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Conte De Fee Academy

Conte De Fee Academy


a part of Conte De Fee Academy, by Zitacamron95.


Zitacamron95 holds sovereignty over Conte De Fee Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Conte De Fee Academy is a part of Conte De Fee Academy.

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Princess Beauty [3] "Some people use their imagination."
Gabriella Montague [2] "I wish only to find where I belong"
Casper Redmond [1] "Rise and rise again until lambs become lions..." - Robin Hood
Richie Beauchene [1] "Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats."
Prince Charming [1] "Love at first sight are for people who don't know the whole story."

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Speech Color: #0000FF

And they all lived happily ever after. The line in every fairy tale that made many people's eyes roll. How could two people that just met get married and live happily ever after? They barely knew each other to start with. Would they truly be happy? Still, it was the dream that many people sought after, that many people wanted. There were young girls that wanted prince charming to sweep them off their feet, or rescue them from terrible dangers. There were men that wanted to be that prince. The problem was, nobody could be those princes or princesses, not when they already existed in the real world.

Conte De Fée Academy was a private boarding school with a very low admission rating. The only way to get accepted was to literally be a fairy tale character. They were tracked down, it was unknown how this was possible, but they did. After one of the reincarnations of these old fairy tale characters had their first memory of one of their past lives, they received a letter to join the school. If they chose to ignore it, the school would send a representative to come pick up the child. That rarely happened, though. Most of the students wanted to go to an enchanted place like Conte De Fée Academy. Most of them wanted to find their prince or princess, or just to live out the destiny they were given.

The school wasn't that different from any other high school. It was easy to tell who was part of the prestigious crowd and who wasn't. Sebastien Beauchene, also known as Prince Charming, was at the top. He may have not seemed like it, with the unkempt mess of black hair, or the way he carelessly dressed. Still, he was at the top. With him was his two princesses, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Of course, his brother was also considered part of the top of the food chain...when the two boys were togther. Nobody messed with them, nobody argued with them, and certainly nobody had the guts to fight them. They were the classics, they were the most famous stories heard around the world. They were the ones that got all the attention.

It was the start to another year of school, not that it really felt like there was any difference between school time and break. Sebastien hadn't gone home at all due to having to spend his summer taking extra classes and not even classes that he failed, he aced all his classes. Plus, his parents were busy with their business and didn't really have much time to spend with their kids this summer, so his parents decided it was best to just stay at the school. Even though classes would start at nine o'clock am sharp, Sebastien was still sleeping at eight thirty. His limbs tangled in his blankets and his alarm clock thrown clear across the room. The curtains were tightly shut to keep the sun from shining on his eyes. It wasn't until a hard knock came from his door, that he actually stirred.

"What?" Sebastien growled. His eyes not opening, and his body barely moving to the noise.

"Sebastien, if you don't get up right now, you're gonna be late!" A familiar voice yelled from the other side of the door.

"So what? They aren't going to do anything about it," Sebastien called back.

"Get up right now," The girl known as Snow White growled.

"Fine, if it'll stop you yelling through the door like a lunatic," Sebastien rolled his eyes. He couldn't sleep anymore anyway, not with his friend at the door screaming. Sebastien glanced around the room, it was decorated with his own posters mixed with the elegant decorations that the school had already put up for the new prince charming. Paintings of the storybook Charming were on the wall, some had been removed and were thrown into the back of his closet. There was even a glass case that held the original Prince Charming's sword, the one used to slay the evil witch Maleficent.

It took a few minutes for the boy to finally untangle himself from his blankets and get out of his bed. He grabbed his shirt and slacks and threw them on, then opened the door. "Give me a sec, I've gotta brush my teeth. You mind getting my backpack ready?" Sebastien mumbled.

