Emeline Fegan

"What do I think of this trip? Piece of cake I guess"

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a character in “Contact Lost: Origins”, as played by missfightingfork


Name: Emeline May Fegan

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Race: Human

Occupation: Cook

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 5ft 3"

Weight: 114 lbs

Love Interest: None

Emeline is a slender woman, people often think she is younger than she really is due to her slim size and short height. She has a pretty face and bright blue eyes framed by long, wavy blonde hair that is usually worn up due to the nature of her work. She wears fairly average clothes when she is not working, her wardrobe mostly being jumpers, jeans and leggings. When she is cooking however, she will always wear an apron over these to keep with hygiene regulations.



Emeline could be described as being clumsy, well organised, sweet and stubborn. She likes to do things her own way rather than anyone elses and would rather stick to her own habits than learn those of others, even if they are much more efficient. She is very set in her ways and is somewhat a clean freak, possibly to the extent of OCD. She likes to be organised and have things set in their proper place, ready for use if needed. Emeline becomes faint when she can see blood or vomit as these things clash with her hygienic ways, in this way she could be considered fragile. She has a very optimistic mind and sometimes struggles to see why things sometimes just can't work themselves out, this can often cause her to get very upset over little things. Emeline is also an awful liar and is usually completely honest with most people, its just easier for her that way. She can try to lie and sometimes she manages however she can become overcome with guilt and will usually confess before the day is out. She has a habit of chewing her lip when she is unsure or nervous which can be fairly often.One of Emelines main flaws is that she can never see herself clearly and is much better at picking out her own faults rather than the things she is good at.


The pistol supplied to her by the team, her purse containing a couple of photographs and some money, a notepad and pencil and some elastic bands that she keeps wrapped round her wrist.


Emeline had a happy childhood, she was born into a large family and they were reasonably wealthy. Emeline lived with her parents and her five brothers. Being the only daughter meant that Emeline was treasured within her own family and was always the favourite, this did not mean however that she was a spoilt brat. Her parents were the kind of people that were rather strict with their children and never endulged in gifts and treats too much. She was always closest to Kester, the oldest of her brothers and as she was growing up he could always be relied on to be the protective brother type, because of this Emeline has never really had to fight her own fights and has had a sheltered upbringing. Apart from her brothers Emeline didn't really have many childhood friends mainly because when it came to playtime she would much rather be in charge of her own games and didn't want other children to interfere.

As a teen Emeline became somewhat a recluse, never going out with friends or even her brothers. She would sit alone in her room for most of the time and keep herself to herself, it was during this time that she started to build an interest in cookery. She would often prepare the family meals after school before her parents came home from work, she was also dedicated to watching food channels which drove her family crazy. Eventually her family began to support her interest more, buying her recipe books and allowing her more opportunities to cater for them. At high school she got herself very good grades in all of her subjects but the place she really shined was always catering classes. For this reason she chose to go to college to study even more cooking, following her dream of becoming a world famous chef.

During college she still wasn't much of a social butterfly and preferred the company of her brothers to anyone else. Finally though the time came to finish at college and move onto university to get herself a degree in catering. It was in university that Emeline finally came out of her shell and made a few friends. She also had her first and to date only boyfriend at university although this romance was very short-lived, Emeline found her passion for food much more interesting than dating. The years at the university flew by for Emeline and before she knew it she was graduating the top of her class. At first she thought that she would return home after graduation but when she looked at the bigger picture she realised if she was really going to achieve her dreams it was no good always being a small town girl. She set herself up in the city and started working at one of the busiest restaurants in town, this was the most lonely time of her life and more than once she considered giving up her dreams.

Eventually she was hired by the team as a cook, with her sights fixed on becoming a famous chef through these pioneering voyages. At first she was hopeful that this would be her route to success but now she does realise she was kidding herself, these trips are nothing but hard work slaving over a stove.

So begins...

Emeline Fegan's Story