like an Angel to most people, but maybe she had checked to see he hadn't any debuff to the element of Darkness or something. Or maybe a guess. Either way, he listened as she continued by asking, obviously, why he was here and what he was here for. Her words seemed... 'boring', as in they didn't betray any real emotion. Was she aggressive? Scared? Happy? Sad? The truth was, judging by her voice, he couldn't answer that. Licht couldn't consider himself such an actor. He only really speaks the truth, for the most part. At this moment, he might not speak the truth simply because he doesn't exactly know why he's here, or what he's here for. Yet, making something up on the spot wasn't his favorite thing to do. He could, perhaps, be vague as to his reasons here. At the very least, this woman knows that Licht isn't some low-level player, and hopefully that would be enough to deter any aggressive action towards him. If not, his identity usually worked wonders on demons since it was essentially a demon's bane with their weakness to Light and his fondness for it.

Licht spoke with a normal tone. It wasn't a casual one, but it was not one that made him seem scared or aggressive. It was boring, like hers, yet it did betray his caution in but the slightest. "I've only come here for my own reasons, and I'm afraid I can't say what I'm specifically here for." he explained the basis of his presence here without revealing the fact that he had no clue what he was looking for. "However, I do know I did not come here seeking blood from another player." he made sure she could see him eyeing her large blade as he spoke. He himself hadn't drawn his weapon.

He would try his best to avoid doing so. While Licht was probably not the most popular player in the game, he might be so to the Demons, who should avoid him due to his aforementioned ability to slice them down rather easily. He could only see revealing his blade as a negative action, due to the fact that this woman'd probably notice who he was, flee, and return with overwhelming odds. Unsure of how deep this cave went, or how strong the enemies in it would be, he feared that such an action would make it impossible for him to complete this quest, which was necessary. Whatever was in this cave, Licht needed.

"Now, I must ask what you are doing here." he begun. "Although I may be considered an intruder here, I don't recall seeing any of your kind on the roads to this place." Licht walked due to the fact that flying made it easier to be detected, however, he expected at least a few demons on his way. That wasn't the case though. Maybe this area wasn't too popular, but Licht was more informed on the Human areas for obvious reasons. There might be something he missed. "Why have you come here? Did you simply spot me and venture in here, or was this your destination before?"


Earlier this morning, Marco had left his friend and traveling companion, Licht, because the man ALWAYS slept in. Jeez, you'd think he was dead half the time. Maybe it was because he made the most of every day or some bullcrap like that, but he always seemed to drop like a rock as soon as he found a nice place to lay down, and it was near impossible to wake him up conventionally. So, it came as a surprise when he got a message from Licht before he could even get back to their camping spot.


That unfinished quest I mentioned quite a few times.... well, I just got a map marker for it. It's deeper into Demon territory, but I can't let this go unchecked. So, of course, I expect great plunder and a good fight. To be honest, maybe something more. However, I'll be gone for quite a bit because of its location. You can choose to follow or not, and if not, I'll tell you when I'm done."

Marco sighed and wore a small smile on his face. "He was probably so excited while writing this he didn't even think." he shook his head. By now, Marco and Licht were essentially best friends, and such behavior was predictable from his friend. Marco could tell when Licht truly was excited for something. "But I hope he realizes I'm not crazy enough to venture into Demon territory without an escort. I don't have no rare blade like that...." Marco sighed again, this time because he knew he had to follow his friend, but also had to spend a fortune to do so. Good thing he had one handy.




"Already in the cave? Damn, he walks fast..." Marco mumbled to himself before turning to face his newer traveling companion for the time being. A Human, which made him feel safer. "Glad you could help....?" Marco shook his head. He knew this man due to gossip and the sort, but also knew the man had many different names. He just wasn't sure which one to use. "Is Blade preferred, or do you want me to call ya something else?"


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Blade Slizer ~ Asher Evans

Asher Evans went through many titles, though he was generally known as his weapon of choice, also his username- Blade. He was only known by his username and titles, and never by his real name. Even after 11 real-time months, which was the equivalent of much more time inside the game he's trapped in- the Conquest of Babylon Online. The goal is simple, really, to just kill and throw out players of other "Races." To him, those targets meant Angels and Demons, as he was, in the game, just a human. A human of greater power, however. Though, this can be used by Asher as no more means as to intimidate opponents and/or strike them unconscious quickly enough.