"Yeah, just hurry up, and don't forget your glasses" Anneliese shook her head as she walked into the room and tried to find the notebooks and folders that they had gotten from the school store a week earlier. Sebastien knew that within a few weeks these notebooks would be basically destroyed and the folders would be ripped in half. It wasn't like he’d destroy them himself, he just wouldn't take care of the bag, that the folders and notebooks would never leave, and would get thrown everywhere and torn through when Sebastien tried to look like he was paying attention in class.

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Character Portrait: Princess Beauty
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Belle Fontaine

Some people use their imagination.
тнємє: Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky

diαlσgυє cσlσя: #2FC26D

тнσυgнт cσlσя: #49DC87

fαcє clαiм: Himari Takakura

Belle was having another odd dream. In her dream, she walked aimlessly through empty castle halls, the echo of her feet tapping against the floor being the only sound present. She blinked softly and ran her hands across the walls and turned into an empty room. The bed was big and looked quite comfortable. Despite her loneliness and fear, she couldn't help but feel comfortable and at home in this gigantic castle. She took a step towards the curtains and opened them, revealing a perfect view (from the glass door that lead to a balcony) of the full moon. The moon was absolutely mesmerizing, but Belle was snapped out of her thoughts upon hearing a distant and horrifying roar of anger.

She spun around quickly and ran towards the door that she had previously entered from and shut it immediately, her heart racing and her ears ringing. While breathing quickly and heavily from her uncontrollable fear, she took steps towards the vanity that sat idly, the room lit up by the blinding light of the full moon. At first, the mirror was blurry and she couldn't make out her face at all, but after staring at her reflection for a few minutes, soon the reflection became less blurred and a face looked back at her that she didn't recognize. Belle blinked a few times and slowly ran her fingers across the mirror and along her features that weren't really hers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Belle's light gray eyes slowly opened at the elegant sound of a grandfather clock. Well, not exactly, it was a miniature version of a grandfather clock that was made by her father (a clockmaker) as an alarm clock. She brought it with her to Conte De Fee Academy as a reminder of her old life, one that she missed dearly. Belle had gone home over the break and spent time with her father and younger sister, pleased to see them again finally after quite a while. The sun shined through her room and she sat up to stretch out her limbs. She shut off her alarm clock and kicked off her blankets.

After Belle got dressed, she walked into the bathroom and washed her face, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair and then left the bathroom. She packed up her blue over the shoulder bag and put in her textbooks, notebook and a novel in quickly before making her way out into the hall, where many other familiar and unfamiliar students rushed around. Although Belle was known for being friendly and kind, she didn't normally go out of her way to talk to people she didn't know well unless she had to. She smiled at passing people and greeted those who greeted her, but quietly made her way past the odd glances and whispering. Belle knew who she was and what she was known for, her fairy tale character and how oddly similar they were, but simply kept to herself.

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Character Portrait: Princess Beauty Character Portrait: Gabriella Montague
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Gabriella Montague


The Wind gently blew against the fabric of curtains as they moved in tune to the breeze releasing stray rays of sunlight. The sunlight filtered down onto Gabriella as she moaned in her bed moving her arms to shield her eyes before sighing.

"Should have closed the window..." she grumbled with a yawn stretching her arms up high as she pulled herself from the comfort of her duvet.

It was the start of a new day.

Slipping her feet into some blue fluffy slippers Gabby shuffled along the hardwood flooring towards the ensuite bathroom. Bleary-eyed she began her morning routine, teeth, face wash, dragging a brush through her burly blonde hair calming its madness. Re-shuffling back into her bedroom Gabby paused for a moment as she took in the decor.

She hadn't been in the academy long, she was still growing used to the luxuries that she had been given at this school. Her bedroom was adorned with high-quality furniture, a dressing table sat beneath her window. Perfumes, makeup, and jewellery was carefully placed on the dressing table a matching stool tucked under. Across from the window was her four post bed against the wall, the bedding was Egyptian cotton the sheets a light blue with white flowers. Paintings hung around the room, they showed Gabby's past, the life she dreamt of from time to time. Everything that was within the room had been provided by the school, it was more than Gabby had ever had since she lost her mother.

