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Jessica Stahl

It's my fault people die, maybe you should just stay away from me.

0 · 572 views · located in Post-Apocalyptic America

a character in “Contagion”, originally authored by MoonlightWraith, as played by RolePlayGateway



Jessica 'Jessie' Stahl



Jessica is a bubbly, charismatic girl with a take-no-shit attitude towards most people. She would have been described by the people who knew her best as determined, honest and protective. Jessica was the strong one of her group, emotionally, she managed to keep the spirits of her friends high with her optimism and charisma.
When she got to the safe zone, she was alone. The loss of all her friends caused her to toughen up, she has learned to avoid getting close to anyone in the world she lives in, she will happily accept help and friends but she will avoid making too much of a connection.
Fruit, especially Strawberries
English Accent
High heat levels
Being alone

Jessica has naturally curly brown hair, that reaches down her back, she prefers having it hang loose but in the current situation she has began to put it into buns or ponytails, in an attempt to make it harder to grab.
She is 5ft 5inches and very slim, making it easy for her to fit into tight spaces and hide from most threats.

Walther P-22
Kukri knife
Crossbow and 8 arrows

●Physical description
Jessica wears a leather jacket, suggested to her by a friend as it is harder to bite through, over a netted vest top. She also wears grey denim skinny jeans that are tucked into leather boots, another suggestion. To hold the jeans up, she wears a brown woven belt and as a tribute to her dead friends she wears her best friend's necklace and kisses it each morning and night in their memory.

●Where they were when the outbreak occurred.
They came out to America to get away from England for awhile, Jessica, Emma, Kirk, Jay and Sam. It was Jessica's idea, as well, she thinks it's her fault they died. They were only going to be there for 3 weeks but then the infection struck.
Jessica and her friends were set up in a hotel due to the airports being closed but that was a bad idea. The group was woken up by screaming and when they gathered their stuff and checked out what was going on, they just about made it out of the hotel without being bitten. The hotel had been overrun and they were nearly locked in, luckily, Kirk broke a window and they got out.
For awhile after that, the group managed to survive by moving from place to place. They stole guns and weapons from wherever they could and scavenged whatever food they could carry. The group then made a bad decision, the building they took shelter in was infested and they didn't properly check it out, they were exhausted and couldn't do it. Jessie took the watch that night and when she was meant to swap, she returned to find her friends slaughtered. She then set off on her own to the safety zone.

So begins...

Jessica Stahl's Story

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James Winter Monroe

It's been nearly a week since the first biters started showing up, at first only a few, but as soon as they hit the cities... It didn't take long for the military to step in and start evacuating civilians. That's how I ended up in Zone 14, but not as a civilian, I escorted a convoy of trucks across the Texan border and into the stadium. It's not looking good here, too many people and not enough supplies to keep everybody fed for more than another week or two. We've lost contact with Zone 13 and the last air drop scheduled didn't come. I fear the worst is already upon Zone 14, how much longer can we pretend this place is safe?

Winter snapped his journal close, standing from the metal foldable chair that sat in front of a small table in the tent he had been assigned to. Tucking the small notebook into his back pocket he placed the pen he had been using behind one ear, rubbing his cold hands together. Even with his long sleeve shirt and thick pair of jeans, the fall air still made him shiver as he ran a hand over his head and then his eyes, rubbing the sleep away. Grabbing the heavy coat draped over the back of his chair he shouldered it on quickly and pulled up the hood as he zipped up the front.

Ducking outside through the tent's flap he squinted against the weak noon high sun that dared to peek out from behind a heavy rain cloud. It hadn't started raining yet, but the dark and forbidding skies were keen to release the water at some point. The stadium was at it's busiest, people bustling around like ants as food rations and supplies were handed out by men and women in army uniforms at tables. Beside each table stood two heavily armed guardsmen, their suspicious eyes looking out for any who may try and get doubles and also looking for any who showed signs of sickness.

Just like the many others around him, Winter searched for the shortest line, stepping in behind those who were also waiting. Feet shuffled forward slowly and people were served, though it seemed like forever, until Winter had come to the front of the line. Digging into his front pocket he pulled out his ration stamp card and slid it across the table. The woman there glanced over it and then nodded to a boy standing next to her, he disappeared for a moment and came back with an EMR package and a bottle of water, the woman stamping his card. "Next!" She called out, handing Winter back his card.

"See you tomorrow, Julia." Winter gave a charming smile as he picked up his food and water, winking as he scooted past the man next to him, stepping out of line. A shoulder bumped into his, causing his stuff to fall to the ground, the quickly walking person who had ran into him barely batting an eye as they stumbled on. "Well excuse you..." He muttered, glaring over his shoulder as he bent down to grab his stuff, brushing the dirt off.

((OOC:Hey y'all, I finally decided to post, I was tired of waiting. I tagged all the characters who have been accepted (I don't have the power to accept those who haven't, sorry) in hopes to get this thing going. Hopefully you haven't lost interest and will join me...Pretty please, with a cherry on top? Any questions can and should be posted in the OOC.

Thanks much,

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Jessica sat on her bunk, she still had some food left over from her journey here and was lucky enough to sneak it in without the soldiers finding anything, so she wouldn't need to go get any of the rations from outside, knowing her luck someone out there in that mass gathering of desperate people all bumping into each other, someone is carrying the infection and by now at least half of the people in the crowd would now have it.

