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Jenny Shepard

Just your average girl.

0 · 357 views · located in The Bridge

a character in “Conviction”, as played by HitoriRaven


Name: Jenny Shepard

Age: 23

Personality: She's a really nice, semi-country girl. Jenny's a bit anti-social, because she doesn't really live near anyone. As such, she's also really awkward with people, boys, especially. Because of her psuedo-isolation, she's bisexual. Of course, Jenny went to school down in the nearby city, and works there, but that doesn't help her anti-sociality. Of course, as stated, she is a really nice girl once you get to know her. People who don't, obviously on first appearance, think she is cold, when she really is just awkward. When she is with people she is comfortable with, she is a bit more outgoing, and is actually kind of bawdy/flirty. It's a bit like being drunk, only with people instead of alcohol. Though on a side note, she is the same way when drunk, only more extreme.

History: Jenny is just a girl who grew up as an only child in a mountain town. As she finished high school in her town, she yearned for a higher education. She moved to a town closer to the city - not quite in it, but an hour away or so. She heard stories about the nearby lodge, ones of it being haunted, and avoids it on the way to work.

Appearance: Blond, long hair and very beautiful, is the description most people identify her with on sight. Unfortunately, she thinks her breasts are not as big as she (or men) would like, but otherwise, is an eye-catcher. She doesn't keep up with fashions very well, tending to swing a bit "hipster". However, this is all unintentional. She's about 5'3, and weighs 113 pounds. (may add more..)

Fears: Large crowds, talking to men,

So begins...

Jenny Shepard's Story


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#, as written by Rulke
Tiaan Barrymore

Tiaan pulled out her handgun and begun to walk towards the only lit up place nearby, which was the pub, it appeared to be called, "The Asylum." pretty benefitting name, as she came close to door she heard a yell and swung around turning to see a girl looking in horror at the gun. For a minute there was silence and the girl just looked at horror at the weapon, normally Tiaan wasn't so clearly on edge, but it was the fact the strange children laughter and way she was being treated, not even LA was this bad, but seriously what gives. Still she held weapon firm and in clear concise sentence she said, "Make one move, blow your brains out. Now tell me who you are and why the fuck you sneaked up on me?"


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Jenny was exhausted after her day of work. As she drove home, she decided to stop for a "quick" drink at the only pub that was relatively close to her town, "The Asylum". After all, she had become good friends with the man that owned the bar, Ryan - he was one of a few childhood friends she had back in her old town. She expected it had been a lazy night, as usual, and hoped to mooch a few free drinks off of him. As she parked nearby and walked towards the bar, she heard someone pull up behind her, and turned around to look. She was surprised to see any new faces around this town. Granted, it was close to the city, but still...Jenny walked up slowly behind the woman who had also begun heading towards the bar.

The setting changes from The Asylum Pub to The Bridge


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#, as written by Rulke
Tiaan Barrymore

The girl seemed afraid to reply as she raised her hands shakily and looked at Tiaan terrified, fear could be a lie though, why wasn't this girl following curfew for instance, why had to snuck up on her. All these needed answered and she was going to get an answer, "I won't repeat again."

"I-I..I live around here. J-just up the road a bit." She gave a small nod to the strange woman. "O-obviously I was going to get a d-d-drink, what else would you d-do at a pub?" Jenny wasn't the best at talking to strangers, but she felt braver in the face of a gun, ironically. She raised her hands in a surrender motion saying "But hey, I'm just a town girl who wants a drink, so why dontcha put the gun down?"

Considering and listening carefully finally Tiaan lowered gun, not turning on the safety, "Good enough, just be warned you try anything and I'm not afraid to beat you up." Breathing a little she smiled, "I'm almost relieved another person is here, seriously I'm trying to get to New York, but my driver refused to go through here, demanding I take another route. Since this place is creepy I'm seeing if bar has place to rest, so I can start moving again."

With that Tiaan pushed over the door and stepped into the low lit tavern.

All conversation that was going on immediatly died down and the few people inside stared at her, while the barman said in very low threatening tone, "We don't allow your kind in here. Get out."

