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Reversible Campaign

How are the tears of a damaged girl?

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a character in “Continew”, as played by maccotango


 O1. nine years
 O2. abjuration
 O3. garden path
    KNOWLEDGE   ImageImage
    POWER....   ImageImage
    CONTROL..   ImageImage

Leo calls his power the "garden path", from the idiom "lead down the garden path". As the name implies, his power is directly tied to deceit, whether it be of the senses, mind or heart. Essentially, he has the ability to make his target believe anything he wants, founded on the concept of the Tower's false belief. Think of it as a lesser version of mind control, wherein it's very strong suggestive power more than anything else.

Physical deceit, which is the manipulation of the physical senses such as sight and hearing, is the easiest form of his magic. He can make one see what isn't there, or make them think they hear a particular person's voice. This is highly dependent on what he's trying to emulate; to imitate someone's voice would require he'd heard it himself before. Most students and faculty of Aurelius think this is the extent of his abilities. A very small handful of people know it can extend to something as extreme as overriding one's personal beliefs and emotions. For example, he can make someone believe they're in love with him; this, however, is quite taxing on him. When it's a belief as strong as this he can only really handle one on a constant basis, as it requires constant suggestion and refreshment on his part.

There are two ways of using his power: eye contact or his personal rune. The former is faster, as it only requires five seconds of directly looking into their eyes. The effect lasts for about two hours until it needs to be refreshed. Unfortunately, he can only channel a limited amount of mana through this method, thereby limiting the effects of his powers into strictly physical deceit and faint suggestions.

His personal rune is required for stronger beliefs, as here he can channel much more of his power. It needs to be on the person he wants to manipulate, which makes it rather tricky to do on a regular basis. The tradeoff is that as long as the person is within a meter of the rune, they will continue to be under his influence. Fortunately, it can be on anything: written on paper or engraved on a pendant. If he anyone ever got tattooed with his personal rune, he imagines it would work the same.

So begins...

Reversible Campaign's Story