Shaking her head at her own paranoia, Jessica reached into her rucksack and pulled out a small jewellery box and opened it, there was pictures of her friends and family, a few letters and a few bits and bobs of jewellery. She pulled out a necklace with a ceramic bunch of flowers on it, they used to be colourful but now they were a horrid brown, the brown of dried blood.

Jessica pulled her sleeve onto her palm and used it to wipe the necklace clean and before putting it back in the box. She reached back into her bag and pulled out a Ryveta Breakfast Biscuit and opened it, taking crumbs at a time as she slowly ate it.

Once finished her 2 biscuits, Jessica sealed up her bag, putting a small lock on it just to be sure no one could get into it, and grabbed her kukri blade and decided to explore the place she'd be calling home for the next while. She got up and made her way across the football field, avoiding coming into contact with anyone, she noticed a pair on the ground and panicked, quickly running off, even though they had just dropped their food. As she ran, she ran right into a soldier and fell right back onto her back.

"Ah!" she moaned as she landed.
"Sorry, ma'am." He lent over to help her up but she backed away from him and he gave her a funny look.
"Sorry, but for all I know you're infected, I can't let you touch me." She told him as she picked herself off the ground. "Hey, you don't know if they're evacuating anyone do you? Like tourists being sent back or anything." She asked him, hoping he'd tell her she'd be home soon but her just shrugged is shoulders.
"Sorry, ma'am. I don't think they are." Jessica nodded her head in defeat and turned around, walking away from him as she wiped away tears that were building up in her eyes.

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James Winter Monroe

Just as he had bent down to pick up his water bottle, the toe of a boot had kicked it out of reach, making his brows furrow in frustration. A delicate looking hand entered his vision as the bottle was picked up and handed towards him. Winter straightened up, adjusting the sleeve of his jacket as he took the bottle gratefully. "Thank you," His smooth timbre voice hummed through his chest. Winter watched as the woman hurriedly walked away, obviously searching for something...or someone.

With his interest piqued he followed after, jogging to catch up, tucking his belongings under one arm as he came to walk at her side. "I didn't catch your name. I'm Winter." The man introduced himself, outstretching a hand for her to shake as they walked. "You looking for something? I could help you find it...Since you gave me my water bottle back, most people would've run off." The lieutenant gave a warm and endearing smile, glancing around to make sure his surroundings were safe.

Most people who mingled within the crowds wore face masks and protective gloves. Winter usually wore a bandana around his nose and mouth but had it tucked under his shirt at the moment. Looking over his shoulder he watched as a woman fell, a solider offering her a hand up, only to refuse and scramble back. Winter lifted a brow in curiosity but didn't investigate any further, matching the woman's stride who was next to him.

She was obviously a civilian, new perhaps, explaining why she looked lost. It also didn't look like she had much supplies with her, just a bag. Winter didn't have much either, just the clothes on his back and a bag he kept under his bed, a small lock keeping the zippers closed. He had a hard time trusting people, especially in such a desperate situation like this one. Winter stopped walking, squinting as he looked towards the sky. A jet quickly rushed overhead, followed by two helicopters, passing by and heading on past the stadium.

Winter removed his hood, shading his eyes with one hand as he watched the planes disappear as soon as they had appeared. His head tilted slightly, ears straining for any noise, finding only the distant chopping of the blades of the helicopters against the air. With a shrug he turned back to the woman he had been walking with. "Well that was odd-" Before he could say more, the sound of gunfire from a few miles away, cut him off. There was a rumble through the ground, probably caused by the jet, dropping a bomb on a mass of infected.

It sounded too close...

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Jessica watched as an aeroplane flew over the stadium, she looked back to the soldier as he watched the aeroplane, he looked just as confused as her. She spun around to watch as others had noticed the aeroplane and suddenly there was a loud bang and numerous gunshots.
"What was that?"
She whispered, the soldier grabbed her arm.
"Ma'am, please return to your tent and await further instructions."
His grip was strong and started to hurt her forearm as he started to drag her.
"Let go of me!"
Jessica yelled as she tried to yank herself free. Everyone was starting to panic and were all bumping into each other.
"Stop! Look around you idiot! Anyone in here could be carrying the infection, and they're all contained in a small space, the infection could already be in here!"
She yelled at the soldier and eventually broke free from his grip, he was then looking around and realised the ruth of her words. He then grabbed her hand more gently and led her away from the crowd.
She pulled her hand away from his and started running for her tent.
"I have to get something!"
She ran into her tent and grabbed her bag, swinging it around, she put it on her shoulders and turned around to leave, when she noticed a woman lying on her bed, she was shaking quite violently.
"Are you okay?"
She asked, as she slowly stepped towards the woman and looked at her, she had a bite on her arm, right through the sleeve.
"Oh my god!"
Jessica muttered before turning to run, but she was stopped by another infected person standing in her way. He let out a bloodcurdling shriek and started a run at Jessica, who managed to dodge his grab and fall forward onto the ground, the infected fell over the woman and knocked her off her bed and started to bite her. Jessica crawled back up and ran outside the tent flap and out into the evening sunlight, the sudden light change blinding her as she tried to run back to the soldier.
When her eyesight adjusted to the light levels, she saw the guard waiting for her. She ran past another 2 people, recognising them, she stopped.
"Come with me!"
She called to them and didn't wait, she instantly made a dash for the soldier and started to follow him.
"Come on, hurry."
The soldier told Jessica as he led her up the stands.
"I'm taking you to one of the upper gates, if the infection gets inside. We evacuate whoever we can through the upper level gates and then travel to one of the other safe zones using military vehicles."