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Angelina Naomi Smith

"They say the end is near, but this is just the beginning..."

0 · 300 views · located in Post-Apocalyptic America

a character in “Contagion”, originally authored by Infinity_Dance, as played by RolePlayGateway



They say the end is near, but this is just the beginning...


Name: Angelina Naomi Smith "But you can just call me Angie for short."

Gender: Female

Age: 19 years young

Height: 5'5 "The doctors say I'm too short for my age. I think it's genetics.

Weight: 124 Lbs.


Personality: Angie likes to think of herself as a fun-loving young woman. She a bit touchy on things though. Most people would think she's a "perfectionist," but she herself just thinks it's a form of OCD. Angie's also very sensitive on many subjects either about her childhood or family. She's one of the people who has an "ego" I guess you could say.

Like most of us, Angelina Naomi Smith has an angry, jealous, and bad side. She'll almost get jealous at anything. Although she's not snooty or preppy, she will get extremely angry or jealous if she has to. Angie hates it when people are not organized or don't bother to clean things. But, that's just who she is.

  • Cleaning
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Animals
  • Sports

  • People who are not organized
  • Chocolate
  • Clowns
  • People who think they are "the stuff"
  • Spiders & Moths

Angelina is a very short and light young woman. She stands at about 5'5 which is unusually short for her age and weighs only around 124 lbs. She has a petite figure which she very much enjoys. Angelina has long healthy looking black/brown hair. Her eyes are a hazel color that most often switches to a bright green depending on her mood.

Equipment: Angelina carries a small pocket knife, a gas mask, one pistol, and couple rounds of ammo. All of these were given to her by her brother her had recently returned from the army. Better safe than sorry..


Physical Description: Angie usually is seen wearing skinny jeans, a basic tank/crop top, and converse a size bigger than her actual. Her hair is almost always up, down in curls, or in a hat/beanie.

Where the outbreak occurred: Angelina was at work as always. She was an assistant vet at a local veterinarian hospital. Hearing the T.V. go on and on about the outbreak annoyed her. A LOT. When walking home, Angie noticed the street was almost completely empty. Not a sign of a breathing organism in sight. It kind of confused her because everyone was usually out at the time. Either shopping or walking to work.
Arriving home, Angie immediately clicked on the television. The announcer was warning everyone to find shelter and stay inside because of the enormous outbreak. Angelina was shocked. She knew she shouldn't believe the news because it could always be some kind of "government prank," but this sounded very real. And at that very moment, Angelina knew she was in grave danger and just lucky nothing had happened to her while walking home.


So begins...

Angelina Naomi Smith's Story

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James Winter Monroe

It's been nearly a week since the first biters started showing up, at first only a few, but as soon as they hit the cities... It didn't take long for the military to step in and start evacuating civilians. That's how I ended up in Zone 14, but not as a civilian, I escorted a convoy of trucks across the Texan border and into the stadium. It's not looking good here, too many people and not enough supplies to keep everybody fed for more than another week or two. We've lost contact with Zone 13 and the last air drop scheduled didn't come. I fear the worst is already upon Zone 14, how much longer can we pretend this place is safe?

Winter snapped his journal close, standing from the metal foldable chair that sat in front of a small table in the tent he had been assigned to. Tucking the small notebook into his back pocket he placed the pen he had been using behind one ear, rubbing his cold hands together. Even with his long sleeve shirt and thick pair of jeans, the fall air still made him shiver as he ran a hand over his head and then his eyes, rubbing the sleep away. Grabbing the heavy coat draped over the back of his chair he shouldered it on quickly and pulled up the hood as he zipped up the front.

Ducking outside through the tent's flap he squinted against the weak noon high sun that dared to peek out from behind a heavy rain cloud. It hadn't started raining yet, but the dark and forbidding skies were keen to release the water at some point. The stadium was at it's busiest, people bustling around like ants as food rations and supplies were handed out by men and women in army uniforms at tables. Beside each table stood two heavily armed guardsmen, their suspicious eyes looking out for any who may try and get doubles and also looking for any who showed signs of sickness.

Just like the many others around him, Winter searched for the shortest line, stepping in behind those who were also waiting. Feet shuffled forward slowly and people were served, though it seemed like forever, until Winter had come to the front of the line. Digging into his front pocket he pulled out his ration stamp card and slid it across the table. The woman there glanced over it and then nodded to a boy standing next to her, he disappeared for a moment and came back with an EMR package and a bottle of water, the woman stamping his card. "Next!" She called out, handing Winter back his card.

"See you tomorrow, Julia." Winter gave a charming smile as he picked up his food and water, winking as he scooted past the man next to him, stepping out of line. A shoulder bumped into his, causing his stuff to fall to the ground, the quickly walking person who had ran into him barely batting an eye as they stumbled on. "Well excuse you..." He muttered, glaring over his shoulder as he bent down to grab his stuff, brushing the dirt off.

((OOC:Hey y'all, I finally decided to post, I was tired of waiting. I tagged all the characters who have been accepted (I don't have the power to accept those who haven't, sorry) in hopes to get this thing going. Hopefully you haven't lost interest and will join me...Pretty please, with a cherry on top? Any questions can and should be posted in the OOC.

Thanks much,