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Gwendolyn Prait

"Homosexuality isn't a disease..."

0 · 651 views · located in Copeland Institute, Copeland, South Carolina

a character in “Copeland Institute for the Sexually Confused”, as played by SweetPonine


Gwendolyn Prait


Age: 19
Gender: Female
Nickname: Gwen
Sexuality: Homosexual


History: Gwen was born in Hawaii to Lydia and Gareth Prait. She was 12 when they first found her with a female. Gwen's parents didn't know what to do, so they sent her to Copeland. Gwen has been there since she was 13 years old. Gwen has started to consider Copeland her home. She no longer speaks to her parents.
Personality: Gwen is outgoing, loud, and a party animal. She often sneaks out of Copeland to go to parties with other secret homosexuals. Gwen likes rain, darkness, and girls. She dislikes bright lights, therapy, and the drugs that she is forced to take. Gwen has no social filter, and she hates being forced into social groups. Gwen is a talented lover and likes to be with females.


So begins...

Gwendolyn Prait's Story

Gwendolyn Prait

Gwen laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling while she waited for a nurse to come get her from her room to go to breakfast. She'd been made to take the black pill last night, and she felt like she'd been hit by a train. "Why did I have to try and start a fight with the doctors last night?" She asked herself miserably. Gwen had had horrible dreams, and she had thrown up three times. Gwen hated throwing up...

The girl surveyed her room. In the middle of the night, the staff had brought in a second bed, desk, and dresser (and still her room had only one dresser, since Gwen had traded hers for her computer a year back). Gwen didn't like the idea of having a roommate, that meant Kaleesi couldn't sneak in in the middle of the night to sneak out with her. Gwen had the perfect window to sneak out of, too.

Gwen sighed, and looked about. She grabbed the first clean outfit she saw. Gwen always had a more punk rock style, and even though she didn't really have the same hair style as Kaleesi (for which Gwen was envious. She'd had her hair dying privileges taken away a few years ago when she accidentally dyed the whole bathroom powder blue...she was still working to get it back), or the right face for her style, Gwen really didn't care. Honestly, she was already gay in a society who hated gays...what more could she do?

Ryder Lawrence

Ryder groaned, standing off of his bed. His roommate (who he'd been warned would arrive soon) wasn't there yet. As he rummaged around the room for something acceptable to wear, he settled on something he'd probably never worn before (as his parents were always sending him stuff to make up for the fact that they sent him there in the first place). He looked in the mirror and shrugged, he looked good enough in the clothes he'd chosen.

Ryder walked down to the dining room after his shower. He was early by about ten minutes, but that was nothing new for the boy. He'd been trying to avoid a specific person, a kid he was pretty sure he loved, but couldn't really remember. They'd slept together once, but he had managed to stay out till just a few months ago. Ryder shrugged, taking his normal, lonely seat off to the side, in the corner. Everyone had a table they shared with their roommate, and since he and Gwendolyn (he was pretty sure that was her name...he had associated it with King Arthur when she told him) had no roommate, they'd been sharing a table for a while.

Ryder propped his chin up on one hand, and watched the door. He knew the others would be arriving soon, and he liked watching the people he lived with.


Kaleesi looked through her clothing as a couple of staff started to bring more furniture into the room, an annoyed sigh came out of her mouth as she turned around to face the two female staff members. "Oh joy! I hope my new roommate is hott" she said sarcasticly, though she didn't mean it she knew it would rile up the staff.

"Kaleesi you know your not to speak like that! Its the reason we had to move your last roommate" one of the staff members gave her a distateful look. "Then why am I getting a roommate, its not like I asked for one" she gave the women in front of her a questioning look, the women before her went back to setting things up but continued to speak "we have a shortage in rooms so now all of you that had single beds will be now having roommates, now get dressed someone will be coming to get you for breakfast".

As the women left Kaleesi raised her hand and gave the women the middle finger, it wouldn't be the first time she has done that or the last. If it wasn't for Gwen she would have gone crazy by now. Thinking of Gwen made her wonder how her girlfriend was doing, especially after last nights escapade.

Looking over at her wall she smiled, she was glad Gwen spoke to her that day five years ago. They were suppose to be roommates but instead she got a single room. Which she didn't mind, but it definately would have be great to have Gwen as a roomie, it would have made thing sooo much easier. Looking over to the furniture once more she wondered what her roommate was like and she hoped to god that she didn't believe in the bullshit that the fuckin' institue was trying to drill into her brain.

The girl finally picked out her outfit then proceeded to get dressed. After her clothes were on she worked on her makeup then straightened her hair. Last thing she did was add the jewlery and put on her shoes, once she was done she grabbed her music device, putting her headphones in her ears as she listened to Flyleaf. Sprawling out on her bed she sang along to the music blasting in her ears. She hoped Gwen had something planned for the night, she really wanted to go out and spend some real time with Gwen instead of having to be watched like a hawk by the staff and fein her relationship with Gwen. "verdammt Idioten sind alle einfach nur Ficken Idioten" she spoke in her native tongue as she waited for one of the staff members to come get her.