It was this power that Blade Slizer had made his reputation within the Human Race, which got him so many jobs and enemies. the other races? They may or may not know of him. Then again, Blade particularly cared not. In fact, Blade is just another guy in the game- one who wants to just get back into the real world. Yes, it's entirely possible to be a Forward, a player who focuses on getting through the Tower of Babylon, but Blade never went into the front lines (not that he never would). So, for now, Blade was a sort of mercenary. He took jobs for a price, and they all ranged from escorts to item retrievals to acting just like a Forward. What was the price? It was reasonable and varies between every job, though many players always think that they would need a large fortune to pay him to escort them through 3 floors in the Tower of Babylon.

And so, the price was much, much lower than what the player expected when he brought a large sum of gold inside his inventory when he wanted to be escorted through the Demon's territory. "Wait... your employment isn't extremely expensive and costs 1 month of saving gold?" The boy, "Marco" he wanted to be called, asked.

The mercenary sighed, resting his head on his hand as he leaned to one side of the chair. "No. I honestly am surprised that people always think that way of me..." Blade responded. "Besides. What am I going to do with a pile of digital currency that would probably be gone after this whole thing is done?" The boy tried to answer that, but couldn't. "Exactly. I only need enough gold, gald, whatever in order to live through these times. Now what is it that you need from me? Most likely, I'm charging less than half your offer for your mission."

True to his word, Blade Slizer did charge less than half the fortune- 3/8 to be precise. What Marco wanted was to have Blade escort him through the Demon's territory and get to this cave where his friend was located in order to help the said friend complete his quest. And now, they stood at the entrance to the cave in which this friend was located. "Already in the cave? Damn, he walks fast..." The boy mumbled. "Glad you could help....? Is Blade preferred, or do you want me to call ya something else?" Marco didn't exactly know what name to use- though, it was obvious that Blade was annoyed by it. He didn't need a special title to live in this game. Just a sword.

"Blade's fine." Blade Slizer responded. "Anyway, we might want to hurry up and help your friend as fast as possible. This is still Demon Territory, and I am sure that we don't need Wardens coming after us with Fireballs blazing." Blade unsheathed his Nhazul's Blade, looking around for any Demon Warden scouts. "And your friend might be in danger, considering that he went all alone in here." Blade added as he walked into the cave, looking inside to see if there were any Demon players lying in wait. He doesn't trust his own Of the Shadows ability to get a sense where an enemy's at, mainly because they can cloak themselves with their own abilities. He'd rather use his own eyes. "Clear. For now." Blade called.


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Lucia Fair

Ah. So that was it. Yes, as expected, this was turning out to be somewhat inconvenient. Lucia did not wish to drag her Forwards into this mess, but, on the other hand, she couldn't afford to back down here and give up the evidently quite rare loot this dungeon housed - at least, if the accounts of the party that had stumbled across this place to begin with, only to be repelled, were to be believed - least of all to such a high leveled enemy player. But, on the other hand, it seemed like her initial suspicions of an ambush hadn't been unfounded, as, just before she could open her mouth to give her reply, Heightened Awareness registered two more players approaching the cave.

"Didn't come looking for a fight, huh...?" Lucia chuckled wryly. "Well, then, I guess that answers my question for me. Although, I hadn't expected that word of this dungeon would have spread into the Human areas. In any case, I suppose that error on my part doesn't particularly matter, considering that you Humans now seem to have me surrounded." Shooting a glance back over her shoulder, she smirked slightly. "Alright, fine, since it seems diplomacy has served its purpose, I'll get right down to the point. This dungeon, and all it contains, has been claimed by my guild." Making this matter-of-fact statement, Lucia snapped her fingers, at the same time muttering a single word under her breath. With a sudden surging of blackness, her shadow spread across the entire floor of the cave, momentarily sweeping outward across the plateau outside the entrance to the cavern. In the next instant, at least two dozen crimson-clad figures abruptly appeared in the sky above, diving downward towards the ground below and landing, taking up positions outside of the cave.

Although Lucia had been reluctant to call in her reinforcements, realizing that she was surrounded had been the last straw. She had, after all, wished to avoid conflict, but when three players of one faction surrounded a single player of another, the results were generally quite predictable, even if the ambushing party had originally wished to avoid bloodshed. She couldn't risk allowing these enemies to grow cocky enough to make a move against her, so, by showing that she had a large party of high-leveled and well-equipped reinforcements, she had hoped to bluff them into standing down and accepting her terms instead of trying to force her into an unfavorable situation.

