Kyler Hunter Moore

"Well if you think so... then I won't argue..."


Kyler Hunter Moore


"I don't feel any different... Is there really something wrong with me?"






Ky ~ Hunter ~ Coco





Kyler is a very compassionate and sweet guy when it comes down to it. Though his anxiety and shyness gets between him and making friends. Socializing never really came easy to him. He keeps to himself and barely opens him mouth to put his two-cents into a conversation or state his opinion. He rarely will speak out of turn or keep eye contact with someone for more then a minute. But once you get to know him, he's very unique when it comes to his opinions and ideas. His imagination hasn't left him since childhood and he loves to share his thoughts with people once he gets to know then well enough.


Kyler had a normal childhood growing up, raised by his mother and father normally. Since he was an only child he was given everything he wanted but he was always raised to be 'perfect'. Grades above all and social life came AFTER the fact. He didn't ever really have many friends except for a few, since he barely talked. His talking habits didn't get any better through out high school. if anything he became pretty much mute due to some severe bullying when a rumor was spread about him, about him kissing a boy in the boys bathroom stalls. They said he forced the poor guy to kiss him because of his own weird curiosity. Though it wasn't true, he lost many friends because of this and began questioning himself. Girl were clearly really hard to deal with, and what would it actually be like to kiss a guy...? Now he keeps to himself and barely speaks, turning to his technology for comfort and RPG games to keep him sane.


✮Nature and Wild Life
✮Mythology and Fairy-tales
✮Cats and Pit-bulls
✮Comics and Video Games (Legend of Zelda is one of his favorites)
✮Band Shirts
✮Rock, Blues and Acoustic Music
✮Peace and Quiet



✩Peppers and Mint
✩Arrogant personalities-Bullies
✩Egotistic people
✩Crowded areas
✩Being the center of attention
✩People in his personal space (Don't pop his bubbles)
✩Being around smokers because he's trying to quit
✩Easily angered people (Kinda scares him to be honest...)
✩Dark Chocolate

Fears and Flaws:

-He has a fear of the Ocean because of a reoccurring dream he has every night.

-When he get annoyed or nervous he tend to have the strong urge to smoke though he's trying to quit.

-He's very shy around new people and will barely ever start a conversation first.

-Never, ever, ever, will you find him alone at night outside. Watching the news gives him the creeps about being alone outside at night.

-To be honest he ha another fear of being judged and hated on the spot, which is another he doesn't speak much.


~Star Gazing~

~Cooking and experimenting~

~Practicing on his guitar, though he's not very good at it. But hey, practice makes perfect.~

~Doodling when he;s upset about things, or his mind is flooded with thoughts~


So begins...

Kyler Hunter Moore's Story

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Kyler Hunter Moore

Three months. It has only been the time span of three months and Kyler was feeling slightly homesick. Pushing himself up from his position on the floor next to his bed- he placed his old game-boy down on the floor. Today wasn't really going well since he had received another warning this morning. He wasn't exactly looking forward to a black pill at the moment. Noticing his roommate smile at him he smiled weakly back at him and watched as he left. Sighing quietly to himself he moved towards his closet and pulled out an Outfit for the day. After pulling on his hoodie he made his way out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Time to go sit off in a corner somewhere and watch everyone as usual. His new roommate seemed nice but he didn't know how to approach him. Especially some adorably cute guy with a nice smile... He shook the thoughts out of his head and continued down the hallway. Once he entered the cafeteria he sat next to the table that Hayden, Andrew and Alison sat. He glanced at them before looking down at the table at his game-boy again.

Alright, maybe he should say hey at least once right? Though they all probably thought he was weird or some crap since he didn't speak much. "Yea most people do though..." He muttered to himself, running a hand through his hair. The smell of the food made him want to gag but he was starving. Would it kill them to serve something edible for once? Going back to his game, he tongue poked out slightly in concentration.

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Stephano Haze

Haze woke up and ran a hand through his long, straight hair. He looked at his roommates bed, but the other male was already gone. Haze wasn't particularly concerned by this, as he and his roommate barely spoke. Haze thought the fact that he was a cross dresser freaked the other boy out. Haze shrugged. He didn't always dress in female clothes...just their jeans and cardigans he liked best. Haze put together one of his normal outfits and stood in the mirror in the bathroom, looking at himself.

Haze shrugged, going out of the bathroom and into the hallway. Others were already walking down the hallway to breakfast, and he decided to follow, not really caring. Haze was pretty drugged up. He took all the pills like a good little boy, and they kept him in a sort of fog. Haze lived his life this way, and he didn't really care. Haze was a strange boy. He didn't like being in the real world. He preferred living in his own little universe. When Haze spoke in coherent sentences (which was rare. he was quite like the mad hatter), he was brilliant. Usually, however, you'd never be able to tell he was a genius.

Haze entered the dining room and looked around. He shrugged to himself again, going over to his table. Haze looked around, his eyes falling on Andrew, Ryder, Alison, Elias, and Hayden. Lastly, Haze looked at Kyler. He smiled slightly. His gaze was interrupted by Gwen being led into the dining room by a nurse. Haze looked at the disoriented girl, sighing slightly. Haze liked Gwen, and he was sad when she got in trouble.