Tobi Amelie Vine

Tobi looked down at her boots as her parents pushed her on through the new building, following a supervisor with bright pink lipstick (which looked more like she had decided to paint her teeth than her lips) and ice blue eyes that, honestly, crept her out a little.
Biting down on her innards of her cheek, Tobi was still slightly in shock after hearing her parent's revelation - They were sending her to Copeland Institute on the day of her 17th Birthday. Yes, on her Birthday. At first Tobi figured it must have been a joke, of course they wouldn't send her there, right? There wasn't anything wrong with her and Tobi hated herself more than anything for telling her best friend her dark secret; of course she couldn't trust her but it was a heat of the moment thing and Tobi didn't really think before blurting it out.

Sighing, Tobi shook her head out of those thoughts - There wasn't anything she could do about that now so why get worked up about it? Anyway, it's not like her parent's wanted to send her today, it was the Institute that insisted on getting her immediately, like her parent's had explained: They wanted to send her tomorrow. How considerate, Tobi laughs in her mind.

Suddenly, the lady stops at a dorm door and gestures for Tobi's parents to say their goodbyes.
It was most probably the awkwardest thing Tobi had ever encountered, it was as if her parents thought they'd catch Bisexuality from her if they so much as touched her.
All she earned from her mother was a curt "Bye, Love." and a squeeze on the shoulder but from her father, she didn't even merit that, only a meer pat on the back and off they went probably trying to forget they ever had such a disappointing daughter.

"Your room," The Supervisor says, for the first time actually acknowledging Tobi's presence and then swiftly moving off with a small "If you need anything, your roommate will tell you where to find it."


Tobi found herself not wanting to go into the room and standing outside for a fair ten minutes silently having a battle with herself in her mind.
Pulling at her jumper and wiping her hands that had gotten sweaty from being clenched into fists during her argument on her jeans, Tobi turned the brass door handle and stepped into the dorm room.

Spotting a girl already there, Tobi puts on a smile "Hey, I'm Tobi - Guessing you're my new roommate, right?"

Stephano Haze

Haze woke up and ran a hand through his long, straight hair. He looked at his roommates bed, but the other male was already gone. Haze wasn't particularly concerned by this, as he and his roommate barely spoke. Haze thought the fact that he was a cross dresser freaked the other boy out. Haze shrugged. He didn't always dress in female clothes...just their jeans and cardigans he liked best. Haze put together one of his normal outfits and stood in the mirror in the bathroom, looking at himself.

Haze shrugged, going out of the bathroom and into the hallway. Others were already walking down the hallway to breakfast, and he decided to follow, not really caring. Haze was pretty drugged up. He took all the pills like a good little boy, and they kept him in a sort of fog. Haze lived his life this way, and he didn't really care. Haze was a strange boy. He didn't like being in the real world. He preferred living in his own little universe. When Haze spoke in coherent sentences (which was rare. he was quite like the mad hatter), he was brilliant. Usually, however, you'd never be able to tell he was a genius.

Haze entered the dining room and looked around. He shrugged to himself again, going over to his table. Haze looked around, his eyes falling on Andrew, Ryder, Alison, Elias, and Hayden. Lastly, Haze looked at Kyler. He smiled slightly. His gaze was interrupted by Gwen being led into the dining room by a nurse. Haze looked at the disoriented girl, sighing slightly. Haze liked Gwen, and he was sad when she got in trouble.

Alison Paris

Alison was pulled out of her thoughts when Hayden spoke. She gave him a smile. "Morning Hayden, did you sleep well last night?" she questioned. Alison leaned forward slightly as she waited for a response. Her eyes wandered over to Kyler when he entered the dining room. Alison gave him a smile when he glanced at them.

She watched as Kyler sat. He had muttered something, but she didn't catch what he said. Eventually he went back to his game. I wonder what he said; I hope he wasn't speaking to any of us. Maybe he was just saying something because of the game. Hmm, I wonder what he is playing. I'll ask him later. I don't want to disturb him while he is playing. I'd feel bad if I caused him to die.

Her eyes wandered over to Elias when he entered. She gave him a smile when he looked at her. Alison noticed Elias smile slightly when he looked at Hayden; she shrugged it off. Almost everyone one is here, that's good. Next, Haze entered the dining hall. She gave him a smile when he looked at her.

Then Alison noticed when Gwen entered with a nurse. I wondered what happened to her. Hopefully she is okay. She glanced at Andrew when he grinned and waved back. A few minutes later, she was spaced out once again.

Ali jumped in surprise when Andrew said Haze's name. Her eyes widen slightly when he threw his arms around Haze. She listened as Andrew continued to speak. She was surprised when Andrew gave him a kiss.