It was strange to her, she had wanted to return the items to the school but they had already refused her attempt to do so. She was left with an incline to take down the paintings, they reminded her of her dreams, of her apparent past life.

They somewhat... frightened her.


Her hands slapped her cheeks as she closed her eyes. "You can do this Gabby" she tried to give herself a pep talk. "Right, I should get ready or I'll be late" she nodded to herself heading towards the large vintage wardrobe in her room. Opening up the doors she pulled out her clean ironed uniform and quickly get dressed.

Straightening out a pleat in her skirt Gabby picked up her shoulder bag of notebooks and headed out of her room. Quietly she closed the door behind her almost tucking her shoulders in to try and make herself seem smaller. She wasn't used to this place yet, it was unnerving. Walking down the hall she clutched her shoulder bag closer as some other students began to emerge from their rooms. A few glanced her way curiously, causing Gabby to pick up her pace. She wanted to talk to them, but she just... she didn't know what to say!

Closing her eyes her heart fluttering Gabby walked without looking.


"Ah!" Gabby stepped back as she walked into someone, opening her eyes she saw it was the girl she had heard to be called 'Belle', she was apparently Beauty's reincarnation. "I-I'm Sorry, this is my f-fault S-sorry I-I'll watch where I-I'm going next time. S-Sorry!" Gabby quickly apologised, her voice stuttering from nerves. Dipping her head in a small bow Gabby clutched her bag tighter and didn't waste time in getting away from this awkward situation. Her feet moving for her she quickly rushed through the hallways and towards the front doors.

Reaching the doors leading outside onto the school grounds Gabby hesitated for a moment, she felt her heart flutter and her hand shake as she lifted it towards the door. Calmly, Gabby took a deep breath. "Just another day.." she released her breath and pushed open the door.

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Character Portrait: Richie Beauchene Character Portrait: Princess Beauty Character Portrait: Gabriella Montague
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#, as written by CutUp
R ichie sat there, staring blankly at his piano, and continuously pressing the same key over, and over, and over again. Dark bags were hanging heavily under his eyes, showing clearly his lack of sleep. It's been nearly twenty-four hours since he last slept, and even then it was only an hour and a half of restless sleeping. Richie looked up at the clock hanging on the wall, it was time for him to get ready for school. His bedroom looked like something belonging to royalty, which he pretty much was.

On the walls hung large paintings of himself, of his past lives at least. A large wardrobe stood in front of the left wall, with several shelves built into the wall that served as a trophy case, holding the various awards he's gotten from his musical talent, and with ribbons hanging from the bottom shelf. Hanging on the wall in a glass case next to it was a golden violin, supposedly once belonging to his past life. Though he doesn't understand why he would have such a thing, the instrument made terrible music that not even he could make sound good. Cases of Richie's personal instruments also decorated the walls, all waiting for him to play them.

Richie stepped away from his piano, an old behemoth of a instrument that was said to have been played by his past self, well preserved, and still playing beautifully despite it's obvious age. It was his most prized possession, and in his personal opinion the best thing this school has ever given him. Richie passed his small desk, which was a cluster of sheet music spread out all over the desk's surface, with even a few sheets laying around the area near it. It was quite messy, surprising given the general up keep of his room.

Richie went into his private bathroom, brushing his teeth, washing his face, and other such hygiene procedures. Once done with that he changed out of his light blue pajama pants, and put on his usual school uniform. Once fully dressed Richie grabbed his backpack, and rummaged in it slightly until he pulled out a pair of headphones. He picked up his phone off his desk, and plugged in his headphones. He played a recording of one of his past playings, and then he was off to start his day.

As Richie walked the halls of the academy to his next class he did his best to ignore the glances he got from the other students, and their mumbling to one another. Despite have his earphones on, an music blasting in his ears he already knew what it was they were talking about. It was him, and what he had done. Richie kept his head down, and powered through, not giving anyone a second glance, and avoiding direct eye contact. Richie stopped for a moment, seeing some sort of altercation between Belle, and Gabby, with Gabby embarrassingly running out of the halls. Richie took in a deep gulp, he knew that he needed to get to class but as if he couldn't control his own legs he ended up following behind Gabby.