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Kyler Hunter Moore

Kylers gaze floated up toward the entrance of the cafeteria as he watched more people file in. Today seemed a bit more rowdy then usual, but then again it just might be him. After slipping his gameboy into his sweater pocket he stood and was about to grab some food- but stopped mid-way when he notice Haze walk in. The guy was going to be the death of him, his looks and personality defiantly had an effect on him. Plus his eyes were possible the most enticing about his physical features.His hand went up midway to wave hello but stopped as he watched Andrew go right over to Haze and place a big kiss on his cheek.

Lowering his hand, he watched as Haze was pulled over toward where Andrew was sitting- frowning to himself. Well there went his plans for the day. Walking out of the cafeteria he made his way down the hallway towards his room to grab his sketchbook. maybe if he asked nicely they'd let him sit outside again. Last time it didn't end very well in the slightest. The fence in the back that cut off their chances of escaping this stupid place- was where they found Kyler talking to a guy who stopped on the other side. He had been an old friend in kindergarden. Of course talking to a freak'in guy meant he was flirting on the spot and trying to get into his pants. Clearly.

He really hated this place.

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Alison Paris

Alison was pulled out of her thoughts when Hayden spoke. She gave him a smile. "Morning Hayden, did you sleep well last night?" she questioned. Alison leaned forward slightly as she waited for a response. Her eyes wandered over to Kyler when he entered the dining room. Alison gave him a smile when he glanced at them.

She watched as Kyler sat. He had muttered something, but she didn't catch what he said. Eventually he went back to his game. I wonder what he said; I hope he wasn't speaking to any of us. Maybe he was just saying something because of the game. Hmm, I wonder what he is playing. I'll ask him later. I don't want to disturb him while he is playing. I'd feel bad if I caused him to die.

Her eyes wandered over to Elias when he entered. She gave him a smile when he looked at her. Alison noticed Elias smile slightly when he looked at Hayden; she shrugged it off. Almost everyone one is here, that's good. Next, Haze entered the dining hall. She gave him a smile when he looked at her.

Then Alison noticed when Gwen entered with a nurse. I wondered what happened to her. Hopefully she is okay. She glanced at Andrew when he grinned and waved back. A few minutes later, she was spaced out once again.

Ali jumped in surprise when Andrew said Haze's name. Her eyes widen slightly when he threw his arms around Haze. She listened as Andrew continued to speak. She was surprised when Andrew gave him a kiss.

She looked at Haze. Alison wondered how he would response to Andrew. Alison smiled slightly. It amused her when Andrew made a puppy face. She continued to watch as Andrew gently tugged at Haze. I guess Andrew isn't going to give him time to answer.

Her eyes wandered to Kyler as he left. Maybe he forgot something...he could have gone to get another game. Alison then looked at Hayden once again. She patiently waited for him to answer.

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"Well its a pleasure to meet you sweets, names Kaleesi but can call me Kal because most people can't pronounce it correctly," Esme heard her new roommate, Kaleesi to be more specific, say. When she commented on her good looks, Esme's smirk only grew. "I have to say, I'm not dissapointed, either." Esme was a flirt, and wasn't one that was afraid to admit it. She had messed around, and, above all of her instincts, had made plenty of mistakes. Hadn't they all? What would a little fun hurt, honestly? Thinking on this, Esme brushed her thoughts away just in time for a nurse to impolitley let herself in, without warning, speaking to Kaleesi in a disrespectful tone. Sheesh. What did they expect from teenagers, receiving attitudes like that. Especially ones with 'issues'.

As the nurse led them out of their room, and down the hall to breakfast, Esme couldn't stop herself from leaning in to Kaleesi, whispering "Well, damn. Are they always this annoying?" She had known she wouldn't like this place to being with, but only hoped that the other people attending wouldn't fall for their mindless bullshit. Pulling her head out of her never ending thoughts once more, Esme came back down from Earth to see that they were now entering the dining hall. She noticed many people sitting around, a variety of guys and girls, all fairly attractive. This really was a bad place to take a child if you're trying to fix their sexuality. Right away, she noticed a guy walking up to another, saying "Haze," before planting a kiss right on his cheek. A smirk took over Esme's lips. The guy was obviously not afraid to break the rules, which was something she personally found to be a huge turn-on.

Kaleesi took her hand, obviously with the intent to lead her off. Esme took the offer generously, wanting to get away from the dissapointing look of the nurse. "Lead me off," she said with a slight smile. "Welcome to hell, the place where they try to change who you are. They can all go fuck themselves," Kal spoke the words with a slick of the camera in the corner. Esme let out a laugh. "They can all try and change me all they want. Fat chance of that happening," she spoke the words with a bit of an attitude, not towards Kal, but more towards the institution in general. They would never change her. She was who she was, and her sexuality was something they could never take away from her.


A small blush took over Eli's cheeks as Hayden smiled at him. His inner concious yelled at him for making his little crush so damn obvious. The lightness of his skin and comforting blue eyes didn't help but add more emphasis to his blush. He even noticed a few of the nurses look at him with suspicious expressions. Glancing around, he noticed Andrew totally breaking the rules by kissing Haze. What the hell was going on around here? As long as it wasn't him getting the black pill, Andrew could do whatever he felt like. He also noticed Kal and a new girl walking in, someone he figured had just gotten here today. Hmm..maybe she'll have more luck here than me.. he thought to himself. He was tired of sitting alone today, even if he did his best to hide it, he wanted to have people to talk to, and discuss things with. He almost felt as if people there were scared of him. It wasn't like back at home. Despite his slight accent, he was just like them. If anything, he had hoped coming here would help him to make friends, not scare people away..they were like him, right? Turning his attention back down to his juice, Eli thought of this for awhile.