"Relax," She said calmly. "These are just my Forwards. I'm not so stupid as to throw away the lives of Slayers against three players powerful enough to stroll through Demon territory with impunity. But, on the other hand, I'm also not foolish enough not to bring backup into a situation where I'm cornered. Now, then, let's be frank. Name your price, then stand aside. How much can I pay you to leave this dungeon and get out of our way without a fight?"


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Most likely in any other case, Licht would either mention he was not here in this dungeon for the loot that it held, but the challenge, or he'd back down to avoid any fighting, however, this was probably one of the very rare exceptions to this trait, since the quest Finding Hope had led him to this place. No, Licht could not back down here, otherwise he'd never... find hope? Well, the quest was obviously important if it had something to do with his sword, and that was reason enough for him to be stubborn about leaving this place, even when reinforcements for the woman had arrived.

It was only as she mentioned being surrounded that Licht finally picked up Marco, as well as someone else tagging along with him. Licht refrained from shaking his head and sighing at Marco's untimely appearance. It probably just made things worse. But, at least he wouldn't be alone now. Licht took a small step towards the woman, a subtle intimidation method.

The step itself was almost unnoticeable. Typically, if someone scares you or seems dangerous, you try to move away from them. But the opposite is also true. If you consider someone to be threatless, you'll have no problem moving towards them. Licht had to assume that this woman had to theories about him judging by the circumstances. The obvious one is that he was just stupidly overconfident in his ability, but in that case, she would've descended upon him already, so he couldn't see her reaching this conclusion. No, this woman had the other, more correct assumption on him. Since she hadn't summoned her allies to attack him yet, she must figure that Licht wasn't simply overconfident, and that he was strong enough to warrant worry in a fight, which was true (He'd like to think). But in the end, that step Licht took was only a way to test the woman's resolve. He didn't expect her to jump back or anything, just the smallest twitch in the face would give it away. But....her face didn't betray her emotions, a trait Licht was a bit envious of. Although you couldn't consider him an 'open book' when it came hiding his emotions behind his face, he was not impossible to see through either. The step was simply to give the subtle impression that he didn't consider her or her allies to be a huge threat, and that he was only avoiding confrontation because he wanted to. Hopefully. She could just see right through it in the end....

"Were I able to just leave this dungeon, I would have never ventured into this territory in the first place." Licht answered, flexing his fingers as he did. Usually, when a demon doesn't get what it wants, it reverts to violence. While this can be true for any member of any race, it is especially so for hellspawn. Licht couldn't help but think that he'd be fighting players within the next few minutes, and some preparations for his fingers was certainly needed since he had an easy time here. "You won't be able to buy me off, nor convince me to leave. I suggest you take this chance to avoid any unnecessary casualties and exit this cave."

When this turns into a fight, I'll have to regroup with Marco and his escort. Should be easy with only this woman in my way, but... I'll be careful not to underestimate her. She definitely doesn't seem like she'd be leading a group of high-level demons without being one herself, so she probably has a trick or two up her sleeve. Not that I don't but... until I can Analyze her, I'm in the dark about how strong she is. I'll only really know if we clash blades though, but hers looks like it might hurt.

This damn quest better be worth it....


"Blade, eh? Easy enough to remember." Marco said, following the man into the cave. This is where he should be, right? Blade gave a small look around, giving the 'ok' for the area. As soon as he said that, however, Marco noticed a pretty nice ass demonic woman blocking his view of Licht, whose coat he could just barely see. They didn't appear to be fighting yet. Yet, as soon as that thought popped into his head, the woman, seemingly aware of them, turned her head to see them. After mentioning how her clan owned the dungeon, she gave a simple snap of her fingers and quite immediately, Marco noticed that the outside of the cave was blocked by some strong-looking demons. It would appear that they were surrounded now.

"Licht, you're going to get us killed, you know that?"

....well, that's what Marco wanted to say, but odds are that'd just end up giving the demons confidence that they wouldn't be much of a fight or something, so the words never left his mouth. These demons did look scary though... Marco could honestly only stand there and see how Licht ended up turning things. He never was good with dealing with demons, probably because of his sword. Marco wondered if Licht had revealed his blade yet. It may have either send them running, or cause aggro, depending on the demon. A half chance, but enough, right? Well, that's the impression that Marco got from it. Either way, Marco was ready to fight. Licht could save them, right? And they had Blade too! Maybe this wasn't so helpless?