Richie hid around the corner, nervously watching Gabby. His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest, his mouth dried up, and beats of sweat started rolling down his forehead. 'I gotta say something to her. No, she won't want to talk to me, not after what I did. She won't even want to see me. I gotta go before she sees me. I'll look like some kind of creepy stalker. Get to class. Get to class. Oh god did she see me?!' Richie's mind was racing as he tried to figure out what to do. Richie took in a big gulp as she opened the doors. His head was peeked around the corner, with an expression like a deer caught in headlights.

'Legs move! Mouth make words! Do something! Oh god, someone just kill me now!' Richie opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something but nothing came out. He gritted his teeth, and turned around without a word, and began his way towards class. 'Smooth.'

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Character Portrait: Perseus Chevalier (Beast)
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The west wing of Conte De Fee Academy was forbidden to all students. All but one troubled pupil who resided at the very end of the corridor, in the farthest dorm from all the other students. His room was made of bricks and stones, with a solid steel door, and a very sturdy lock hanging from the 'do not disturb' side. He was unable to lock his own room, but the staff made absolutely sure that he would have his privacy and solidity whenever the full moon rose. Just like they did the night before the first day of school, when the moon shone bright and round. They twisted the key into the lock and confined him to deal with his fate. The fate that they had forced upon him...

--- And the night went on and on for one tormented beast who suffered alone.
When the sun finally peaked it's head over the horizon, there was stirring outside his prison of a bedroom chamber.

"Is he awake?" the school nurse asked nervously, lingering outside the steel door. She glanced nervously at the professor who stood next to her. "I know it's the first day of school, but maybe he should stay in bed today." She twiddled her thumbs and glanced back and forth between her toes.

The professor looked at her sternly. "Don't baby him. He's a strong boy. Go on, tend to his wounds, and get him ready for class."
The nurse looked up at him with a pleading expression, her lower lip quivering.

"He'll be fine," the professor ensured her.

When she kept up her puppy gaze, he sighed with resignation. "Fine, tend to his wounds, and ask him if he is capable of attending class. If he is not, then he is responsible for making up any work he misses." With that final word, the professor stalked off and disappeared somewhere down the seemingly endless hallway.

The nurse knocked timidly on the metal door.

No answer... "Perseus dear, it's your nurse, are you awake?" she tried to make her voice as gentle and soothing as possible. "I'm coming in. Is that okay?" she put her key into the big lock hanging from the door and turned it open with a loud click. The heavy steel door screeched open as she carefully entered the room. "Perseus..."

The nurse gasped in horror as shock pulsed throughout her muscles, making her drop the key on the floor in a ringing clang that echoed throughout the room.

This time, the aftermath had been much worse than all of his other transformations. She was not prepared for it. The bed and furniture were smeared and soaked with blood. There were clumps of brown fur and pieces of flesh splattered throughout the room. Her eyes widen, and her breath was caught in her throat.

"Perseus?" she whispered hoarsely as she spotted the figure of the boy sitting up against the corner of the room with his long legs curled up to his chest. His eyes were dead and empty. Emotionless. There were no longer any light in them.

She approached him slowly and carefully. He was visible only by the dim sunlight through his black curtains.
She knelt down by his side and reached her hands out towards him. "May I examine your wounds? Are you hurt?"

"No," he spoke softly, his eyes rose up to meet hers. He was fond of her. She was the only one who was ever brave enough to tend to him after every transformation. "I heal a lot faster now."

The older woman began to tear up. "What are you doing to yourself?"

He let out a humorless laugh. "To myself..." his eyes flashed dangerously. "How ironic. As if I chose this fate."

"I know," she sobbed, "but why do you have to hurt yourself like this?"

