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Gabriella Montague

"I wish only to find where I belong"

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a character in “Conte De Fee Academy”, as played by Lolkatlove







| NAME |
Gabrielle Montague

Ella - A nickname she's been dubbed due to her role as 'Cinderella' Gabrielle isn't too fond of it

Gabby - A nickname Gabrielle prefers as she feels it has more individuality than her pre-fixed role as Cinderella.


| AGE |

| ROLE |

She doesn't really understand it, but knows she wants to lead her own path not one set out for her.


December 17th: Sagittarius


She has a strong connection with animals which results in strong friendships and loyaty with them


5 foot 3 Inches

'A lady never tells'



Hazel - Fluctuates from green to brown

Gabrielle has always been shorter than most people her age. She has sometimes been described as mouse-like with a cute button nose and angelic eyes which change colour depending on the light that hits them. She is a slim girl without much muscle and isn't considered athletic but she has incredible stamina. Her hair style often changes but at the moment she likes it long and layered, the colour a sweet honey blonde.

Gabby's most favourite clothing is just something comfortable and simple. She has a dress she wears often which is plain blue and reaches the top of her knee. She takes pride in her school uniform, however, keeping it pristine and ironed regularly she always looks smart except for a looseness in her tie.



~ Shy ~ Gentle ~ Opinionated ~ Accepting ~ Forgiving ~ Daydreamer ~


Gabby is someone who isn't afraid to say what is on her mind. She has strong opinions and will voice them, however, she never forces her thoughts on to others as she is accepting of the differences between people. If anything listening to other people's opinions only intrigues her own. She tries to see the best in everyone truly believing that all people have good hearts if not buried deep down. However, she can sometimes lecture when worried which can be a little hard to handle as her seriousness is very out of character.

She will go out of her way to help a friend even at her own expense as she wants to be someone useful to others, she puts others before herself considering their feelings over her own. Ever since she was small Gabby has always desired to have someone she can feel close too. She has always felt alone and a little bit of an outcast due to her past which didn't allow her much interaction with people. This has made her shy and nervous when with people, she gets high anxiety when in large crowds and sometimes struggles to find the confidence to speak with strangers. She currently only has full confidence when with the animals she loves.

All Gabby truly wants is to lead her life from her own choices. She has felt cooped up with rules for so long that she just wishes to express herself in her own unique way but she is yet to find out what that could be.


  • Singing - Gabby can often forget where she is sometimes and sings to herself whilst carrying out simple tasks or even in the shower. She is always extremely embarrassed when caught.

  • Clumsy - Gabby can sometimes be rather clumsy and has a habit of breaking things unintentionally

    | HOBBIES |

  • Art - Art is a passion gabby has learnt to love. She adores the fresh colours and placing her imagination to paper. However, it doesn't always turn out as she plans, she has a lot more to learn before becoming a skilled artist.

  • Cooking - If there is anything Gabby takes pride in, it's her cooking. She loves food and places a lot of passion into preparing the perfect dish for her guests. She has an incredible sense of taste and always achieves cooking which is sensational.

    | PHOBIA(s) |
  • Loosing Control - Gabby fears that her set destiny will prevent her from choosing her own path.

  • Spiders - It's when they run that she truly gets freaked out


  • Animals - They are just adorable and she can always trust in them
  • Sweets - Her favourite are Bon-bons

  • Summer and Spring - she loves the smell of freshly blooming flowers and the warmth of the sun on her skin

  • Reading - Its an enjoyable past time

  • Tea - She's very fond of a warm cup with sugar as it reminds her of home.
  • Spicy Food - She can handle it sometimes but she doesn't cant get past the burning on her tongue

  • Spiders - They're creepy

  • Being controlled and kept inside - She wants to take control of her own life and hates to be cooped up

  • Selfish people - She believes in helping others and selfishness brings out her lectures



Gabriella was born in England, in London to be precise. She was born into a middle-class family whom paid their bills and lived normal day to day lives. However, everything changed when her mother died from a disease. Alone with her father in a family of two Gabriella found herself ignored and often forgotten by her father. Left alone for days on end she would sometimes cry herself to sleep from loneliness. Her father would often bring strange women home who would boss her around and treat her like their slave for their biddings. Not wanting to cause distribution Gabriella followed along with the womens whims however she lost more and more control of her life as she was led around by her Father and dragged to places she did not wish to visit.

Eventually, they moved to France as her father chased after a new woman he had met. This time, it was more serious than the others, he moved in with her and forced Gabriella to go to school in a strange foreign land where she could not speak the language. It was at this time that she began to dream of a life which seemed similar to her own, the dreams grew more vivid every day and it scared her. She recognised and felt a connection to these dreams she could not understand. Alone and afraid she kept them secret for a long time as she milled about her life avoided and forgotten by her Father and fellow peers as they did not have the patience for her shyness. It was only the kindness of one of her teachers that kept Gabriella going. Her teacher taught her basic french and gave her comfort in her life as she didn't feel underwhelmed or ignored around her. Feeling comfortable with this teacher Gabriella spoke of her dreams. It was soon after her confession that men dressed in suits visited her home. Her Father did not even bat an eyelid at their request to take her away to this school for the re-incarnated. Yet again Gabriella was pulled up from her home to a strange new surroundings and she has to find her place to belong again.

Johnathen Montague - Father - Current Age: 49 (Alive)

Christelle Montague - Mother - Age of Death: 38 (Deceased)


So begins...

Gabriella Montague's Story

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Gabriella Montague


The Wind gently blew against the fabric of curtains as they moved in tune to the breeze releasing stray rays of sunlight. The sunlight filtered down onto Gabriella as she moaned in her bed moving her arms to shield her eyes before sighing.