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Blade Slizer ~ Asher Evans

You know how sometimes, it's just too quiet for you (and your companions) to be alone in the area? Well, it was way too quiet, especially in Demon Territory. It wasn't surprising, therefore, that Blade and his companion to find a Demon player.... confronting the Human Player Marco needed Blade to escort him to/protect. It was at the point in which the Demon player had snapped her fingers, supposedly sending a signal that brought in the presence of, what Blade sensed, 1 and a half parties of Demon Players to the mouth of the cave. "Relax. These are just my Forwards. I'm not so stupid as to throw away the lives of Slayers against three players powerful enough to stroll through Demon territory with impunity. But, on the other hand, I'm also not foolish enough not to bring backup into a situation where I'm cornered. Now, then, let's be frank. Name your price, then stand aside. How much can I pay you to leave this dungeon and get out of our way without a fight?" The Demon Player said.

"You won't be able to buy me off, nor convince me to leave. I suggest you take this chance to avoid any unnecessary casualties and exit this cave." The blue-haired Human Player responded. It seemed he looked ready for a fight. Is this even worth his life...? Blade thought. Then again.... He did leave his fried behind, most likely in excitement. Only a newbie would do that for a petty little new thing that appeared for them...

Upon closer inspection of the two clashing players, Blade had recognized them through various accounts of their appearances from various clients and players. The one in blue was Licht, a Human player who mysteriously gained a set of weapons, equipment, and skills from an item in some cave (Is a cave seriously the only place to find ANYTHING useful now?!), all of them giving the boy an advantage against demons.

The other player, the girl in red, was the infamous Lucia Fair, the Devil of the Scarlet Flame. She was armed with the power of a Field Boss, a Dragon the originated within the Demon Territory and went on a rampage, killing many players in the process. Lucia herself was known to somehow absorb this power, but Blade heard nothing else about her.

This made him even more cautious, especially after seeing the words "Wicked Eye" appearing in the Negative Stat Effect list. At first, Blade checked himself out before fully appearing before the two players. He can chant. His attacks look normal enough, and so did his defense. Blade's health wasn't exactly dropping, and neither was his mana or stamina bars. Weird…. What is this…?

Sighing, Blade finally stepped out of his hiding place and appeared in front of the two players. "It seems that fate has brought us here together…" Blade muttered. "You don't see two players of different races that are worth gossip and rumors among all races together at once." Blade then turned to the Demon Player. "As much as the three of us want your…. unique type of hospitality, the three of us are here on a quest that appear once in a lifetime. While I do not like to draw my blade in intent to use it against flesh, I am not afraid to knock you all out if I must to protect and aid in the quest of these two." Blade stressed the word "knock", as if to specify that he will not "strike" or "cut" down anyone, but to knock them unconscious.


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Lucia Fair

"Oh?" The Demoness asked, giving a slight, mirthless chuckle at the rather interesting responses her proposal had earned her. "A quest that will only appear once in a lifetime, is it? Well, now I'm even more interested in this place." Indeed, that revelation changed the situation a great deal. Such a one-of-a-kind quest would surely have rare rewards granted to those who completed it, and, unlike the drops of a dungeon, which could only be picked up by one person, the earnings of a quest would be given equally to the entire party that completed it. However... Lucia had already entered the dungeon, yet she saw no indications of such a quest, something that didn't entirely surprise her. It was not unheard of, after all, for a unique quest to be accessible only to a single person or group at a time.

In that case, it seemed that Lucia's best interests now pointed in a new direction, one that would result in increased profits for herself, and decreased chances of casualties amidst her Forwards. "Then, in that case, how does this sound? Allow me to join your party, and myself, along with my Forwards, will assist you in completing your quest, in exchange for you sharing that quest with us. You lose nothing, and gain the help of one of the Demon faction's best clearing groups to boot, while we can turn even better profits than expected. Arrangements for the loot can be made after we clear the dungeon and finish the quest. The way I see it, it's a win-win scenario for everyone involved." Admittedly, that view of things didn't take into consideration the fact that this quest might give rare, or even unique loot that could only be claimed by one party, but, if that was the case, Lucia already had more than one means of ensuring that this reward was granted to her, and her alone...


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"You don't see two players of different races that are worth gossip and rumors among all races together at once."