He stood up abruptly and turned to pick his uniform out from his closet. "I can't help it. The bloodlust was too strong," he muttered, as he neatly folded his clothes into his arms and began his way to the restroom. "May I have some privacy now, if you don't mind? I need to wash up," he asked politely, but his tone was as cold as ice.

"But Perseus, what about your wounds?"

"They're only minor cuts and bruises now. I'll be fine," he said curtly as he shut himself into the restroom and started up the shower.
Perseus let out a small sigh of relief when he heard the telltale sounds of the nurse leaving.

After he was done thoroughly grooming himself, Perseus made his way from his room down the long and lonely corridor out of the west wing to join the rest of the hustle and bustle of other students who were rushing off to class.

"Smile. Be polite. Be friendly. Fit in," he reminded himself as merged in with the crowd.

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Character Portrait: Casper Redmond
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-----------#5BB373 || #B35B5B
Caspers green eyes opened slowly, accompanied with some yawning and stretching. Since he was used to waking up early - he normally did not need a clock to wake him up. But even so he had one - just in case. The sun was shining outside, sneaking through the curtains and creating a orange line on the floor where the grey fabric failed at keeping the light away. Casper had spend his summer holiday home in Scotland, and since there was trouble with his transportation back to France - he had not arrived at Conte De Fee Academy until late night, giving him about 4 hours sleep before the start of another school year. This ment his green eyes where decorated with dark bags and tired wrinkles, his strawberry blonde hair was messy and his skin was paler than usual due to the lack of sleep and a very long tiresome journey back from Scotland.. Giving the alarm a glance he noticed how the time was just a few minutes to 8, and he hastily reached to click the "off button" before the terrible noise could pester his ears.

It felt weird being back at school, the summer break had felt like a lifetime and for a brief moment Cas had almost forgotten about being the reincarnation of Robin Hood and his destiny that was already settled. He was going to marry Maid Marian. Because that's how it'd always been. But Casper hated the idea. He hated the whole "reincarnation thing" and he hated being back at school. Sure, he'd missed his friends. And Sebastien.. Wonder what his reaction was going to be after being a part for so long. Maybe he'd grown bored of Robin and finally taken interest in Snow White or Beauty? Plus, they could not be together anymore. Reason being that Richie had told the whole school about them...

Getting ready for class went on "auto pilot mode" and the thing that bothered him was the familiar design of the room. Everything looked like how he'd left it. Glancing around on the walls, seing all the "wanted" posters, paintings on his former selves, bows and arrows framed in and behind glass - he sighted. But something interrupted his complaining thoughts : footsteps outside his room - and he froze and looked at the door like he was praying to keep his loneliness for a bit longer. Sadly that was not going to be the case.

"Yohoo... My dead Hoodie, are you awake? I heard your transportation back from Scotland was chaotic yesterday. And i fell asleep, so i did not get the chance to say hello..." a lively but soft female voice sounded after knocking 3 times on the wooden door. "I told you not to call me that, Marian.." even tho his voice was slightly annoyed - he opened the door and nodded towards the brown curly haired girl, a silent gesture for her to come in.

"But, you will marry me! And you know it! I don't care about the rumors of you and Charming. And even tho you normally are the one who steals things. This time, i will steal your heart!" She said optimistic with a big smile on her lips. Casper did not answer her at first, searching his drawers for his pen and notebook. Without looking at her, he laughed softly, showing two discrete dimples on his cheeks. "Keep trying Marian". It was not like he disliked her or anything. Marian and Robin got along fine most of the time. It was like he had known her for a lifetime.. Apparently so was the case. But that just happen to be the problem. He knew her inside and out, been there done that, and Marian was like a sister to him. Even tho Marian had romantic feelings for Robin - he did not feel the same way. End of that discussion. Casper brushed his teeth, Marian sat down on the bed in silence and swinged her legs back and forth while admiring the backside of Casper standing in the bathroom.