"Should have closed the window..." she grumbled with a yawn stretching her arms up high as she pulled herself from the comfort of her duvet.

It was the start of a new day.

Slipping her feet into some blue fluffy slippers Gabby shuffled along the hardwood flooring towards the ensuite bathroom. Bleary-eyed she began her morning routine, teeth, face wash, dragging a brush through her burly blonde hair calming its madness. Re-shuffling back into her bedroom Gabby paused for a moment as she took in the decor.

She hadn't been in the academy long, she was still growing used to the luxuries that she had been given at this school. Her bedroom was adorned with high-quality furniture, a dressing table sat beneath her window. Perfumes, makeup, and jewellery was carefully placed on the dressing table a matching stool tucked under. Across from the window was her four post bed against the wall, the bedding was Egyptian cotton the sheets a light blue with white flowers. Paintings hung around the room, they showed Gabby's past, the life she dreamt of from time to time. Everything that was within the room had been provided by the school, it was more than Gabby had ever had since she lost her mother.

It was strange to her, she had wanted to return the items to the school but they had already refused her attempt to do so. She was left with an incline to take down the paintings, they reminded her of her dreams, of her apparent past life.

They somewhat... frightened her.


Her hands slapped her cheeks as she closed her eyes. "You can do this Gabby" she tried to give herself a pep talk. "Right, I should get ready or I'll be late" she nodded to herself heading towards the large vintage wardrobe in her room. Opening up the doors she pulled out her clean ironed uniform and quickly get dressed.

Straightening out a pleat in her skirt Gabby picked up her shoulder bag of notebooks and headed out of her room. Quietly she closed the door behind her almost tucking her shoulders in to try and make herself seem smaller. She wasn't used to this place yet, it was unnerving. Walking down the hall she clutched her shoulder bag closer as some other students began to emerge from their rooms. A few glanced her way curiously, causing Gabby to pick up her pace. She wanted to talk to them, but she just... she didn't know what to say!

Closing her eyes her heart fluttering Gabby walked without looking.


"Ah!" Gabby stepped back as she walked into someone, opening her eyes she saw it was the girl she had heard to be called 'Belle', she was apparently Beauty's reincarnation. "I-I'm Sorry, this is my f-fault S-sorry I-I'll watch where I-I'm going next time. S-Sorry!" Gabby quickly apologised, her voice stuttering from nerves. Dipping her head in a small bow Gabby clutched her bag tighter and didn't waste time in getting away from this awkward situation. Her feet moving for her she quickly rushed through the hallways and towards the front doors.

Reaching the doors leading outside onto the school grounds Gabby hesitated for a moment, she felt her heart flutter and her hand shake as she lifted it towards the door. Calmly, Gabby took a deep breath. "Just another day.." she released her breath and pushed open the door.

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#, as written by CutUp
â™Ģ Dream â™Ģ
R ichie sat there, staring blankly at his piano, and continuously pressing the same key over, and over, and over again. Dark bags were hanging heavily under his eyes, showing clearly his lack of sleep. It's been nearly twenty-four hours since he last slept, and even then it was only an hour and a half of restless sleeping. Richie looked up at the clock hanging on the wall, it was time for him to get ready for school. His bedroom looked like something belonging to royalty, which he pretty much was.

On the walls hung large paintings of himself, of his past lives at least. A large wardrobe stood in front of the left wall, with several shelves built into the wall that served as a trophy case, holding the various awards he's gotten from his musical talent, and with ribbons hanging from the bottom shelf. Hanging on the wall in a glass case next to it was a golden violin, supposedly once belonging to his past life. Though he doesn't understand why he would have such a thing, the instrument made terrible music that not even he could make sound good. Cases of Richie's personal instruments also decorated the walls, all waiting for him to play them.

Richie stepped away from his piano, an old behemoth of a instrument that was said to have been played by his past self, well preserved, and still playing beautifully despite it's obvious age. It was his most prized possession, and in his personal opinion the best thing this school has ever given him. Richie passed his small desk, which was a cluster of sheet music spread out all over the desk's surface, with even a few sheets laying around the area near it. It was quite messy, surprising given the general up keep of his room.

Richie went into his private bathroom, brushing his teeth, washing his face, and other such hygiene procedures. Once done with that he changed out of his light blue pajama pants, and put on his usual school uniform. Once fully dressed Richie grabbed his backpack, and rummaged in it slightly until he pulled out a pair of headphones. He picked up his phone off his desk, and plugged in his headphones. He played a recording of one of his past playings, and then he was off to start his day.

As Richie walked the halls of the academy to his next class he did his best to ignore the glances he got from the other students, and their mumbling to one another. Despite have his earphones on, an music blasting in his ears he already knew what it was they were talking about. It was him, and what he had done. Richie kept his head down, and powered through, not giving anyone a second glance, and avoiding direct eye contact. Richie stopped for a moment, seeing some sort of altercation between Belle, and Gabby, with Gabby embarrassingly running out of the halls. Richie took in a deep gulp, he knew that he needed to get to class but as if he couldn't control his own legs he ended up following behind Gabby.

Richie hid around the corner, nervously watching Gabby. His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest, his mouth dried up, and beats of sweat started rolling down his forehead. 'I gotta say something to her. No, she won't want to talk to me, not after what I did. She won't even want to see me. I gotta go before she sees me. I'll look like some kind of creepy stalker. Get to class. Get to class. Oh god did she see me?!' Richie's mind was racing as he tried to figure out what to do. Richie took in a big gulp as she opened the doors. His head was peeked around the corner, with an expression like a deer caught in headlights.

'Legs move! Mouth make words! Do something! Oh god, someone just kill me now!' Richie opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something but nothing came out. He gritted his teeth, and turned around without a word, and began his way towards class. 'Smooth.'