Licht's heart nearly skipped a beat as this man, whoever he was, started off with a line that could've destroyed that very cover he was working so hard to keep up until he absolutely had to ditch it. 'Idiot', 'fool', and 'dumbass' were among the immediate insults he was going to shout at the player, but the woman apparently didn't pick up this and instead focused on the mentioning of the quest. Offering an alliance, there was definitely the chance to avoid conflict, but now that meant they had to share the loot, whatever it turns out to be.

Marco had to have opened his mouth at some point.... ugh....

Licht saw the most obvious problem with working together, namely, using his sword in front of the demons. Judging by his words, the other human knew who he was by appearance, but these demons didn't seem to. There was always the chance that they were oblivious to who he was, even with the sword but.... Judging by her gender, he race, and her probable level, that was Lucia Fair, an individual much more popular than he. And if it was, something told him that she didn't get to where she was now by being oblivious, unfortunately. He was still in a bit of a pickle here, but maybe....

"One of the best demon clearing groups, you say? Are you self-proclaimed, or is your boast warranted?" Observing the woman, Licht switched to the general info tab, and saw the name Lucia Fair appear, confirming his suspicions. He avoided gritting his teeth in frustration. "Either way, your help would be appreciated, rather than your hostility.... I would accept these conditions." he said, not betraying his knowledge of the woman. It was scary that she could do the same and find his username, but most people didn't bother with general information, as it gave them their designated weight, height, name, eye color, and voicefile. Nothing that'd actually help someone in a fight. Licht only thought to do so since the mysterious man Marco brought with him mentioned her being worth gossip. And to be honest, he was certainly correct.

Thank god nobody looks at the general information tab on the field. Or maybe she has me figured out already, and is just testing me? Although I'm more popular because of the sword I wield, not my (admittedly) odd appearance, she could've already seen through me. I have to watch out, and assume absolutely nothing.


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Lucia Fair

"Well, considering that you're not a demon, so tales of my comrades' exploits will likely mean little to you, I'm afraid I can't exactly answer that question with any definite proof of our merits," Lucia responded with a sardonic smirk as the Human player questioned her rather boastful introduction. "But I can promise you that, at the very least, you'll see why I'm so confident in my Forwards by the end of this." She shrugged, then, wrenching forth her large sword from the ground, slid it into its sheath once more, a motion which was evidently a sign for her allies to stand down, as they immediately dropped their formation across the mouth of the cave, putting away their weapons and coming alongside their commander.

As the Demonness began opening a menu window and casually setting up a suitable party invitation with a practiced hand, she began to speak once again, almost as an afterthought. "So, since we're going to be working together, there's really no point in hiding our names. I am Lucia Fair, leader of the Scarlet Covenant, and these are my Forwards, the Crimson Vanguard." With a slight tapping of her finger against the holographic user interface window in front of her, she sent the party invitation to the three other players in the area. "And yourselves?" She asked cordially, her voice bearing in it an air of politeness that completely contradicted the fact that she'd just ambushed them and essentially passive-aggressively strong-armed them into allying with her. Yet, despite that fact, it seemed almost like Lucia was being polite, levelheaded, and reasonable, having her troops stand down and offering an alliance instead of eliminating her foes on the spot. Her sheer charisma, even in such a tense situation, was enough to make one almost forget that she was the enemy.


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Blade stepped back as the events unfolded before him. Eventually, the Demon actually offered the trio assistance from the Demon's guild. While this is unusual, it's better to have your enemies focusing on another enemy at a time so that you can identify their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, the party now has grown and allows for a better probability of having the quest finished. However, everything came at a cost, and the spoils must be split much more. It didn't matter, really. Blade didn't need a whole lot of money.

The two humans and 1 Demon, mainly Licht and Lucia, negotiated, and agreed. The deal was sealed, and they all properly introduced themselves... That is, "they" being Lucia, Marco (OOC: POLO), and Licht. "Should we get going then? I'm excited. Blade can introduce himself while we walk." Marco said, causing an eyebrow to be raised by the person mentioned.

"Excuse me." Blade faced Marco, grinning. "But... aren't you forgetting who I am?" Blade faced the Demon in front of him, and, befitting her title as the "Demon Dragon Princess", bowed to her out of respect. "It's a pleasure to raise my blade alongside yours, instead of having it to point it opposite to where you raise your own sword." Blade stood straight up after that, and then became silent as he watched the party move on.