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Perseus Chevalier (Beast)

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a character in “Conte De Fee Academy”, as played by EnchantedHeart



Name: Perseus Chevalier

Fairytale Character: Beast

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Stance on Destiny: Does not accept it.

Appearance: Perseus- 6'2". Very light, medium length hair. Blue eyes with a purple hue. Perseus likes to keep himself well groomed and presentable. Clean hair, neat clothes. He has a respectable collection of suits, ties, and collared shirts. They are his stable. He does his best to keep up his pristine outer appearance in a desperate attempt to hide the hideous monster within him.

Beast- When in Beast mode, he is nearly 10 feet tall. Muscular and covered in brown fur, with a tail to match. Large horns. Razor sharp fangs and claws. He looks like a cross between a werewolf and a lion.


Powers: While in Beast mode, Perseus has extraordinary strength and speed. His hearing, eyesight, and sense of smell are greatly heightened, making him the perfect predator. But at a cost. In Beast mode, he has minimal control of his own actions. Although conscious and fully capable of retaining all of his memory, his bloodlust is increased exponentially and morality is weakened substantially.

Personality: Perseus is insightful and a deep thinker. He is capable of great compassion and sympathy, but lacks the ability to properly communicate his kindness. Although he tries his best at all times to speak and act in a polite manner, there is no hiding his short fuse once it has been lit. He gets easily flustered when it comes to situations that he is unfamiliar at dealing with, especially when it comes to girls. Since he is not adapt at social situations, he usually keeps to himself and shies away from opportunities to get closer to anyone. This is also a defense mechanism to keep himself from getting hurt emotionally, and to keep others from being physically hurt by Beast.

History: As the only child of a noble family, Perseus was well cared for. There were plenty of caretakers and nursemaids to tend to his needs, but nothing could ease the turmoil within his heart. The looks that everyone gave him were so peculiar. When he was little he couldn't decipher what it was, that certain look, the look he saw inside everyones' eyes when they looked at him. It made him feel uneasy. It wasn't until later in life that he realized what it was... Fear. As a small child Perseus would often have violent seizures. They were always directly accompanied by periods of uncontrollable rage and torment. He would lash out brutally at anyone near enough to be a victim of his wrath. Although he did not ever transform into Beast at that age. His anguish was caused by no apparent reason, and soon there was talk that he was the Devil's child. That he was evil, possessed by some darkness. Everyone looked at him with those eyes, even his own parents. They were afraid of him. The Chevalier family sent him to see many esteemed child psychiatrists, where he confessed his visions of a grotesque and savage monster. He admitted to them that the monster felt familiar, like it was a part of him screaming out to be realized. He had been too honest, too truthful, desperate to spill his soul out to someone, anyone who would listen. This mistake drew a lot of attention to him. What he was seeing were memories of the past, but he didn't understand that then. Once the Academy caught wind of his situation, they wasted no time in coming in contact with his parents. His family was all too eager to ship him off, but they were told they had to wait until he was of high school age. Years came and went. Although he did not yet have the curse of the beast, everyone already treated him like a monster. He was homeschooled, and kept inside like a dirty secret. He was well fed and well treated, but his household was nothing more than a lonely prison made up of fearful eyes, sneaking curious stares at the monster that they catered to. The day he turned 14 must have been the happiest day for all the inhabitants of the Chevalier mansion. All except one. One lonely broken soul who was shipped off to be forgotten.

So begins...

Perseus Chevalier (Beast)'s Story

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The west wing of Conte De Fee Academy was forbidden to all students. All but one troubled pupil who resided at the very end of the corridor, in the farthest dorm from all the other students. His room was made of bricks and stones, with a solid steel door, and a very sturdy lock hanging from the 'do not disturb' side. He was unable to lock his own room, but the staff made absolutely sure that he would have his privacy and solidity whenever the full moon rose. Just like they did the night before the first day of school, when the moon shone bright and round. They twisted the key into the lock and confined him to deal with his fate. The fate that they had forced upon him...

--- And the night went on and on for one tormented beast who suffered alone.
When the sun finally peaked it's head over the horizon, there was stirring outside his prison of a bedroom chamber.

"Is he awake?" the school nurse asked nervously, lingering outside the steel door. She glanced nervously at the professor who stood next to her. "I know it's the first day of school, but maybe he should stay in bed today." She twiddled her thumbs and glanced back and forth between her toes.

The professor looked at her sternly. "Don't baby him. He's a strong boy. Go on, tend to his wounds, and get him ready for class."
The nurse looked up at him with a pleading expression, her lower lip quivering.

"He'll be fine," the professor ensured her.

When she kept up her puppy gaze, he sighed with resignation. "Fine, tend to his wounds, and ask him if he is capable of attending class. If he is not, then he is responsible for making up any work he misses." With that final word, the professor stalked off and disappeared somewhere down the seemingly endless hallway.

The nurse knocked timidly on the metal door.

No answer... "Perseus dear, it's your nurse, are you awake?" she tried to make her voice as gentle and soothing as possible. "I'm coming in. Is that okay?" she put her key into the big lock hanging from the door and turned it open with a loud click. The heavy steel door screeched open as she carefully entered the room. "Perseus..."

The nurse gasped in horror as shock pulsed throughout her muscles, making her drop the key on the floor in a ringing clang that echoed throughout the room.

This time, the aftermath had been much worse than all of his other transformations. She was not prepared for it. The bed and furniture were smeared and soaked with blood. There were clumps of brown fur and pieces of flesh splattered throughout the room. Her eyes widen, and her breath was caught in her throat.

"Perseus?" she whispered hoarsely as she spotted the figure of the boy sitting up against the corner of the room with his long legs curled up to his chest. His eyes were dead and empty. Emotionless. There were no longer any light in them.

She approached him slowly and carefully. He was visible only by the dim sunlight through his black curtains.
She knelt down by his side and reached her hands out towards him. "May I examine your wounds? Are you hurt?"

"No," he spoke softly, his eyes rose up to meet hers. He was fond of her. She was the only one who was ever brave enough to tend to him after every transformation. "I heal a lot faster now."

The older woman began to tear up. "What are you doing to yourself?"

He let out a humorless laugh. "To myself..." his eyes flashed dangerously. "How ironic. As if I chose this fate."

"I know," she sobbed, "but why do you have to hurt yourself like this?"

He stood up abruptly and turned to pick his uniform out from his closet. "I can't help it. The bloodlust was too strong," he muttered, as he neatly folded his clothes into his arms and began his way to the restroom. "May I have some privacy now, if you don't mind? I need to wash up," he asked politely, but his tone was as cold as ice.

"But Perseus, what about your wounds?"

"They're only minor cuts and bruises now. I'll be fine," he said curtly as he shut himself into the restroom and started up the shower.
Perseus let out a small sigh of relief when he heard the telltale sounds of the nurse leaving.

After he was done thoroughly grooming himself, Perseus made his way from his room down the long and lonely corridor out of the west wing to join the rest of the hustle and bustle of other students who were rushing off to class.

"Smile. Be polite. Be friendly. Fit in," he reminded himself as merged in with the crowd.