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Prince Charming

"Love at first sight are for people who don't know the whole story."

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a character in “Conte De Fee Academy”, as played by Zitacamron95



Name: Sebastien Beauchene

Fairytale Character: Prince Charming

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Stance on Destiny: Refuses it

Special Ability: His kisses cure curses

Appearance: He stands at about 6 foot, and weighs about 150lbs. His appearance is more unkempt, not really brushing his hair ever, his clothes always look wrinkled, and when he wears his school uniform the tie is never tied (if even present). It's rare to actually see him put an effort into his appearance.

History: Sabastien was born into a rich family, everything in life has been given to him since he was little. Anything he wanted was his. He never had to work hard for anything in his life, but he knows that other people had to. He knows that he is lucky to be where he is, even though he does seem to forget it sometimes. He was always told that he was destined for great things, and for the longest time he believed that. He believed that one day, he'd be at the top of the world. One day, when he and his little brother were playing on their bunk beds, his little brother almost fell off. Sabastien had grabbed his little brother before that could happen and that moment triggered his first memory as Prince Charming. Suddenly, the young kid found himself remembering doing something so similar, his younger brother being in danger and him coming to the rescue. The next day these hooded figures had come to talk to his parents about how special Sabastien was. That was when the child was told the moment he hit his high school age, he'd be sent away to this school. When he was told he didn't get a choice, the boy wasn't happy. He had friends and his brother that he'd be leaving behind. He didn't want to do that, he wanted to stay at home. He didn't care how special he was.

All the way up to the day he was sent away, he dreaded it. He would have done anything to stop it from happening, and nothing seemed to do that. The summer after his eighth grade year, he was forced to pack up his things and driven to Conte De Fée Academy. His first few weeks there, he didn't talk to anyone. He would intentionally not pay attention in class just to see if he could fail out of the academy. Still, people were fascinated by him, they all knew who he was. He was the prince charming. They all wanted to talk to him and meet him. He finally started to get over the whole thing when Sleeping Beauty wormed her way into his life. She got his true personality to come out and suddenly it was like meeting a whole different person. It got even better when his younger brother came to the school as well. He was excited to see him again. Currently, the prince hasn't chosen to be with either Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. He is more interested in just figuring out who he was and why exactly every relationship he's had has gone bad. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White on the other hand have come the the agreement of sharing Sabastien rather than letting him decide.

So begins...

Prince Charming's Story

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And they all lived happily ever after. The line in every fairy tale that made many people's eyes roll. How could two people that just met get married and live happily ever after? They barely knew each other to start with. Would they truly be happy? Still, it was the dream that many people sought after, that many people wanted. There were young girls that wanted prince charming to sweep them off their feet, or rescue them from terrible dangers. There were men that wanted to be that prince. The problem was, nobody could be those princes or princesses, not when they already existed in the real world.

Conte De Fée Academy was a private boarding school with a very low admission rating. The only way to get accepted was to literally be a fairy tale character. They were tracked down, it was unknown how this was possible, but they did. After one of the reincarnations of these old fairy tale characters had their first memory of one of their past lives, they received a letter to join the school. If they chose to ignore it, the school would send a representative to come pick up the child. That rarely happened, though. Most of the students wanted to go to an enchanted place like Conte De Fée Academy. Most of them wanted to find their prince or princess, or just to live out the destiny they were given.

The school wasn't that different from any other high school. It was easy to tell who was part of the prestigious crowd and who wasn't. Sebastien Beauchene, also known as Prince Charming, was at the top. He may have not seemed like it, with the unkempt mess of black hair, or the way he carelessly dressed. Still, he was at the top. With him was his two princesses, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Of course, his brother was also considered part of the top of the food chain...when the two boys were togther. Nobody messed with them, nobody argued with them, and certainly nobody had the guts to fight them. They were the classics, they were the most famous stories heard around the world. They were the ones that got all the attention.

It was the start to another year of school, not that it really felt like there was any difference between school time and break. Sebastien hadn't gone home at all due to having to spend his summer taking extra classes and not even classes that he failed, he aced all his classes. Plus, his parents were busy with their business and didn't really have much time to spend with their kids this summer, so his parents decided it was best to just stay at the school. Even though classes would start at nine o'clock am sharp, Sebastien was still sleeping at eight thirty. His limbs tangled in his blankets and his alarm clock thrown clear across the room. The curtains were tightly shut to keep the sun from shining on his eyes. It wasn't until a hard knock came from his door, that he actually stirred.

"What?" Sebastien growled. His eyes not opening, and his body barely moving to the noise.

"Sebastien, if you don't get up right now, you're gonna be late!" A familiar voice yelled from the other side of the door.

"So what? They aren't going to do anything about it," Sebastien called back.

"Get up right now," The girl known as Snow White growled.

"Fine, if it'll stop you yelling through the door like a lunatic," Sebastien rolled his eyes. He couldn't sleep anymore anyway, not with his friend at the door screaming. Sebastien glanced around the room, it was decorated with his own posters mixed with the elegant decorations that the school had already put up for the new prince charming. Paintings of the storybook Charming were on the wall, some had been removed and were thrown into the back of his closet. There was even a glass case that held the original Prince Charming's sword, the one used to slay the evil witch Maleficent.

It took a few minutes for the boy to finally untangle himself from his blankets and get out of his bed. He grabbed his shirt and slacks and threw them on, then opened the door. "Give me a sec, I've gotta brush my teeth. You mind getting my backpack ready?" Sebastien mumbled.

"Yeah, just hurry up, and don't forget your glasses" Anneliese shook her head as she walked into the room and tried to find the notebooks and folders that they had gotten from the school store a week earlier. Sebastien knew that within a few weeks these notebooks would be basically destroyed and the folders would be ripped in half. It wasn't like he’d destroy them himself, he just wouldn't take care of the bag, that the folders and notebooks would never leave, and would get thrown everywhere and torn through when Sebastien tried to look like he was paying attention in class.