"You've grown during summer break you know.. It looks good on you.." she mumbled dreamingly as she sat down on his bed. Casper just spat out the toothpaste in the sink and scoffed. Instead of agreeing with her, he started to pack his bag without giving her as much as a glance. "i look tired.." he answered yawning and letting his hand glide through the messy hair. Even tho he did not admit it to her, he knew she was right. Casper had grown a lot during summer, finally he looked older. His face was a bit slimmer, he had grown probably an inch in height and his hair had gotten longer and now reached his jaw. For being 17 years old, he was a late bloomer but even so - a lot can happen during summer break and 3 months. Cas put on his black hoodie over his school uniform, tossed the backpack over one of his shoulders and tied his shoelaces, before giving Marian a second meaning nod. He was ready for another school year. "Shall we?" he said raising one eyebrow. With the brown haired girl talking non stop by his side - Cas headed towards class. Feeling the stares and hearing students whisper behind his back. All thanks to Richie...

Casper was not the one to care about students bad mouthing him. That kind of things did not get to him at all. He was more worried about Sebastien. It was he who had something to loose. He was the most popular guy in school, he was the prince charming after all. While Casper was just a simple thief and no one special...

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Speech Color: #0000FF

Sebastien rubbed at his eyes as he walked into the classroom, clearly still tired or just not looking forward to school. Either was a big possibility for him. He knew that he had this last year and then he'd be done, graduating with even a few college credits under his belt and he'd finally be able to go back to his family. Well, go back to his mom and dad, he would be glad to leave his brother behind. The little backstabber had let the entire school know that he and Robin Hood were in a relationship. Which had lead to the school forcing the two apart and now everyone in the school knew that Prince Charming wasn’t straight. He was just glad that he had this last year then he’d back home and happy.

That is, if the school didn't have anything else ridiculous in mind for him, like forcing him to stay at the school until Sleeping Beauty was put under her sleeping curse, then forcing the two to marry. He didn't even know if he wanted to marry any of the girls that he was destined to marry. He loathed this destiny thing more than anything else, it gave him such a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach and left a bad taste in his mouth. The only time he actually felt right was when he was with Casper. That was all over though, with the staff, and the student body, keeping a close eye on him.

The current Prince Charming scanned the room, being one of the last people to enter the classroom with only a few minutes to spare before the teacher started class. A few murmurs went through the students that were sat at their desks. Sebastien himself didn’t look much like his usually princely self. Yes, he was always dressed like a mess, but he usually pulled it off well with his confidence and that brilliant smile he uses to wear. There was no smile, nothing about him seemed happy, and he looked a lot more tired and irritated than confident.

Before Sebastien could even move any further or lay eyes on a seat, a young girl with blonde hair had him in a tight hug. He blinked for a moment unable to figure out what had just happened before his arms wrapped around the girl in a natural response. Alice Leroy was one of his best friends since he got to Conte De Fée, and apparently the first girl he'd marry. Though, he'd like to avoid that part if he could at this point. He had no idea if he would even be able to make her happy for the rest of her life, and with the destiny he had, he didn't want to end up having to divorce her later because things aren't working out. He'd end up losing a friend, and breaking her heart.

"I've missed you so much," Alice said, squeezing him tighter.

"I've missed you too, Alice, but you are going to break my ribs if you continue to squeeze any harder," Sebastien muttered. With that the young girl released and the two took seats where the girl had saved for the both of them.

"How are you doing? How was your summer? Tell me everything," Gabrielle continued turning fully to talk to the boy.

"Uh...I've got a headache. My summer was fine, I stayed here the entire time and...that's it," Sebastien shrugged.

"Oh, you've got a headache? Have you eaten breakfast yet?" Gabrielle asked rummaging through her bag.

"No, didn't have the time, I woke up like ten minutes ago," Sebastien buried his head in his arms.

"Well, here, to tide you over until lunch," The girl placed a granola bar on the corner of his desk. Sebastien gave a grunt in reply, reluctant to move from the comfort of his arms that he was now using as pillows.