She looked at Haze. Alison wondered how he would response to Andrew. Alison smiled slightly. It amused her when Andrew made a puppy face. She continued to watch as Andrew gently tugged at Haze. I guess Andrew isn't going to give him time to answer.

Her eyes wandered to Kyler as he left. Maybe he forgot something...he could have gone to get another game. Alison then looked at Hayden once again. She patiently waited for him to answer.


Listening to her music she hummed along as she waited for one of the nurses to grab her, she used to be able to go alone but with all the trouble she caused they didn't trust her to be wandering the halls alone. Hearing a noise Kaleesi turned over on her stomach and looked towards the door, her eyes went a little wide as she saw not a nurse but another girl, a good looking girl that actually kind of looked like her in a way. Taking out her earphones she was able to catch the girl introduce herself as Esme.

Leaning her chin down on her hands she looked the girl over for a few minutes before she spoke "well its a pleasure to meet you sweets, names Kaleesi but can call me Kal because most people can't pronounce it correctly" she said with a small smirk. "Glad I got a good looking roommate" she laughed, even though she was with Gwen she was known to flirt.

Just then a knock was heard on the door, the door was then opened and in walked one of the nurses "Kaleesi..". Kaleesi rolled her eyes as the nurse mispronounced her name, looking over to Esme "See what I mean, she looked at the nurse "before you say someones name learn to say it right, well lets go shall we. Im hungry and I have a certain someone to see". The nurse shook her head looking to Esme "come on now, breakfast is being served".

The nurse then led Kaleesi and Esme down the hall and to the dining hall. Once there she saw that everyone was already there, sitting and migling with each other. Without another thought Kaleesi took Esme's hand, of course with the nurse warning her against it. If Esme went along she would lead them to the table Gwen and herself always occupied. She saw that Gwen also was brought in by a nurse, seeming a little bit disoriented she frowned before waving her hand at Gwen.

Looking over at Esme she smiled "Welcome to hell, the place where they try to change who you are. They can all go fuck themselves" she then flipped off the camera that was in thhe corner watching all of them before looking back at Gwen, hoping her girlfriend was alright. [/size]


"Well its a pleasure to meet you sweets, names Kaleesi but can call me Kal because most people can't pronounce it correctly," Esme heard her new roommate, Kaleesi to be more specific, say. When she commented on her good looks, Esme's smirk only grew. "I have to say, I'm not dissapointed, either." Esme was a flirt, and wasn't one that was afraid to admit it. She had messed around, and, above all of her instincts, had made plenty of mistakes. Hadn't they all? What would a little fun hurt, honestly? Thinking on this, Esme brushed her thoughts away just in time for a nurse to impolitley let herself in, without warning, speaking to Kaleesi in a disrespectful tone. Sheesh. What did they expect from teenagers, receiving attitudes like that. Especially ones with 'issues'.

As the nurse led them out of their room, and down the hall to breakfast, Esme couldn't stop herself from leaning in to Kaleesi, whispering "Well, damn. Are they always this annoying?" She had known she wouldn't like this place to being with, but only hoped that the other people attending wouldn't fall for their mindless bullshit. Pulling her head out of her never ending thoughts once more, Esme came back down from Earth to see that they were now entering the dining hall. She noticed many people sitting around, a variety of guys and girls, all fairly attractive. This really was a bad place to take a child if you're trying to fix their sexuality. Right away, she noticed a guy walking up to another, saying "Haze," before planting a kiss right on his cheek. A smirk took over Esme's lips. The guy was obviously not afraid to break the rules, which was something she personally found to be a huge turn-on.

Kaleesi took her hand, obviously with the intent to lead her off. Esme took the offer generously, wanting to get away from the dissapointing look of the nurse. "Lead me off," she said with a slight smile. "Welcome to hell, the place where they try to change who you are. They can all go fuck themselves," Kal spoke the words with a slick of the camera in the corner. Esme let out a laugh. "They can all try and change me all they want. Fat chance of that happening," she spoke the words with a bit of an attitude, not towards Kal, but more towards the institution in general. They would never change her. She was who she was, and her sexuality was something they could never take away from her.


A small blush took over Eli's cheeks as Hayden smiled at him. His inner concious yelled at him for making his little crush so damn obvious. The lightness of his skin and comforting blue eyes didn't help but add more emphasis to his blush. He even noticed a few of the nurses look at him with suspicious expressions. Glancing around, he noticed Andrew totally breaking the rules by kissing Haze. What the hell was going on around here? As long as it wasn't him getting the black pill, Andrew could do whatever he felt like. He also noticed Kal and a new girl walking in, someone he figured had just gotten here today. Hmm..maybe she'll have more luck here than me.. he thought to himself. He was tired of sitting alone today, even if he did his best to hide it, he wanted to have people to talk to, and discuss things with. He almost felt as if people there were scared of him. It wasn't like back at home. Despite his slight accent, he was just like them. If anything, he had hoped coming here would help him to make friends, not scare people away..they were like him, right? Turning his attention back down to his juice, Eli thought of this for awhile.