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Tobi Amelie Vine

"I'm not a bad person and always try to do my best, so why do you look at me as if I've done something terrible?"





Nickname: There aren't many ways to shorten Tobi so if people really want to give her a nickname, it's usually 'Amelie'.

Sexuality:Bisexual "Does that really make me a bad person?"


Being so young, Tobi still has a large chunk of her life hanging in an empty void, ready to be discovered although, what she has lived though doesn't make her all too anxious to see what it is - Fearing it'll be more of the same: Pain.
Growing up, Tobi sort of figured she was different to everyone else and rather than trying to fit it, she rebelled even more; She self pierced a lot of her body and got many tattoos
just so that she would stand out.
Her parents didn't have the easiest ride with her as she didn't like to do anything they asked her and yet knew her boundaries - She wasn't going insane and getting wasted every night but rather starting a quiet rebellion because deep down, she knew that she liked girls just as much as guys yet still couldn't admit it to herself.
Tobi didn't have many friends but wasn't bullied either, she liked to be alone and doodle (all of those doodles are now permanently etched onto her body) so friends never really crossed her mind.
If anything, her life has been a disappointment to everyone - The pretty little girl that could have been so very normal just had to ruin her chances and fall in love with a girl. Yes, when she was seventeen, Tobi admitted her feelings to the only friend she had, Lila whom then began by thinking that it was a joke - Being gay was wrong and so obviously she couldn't believe her and so when she gaged that Tobi was serious, she freaked and told everyone. Including her parents whom sent her to counselling.
But when it was obvious Tobi couldn't be changed that easily, she was sent to Copeland, on the day of her eighteenth birthday.
She still hasn't quite gotten over that rejection from everyone she valued but never lets her guard falter. Ever...

Tobi is a tough girl who doesn't like to let is show that things get to her, although keeping this guard up doesn't help her with letting people in and she tends to freeze them out.
Due to her past, Tobi is a bit of a loner but does value her few friendships more than anything, choosing to have few great friends than loads of fickle friends and romance has hardly ever entered her life since the 'incident'.
Although, she never used to be like this - Before everything got complicated Tobi was the kind of girl that was friends with everyone and you never caught studying yet still got all the good grades, she was the model student.

She paints to keep her mind off the hurt she's faced and has gotten almost everyone of her - favourite - artworks inked onto her body.
Tobi is also incredibly bright and, unlike most of people, she actually enjoyed school and learning; always asking for extra work and studying in her spare time.
Flirting isn't really her thing and if anything she's too awkward and yet she's extremely loyal and would do anything for a friend/boyfriend.

So begins...

Tobi Amelie Vine's Story

Tobi Amelie Vine

Tobi looked down at her boots as her parents pushed her on through the new building, following a supervisor with bright pink lipstick (which looked more like she had decided to paint her teeth than her lips) and ice blue eyes that, honestly, crept her out a little.
Biting down on her innards of her cheek, Tobi was still slightly in shock after hearing her parent's revelation - They were sending her to Copeland Institute on the day of her 17th Birthday. Yes, on her Birthday. At first Tobi figured it must have been a joke, of course they wouldn't send her there, right? There wasn't anything wrong with her and Tobi hated herself more than anything for telling her best friend her dark secret; of course she couldn't trust her but it was a heat of the moment thing and Tobi didn't really think before blurting it out.

Sighing, Tobi shook her head out of those thoughts - There wasn't anything she could do about that now so why get worked up about it? Anyway, it's not like her parent's wanted to send her today, it was the Institute that insisted on getting her immediately, like her parent's had explained: They wanted to send her tomorrow. How considerate, Tobi laughs in her mind.

Suddenly, the lady stops at a dorm door and gestures for Tobi's parents to say their goodbyes.
It was most probably the awkwardest thing Tobi had ever encountered, it was as if her parents thought they'd catch Bisexuality from her if they so much as touched her.
All she earned from her mother was a curt "Bye, Love." and a squeeze on the shoulder but from her father, she didn't even merit that, only a meer pat on the back and off they went probably trying to forget they ever had such a disappointing daughter.

"Your room," The Supervisor says, for the first time actually acknowledging Tobi's presence and then swiftly moving off with a small "If you need anything, your roommate will tell you where to find it."


Tobi found herself not wanting to go into the room and standing outside for a fair ten minutes silently having a battle with herself in her mind.
Pulling at her jumper and wiping her hands that had gotten sweaty from being clenched into fists during her argument on her jeans, Tobi turned the brass door handle and stepped into the dorm room.

Spotting a girl already there, Tobi puts on a smile "Hey, I'm Tobi - Guessing you're my new roommate, right?"