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Gwendolyn Winston

"If this is what it takes to be safe, I'm willing to deal with it."

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a character in “Copper and Gold”, originally authored by MerpyTheScareCrow, as played by RolePlayGateway



โIf this is what it takes to keep a roof over my head and food in my stomach, I'm willing to deal with anything. I don't care what the risks are.โž


The Inside


| Nickname(s) |

Winny, Gwen

| Gender |


| Age |

| Face Claim |


| Spot/Role |

Servant 5


| Likes |
* Cooking
* Singing
* Thunderstorms
* Gardening
* Cats
* Fruity gum
* Coffee
* Video Games
| Dislikes |
* The Dark
* Spiders
* Dusting
* Messing up Chores
* Getting Yelled At
* Sleeping
* Snow
* Dogs


| Personality |

Gwen, on the surface, is an airhead, your typical blonde. She's perfectly content to let people believe this about her; she tries not to say anything that will further upset anyone. Naturally, however, Gwen is a very happy person and she loves to make other people smile. She's rather dramatic, but she prides herself on being polite and well mannered, especially when Master Alistair invites guests over. She's grown used to his distant behavior, and tries her hardest not to upset him, but she's a rather clingy person, and occasionally will just reach out and hug him. She knows he doesn't appreciate the affection, but since becoming his servant, she's never really gotten used to the absence of her parents.


| Bio |

Raised by her parents, Shawn and Erica Winston, Gwendolyn was a relatively happy child. Though she was an only child, her parents did their best to raise her and nurture her. Gwen never officially went to school, for a brief period of time she studied text books and even went to a night school for almost a month, but the most schooling she received was from her parents who taught her the basics of cleaning and cooking and tending for a house. They knew that one day, they would have to give Gwen up, and tried their hardest to prepare her for that moment. Nearly everyday, they told her they loved her very much and showered her with hugs and kisses. They were, all in all, a tight knit, happy family. When she was ten, she and her parents split ways and she became Alistair's servant. She's been with him for nine faithful years.

| Other |

Before she left to become a servant, Gwen's parents gave her butterfly hair clips and hair ties. It's rare to see her without them, but she doesn't mention them and refuses to take them off for any reason other than showering and sleeping, during which times she keeps them nearby.


So begins...

Gwendolyn Winston's Story


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#, as written by Lorawr


Contrary to what was commonly believed, Alistair had never learned to sail a boat. He had never learned to do a lot of things stereotypical of the rich and famous. For example, he had never learned to play polo or chess, and he had never been one of those people to sit at his desk and count his pennies while enjoying the busy metropolitan landscape from his penthouse flat when there wasn't any smog. However, he was doing something very typical of what rich people did. He was lounging on the deck of his incredibly expensive luxury yacht, a butler stood erect behind his chair, sipping a glass of ice cold lemonade and watching the day go by. He'd been there for a good few hours now, and people had begun to congregate ashore to snap pictures of the rich young man. Alistair smirked slowly, but only after moving a hand to conceal the expression.

"Jeeves," He addressed the butler behind him. His name wasn't really Jeeves, but Alistair thought the stuffy name suited the stuffy man, "Jeeves, bring me some more lemonade"

"Of course, sir," The man drawled in his upper class tone, and Alistair laughed as he took his empty glass. The man reminded him often of a monkey that had been pushed into an expensive suit and put on show. Everything was comical about the man, including his bow legged walk. Alistair sighed and smiled, before standing and walking to the rail of his yacht to observe the day.

It was warm, hot enough that his drink had been refreshingly cool and beads of condensation had trickled down the glass. It made a nice change from the normal British weather. Alistair was dressed as he normally was - in stylishly worn jeans and a crisp white shirt with a loose black tie. His ever present hat was sat firmly upon his head despite the heat. In all honesty, Alistair wasn't too sure what to do with his day. It was approaching midday, and he'd already wasted the morning away eating sweets and drinking lemonade.

Turning, Alistair went back to the chair he'd been on, and, sitting on the edge of it, popped another skittle into his mouth as he slipped his phone out of his pocket. Jeeves returned with his lemonade, and Alistair took a sip as he swallowed the skittle, savouring the sweetness of his treats. In the reflection of the glass, he saw his servant, Hanako, who he had forced to come along with him that morning. Alistair smirked to himself, and turned to her, before beckoning with just one finger. He waited for her to approach before standing. As usual, he towered over her, but he chuckled softly so that he wouldn't intimidate her too much. He offered her the covered bowl of skittles and rose a quizzical brow.

"Would you like a skittle, Hanako?" He asked her, his tone implying some later mischief.