Immediately, Jenny followed the stranger in. As soon as she heard her bartender friend, Ryan, speak, she cut in. "It's fine, Ryan. She's with me. Just give us both a drink, put it on my tab." She gave him a winning grin - as much as an awkward town girl could, that is.

The bartender still glared, "Jenny, you are fine but her, she's a city gal and last person we allowed in from city, well you know the rest. If you don't I'll tell you one day."

Jenny's look immediately turned stern, as she said in a reprimanding tone, "Now Ryan, this woman - " she turned to the woman and whispered "Your name"?"

"Tiaan Barrymore, no relation of the famous family."

Jenny laughed a bit. "Jenny Shepard, nice to meet you." She turned back to Ryan. "This woman, Tiaan. She just wants a drink, and then she'll go on her way. Now. Give us both a mug of Guiness." Her face went back to a smile, but this one was more threatening than the last.

The bartender seemed to grumble before nodding and muttering, "One drink and then she's out. Kids shouldn't even be out this late--."

Finally Tiaan had enough and interrupted, "I'm 22, I'm not a kid, that one thing to say, second why shouldn't kids be out this late?" She noticed Jenny trying to shut her up, but continued, "Honestly LA much worse than here."

Jenny interrupted both of them. "Alright, one drink." She turned to Tiaan and whispered, "Please don't argue with Ryan. He can be stubborn when he wants to."

Rolling her eyes she said casually, "I wonder if that cabin across the bridge is more hospitable."

Just then everyone went silent and Ryan said in a very low tone, "OUT. Jenny we'll talk about this later."

Jenny was worried for the stranger - her new friend - so while she was scared of the cabin, she decided to brave it out. "Well, Tiaan..that cabin over there's rumored to be haunted...but there just stories. I saw some lights on in it coming up, so there must be people there at least...."

Looking around and half paying attention to Jenny, she suddenly said "Shhhh..."

Then she heard it, more child-like laughter, but looking behind her she could see them now, young kids, dressed entirely in black with hoodies. Genderless by all appearance. This wasn't something you find in anywhere but a city.

One of the figures spoke, glancing up.

Tiaan gulped in horror and grabbed hold of Jenny out of fear.

Their eyes, their eyes...

Their eyes...

They were black... absolutely black no other colour.

Then it spoke, in a slow monotone, "You need to let us IN." it emphasized the in most of all as they started to surround them all.

Tiaan was still clutching Jenny in terror, then remembering she pulled out her gun and aimed at closest one, the child hardly came up to her height. Still she held gun at the thing and said in scared tone, "Stay away, not afraid to use it."

Still they came.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even after firing the three shots, the kids still started to surround them.

All througout this ordeal, Jenny had been scared, holding tightly to Tiaan. She tried to be brave, but it was hard. Jenny muttered to herself, with a shaky voice, "I-I knew it...the r-rumors were t-true..." She felt as though she was about to die, and decided quickly on something in her mind. "I'm not gonna die without a first kiss!", and gave Tiaan a peck on the lips.

Blushing a little, Tiaan smiled.Sensing someone else needed protecting, Tiaan forced a calm facade on, "We can make this, and with that she bum-rushed the closest one, dragging Jenny behind her. Then with an growing unease, she ran towards the bridge; at this point she was glad to see some lights nearby.

The kids laughed and crowed, not even following.

Just then it dawned on Tiaan what it had been about, halfway across bridge, she realized with sadness, it had been a trap, and now only direction to go was the cabin.

Taking hold of Jenny's hand she said in most reassuring tone, "And people wonder why I don't want kids."

It was hollow but it snapped Jenny out of her stupor as she gave a small chuckle.

With that they travesed the bridge, and crossed on to land. Without fully comprehending, Tiaan turned around and whispered, "Jenny, we're going to need a bigger boat."

The bridge was gone, which was even scarier; it was like it had never been there at all. They could see the town, and where the bridge once was, but nothing signalling one had been there previously.