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Alexander Heron

If it's broken, I can fix it!

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a character in “Contact Lost: Origins”, as played by Zombicide93


Name: Alexander Heron
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human
Occupation: Engineer
Hair Colour: Jet black
Eye Colour: Moss green
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 175 lbs
Love Interest: None...yet.


Alexander is the metaphorical glue that holds the team together, hes not shy, loves humor, and knows how to make the team smile. He's outgoing, relaxed, and easily loved, as well as reliable to get the job done, whether its repairing a ship, armor, weapons, splicing wires, or engaging enemies, you can count on Alexander to lend a hand or get the job done.

Likes- Electronics, taking part things and putting them together, jokes, cold weather and his team
Dislikes- Cigarettes, rudeness, not being able to fix something, warm weather.
Fears- Being submerged in water, and noises he can't find the source of.


-Standard issue sidearm and 3 clips (one in the pistol)
-Tech/engineering gear bag:
-Electric tape
-industrial adhesives
-pocket flashlight
-Plasma cutter- an industrial, tool that clips onto the user's forearm. The handle comes across the wielders palm, and when the button is held down, it emits a 9 inch blade of white-blue plasma from the end of the handle. Used for welding or cutting through dense metals, but can double as a melee weapon in a pinch.
-Welding shield- A hard industrial strength, plexiglass polarized shield. Commonly used for face and eye protection when dealing with welding materials.
-Tech tool- a piece of equipment carried by all engineers. The T-tool is black gauntlet and arm piece that allows the user to scan electronics for system errors or damage, and has a multipurpose hacking tool connected to a cord that extends from the side of the gauntlet which allows the Tech-tool user to rip data, whether its from a security camera, a computer, or a ships database for storage, and it can bypass an emergency lock-down on electronic doors, but all of this of course, depends on the level of the firewalls in place, as well as Alexander's skill. The tech-tool has a holographic keyboard that it projects, allowing Alex to access a computer or database he has either hacked or connected to, and it contains two data cards used to store data on for future use.

Clothing- Favors a tight fitting black under shirt, black and white digital cammo pants with black boots, sometimes wears his black leather engineer's jacket, always wears his dogtags


Alexander Therese Heron was born into a military family on earth, His father was in the Engineer corps and his mother was a civilian mechanic, both had attended the same technical school where they met. Between his father and mother, Alex learned a lot about electronics and engineering, and at the age of 9 was already helping his mother in the shop that she owned, then
9 years later, he went to an engineering school and excelled ahead of his class, graduating 4 years later at the top of the class and enlisting in the PDF combat engineer corps. Alex served for 3 years, then resigned when another opportunity arose in the form of the expedition companies, and was hired by Thrasos to serve as an engineer.

So begins...

Alexander Heron's Story